Board members blast Washington State Bar, resignations spread like wild flowers


Washington State Bar Association, Inc.

Placing profits over people”


Washington state’s Practice of Law Board (POLB) is virtually defunct because of massive resignations and in fighting feuds with the bar association’s leaders.

No, it cannot be the Washington State Bar’s corrupt elite few Board members trying to control the honest fight for justice Boards and its members?  Shocking!

Attorney Scott Smith writes a letter basically agreeing with the Gold Bar Reporters federal Racketeering complaint; Washington State Bar Board members are threatening members who disagree, all in an effort to dominate the Washington State Bar 


On November 8, 2015, former POLB board members released an 11-page letter (PDF) accusing the executive director of the state bar of pursuing “a campaign to eliminate the Practice of Law Board (POLB) citing disgust over how to bridge the access-to-justice gap in the state.

The 11 page letter to the Supreme Court has validity because we found records from the City of Gold Bar proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that Gold Bar’s former Mayor Crystal Hill Pennington ( nee Berg, bank fraud 2005) was writing motions, briefs, and pleadings for two former Snohomish County Dept. of Emergency Management employees, we reported Ms. Hill Pennington to the Bar, but lead counsel Linda Eide (caught destroying evidence in several proceedings) and Doug Ende allowed Crystal Hill Pennington ( nee Berg, bank fraud) to continue harming the public with her criminal conduct ( practice of law without a license).

If our story on the King County ( which we believe extends to every county in this state is not enough to start removing judges and lawyers from office, I’m not sure what is) animal abuse scam, a racketeering enterprise designed to fleece the taxpayers of Washington State for a small few to line their pockets with the gold of others, isn’t enough to push reforms inside the Washington State Bar, I believe its time to start a new Reformed Washington State Bar.

Something hundreds of us reformist already started ( coming soon).

The letter signed by several members of the POLB, including ex-chairman Scott Smith stated there has been countless clashes between the POLB, and the Bar’s Director over the POLB’s role in regulating the unauthorized practice of law.

“The treatment of the practice of law board over the last three years is a textbook study on how to discourage and disempower a board comprised of volunteers: oppose their mission; cut their budget; withhold meaningful staff support; personally attack and seek to oust the volunteers who disagree with you; conduct secret meetings to discuss the future of the group without informing its volunteer members or inviting them to participate; dismiss or reject out of hand the volunteers’ concerns; and replace the group’s members and leadership team,” the resigning board members wrote. “There is no surer way to demoralize a group of volunteers and undermine their good intentions.”

The POLB was set up as an independent entity under the Washington State Supreme Court, but partly funded by the state bar.  Although it as structured so that POLB would not be unduly influenced by the rest of the bar association,  the POLB letters of resignation stated the Bar’s Director has undermined and even threatened the POLB with elimination on multiple occasions.

Threats that we believe amount to Racketeering, extortion, bribery, and threats against persons property interest.  In December 2014, the United States Supreme Court held in FTC v North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners that if the supervising branch ( in this case the Supreme Court) is not actively supervising its Board members, then they are subject to lawsuits, with no immunity, under Sherman Anti-Trust.  see

Several Racketeering and Anti-Trust law suits have been filed against the Washington State Bar in U.S. Federal Court, only after public records confirm that the Washington State Bar’s Directors, counsel, and Board members are guilty of extortion, threats, and bribery.

The POLB’s resignation letter supports that the Bar is being dominated by Board members who are threatening members who have a difference of opinions. As attorney Smith claims ” to dominate  and control the Boards.”

“The Washington State Bar Association has a long record of opposing efforts that threaten to undermine its monopoly on the delivery of legal services,” the resigning board members wrote. The 13-person POLB is now down to four as a result of resignations.


The Washington State Bar Association said that the letter contained “significant misinterpretations and misunderstandings.” The letter also maintained that the POLB, when reinstated, was instructed to focus on consumer protection and explore new ways for non-lawyers to provide legal and law-related services and to cease its enforcement activities.

