Evidently Only a Few Folks Have to Register as Sex Offenders

Republished with http://www.snocoreporter.com permission:

Evidently Only a Few Folks Have to Register as Sex Offenders

I am going to be doing the daily jail again as people have asked for it over and over again but in the meantime I came across this.

It should be noted that there is a David Scott Rochon Sr and a David Scott Rochon Jr and this arrest so far is a PC (probable cause) Let’s just hope Mark Roe’s office doesn’t forget to file this one too…

Snohomish County - dailyBookingRegister 2016-01-27 19-02-16At first I was thinking it was the Snohomish County Sheriff Rochon but his first name is Rodney, not David.

I looked him up on our background checker to try to figure out if this was the Sr or the Jr and found this in the Jr’s profile.

Search - BeenVerified 2016-01-27 19-07-43

Then I decided to go look him up on the Snohomish County Sex Offender Registry site to see if that would give me some idea of which one it was. I tried using the name, the city and I got nothing.

Snohomish County Sheriff's Office OffenderWatch® sex offender management, mapping and email alert program 2016-01-27 19-00-49

Makes you wonder how many other child rapists and sex offenders are running around not having to register because of their “connections” or last names…


  1. MomminIt Up says:

    He walked away without being charged. He. Is guilty of the charges above from two yrs ago but Lake Stevens police had decided it wasnt worth pursuing and the victim didn’t have the means to get a lawyer.


    • Rodney Rochan was caught helping another pedophile and county employee John E Pennington ( terminated from FEMA and Sno Co DEM) hide his rape of five year girl from Cowlitz County. My mother always said ” the ones who protect pedophiles are pedophiles themselves”

      It’s time to shine much needed sunshine on Rodney Rochan using RCW 42.56. However, we do have one video where he is sexually assaulting a coffee barista and part of a larger drug trafficking scheme involving a Sno Co Sheriff’s Officer and now convicted felon.


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