” John was always a good liar” John Pennington’s mother

From Perjurer John Pennington’s affidavit to the Washington State Bar:

“Ms. Block has on multiple occasions publicized that I personally “caused the deaths of thousands of minorities” in New Orleans during the Hurricane Katrina disaster of 2005. I was never deployed in any capacity to Hurricane Katrina and have only been to New Orleans and the state of Louisiana one time in my life, 19 as a pre-teen with my family on vacation.”

Compare with Snohomish County press release issued at time John Pennington was hired:

Click to access NRPenningtonConfirmed.pdf

RCW 9A.76.175, Making a false or misleading statement to a public servant.
A person who knowingly makes a false or misleading material statement to a public servant is guilty of a gross misdemeanor. “Material statement”  means a written or oral statement reasonably likely to be relied upon by a public servant in the discharge of his or her official powers or duties.

In May 2013, the Gold Bar Reporters were the first to report what we discovered about Snohomish County’s Aaron Reardon political appointee John Pennington.  We correctly posted ” Snohomish County’s DEM John Pennington kicked out of a church after allegations of abuse made against him.”  After receiving credible information and researching ” Where did John Pennington come from””, we posted our findings that Snohomish County judicial courts and Executive officers are covering up for a child abuser named John E. Pennington.

John E. Pennington is also the uneducated scum that caused 41 deaths in the Oso mudslide debacle up here in Snohomish County, Washington, and was recently removed by Executive John Lovick in April 2014.  Just think of how many lives John Lovick could have saved in Oso had he simply investigated the many criminal complaints filed against Pennington from 2010 to 2013 ( the years he was Sheriff for Snohomish County).

But instead, while Sheriff for Snohomish County, John Lovick signed John E. Pennington’s “concealed” weapons permit.  In 2010 when Lovick signed John Pennington’s concealed weapons permit, Pennington had a prior conviction for criminal harassment and had pending domestic violence
charges against him for beating up his pregnant wife in Duvall ( Redmond District Court).

In the middle of 2013, and only after our investigation yielded sufficient evidence that John E. Pennington was in fact a pedophile hiding behind taxpayer money and resources up here in Snohomish County, we contacted John E. Pennington for comment. John E. Pennington refused comment and we posted our story that yielded a much bigger problem for Snohomish County to answer ” When did Snohomish County know that John Pennington was also named as prime suspect in a child ( 5 year old) rape case in Colwitz County?”

John Pennington, Judge Eric Lucas ( who illegally sealed John Pennington’s mental health evaluation in violation of WA State’s Public Records Act), Prosecutor Mark Roe, Prosecutor Sean Reay ( who Pennington labeled as one of Reardon’s bitches), Executive John Lovick, Executive Assistant Rebecca Hubbard, Deputy Director of Public Safety and Oso Response Gary Haackenson and Executive Deputy Director Mark Ericks were all contacted for comment. All refused comment.

However, council member Dave Somers did write the Reporters a letter asking the Reporters to come forward with the information about who Pennington was accused of abusing.  We explained to Dave Somers that Pennington’s sexual abuse victims names cannot be published as it is a crime to publish the names of any victims of sexual of abuse here in Washington State, and Media Shield Laws protects our source.

Council member Dave Somers did confirm that Snohomish County did NOT run a criminal background check on John Pennington and he did not know why not.  Let’s hope that Oso mudslide attorneys force the County to finally investigate John Pennington’s criminal history.
John E. Pennington was contacted for comment, but refused. Silence is golden in our eyes, or lets put it this way, if someone accused anyone of us of abusing a child, we would immediately request a retraction and file suit for defamation.  Instead of responding to the Gold Bar Reporters request for comment and answering questions about the child abuse allegations, John Pennington used Snohomish County Prosecutor Sean Reay and Margaret King to write and file Washington State Bar complaints against Gold Bar Reporter Anne Block simply because Ms. Block’s held a license here in Washington.
John Pennington has never denied any allegations as it relates to our exposing him for the pedophile and wife abuser that he is.  We stand by our investigation into John Pennington’s criminal history as reported.
Margaret King is also a former city attorney for Gold Bar who assisted John Pennington and his mistress hide email records between Hill and Pennington making ‘racist comments about President Obama” and emails between Pennington and Hill passing ” mug shots” in violation of federal and state privacy laws.

