Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Public Records Officer violates RCW 42.56

080917-131233-460007  Over the past 5 months, the Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office has gone through three public records officers, Jamie Jardine, Stacey Malstead and Caroline Darrow.

Jamie Jardine obstructed access to OUR records time and time again before she simply threw in the towel and  retired at the ripe age of 49.

Stacey Malstead came and went in a matter of three months.  One source inside Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office stated to the Gold Bar Reporters that Mark Roe destroyed records involving Kevin Thomas Hulten and ordered Ms. Malstead to commit a felony ( destruction of public records). Ms. Malstead refused and resigned after only 5 weeks on the job, and only after Mark Roe intentionally destroyed records knowing that there was a litigation hold on all records.

Now, Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office has a new law breaker answering public records, Ms. Caroline Darrow. Ms. Darrow is not new to Snohomish County’s illegal activities, she comes from Snohomish County Public Works. Let’s not forget that Public Works is partly responsible for causing the deaths of 44 Oso mudslide residents in March 2014.

We are in the process of providing a full investigative blog on Ms. Darrow and will update our readers once our final report is finished.  What’s more interesting is how Snohomish County shuffles its internal lawbreakers to the Prosecutor’s Office.  Stay tuned


  1. Caroline Darrow is the daughter of Human Resource Director, Bridget Clawson


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