Did Sky Valley Chronicle’s agent Ron Fejfar send electronic threats to harm Gold Bar Reporter? 

Ron Fejar agent of Sky Valley Chronicle sends the below electronic threats after public records reveal he is posting internally false articles with actual malice. Fejfar has never denied a single allegation. However, if he cares to comment further with his name attached, we’d be happy to post his comments.

Public records from Snohomish County Washington document that terminated former Director of Emergency ( fired after he caused 43 people in Oso mudslides to suffocate to death) is a posting articles on Ron Fejfar’s site.

Last week, Fejfar made several telephone calls to the Gold Bar Reporter’s relatives in New England falsely stating that the Gold Bar Reporter was being sued for defamation and he  needed to know where the Gold Bar Reporter was to serve her.

In July 2014, we learned that  former Snohomish County political appointee John Pennington had been in direct contact with attorney Lin O’Dell’s convicted killer boyfriend Mark Plivilech, which we suspect to cause harm.  Further records from Snohomish County emails document that John Pennington also used Steve McLaughlin to stalk the Gold Bar Reporter at her home ( July 2014 emails from Snohomish County).

Steve McLaughlin is running for Washington State Public Lands Commissioner.

John Pennington and Fejfar are being sued for Racketeering in US Federal Court, with a new deceptive trade and slander/defamation complaint coming this week.

Depositions against Fejfar and John Pennington expected to start in January 2017.

In Ron Fejfar’s own words ( below) immediately after he was notified that a deceptive trade complaint will be filed against him and his wife  ( community property noting Fejfar admits that he and his wife stating “we”):

Email threat sent from the Sky Valley Chronicle reads as follows:


We do not know for a fact what person or persons is behind this email threat or other similar threats like it this company has received in recent months and years.

But let us be clear about one thing to whoever is behind this.

Should any further warrantless, harassing and retaliatory in nature legal actions of any kind be forthcoming against this newspaper and/or our corporation and/or individuals associated with this enterprise, or other actions of any kind which would lead to further harm to our business or individuals associated with it in any way, our intent is and has been for some time to launch a blistering and unrelenting counter suit against a Snohomish County individual and a minimum of six of this individual’s well known supporters/associates/sycophants who have been involved with this individual over an extended period of time in efforts clearly designed to damage our business.

$600,000 in damages will be sought from each defendant for a variety of documented, planned, coordinated long term attacks that have violated the civil rights of, and severely damaged in numerous ways individuals associated with the business and the business enterprise itself as a result of ongoing, organized business and individual harassment as well as business interference and contractual interference, to name just a few offenses that have damaged this company and individuals associated with it.

Illegal actions that have resulted in a loss of business and personal income, damage to stature and reputation in the community, future earnings and other damages.

It is also our intent to extend an offer to other individuals in the greater community, and there appear to be many, who feel they too have been harmed in numerous ways by this same ongoing, coordinated group conspiracy of harassment, intimidation, business interference and character assassination to join us in our quest for justice.

Suggest you advise associates of what may be forthcoming in their lives. Would be unfair to these individuals to first learn of this from a process server while mowing their lawn on a weekend or while at work on a Friday afternoon.

No need to respond to this for no further response on this matter will be forthcoming.
Have a nice day.

Ron Fejar owner/agent of Sky valley Chronicle sent this after he was notified that he’s being sued for Deceptive Trade violations.  The electronic threat above was sent using a fake Gmail account titled  ” xfRQ@mail.gmail.com”  from Oregon and here the computer’s IP identifier:


The above email threat came from this IP address in Oregon:

Decimal: 1618123278
ASN: 7922
ISP: Comcast Cable
Organization: Comcast Cable
Services: None detected
Type: Broadband
Assignment: Static IP
Continent: North America
Country: United States us flag
State/Region: Oregon
City: Hillsboro
Latitude: 45.5848  (45° 35′ 5.28″ N)
Longitude: -122.9117  (122° 54′ 42.12″ W)
Postal Code: 97124

With its server located in New Jersey
Current IP Range: –

IP Range Location: USA
IP Owner: Comcast Ip Services, L.l.c Comcast Ip Services, L.l.c
Owner Full IP Range:
Owner Address: 1800 Bishops Gate Blvd, Mount Laurel, NJ, 08054, US
As for the Sky Valley Chronicle’s threats to sue us, we welcome that chance, as he will soon have an opportunity to pursue his threats above.  Promise.

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