Dave Somers marks a new sunshine era for Snohomish County Washington


Dave Somers, Snohomish County Executive Elect 2016-2020

Most of you who know me well, know that I seldom ever support any specific candidate, because I seldom trust politicians. Washington Coalition for Open Government President Toby Nixon is one exception.

However all that changed this year, while in Great Brittan, I learned that Dave Somers decided to run for Snohomish County Executive against John Lovick’s corrupt executive officers.  Which as of today, I can affirmatively state extends to Olympia.

I remember contacting Dave saying I’d like to make a campaign contribution to your campaign, can you please let me know who your campaign manager is, and his response was that he was a one a man show.

I encouraged Dave to stay the course, because I spent countless hours on the phone ( sometimes pulling all nighters) with other like minded sunshine citizens who are frustrated and fed up with the corruption.

I know Washingtonians are ready for a clean and honest government, and are now frustrated enough  to take an active role in holding corrupt government officials accountable. However, I asked Dave to remember one basic political science principle its we the people and that only reason voters will vote for you is that they perceive you as their best chance for change.”

This year’s election is proof, but time will tell if Dave remembers his responsibility to we the people, not ye the corrupt few.”



Looking over the last three years, I became a regretful voter of Governor Inslee. When Governor Jay Inslee decided to back a thug and bum named John Lovick for Snohomish County Executive, who for years covered up for executive criminals like John E. Pennington, Mark Ericks, Brian Lewis, Peter Camp, and Brian Perry, I knew he was part of the problem up in Snohomish County.

Governor Inslee’s silence on the corruption inside every Washington State agency is quite disturbing and has me left regretting my vote.  Surprisingly, Governor Inslee stopped all death penalty cases here in Washington – something I highly respected him for- but after reviewing evidence of massive corruption inside every government agency in Washington State, I’ve come to believe that he felt that its ok to place victims of our corrupt government in jail or label citizens felons so long as we don’t kill them.

Perhaps he was having trouble sleeping at night because he knows how corrupt Washington State government is?  By allowing our government to “trump up criminal charges on hard working honest citizens, turning them into criminals, I believe Inslee is part of the problem.”

Sorry Governor Inslee I gave you two years to attack the massive corruption inside our government but You chose to ignore it. You and John Lovick not only ignored, but you allowed it to grow like a cancer met to every organ of this state.

I can’t stop seeing images of that small baby pulled lifeless, dead, from the Oso mudslides; mudslides could have been avoided had John E. Pennington not told former Executive Aaron Reardon in an email ” its good to build boss.”  An email that we turned over to John Pennington’s Oso victims, hoping to help add a little closure to the gross amount of pain and suffering John E. Pennington was allowed to cause to so many.

I admit I am not John E. Pennington’s only victim.

I blame John Lovick and John E. Pennington for causing the deaths of 43 people, because instead of doing his job, John Pennington criminally harassed a citizen on the County’s payroll, operated his own for profit company, never earned an accredited college degree, and criminally assaulted women and children,  instead of mitigating loss of human life.

According to Snohomish County’s charter, mitigation was solely John E. Pennington’s job, and if having caused 43 people to suffocate to death wasn’t’ deserving of F” for failure, I’m not sure what it is.

But instead in May 2015, John Lovick wrote an email letter to John  E. Pennington stating ” You’re a great leader”, which triggered a response from me saying  If killing 43 people in Oso mudslides is evidence of a great leader, I’d hate to see what your definition of a bad leader is Mr. Lovick.”

For over three years, I turned over mounds of files on John Pennington to the Washington State Bar totaling over 1800 pages of Exhibits; Exhibits the Washington State Bar tirelessly conspired to exclude (and Linda Eide and Lin O’Dell tried to destroy, but were unable to because we sent those files via emails preserving those for years to come) hoping to continue the massive cover up all in an effort to protect a political bum’s criminal conduct.

If I were Governor, I would have filed negligent homicide charges against John E. Pennington, not allowed him to collect a $11,000.00 a month welfare check, thus adding insult to the people he killed in Oso. But instead John Lovick and Jay Inslee ignored and spit on their constituents.

John Lovick’s career is over just like Aaron Reardon, and as a  result of allowing John E. Pennington to criminally harass citizens instead of mitigating loss of life in Washington State’s most preventable nature disaster loss to human life, the Oso mudslides.  John E. Pennington is being sued for Racketeering in U.S Federal Court, and more likely than not a new RICO suit will be filed for his, corrupt cop Lori Batiot, Joe Beavers and Crystal Hill Pennington ( nee Berg, convicted of bank fraud 2005) criminal conduct in 2015.

see http://twitdoc.com/view.asp?id=172712&sid=3P9K&ext=PDF&lcl=RICO-files.pdf&usr=Sunshine2015K&doc=252796214&key=key-vCgcyry8MG3PdTevxTaE


“ Hecka of job, double Johnny boys”

Over the last seven years, I’ve had my life threatened by John E. Pennington, and Gold Bar’s former Mayor Crystal Hill ( nee Berg, convicted of bank fraud 2005)  and Joe Beavers. I had my property rights extorted by the trio, but not without the assistance of Washington State Bar Office of Disciplinary Counsel members  Linda Eide, Lin O’Dell, Julie Shankland, and Alison Sato, and our wonderful friends from Snohomish County Prosecutors Office, Mark Roe, Margaret King, and Sean Reay.

