“Not for ourselves alone”


Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony

My America is not about You or Me, it’s about  “We the people.”   When we lose sight of our values, by placing profits over people, Americans suffer.  America suffers. When we place profits over doing what’s right,  America becomes the land of  ” Ye the few.”

Being a good American is not about winning a football game.  It’s not about lining your pockets with gold.  It’s not about getting even. It’s about righting a wrong, moving forward, not backwards, and most of all it’s about making sure our next generation of children cherish the values that  Our founding fathers and mothers fought so hard to achieve, while asking for little in return.

Being a good American has no price tag. I will spare no dollar to right a wrong when I see it.  I never have nor ever will value a dollar bill more than the Constitution.

I thank Thomas Jefferson everyday for writing the First Amendment.  It’s the only single document that separates America from the rest of the World. Without it, America would be another Saudi Arabia.

Justice is a verb that mandates activism. It’s activists who demand change, accept nothing less.

I am proud to be an American female, and thankful for those people who stand firmly behind the Constitutional principles I love more than life itself.  I have but one life to give and It shall be for the betterment of my society as a whole.  We are not here for ourselves alone.

We must do everything we can to expose corruption regardless of the cost.  I never lose hope that a wrong can be corrected, nor do I lose hope in seeing justice served to those who harm.

“To find yourself, think for yourself.’ Socrates, my favorite professor.


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