To protect Margaret King from having to disclose her involvement in the Gold Bar conspiracy to hide John Pennington’s racist comments about President Obama and illegally passing criminal history records that he and our good friends in blue up here in Snohomish County illegally accessed and then disseminated into a public record, Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe hired her as a Snohomish County Prosecutor. A job that pays over $30,000.00 less per year than the job Ms. King held with Kenyon Disend.

Margaret King appears to be the only attorney in WSBA history who accepts a lower paying job in a dysfunctional agency like the Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office.

Additional public records from King County’s Major Crimes Unit also confirmed that former Aaron Reardon political operative Kevin Hulten was also using ACCESS checks to spy on citizens.  Public records from Prosecutor Mark Roe’s Office also documented that Prosecutor Sean Reay was also illegally using ACCESS to spy on citizens.

Aaron Reardon recently  Tweeted ” I am being sued for conspiracy without any evidence.”  Sorry Aaron old boy, but your little alter ego Kevin Hulten failed to completely “scrub” his computer files and King County’s Major Crime Unit documented your involvement with the Sky Valley Chronicle posts quite nicely, including Brian Parry and Chris Schwarzen’s involvement in criminal harassment on the County controlled Sky Valley Chronicle.

RCW 10.97 prohibits criminal background checks by anyone outside of law enforcement ( Pennington, Hulten, and Sean Reay are not law enforcement), and law enforcement only has a right to run permissible checks when a police officer stops a person for suspicious activity.

Over a two year period, Snohomish County ran illegal ACCESS checks on four open government supporters here in Gold Bar, and a former Dept of Emergency Management Officer confirmed that John E. Pennington would use Snohomish County Sheriff’s Officers Rodney Rochan and Kevin Prentiss to run criminal background checks on anyone who challenged the great sociopath’s, John E. Pennington and/or Aaron Reardon.

According to FBI agent Don Metcalfe, a suspicious activity report was filed against Anne Block. Meltcalfe has been added as a witness on Block’s 42 USC 1983 witness list.

King County Major Crimes Unit confirmed that Kevin Hulten was also using ACCESS checks to further his criminal harassment as detailed by the Snohomish County Herald in its February 14, 2013 article titled  ” Reardon’s Staff Linked to Harassment.”

See http://www.heraldnet.com/article/20130214/NEWS01/702149999
What citizens may not know is that Washington State law allows anyone to see their ACCESS records kept with the Washington State Patrol’s
(WSP) National Crime database.   You too can send a records request for a copy of your ACCESS checks to: Gretchen.Dolan@wsp.wa.gov seeking to know who ran ACCESS checks on you.

When the Gold Bar Reporters boyfriend received a “subpoena” from the Washington State Bar (WSBA) seeking ” all Gold Bar Reporters records… including ownership records as to who owns Crystal.com (otherwise known as Gold Bar’s “boob flashing Mayor” as described by Ellis Conklin in his January 13, 2013 posted in the Seattle Weekly)  and any records relating to Crystal Hill’s  one time friend and crutch Michael Brooks, the Gold Bar Reporters told the WSBA ” go pound sand, you have no legal right to media files protected under Washington State’s Media Shield Laws, and besides you failed to properly serve a CR 45 upon the proper WSBA member. ”

For our readers, Crystal.com is owned by an out of state interest, and Michael Brooks is a real person who is not subject to disclosure and is not Gold Bar activist Anne Block.

The WSBA confirmed in an email letter to the Gold Bar Reporter Anne Block that it “dismissed” pedophile John E. Pennington’s complaint and now was solely focusing in on Gold Bar Reporters failure to appear to comply with a subpoena served upon her boyfriend and not her. Court Rules of Washington mandate that a CR 45 subpoena must be served on the deponent not her boyfriend.  This mishap allowed Block to file for a “Protective Order” which the WSBA simply ignored without ruling on Block’s Motion. This allows Block to appeal the WSBA refusal to rule.

