A single mother’s fight for justice, amongst so many government criminals

My constitutional law school professor Prygoski said to me just before graduation “I have high expectations for you. You’re going to instigate change!”   Well he was right, but it wasn’t my intent when this single mother made a conscious decision to become a lawyer.  I chose the profession of law after watching my mother – a person who I loved without condition – die from the treatable disease of breast cancer.

I often get emails saying “why are you so angry?” I take notice to these types of emails, or as my mother said  “look in the mirror before you judge others” as a way to self-reflect or make myself a better person.

I am not angry, I am disgusted with government officials who spit on the civil rights of the taxpayers they were sworn in to protect. They are making criminals out of non-criminals and we must expose it at all cost.

Other emails letters say “what makes you tick?”  I am now going to answer this question for my readers.

March 16, 1995, was not a happy birthday for me, waking up to news that my mother had passed after struggling with breast cancer for three years.  She died at approximately the same time I was born, on the same day of the week (Friday), on the same day (March 16th).  It was the saddest day of my life having to say good bye to one of only two people who did so much for me, but asked for very little in return.

After watching my mother struggle with breast cancer for over three years,  a treatable disease such as breast cancer, I began a long journey to use my voice to help others. This is the main reason why I decided on the practice of law. Looking back on this decision today, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. The education and training I received in law school is like nothing I ever experienced before, and I wouldn’t trade it for any other life time experience.

At age of 24, after watching my mother struggle with breast cancer, and while working as a machinist, I entered my first year of undergraduate studies. As a female working in a man’s World, I made a decent living, owned my house, vacationed often, and nurtured my daughter into the fine person she is today.

By age twenty six, I fractured my spinal cord at work. It took me almost a year to walk again without a strained gait, while at the same time my lawyers were telling me that I needed a new profession. Not sure what I really wanted to do, I took a few classes, starting with American government and criminal law.

I am the youngest of six children born and raised in Massachusetts. My mother was a stay at home Mom for most of my younger years, and my father was A World II veteran later turned postal employee. I lived in a middle class Catholic neighborhood and was forced to attend Sunday school. Some of  my siblings went to Catholic schools while I chose public schools.

There were many aspects of the participating in Catholic functions that I enjoyed, none of which included watching white men tell me what the Bible said or meant. The same white men I would later read and study about in my Criminal Procedure class, real stellar members of our community. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_R._Lavigne).

Priests were always men, and women were always expected to take the back seat in this so called place of worship.  As a result of Catholicism’s disrespect for women’s rights (and later gay rights), it was not a place that I personally saw any value in attending, thus I stopped attending around the age of 12.

My decision to discharge religion had everything to do with science. However, that’s not to say that I do not view the Bible as a great piece of literature that is. It did have some good points, including feeding the homeless and cheering up the elderly inside nursing homes. However, the disparity perpetrated upon women over men was something that I just could not accept. As I still do not today, but it’s not the reason why I am stanch Atheist and lover of science today. I am an Atheist today because after weighing the evidence, as any good lawyer would do before deciding to accept or decline a case, I see no evidence to support a higher sprit.

As we learned in law school, if the crimes don’t fit the statute, you cannot charge, unless of course you live in Washington State where the criminals are running thus ruining our political system.

For me, religion serves neither a governmental purpose nor any value to our society. I studied many religions while in undergraduate studies at Massachusetts State University, and I see them as philosophy. Religion for me equates to hate, violence, wars, murder, rape, and where pedophiles hide. But I never use all inclusive statements because from time to time, I find honest and respectful people inside religious institutions, such as Washington Coalition for Open Government President Toby Nixon, a man I admire as the only politician I ever met that I trust 100 % ; and my best friend Sherry. Both are Mormons.

My disdain for religion comes from the Catholic Church. As a child that grew up with a pedophile priest named Richard Lavigne at the pulpit, I watched as Lavigne raped and murdered a 13 year boy named Danny. Crimes that he was never charged with thanks to a corrupt deceased Hamden County District Attorney, Mathew J Ryan, whose allegiance to the Catholic Church meant more to him than his duty to uphold the law. He covered up the murder, and Richard Lavigne remains on the loose.

I despise pedophiles more than I do rapists. The difference is simple: rapists rape adults who have half a chance of defending themselves, while pedophiles intentionally pick on children because they cannot. I consider pedophiles to be the scum of the earth and not worth housing. However, trained in criminal defense, I understand that people are innocent until proven guilty, and that because of corruption, many who are convicted or charged are not guilty of anything except for overzealous prosecutors who simply want to make a name for themselves.  In cases where prosecuritoal misconduct can be proven, I believe the sentence should be life in prison For the prosecutor. Lawyers actions that undermine our judicial system is more dangerous to a free society than allowing a murderer to go free.


After learning that my mother was dying of breast cancer, in 1992, I was living Dallas kind of lost in life engaged to a religious nut job who happens to be a CPA.  The religious differences, I a stanch non-believer and he a Baptist, brought on more fighting (not physical) because of politics and religion then I care to share in this blog. My mother’s cancer was simply an excuse to break off my engagement and head back to Massachusetts to help care for my mother in her last years of life. I will say that it was because of Dennis that I know what love is not, and it’s because of Noel I know what love is.