The amount of damage the above people have done to Washington State must be repaired, otherwise We see no end in sight.

As a youngster, I campaigned for a lot of politicians, but knowing Dave Somers is a honest politician who holds true to his promises, I was ecstatic to hear that may be, possibly, Snohomish County government may have a chance of conducting itself in a honest and respectful manner.

Bigger question is whether Dave will continue the cover up for the criminals listed herein, or expose them with hell of a lot of Sunshine. Time will tell.

My only hope is that I don’t regret my decision to back Dave Somers as Snohomish County’s only clear chance for Sunshine in 2016, because I know that once he crosses what I consider to be an ethical line, my compassion for him will turn to stone and I will spend another century scrutinizing his conduct as well.


If the voters stop acting like sheep, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in.



  1. I hope your faith in Dave Somers is well placed and he has a backbone sturdy enough to handle the weigh of a corrupt system. My “faith” in individuals who promise reforms has never been vindicated. It seems a “house of cards” can only stand if no one pulls out any card. In this case our “corrupt government” is this “house of cards” and anyone who removes one will risk bringing down the whole thing. The “too big to fail” theory has prevented the “big talkers and promisers” from fulling their promises once in office for fear of being the cause of the ‘collapse of this house of cards’. [the “too big to fail” government system is managed, serviced and protected by the office of risk management/Washington State Bar. At the core it is an “insurance” matter of biblical proportions]

    When I ran as a candidate for the 26th District legislative seat [http://corruptwash.com/bill-scheidler-for-representative-26th-district/] on a “cleaning house” platform, the local papers and my opponents labeled me an “obstructionist” who will be “unable to get along with other legislators.” In truth, these reporters and my opponents who wrote these stories and made these allegations were EXACTLY RIGHT! My focus was to “clean house”, so “getting along” with the “status quo” wasn’t part of my vocabulary. To insist that government be “truthful and honorable” isn’t a “status quo” objective. Until people recognize that getting along doesn’t necessarily lead to the “repair and reform” of a broken system, the “house of cards” will likely add another floor and become an even bigger ‘too big to fail’ corrupt monstrosity.

    I’ll be watching how Dave Somers handles the same “labels” … or, if he will be a “get along” kinda guy once he recognizes the “cost” in reforming government.

    Here is a thought experiment — What if Pennington admitted he killed 43 people? Who would be “liable” for their deaths and what would be the “insurance” costs to “compensate, punish, and then protect” County Government from “future Penningtons? My conclusions from this thought experiment would lead to the following consequences: “limited county government (something government bureaucrats do not want), it would lead to the dissolution of government labor unions (a protection racket for incompetent public servants), and it would lead to “individual responsibility” rather than an entitlement society. Are these the consequences Dave Somers is willing to bring about in “cleaning house”? .

    These “realities” in the “liabilities” governments have are the root cause of our present “house of cards”.– our corrupt government.


    • I hope so too! It would be nice to spend a little more time at our condo on US Virgin Islands. 👍✈️🐠🎣🏊


    • So, here are the issues I have with Somers. First of all, he is the common denominator in terms of the County corruption. He has been there through all of this and didn’t stand up against Reardon? I also know firsthand that he ignores the needs of citizens and the most vulnerable ones at that. He refuses to answer emails and/or phone calls and his legislative aide is worthless. His aide has probably been instructed to ignore citizens as well. The only time Somers was even available to citizens was when he wanted their vote, and that was only his own district. I know of people who wanted to support him but he wouldn’t even respond to his phone and email posted on the County site for Candidate contacts. I truly think the only reason he won was because no one voted. In addition, he recently spoke at a Monroe City Council meeting while complaining about the County finances being dangerously low and told those folks that he was planning to get the County to spend almost a million dollars on improving the weatherability of the fairgrounds? He also stated that they County is going to be funding a gun range for teenagers to learn how to shoot pistols, rifles and shotguns. Really?


      • Maxie-

        I have been investigating Snohomish County corruption for over seven years. I agree with you on many fronts, but disagree with on the issue of Dave Somers not challenging corrupt Aaron Reardon and John Lovick. In fact, if you look back at the Stoning of Tamara Dutton ( which John E. Pennington, a close ally of both Lovick and Reardon, staged to distract the voters from the bigger political fish named Deanna Dawson, who also sleeping with married executive Reardon) you will see that it was Dave Somers who turned Aron Reardon in.

        As for Dave Somers’s battle with corrupt John Lovick, we’ll the Herald covered some of it, but what the Herald failed to tell the readers about was the fact that Mark Erick, John Lovick’s very good RICO friend, should be in jail for other crimes, including but not limited to Racketeering.

        Dave Somers is only one person while on the Council. Dave has promised to cleanse the county of Reardon’s left over trash. For me that includes, the man who caused 43 people to suffocate to death in the Oso mudslides.

        John Lovick should be in jail for assisting Sultan Mayor Crolyn Eslick of covering up the fact that she hit and ran, causing the death of a homeless woman on her bicycle while drunk driving along Route 2


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