In the meantime, Gold Bar activist Anne Block filed a civil rights complaint in US Federal District against Snohomish County and the City of Gold Bar, and only after Block discovered evidence inside Gold Bar public records linking Mayor Joe Beavers to many defamatory post made using Gold Bar taxpayer monies to Reardon’s Sky Valley Chronicle blog.  In one email from Denise Beaston to Sky Valley Chronicle managing Agent Ron Fejfar, Beaston states ” Hey Ron, Joe ( Beavers) is having trouble logging in the Sky Valley Chronicle.” Fejfar writes back to Beaston giving explicit instructions on how to log in to the Sky Valley Chronicle.

The Sky Valley Chronicle’s Sole Purpose
Chris Schwarzen was a former Seattle Times Reporters and is a master of website design.  Mr. Schwarzen lives in Sultan, Washington.  Sultan is also home to the Sky Valley Chronicle, although Ron Fejfar filed a false statement with the State of Washington business licensing Department that he operates the Sky Valley Chronicle in Spokane.  Public records metadata documents that the Chronicle’s posts are made from individual households in King and Snohomish County including the home of  former DEM John E. Penningting in Duvall, Washington.

Schwarzen was well connected to Ron Fajfar from his days as a radio host named ” Chet Rogers.”  Chet Rogers and Ron Fejfar are the same person.  Schwarzen was hired by Aaron Reardon to start the Sky Valley Chronicle using  Fejfar’s company of ” Rogers and Company Media Group” to start up the Sky Valley Chronicle Media Group LLC.  The sole purpose of the Sky Valley Chronicle is and was to control the message in the Sky Valley.

Our investigation on who owns and operates the Sky Valley Chronicle has been ongoing for over two years, but a break in this story came when Aaron Reardon’s Executive assistant Kevin Hulten got caught criminally harassing Gold Bar activist Anne Block in the February 14, 2013 Daily Herald article. An article that Anne Block continues to credit as the main reason why the Berlin Wall starting cracking a much bigger corruption scandal up here in Snohomish County. A corruption scandal that involves the WSBA investigative lead counsel Linda Eide ( who is a personal friend to Gold Bar city attorney Michael Kenyon and Snohomish County’s corrupt Commissioner Goeffrey Gibbs).
Linda Eide and Michael Kenyon are good friends and serve on several WSBA boards together, as does Commissioner Geoffrey Gibbs.  Michael Kenyon has been using Gold Bar staff and resources attempting to have Gold Bar Reporter Anne Block disbarassed since becoming the City of Gold Bar’s attorney in April 2010.  Kenyon Disend’s involvement in the WSBA complaints was brought to light after Kenyon billed the taxpayers of Gold Bar to write and file the WSBA complaints; and former Gold Bar city clerk Penny confirmed that Block’s investigators that she ( Brenton) was ordered by Joe Beavers to write WSBA complaints against Block misusing City of Gold Bar monies.

A former Gold Bar city council member also gave testimony that Mayor Joe Beavers was ” bragging” to him in July 2009 that ” we are going to get Ms. Block disbarred.”

The harassment has been ongoing for five years. Why and how did the City of Gold Bar get involved here is simple and best described by Mayor Joe Beavers who in Executive Session screamed three times ” Crystal Hill is a whore!”  We have read over 700,000 email records and we can state that we absolutely 100 % agree with Mayor Joe Beavers on this one.
According to former insiders, Mayor Joe Beavers is covering up Crystal Hill and John E. Pennington’s computer crimes, and the City’s strategy was to out money and defame her ( Block).”  Those of us watching the criminal conduct of Mayor Beavers up here in Gold Bar can see how well that strategy worked and best detailed in the Washington State Auditor scathing December 2013 report on Beavers misuse of the City’s water fund monies to continue covering up for Crystal Hill and John Pennington’s computer crimes.

Whatever is in those emails must be pretty good because the City of Gold Bar and Snohomish County has spent over $1,000,000.000 of taxpayer monies and resources covering up crimes. And if it were not for Snhomish County’s largest cockroach John Pennington’s causing the deaths of 41 Oso residents in the mudslide debacle ( that Pennington created), the major media would have no interest in exposing the most corrupt political appointee in Snohomish County;  who is also a pedophile who preys on small children, and has a violent court record of beating up on women.

