1. Spokane County needs needs rid of Lin O’Dell including her convicted killer boyfriend Mark Plivilech but we can not forget to get rid of all the trash such as Attorney Susan Embree and Attorney Ben Platt it is dishonest greedy attorneys such as these that damage our system, steal from our elderly and abuse the citizens with the Justice system that we citizens pay a lot of money for!


  2. Anne – I just looked at the picture of the man you show pictured as C. Fleck. I can positively identify THIS MAN as one of the many intruders that has been noted and seen around both my house and my ex, Tom’s, house amongst the many noted ‘mysterious Washington’ cars and drivers……


  3. I want to BE There!


  4. Everytime I try to post on Twitter…. It says ACCOUNT Suspended. (FYI) (But they DO get to FB… :-)…) Cant Wait for MINE!!!


    • yep John Pennington and Crystal Hill Berg Pennington committed additional predicate acts against me by shutting down my Twitter account. I am writing and filing a new lawsuit in U.S. Federal Court against them so stay tuned this one will include attorney Lin O’Dell and her convicted killer boyfriend Mark Plivilech


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