1. I do not always agree w/the “tactics” of Miss Block, but DAMN can she & Brandia Investigate! These Woman are Not-Backing-Down! Innocent People do Not-Back-Down! We do Not-Give-Up! We will fight to our death if need be! But Innocent People Do-Not-Back-Down! It is the #Guilty who will watch you die on the street (EPD) before they even ever admit 2-one #misconduct #Abuse #Lie They will literally watch you suffer fighting for #Justice and they could not care less…… * Damn Brandia! You Ladies are really kicking ass in Sno-Ho! Because of YOU… There may actually be CHANGES in Sno-Ho! Forced Changes, but Changes none the less! Very impressive Ladies! Very impressive! #StrongAssWomen 


    • Life is best lived. Life is best shared. When we lose sight that we are all in the same boat, corruption prevails. As my childhood hero Frank Serpico said ”


    • I’m OK with Anne’s tactics, and I most wholeheartedly cherish the person that she is. She and Brandia just may be the very individuals who save all of Washington’s citizens from government corruption…. and if there were another two or more like Ms Block and Ms. Taamu the notion that Washington State governments SOLE obligation is to “protect and maintain individual rights” would never, ever, again be violated by arrogant government thugs like Pennington, Batoit (I can name another three dozen officials who are just as despicable)

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      • Bill thanks for your kind thoughts. As Amercians we believe in the basic Constitutional principles that “we the people” not only have a legal right to form a more perfect Union, but we have an obligation to.

        I am comfortable with people saying what they want until they violate basic constitutional provisions each American is not only entitled to but garanteed.

        I love America and the basic constitutional principles our founding mothers and fathers fought so hard to achieve, more than life itself. I, just like you and Brandia, Believe it’s worth every cent, every minute, and every thought expended over the last seven years.

        As Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton said ” it’s not for ourselevs alone. “


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