Gold Bar’s Mayor Linda Loen ” too high to function”

Gold Bar, Washington, has quite a history of appointing or electing criminals, drug dealers, demented Mayors, and now the City of Gold Bar has Linda Loen, or as we correctly stated  ” High as a fuckin Kite Loen.”

This post is by no means a statement against medical marijuana users, but our sources tell us that Linda Loen is not a medical marijuana license holder.  ” Every time we go into City Hall to collect records or pay a water bill, Linda is as high as a kite” one resident told the Gold Bar Reporters.

We also know this to be true based on our encounters with Linda Loen.  Unfortunate; as Jim Hightower said ” if the Gods had wanted us to vote they would have given us candidates.”  The Gods must hate Gold Bar because all we ever get as public officials are “boob flashing” Mayors, demented ( Beavers) or drug users.

Gold Bar’s drug invested leaders is no surprise to those of us who know the City’s long history of corruption. In the late 1990s, a Snohomish County Sheriff’s Officer was dealing drugs from City Hall. Another Snohomish County Sheriff’s Officer was recently caught breaking into homes in 2013.

In the early 1990s, a elderly female Mayor tried to expose massive monies missing from the City’s water fund.  After meetings the Mayor had be escorted to her car, after receiving threats to her life by County and City officials.

Well this brings us back to how a pedophile from Snohomish County managed to slip under the radar after public records document that he enjoys children.  Our readers should be happy to know that the pedophile, also the man who caused 44 deaths in Oso Washington, and thousands more in Hurricane Katrina, was removed as the Director of Emergency Management up here in Snohomish County Washington.  It’s a little late.  Think of how different life would be for his Oso mudslide victims had the County heed the warnings we issued over the last five years.  Warnings we started sending out after public records documented that he has a fetish for children and can’t keep his hands to himself.

Fact is that this same male child lover’s mistress created the largest public records lawsuit in Washington State history, with no end in sight.

Then our last Mayor, demented Joe Beavers used county employee John E. Pennington to access files from Homeland Security. Then the sociopath disseminated those files into emails. Now, Pennington brags about having friends inside Hughes spying on us.  Once hearing this we called American Military online asking them if John Pennington received any American Civics classes, like government. Their answer was ” not required.”   LMFAO

We sign every post we make evidenced by the bottom of the page of each blog names appear. This is in complete contrast to John and Crystal Pennington’s blogs on the Sky Valley Chronicle. We saved all 69 blogs posts John Pennington, Crystal Hill, and Joe Beavers made on the taxpayer’s dime in preparation for litigation.

Snohomish County Washington has stellar criminals in charge.


  1. Reblogged this on Snohomish County Corruption and commented:
    The last I heard the Mayor had quit but no one is admitting to it, she hasn’t been present at any of the meetings along with another member of the council. I wish Gold Bar would just give up the ghost & shut down, hand over ops to Snohomish County & move on with their lives. They can’t even run their own lives let alone a town.


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