Local Gold Bar resident “threatens” Gold Bar Reporter on Facebook

A Facebook user named Cheryl Peterson Miller posted a message on Facebook early yesterday ( March 30, 2016) afternoon  basically asking if the Gold Bar Reporter was the one who was bankrupting the City.   A minority opinion, since almost everyone on the City’s Facebook page is displeased with local Gold Bar public officials.

Ms. Peterson Miller’s post triggered a response from me stating “ I don’t write the checks nor approve the warrants. I’d prefer to have the records. ”

Ms. Peterson Miller then made threats to harm me and my property ( cars) if I don’t stop, presumably asking for public records. Extortionist threats in my opinion.

Ms. Peterson Miller is a prime example of the hillbilly attitude that has contributed to the City’s financial problems. The hillbilly approach of “ threats’ to harm people.  Perhaps  those may work well when you’re dealing with uneducated people, but I earned a doctorate ( and not some online fraudulent diploma), and most of the people that align myself with are educated because they  research and read before making comments.

I cannot think of a single friend of mine who would make a threat to a person’s life and property. . . “birds of  the same feathers flock together as do pigs and swine…”

If  “we the people” aren’t providing the checks and balances to government by asking questions, requesting records, etc. then there’s no oversight. Without oversight, America is no better than Saudi Arabia, Iran, or China.

Basic political science principles, well written inside our Declaration of Independence “ we the people…” unless you live in Snohomish County.

I moved to Gold Bar because I love kayaking, whitewater rafting, hiking, and mountain biking, and I thought Gold Bar was a place of peace and solitude.  Boy was I dead wrong.

City Hall in Gold Bar should read “If you enjoy having your life threatened, dead rats left on your front door step, having public officials steal city monies with no oversight, Mayors who abuse our kids, racketeering, pedophiles, and arsenic in your water,  then Gold Bar, located in Snohomish County, is the place for You.”

Since I moved to Gold Bar, I’ve had Gold Bar’s Mayors Crystal Hill Pennington ( nee Berg, convicted of bank fraud 2005), Joe Beavers and former Director of Emergency Management John E. Pennington ( who with no surprise is the man responsible for the rape of a five year old girl and caused forty three people to suffocate to death in the Oso mudslides) threaten my life and extort my property.

When I complained to Gold Bar’s Sheriff’s Officer Deputy Casey he said  “its a civil matter”, but when Crystal Hill and Joe Beavers complained about my journalist approach to reporting the news, Deputy Casey, Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe and a pedophile ( and thankfully terminated) former Snohomish County employee John E. Pennington misused county resources attempting to have me charged with “cyber-stalking.”

Opps, then along came the First Amendment, and two Judges dismissed their latest conspiracy to have me charged with a crime citing “prior restraint on free speech.”

Now, I can understand a non-lawyer not understanding that First Amendment protected activity can never be a crime ( since we don’t live in China or Saudi Arabia) with out threats, but Mark Roe, a lawyer, knew better, hence why he is going to be Recalled, and of equal value, one reason he is being sued in U.S. Federal District Court for racketeering and gross 1983 violations.

I believe Ms. Cheryl Peterson Miller’s threats to me and my property are real.  She even bragged that Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office would do nothing since it was me she threatened.

Soon after posting her threats, Ms. Peterson Miller “deleted” her posts on Facebook.  However, what she may not know is a subpoena can be obtained and  Facebook will have to turn over those posts.

I may chose to pursue criminal complaints against Ms. Peterson Miller using Washington State Court Rules.  I post this entry because I believe Ms. Peterson Miller’s most recent threats to harm me and my property were actions taken on behalf of the racketeering Enterprise, and I may add her to my racketeering suit.

Welcome to Snohomish County Washington, where the criminals are running the local government, and our voters are inept followers of those same criminals.

You may not like my articles, but my constitutional rights are not for sale nor subject to your censorship.  America is great because of the First Amendment.






  1. Yes, these people have chosen the wrong people to abuse.

    We are a civilized nation because we ALL follow the rule of law and our CONSTITUTION. Those that don’t need to be exposed and justice brought to them and I might add, SHAME on THEM!


  2. Regarding something being terribly wrong in Snohomish County, one need only check into the 1976 Allison Nakashima murder case. Allison Nakashima, my 15 year old sister, disappeared in Seattle in 1976, just prior to giving testimony in Seattle regarding a 30 something year old man that had raped her. My sister had disappeared just days before her court appearance was due in Seattle and her body was found a month later in a wooded spot in Edmonds, Wa., with a noted “marker” by her body. It appears that my sister was not raped…..most evidence gone from EPD including a vial with her finger and something attached to it) The family was told 40!!!! years ago that this case had been solved and the murderer sent to California. I just happened to move to Edmonds from Seattle 6 years ago, and found out that this case had never been solved……our family name “Udhus” was not even in the case paper-work……and she was noted a “runaway”, also a racist term regarding her race and another derogatory term on her to make nobody look at this, in my interpretation.
    I have done many, many FOIA requests and many times intimidating things have happened to me at my home right after the requests from the Edmonds Police Department and Edmonds City Hall……neighbors telling me cars parked out front for hours with men sitting in them, drone at my studio within 10 feet…..guy from city inspecting alley saying he was given orders from “city” to do it day after my request, lights cut in front of my home…..etc. etc. Also, including people that I have never heard of ot known trashing my name onlinr and making up stories, and one person (government offiicial I believe) even telling people here that Allison wasn’t really my sister………She was my “half” sister, and I never thought of her as anything but my “sister”……….Her father, Hiro Nakashima, was may stepdad and I lived with my mother and him and my sister, Allison…….I guess it is ok that your sister is murdered if she is only a “half sister”……Yes, something is terribly wrong. Still looking for JUSTICE and those involved with this conspiracy to be found accountable and the actual people that murdered her and brought her body to Edmonds……….Seems like everybody (law enforcement, government, etc.), in my mind and research, KNOWS about this case but me…….A person that looked me up from Germany at the beginning of my research just disappeared (at least his name gone) that I had never heard of, went away (totally off the face of the earth….name and business anyway) after I turned in a large amount of research with NAMES to the Snohomish County Prosecutors office…..certain things happened with some of the names…….Nobody had seen this list before I sent it to the Prosecutors office……..1976 just happened to be the Bicentennial and lots happening in Washington state with global trade and trade with Asia. A lot of people involved with that…….interestingly enough, the same type of trade negotiations appear to be happening in Wash. state again, now…….


    • Keep writing, it’s our best defense to tyranny and corruption! RCW 42.56 ( public records act) is our best defense to expose the cockroaches where they hide, inside our govt offices.


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