1. Not much to add except …. “Oh! What A Surprise”….. And we have the best team of Investigative Reporters this side of the Mississippi 🙂

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  2. Looking into how we file a Recall against a judge if its at all possible. Regardless, a Judicial Ethics complaint is being written and I may just set up an online Petition for all of Appelwick’s victims to sign. Marlin Appelwick’s involvement in assisting John E. Pennington and his bank frauding wife cover up their computer crimes calls into question every single case Appelwick has been involved in. Bigger question for us advocates for social justice is: How many criminal cases has Appelwick issued political favors for that resulting in a person wrongfully accused of a crime resulting in jail time? Appelwick should be behind bars for his fraud upon the Courts.

    Will keep you posted on where and how you can find the Judicial Ethics Complaint. Coming soon.

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  3. I’d like to add my name to any grievance filed against Appelwick … these criminals need to be removed from public office!!!!

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