Gold Bar’s pot smoking Mayor pushes growing farms to generate revenue

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Residents are asked to bring your pot pipes, rolling papers, and bongs to the next Gold Bar City Council Meeting, March 3, 2015.

Gold Bar’s Mayor Linda Loen will be providing one of the best marijuana strains we’ve ever tried called ” Fuckin Incredible.”   Also, free pizza, Redhook brews ( on tap so bring your cups) and free coke ( roll up those dollar bills and snort, snort, snort away) to help curve your craven for munchies.

Its going to be a family event, so don’t be late. Limited seating.


All in good humor, satire 100 % for sure. For those of you who know no humor, get a life, or take a toke and get the joke.


  1. Absolutely! Gold Bar governing body made a decision to violate the Public Records Act (PRA) and hide records. Cost to the taxpayers of Gold Bar as of today exceeds $1,000,000.00. The Gold Bar Reporters don’t write the checks nor approve the warrants. If we had our way, we’d prefer to have the City and County comply with the PRA.


  2. Too bad the tax and regulate and Nanny State (502) has ruined free market enterprise however which causes the problems associated with low paying jobs, no healthcare, etc, because business owners have all the strings attached, taxes, licensing, and red tape every step along the way, before they can even turn a profit, all of which will dupe investors in this failed model. Just legalize it and Gold Bar could have sustainability instead of a corrupt government that’s bankrupt. Power to the people.


  3. Makes perfect sense. Natural Law rules! Economic Development should start at a grassroots level, localized, just like this. Hemp for biofuels, plastics, leads into 3D printing, and other industrialization for REAL jobs, let alone the transportation jobs. Beats the Urban Agenda, traffic gridlock, and the lowering of standards as seen in the Puget Sound region over last 20 years. Organic growth and environmentalism…doesn’t get any better than this. Might even put 20 somethings to work to gain skills.


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