Snohomish County has the lowest voter turnout in Washington State

A great American writer Jim Hightower said ” If the Gods wanted us to vote they would have given us candidates”  

Once this year’s primary election results were counted, Snohomish County ranked number one as the lowest voter turnout in Washington State.  Only 25.6 percent of Snohomish County voters returned their mail in ballots, the poorest voter turnout in two decades. 

Snohomish County Auditor Carlyn Weikel told the Daily Herald ” It’s extremely disappointing. “It’s discouraging.”

Possible issues that may have affected low voter turnout is the fact that Washington’s ballot did not include any controversial issues. However, the Gold Bar Reporters report on whether the Gods’ have given us candidates to vote for is the real issue driving voter apathy up here in Snohomish County. 

In this year’s election, Snohomish County voters had the following thugs running for public office:

Caroline Eslick, who is accused of a DUI hit and run death of a homeless woman in Sultan, and then using Sheriff John Lovick ( who was appointed as the best pick for Snohomish County Executive after the Gold Bar Reporters managed to force his resignation from public office) to assist her in covering up her homicide. 

John Lovick is accused of assisting Sultan Mayor Caroline Eslick’s hit and run DUI death of a homeless woman.  An issue he has never denied.

Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe who assisted Snohomish County employee and pedophile John Pennington and his mistress and Gold Bar Mayor Crystal Hill in covering up a child abuse case involving the criminal duo. This was just the tip of the iceberg on what we found on Mark Roe, and Gold Bar Reporter Anne Block will be using evidence collected under the Public Records Act to Recall Mark Roe over and over again in 2015 or until he resigns. 

Since the Gods did not give us candidates, the voters did not have a single candidate to vote for, hence why voter turnout was the lowest in two decades. 

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