Immediately after my mother’s death (1995), I started researching my mother’s medical files and noted that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer seven years earlier. Unfortunately for my mother, the doctors ignored her mammograms. Instead of suing, I remember saying “there’s something fundamentally wrong with our system if a doctor ignores a patient’s medical report.”

For some odd reason, I thought by becoming a lawyer, I could actually help ease human pain and suffering, something that I could not do for my mother. However, after years of practicing, watching Snohomish County public officials, mainly prosecutors, commit felonies such as tampering with public records, violating citizens’ civil rights, making non-criminals into criminals by using Our Courts to trump up criminal charges on honest hard -working citizens, filing phony Bar complaints against my license for simply attempting to address the Prosecutors and government officers crimes, and conspiring to harm citizens who ask questions of their government officers (while hiding behind government offices) with the assistance of Washington State Bar Office of Disciplinary Counsel members Linda Eide, and Lin O’Dell, and Snohomish County Prosecutor Sean Reay and Margaret King , I resigned from the Washington State Bar citing massive corruption.

After my six year investigation as a trained legal professional, I see no distinction between the criminals inside our prisons and the prosecutors. Our entire judicial systems has failed “we the people” , making honest citizens into criminals, and only after researching and investigating corrupt members inside the Washington State Bar Office of Disciplinary Council members steal and deplete elderly clients trust accounts with the assistance of Washington State Bar’s Chief Hearing Officer Joseph Nappi Jr. and members inside the Washington State Bar Office of Disciplinary Council. Again, my six year investigation leaves to believe that there’s no difference between the criminals inside the prisons and those inside many government offices.

I was brought into this World an activist, and shall die an activist. I have only one God and her name is “justice.” I treasure the Constitution as the greatest gift Thomas Jefferson gave America. The First Amendment allows citizens to investigate and report on corruption without government interference.

I close this blog entry with a quote from one of My childhood heroes “ the fight for justice against corruption is never easy. It never has been and it never will be. It exacts a toll on our self, our families, our friends, and especially our children. In the end, I believe, as in my case, the price we pay is well worth holding onto our dignity.” Frank Serpico, a great American.

My bible is the U.S. Constitution ( I do not include Washington State’s Constitution because those in charge have damaged it beyond repair). I intend to tell my story to a jury soon.


  1. You know what, I myself wanted to fight corruption. Thinking I could make a difference. But nobody wants to get involved and I’m the crazy one. However, can’t people not see that everything is writen in black and white and right in front of them if they just open their eyes. I guess they are blind because they can’t see or do not want to be involved.
    I said before….They are working as a group,….Aaron Reardon, John Pennington, Jennifer Dunn (Reagan Dunn), Kevin Wallace, Bob Ferguson, the Bennett, Brian Bennett (former mayor of Burien)…Jan Angel,…they are all friends of friends of friends. Check on Facebook. I put it all together, to me it was a puzzle. I put the pieces together. They are all in Real Estate here in Washington. They are stealing peoples homes and property so they can take over complexes and turn it into rentals controlled by them.

    What needs to happen is to cut of the head of the snake and expose it. And you start with these people right here and then get to all the judges that were put into place.
    I even wrote to the ST paper and news to no avail. They do not want to be involved and they themselves are affraid of retaliation. They are scared and dirty snakes themselves.
    Erik Lacitis works for the ST in Seattle, Journalist. His wife Malory is in Real Estate and I bet she knows Chris Oppfelt ( Real Estate) I believe its Windermere. They work for the same place. Well Chris owns a Condo at Salish Village in Kirkland.

    When I investigated things about the corruption in my condo I searched for things online and ran into Oli Glenn (the tenent of Chris Oppfelt. I went to visit Oli and talked and he told me about the corruption at his condo complex. Not only do they steal real estate but the corrupt people that are running this place also stole and broke up Olie’s marriage.

    Norman McCue used to manage that Complex and one of their handyman that has lived in McCues condo Is a friend Mary Jo Pfohl Bennett . Mary Jo used to work for them then she tranfered to Phillips real estate where her brother is CEO.

    It does not matter where they move to what Real Estate companies because they have relatives working there and are all connected. Like I said, my complex was mannaged by McCue and Mary Jo worked there. Then she started working for Phillips with her brother and guess what the corrupt individuals that are running the show here (after I complained) changed to Phillips. And they moved in all their friends including the sister of prosecuter Dan Satterberg. They ligally stealing property and you can never get rid of them. I can write a book….the story is very bad that I can not mention here.

    But I like to leave you with a quote:
    Individualy we’re a rain drop……Together we’re and ocean. And we can do things.


  2. Anne, as you know, I think you are the best. And I believe you will make history. And I know there are many others who are helping you for the same reasons – ‘justice’. Just to let you know I’m with you.


    • Thanks Bill, we’re all making history by refusing to accept things that we know we can change. if good people do nothing evil flourishes” or as my said ” we’re all on this boat together”

      Without evolution, we human would still be seeking shelter under rocks and eating raw animals. I see value into holding onto our dignity and refusing to submit to the criminals in charge that are ruining my country.



  1. […] A single mother’s fight for justice, amongst so many government criminals […]


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