Another Recall coming against Snohomish County Prosecutor And Executive

Snohomish County turns over more public records confirming that not only is Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe misappropriating public funds but Executive John Lovick is too.

Stacey Malstead, a public records officer, turned over checks signed by Executive John Lovick confirming that Lovick is also funding convicted criminal and former Executive employee named Kevin Hulten.

As such, more Recall Petitions will be filed, one against John Lovick and another one against Mark Roe. Roe was recently caught misappropriating public resources and funds to fight off a Recall Petition filed against him. Records show that Mark Roe illegally used Snohomish County Prosecutor Lyndsey Downs in violation of Wa State laws.

A local Gold Bar resident Noel Frederck said ” I’m going to file another Recall Petition against Roe for unlawfully misusing Our prosecutors for his own personal gain. Another Recall will be filed by Friday. I also saw checks signed by Executive John Lovick misappropriation of public funds, so I will also file a Recall against Lovick.”

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