Snohomish County Insider blows the whistle

It’s something out of movie up here in Snohomish County Washingon politics. Today an Insider, who we will only name as ” fed up”, told the Gold Bar Reporters today that Snohomish County Prosecutor Sean Reay and Mark Roe just can’t seem to stop their “little RICO ” activities. It’s like something of an organism they seem to have for Anne Block, Fed up said.

“Fed up” told the GBRs that Prosecutor Sean Reay and Mark Roe were pow wowing inside County offices recently attempting to trump up criminal charges on the GBR to SLAPP down ” freedom of the press” and in an effort to divert attention from Block’s Racketering complaint filed against Snohomosh County Prosecutors Sean Reay and Margaret King and Snohomish County’s number one political bum, John E Pennington.

The source said ” they ( Roe and Reay) have misappropriated over 4,000,000.00 of  taxpayer resources in an effort to hide their domestic spying games. Snohomish County Prosecutors and John E Pennington were caught red handed running illegal background checks on several open government supporters out here in Gold Bar, and two Massachusettes  residents who have familial ties to Gold Bar activist Anne Block.

Perhaps Mark Roe, Sean Reay and Margaret King missed or failed constitutional law? Fed up said ” I am sick of the county’s misusing our money to hide their crimes!”

We agree, but don’t worry because Sean Reay, Margaret King and John and Crystal Hill Pennington are being sued for racketeering ( as well as Penningtons Sky Valley Chronicle blog) for posting threats to physically harm several open government supporters in Gold Bar.

If we find anything that implicates Mark Roe, we have no problem adding him to the RICO suit.  Fed up also said that Jason Cummings was on the phone with to a reporter today hoping to fed a story on Block.

We say ” We’d be honored to add more RICO allegations against the criminals ruining my county. I hope  the jury hits them with a high punitive award. I’m going to suggest 10 M for the ring leaders, Sean Reay, John Pennington, Joe Beavers and Crystal Hill.  our counsel tells us that RICO awards are not dischargeable in US Bankruptcy Court. Ultimately, this issue will be in front of a jury.”

Block intends to amend the RICO complaint to include a WSBA Office of Disciplinary Hearing Officer, Lin O’Dell, who John and Crystal Hill Pennington have been bribing via O’Dell’s convicted killer boyfriend. Extortion and bribery are predicate acts under RICO.  The WSBA ODC believe themselves to be above the law, but failed to understand that no one person or agency trumps a citizen’s fundamental/ constitutional rights. The WSBA is no exception.

The day We allow a public official to trample on our constitutional rights and get away with it without suffering a financial penalty is the day Saudi Arabia takes over America.

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