Snohomish County Prosecutor Sara DI Vittorio tells Sunshine Committee ” we no longer have the money to protect county employees” to hide their emails from Public Records Act

Dear Sister Sara-

We are working on a story about County Prosecutorial misconduct and a couple of Judges.

We noted that you told the Sunshine Committee on Monday that “we no longer have money to protect the employees. These statements are very interesting statements; why do you believe that the PRA ( access to our records laws) is here to protect public officials.

Does to the WA State Const. not prohibit the use of public funds for personal protection? Are you using county taxpayer monies and resources to protect employees? If so, what are you protecting them from under the PRA?

Is not the better approach to protecting county employees health to increase their health care coverage? Is not the better approach in responding to PUBLIC records requests to teach employees not to commit crimes of running illegal ACCESS background checks on citizens; or as in the case of one Sno Co prosecutor, Dave Hayes, you might train him not to conspire via email to violate Attorney Kathryn Abele’s civil rights and then disseminate those violations via email?

Do you have any idea the trauma, pain and suffering, and money County Prosecutor Dave Hayes cost Ms Abele because of his blatant disregard for her civil rights?

Also please see RCW 5.68.010 before slipping the lip about what ‘s really going on inside Sno County DIS- you’re embarrassing the taxpayers who care about open government when you make stupid slip of the lip comments about how the county is responding in ways to protect employees. After all, if you read RCW 42.56, it appears that it’s the agency actions that are subject to inspection not the citizen. But your statements yesterday leave this reporter with the feeling that you found a new meaning that you might share with our Legislature.

We realize that the County has had no checks in balances over the years except The Herald’s fantastic reporters Scott North and Noah Haglund, but this is our job just as much as Scott and Noah’s job. It’s called Reporting. So perhaps we can all learn to get along and the county can start by training employees instead of attacking citizens who request records or question their government officials.

Thomas Jefferson said ” The highest form of Patriotism is dissent.” or as Mom and Dad said “you have civic duty to question your government officials.” Hence why I became a news reporter.

Training is key, and we are not just referring to PRA training. How not to violate citizens civil rights would be county taxpayer money well spent.

If you respond we shall post your comments to our 6 ,000 plus dedicated readers.

PS: thank you Honest Senator Dean Takko for your support on open government issues. Us reporters rely on access to public records; as you can imagine when we hear bizarre public comments about how the PRA is somehow supposed to be protecting government officials from the citizens they were sworn in to protect, not harm. We look at these statements as nothing more than Aaaron Reardon’s staff are alive and well up here in Sno County. In fact, Senator, if my memory is right, Sister Sara made the same comments last year, and accused us of sending the county anonymous public records request, when in fact it was three of our lovely county Executive employees , Aaron Reardon, Jon Rudicil and Kevin Hulten. From their emails it’s confirmed that the trio were trying to create hysteria to push the County’s efforts to change the PRA. Disgraceful but true.


Gold Bar Reporter

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