“Access to justice and the protection of the public are unwavering commitments shared by the Washington Supreme Court and the Washington State Bar Association,” Robin Haynes, president-elect of the Washington State Bar Association.  Ms. Haynes was just elected in June 2015.

POLB disgusted members also noted that the WSBA Board of Governors voted unanimously to eliminate the POLB in May 2012, a month before the Washington Supreme Court formally adopted the LLLT rule. The supreme court voted to reinstate the POLB in June.

POLB chairman Smith says “The composition of board is critical,” Smith said. “If you can control who is on the board, then you can control the outcome. [Chief Justice Madsen] rejected our opinions on who should serve on the board, and the court was putting off having a conversation with us about our concerns. As a volunteer board, it’s pretty hard to get a whole lot done if we don’t have support.”

“If the board is no longer independent and becomes a rubber stamp for the state bar, then it’ll prevent any meaningful reforms to solving the access-to-justice gap,” Smith said.


Bravo to attorney Scott Smith for having the courage to stand up for Justice.  Your letter  of resignation will prove very helpful in my Racketeering, ADA, and Sherman Anti-Trust suit against the thugs inside the Office of Disciplinary Counsel.





  1. Legal services are “guaranteed” to the “defenseless or the oppressed” as required of all lawyers. A lawyer, to be “allowed” to use “public resources” — court rooms, clerk staff … in their “business for profit” without cost, MUST by their sworn oath as a condition for their RIGHT TO PRACTICE LAW, rescue the defenseless or oppressed. For example, when a “judge – a public servant” engages in conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice … EVERY Freak-in lawyer MUST rescue the “individual and the taxpayers” from the oppressive conduct by this judge who perverts our justice system. Everything that I’ve said is codified by RCW 2.48.180 to 2.48.230. But as you know and others are beginning to learn, when lawyers get to decide their own conduct as they do in Washington via the WSBA, they “IGNORE” their lawfully imposed obligations and conspire with JUDGES (who are lawyers and public servants) to further “oppress” society — hence the RICO lawsuits being filed against the BAR for orchestrating the widespread violations of the laws that apply to lawyers! See these illustrations in how the RICO enterprise — The WSBA — has commandeered our justice system specifically for the “oppression of citizens” for profit.

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    • Bill, I agree with you. It’s time to start over, as I have come to believe that there is no way to reform the corrupt Bar system that is present today. Those of who truly care about ” justice” must do everything legally and peacefully possible to shine as much sunlight on this corrupt organization as possible – before they make criminals out of anyone who speaks out against corruption. The Bar and its elite small minority few should be charged with criminal racketeering and brought to justice for their crimes against humanity. Sooner rather than later, before they defraud the honest hard working American

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      • Yes indeed… what we MUST convey to those “lawyers” who recognize the harm in having the WSBA as our ‘shadow government’ is that we will support them if they come forward. I know of MANY honest and ethical lawyers who agree with us but fear their law license would be taken away if they speak out against the corrupt Bar Association. We MUST, somehow, form an alliance with those honest and ethical lawyers who see this Bar Association for what it is — a “protection racket” that allows corrupt lawyers to use the courts to commit crimes against people. The honest and ethical lawyer must rise up and recognize that their future is at stake … a tarnished profession reaches them all!

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        • Wanted to mention the efforts of Doug Schafer who reported a corrupt judge and in doing so was reprimanded by the Supreme Court… see Also, Bob Grundstein. He also tried to address judicial corruption and he too was brought before the Bar on ‘trumped up charges’ and disbarred for doing his ethical duty. see

          Clearly there are ethical lawyers and as these two prove, some are courageous too. And I place you, Anne Block and John Scannell, in the same category of ethical and courageous. We MUST find others who are ethical and help them be courageous as Schafer, Grundstein, Scannell and Block.


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