Snohomish County public officers running online website

This week was a very good week for us open government supporters out here in Gold Bar.  Good news, someone inside the City of Gold Bar released records illegally withheld for over five years to the Gold Bar Reporters. The insider released records confirming beyond any reasonable doubt that several Snohomish County public officers started and maintained the Sky Valley Chronicle right from Snohomish County’s Department Emergency Management and Gold Bar City Hall.

Emails illegally withheld for over five years were that of Gold Bar’s city clerk Denise Beaston.  Whether Denise is the one who leaked the illegally withheld records to the Gold Bar Reporters is unknown.  We suspect she is.

While the former Snohomish County political appointee John Pennington criminally harassed open government supporters on the county’s lucrative welfare program, 44 people, mainly children, suffocated to death in Washington State’s second largest natural disaster.

Four lawsuits have been filed against John Pennington a man who caused thousands of deaths in Hurricane Katrina and 44 people to suffocate to death in Washington State’s second largest natural disaster Oso mudslides. The civil suits detail his criminal and negligent conduct, and one RICO complaint is coming in early 2015.

Additional records also document that John Pennington ran his for profit company right from Snohomish County’s DEM Office, a company that he has yet to pay a single cent of state tax on.

Here’s how Aaron Reardon and his racketeering gang operated the Sky Valley Chronicle and his many criminally harassing Twitter accounts( NSCrier, BlockOfLies, and MockAnneBlock).

In March 2008, Aaron Reardon’s poll numbers inside the Sky Valley were plummeting. As a result, Reardon hired a real religious whack job named Christopher Schwartzen.  At the time, Schwartzen was a Seattle Times reporter and a very good friend to another religious whack job named Ronald Fejfar.

Within six months of Reardon hiring Schwartzen, on July 7, 2008, Fejfar, Pennington, Schwartzen and Reardon start a for profit online blog titled the ” Sky Valley Chronicle.”

Since starting the Sky Valley Chronicle, Snohomish County Executive employees John Pennington, Chris Schwartzen, Kevin Hulten, Aaron Reardon, Jon Rudicil, Brian Parry, and Gold Bar’s Mayors Joe Beavers and Crystal Hill operate the Sky Valley Chronicle right from  Snohomish County public offices and from City Hall in Gold Bar.  How we know this: someone intentionally released records that document each public official was given a log in code by Sultan resident Ronald Fejfar, and each was allowed to post anything, regardless of the truth.

However, over the last couple of weeks someone put an end to the Sky Valley Chronicle’s criminal conduct. As of today, all three Twitter accounts were unexpectedly suspended, and the Sky Valley Chronicle has ceased its criminal cyber-stalking of Gold Bar Reporters.

Although last week, Gold Bar’s former Mayor Crystal Hill Pennington was photographed stalking the Gold Bar Reporters at their homes.  Mz. Hill lives in Duvall, while lothario/pedophile John Pennington remains on the east coast with his newest mistress, reducing Mz. Hill to a babysitter.

A source inside Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office told the Gold Bar Reporters two weeks ago that she over heard Mark Roe telling John Pennington that if he ” does not stop harassing Block on the Sky Valley Chronicle, he ( Roe) would press criminal cyber-stalking charges against the Penningtons”.   Bravo to Mark Roe for opening his eyes, but proof of John Pennington’s past criminal harassment conviction record can be found inside his domestic assault records from the City of Redmond.

Our investigation of John Pennington’s criminal activity continues.

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