Snohomish County top story for 2014

In March 2014, Snohomish County’s Director of Emergency Management (DEM) killed 44 people in the Oso mudslides. We use the word “killed” because emails between former Executive Aaron Reardon and John Pennington documented that when Reardon was having meetings with Oso mudslide builders, Ridgeway Homes, he ( Reardon), asked dumb as a fricken post John Pennington whether it was safe to build and he said ” yep Boss it’s safe to build.”

Emails that have been turned over to his victims.

Now for those of us who have a real University degree, we were shocked that a man without a college education would make such affirmations with no scientific training. Furthermore, our investigator obtained several statements from former DEM employees who confirmed John Pennington did nothing all day work on his bogus online school, criminally harass me, and sexually harass Diana Rose. As a result, we rightfully call John Pennington a killer. A titled that he now owns.

When Mr Pennington was asked what caused the Oso mudslides he responded ” I am a man of faith.” Perhaps Mr. Pennington has a learning disability or Attention deficit disorder because he missed the call of the question as though he never attended a single science class in his life.

We know that Mr Pennington was kicked out of Vanderbilt College for drinking and drugs, and impregnating a young girl. A mentally challenged boy came from his rage upon this young woman. An issue that was settled out of court in Tennessee.

We also know that while Mr Pennington was sitting DEM, from 2008-2012, he was charged with assault and battery on his 3rd trimester pregnant wife Anne. But thanks to Kenyon Disend’s obstruction in this case, Pennington was given a plea deal to lesser offense so long as he could get Aaron Reardon to fix cases for Kenyon Disend inside Snohomish County Superior Court.

For fixing Snohomish County cases, Aaron Reardon appointed Judge Richard Okrent. And boy did Okrent pull through on several cases, civil and criminal alike. An issue we have written about in previous blogs.

Contrary to what John Pennington posted on his Sky Valley Chronicle blog spot, the Oso mudslides were by far the biggest stories in Washington State. But with no surprise since John Pennington posts on the Sky Valley Chronicle he failed to mention the fact that he killed 44 people in Oso Washington mudslides.

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