Snohomish County Commsioner linked to fraud and RICO activity; Spokane Judge linked to corruption 

Update:  Blog Talk Radio Show September 12, 2015 at 10 AM, Featured Guest Jill Fleck

Ms. Fleck will tell her story about how Spokane County has allowed an unmarried convicted felon retain custody of her children leading to a much larger corruption scandal involving attorneys in Spokane County


We’re working on two stories involving fraud and judicial members in Washington State. One involving Snohomish County Commisioner Geoffrey Gibbs and the other involving Spokane Judge Plese.
In each, Washington State Bar members are involved and in one Spokane County case it involves a drug dealer named C. Fleck who plead guilty to felony charges after the FBI caught him chopping up cars he stole from Montana bringing them to his house in Washington State.

C. Fleck also tried to run me off Ben Howard Rd in Monroe in October 2014.

This Spokane case involves a WA State Bar hearing officer and attorney named Lin O’Dell and her convicted killer boyfriend and another attorney who works with O’Dell at 1312 Monroe St Spokane Washington. O’Dell is also the WA State Bar hearing officer caught via a post office box in Duvall what we believe was for accepting bribes from Snohomish County pedophile and former Director John E Pennington to fix a grievance.
More to come but I promise it’s worth the wait.  Hitler would be quite proud of the Washington State Bar and its judicial members. 


  1. Reblogged this on withoutdueprocess and commented:
    Dear Anne;

    Judge Tabor of Olympia WA violated my rights and his jurisdiction by confining me to Fort Lewis while I awaited trial. You are supposed to have a military tribunal do this but because he was a former JAG he violated jurisdictional boundaries. I was confined on base further sexual exploited I was arrested by Tumwater police after I reported being RAPED to Command. I was threatened with death if I did not plea to assaulting an officer they tased me. Further more I was confined to a room on base that had low level background noise with subliminal messages. Some one recently left a message on my phone using the same technique but the words were audible. Stating “You are nothing but a Dumb Slut who never should have taken her oath of office.” I can provide with this evidence.
    Anyway I later found out that the Army has technology like this using background noise with subliminal messages to make people crazy. I have a hypothesis that it has been experimented on civilians and this is why there have been so many mass murders lately. I can prove my story of corruption of WA Judiciary and the Army and provide you the tape of my threats. attempted to report the phone call to the FBI but they hung up. I am a nurse and my career was destroyed. The military experiment on me. I still think the mass murders are guilty but being exposed to subliminal messages myself it quiet annoying and could drive an unstable person over the edge.


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