John E. Pennington makes us all proud to be Snohomish County residents. His Oso victims should be quite alarmed that Snohomish County public officials, including John Lovick, Gary Haackson, and Sean Reay knew about Pennington’s criminal conviction for harasssment but allowed Pennington to remain in a position where he could harm citizens.

Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe’s criminal involvement in protecting Snohomish County’s pedophile and wife beater is best detailed on Gold Bar Reporters page titled ” Criminals.”
After receiving public records from Snohomish County under RCW 42.56, Block discovered that John E. Pennington, while misusing county taxpayer resources, was having exparte communication with WSBA lead counsel Linda Eide. The WSBA has since refused to turn over the email communication sent between Eide and Pennington, but Snohomish County was forced to turn over public records confirming the ” pillow talk” emails between WSBA counsel Linda Eide and John Pennington.

As a result of WSBA corruption and continuous county and City of Gold Bar criminal harassment,  Anne Block decided to “disassociate” with the corrupt Washington State Bar.  The email communication between WSBA counsel Linda Eide and Snohomish County’s pedophile John Pennington was more like a boyfriend talking to his mistress than that of a WSBA objective investigator.

WSBA Linda Eide is either desperate for sexual attention or just duped by the Great Sociopath John Pennington.  Love is blind.

One local Gold Bar resident saw the emails between Linda Eide and John E. Pennington said ” Eide is sleeping with John E. Pennington.”  Linda Eide has refused comment about the pillow talk emails as of 5/25/2014.  We did offer to post Eide’s response per bettum but she refused.

John Pennington does have a long history of trying to bed people in an effort to control them.  This list includes two Senators, two house representatives, and two legislative aides here in Washington and a whole slew of pulbic officers who participated in a swingers parties at the Echo Lake Resort ( more coming on those parties and their log book at the end of the summer).

Knowing what WSBA Linda Eide’s relationship to Gold Bar city attorney Michael Kenyon was in the criminal harassment that Block suffered when she first requested access to public records in Snohomish County, Block decided that the Washington State Bar Association was a corrupt organization that she wanted nothing to do with, so she resigned citing massive corruption, criminal harassment and refused to renew her 2014 license.

Not renewing your license with the WSBA automatically suspends it. Block’s license has been suspended for renewal and she is now focused on suing Michael Kenyon, City of Gold Bar, and Snohomish County.  Block also plans to file a Recall Petition against Mark Roe in 30 days.

From the outside of the WSBA, Gold Bar activist Anne Block plans to file more public records suits inside Snohomish County and the City of Gold Bar until the County and the City rids itself of the corrupt people that are ruining it.

As for the WSBA, it’s going to be sued in US Federal Distinct Court for violating Ms. Block’s First Amendment right to “disassociate.”

Media Shield Laws here in Washington protect the Gold Bar Reporters from disclosing its files and our sources and cannot be trumped by corrupt government officials such as the WSBA and its number one co-conspirator Linda Eide.
With John Pennington’s removal and soon to be PBS special titled the  ” The Oso Mudslide Debacle” its appears that the two love birds will have to find a new birds nest to lay their eggs in and Crystal Hill’s meal ticket will soon vanish.

Just think of how different things would be in Snohomish County if every open government supporters sent the City of Gold Bar and Snohomish County this public records request:
Pursuant to RCW 42.56, please provide electronic copies of all email communication between Crystal Hill and John Pennington, from Janaury 1, 2009 to June 30, 2009.  Please provide all records records in native format with metadata. See Shoreline.

Snohomish County’s public records officer can be reached at:   PublicRecordsOfficer (SISPRO2@co.snohomish.wa.us)  and
the City of Gold Bar’s Mayor Linda Loen ( handling public records requests) can be reached at l.Loen@cityofgoldbar.us
If everyone reading this blog ( over 6,000 each day!!!)  requested access to public records, the City of Gold Bar and Snohomish County would have no choice but to turn over records. When fighting corrupt government officials, requesting access to public records pursuant to RCW 42.56 is one of the best tools of all.  So lets get to work shinning much needed light on the County’s cockroaches.

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