Gold Bar council member resigns citing corruption

Another one bites the dust in Gold Bar Washington. Gold Bar council member Lee Hodo resigns, over what he considers massive corruption.

Last month the Gold Bar Reporters reported that Joe Beavers misappropriated over $ 1,000,000.00 hiding Snohomish County political bums emails, mainly involving child molesting and criminal assault of a pregnant woman in Duvall Washington, John E Pennington.

According to Duvall’s former police chief, Attorney Michael Kenyon agreed via email to quash criminal assault charges against John E. Pennington in Exchnage  for judicial favoritism from Judge Michael Downes ( Snohomish County) and Court of Appeals Judges Mary Kay Becker and Marlin Applewick.

Such conduct amounts to criminal Racketeering. John Pennington and Gold Bar’s former Joe Beavers are being sued in US Federal Court for racketeering. Hodo’s resignation comes after the City of Gold Bar’s former Mayors Joe Beavers and Crystal Hill Pennington ( Nee Berg Bank fraud 2005)  were caught stealing over $1,000,000.00 from the City water funds.

Our judiciary needs a hell of a lot of sunshine, and the sooner the better.

To cover up Beavers’s Hill Pennington’s criminal racketeering, Linda Loen is hiding public records with no end in sight.  The State Auditors Office again cited the city for misappriortion of public funds , stating that the City ‘s water rates must be increased by 271% to what we know is to pay back what Hill Pennington, Loen, and Beavers stole to covering up emails amounting to criminal racketeering.

Wait and see… Better question is will the Supreme Court cover up what we already know or will they reform the entire judiciary’s a a result ?
Reform is coming


  1. Thank you for helping to keep our society civilized by reporting these shameful acts of corruption by those that seem to believe they are above the law. In order for our government to function for ALL, we must have TRUST and HONESTY, Integrity, etc.


  2. Christy Diemond says:

    Well then. What is next my friend?

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  3. Thank your for reporting and linking all these “public servants” into one mob of racketeers who betray our trust.


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