Spokane County Superior Court Judge Annette Plese, corruption exposed



Annette Plese, Spokane County Superior Court Judge ( elected)

Reporters are sometimes tainted by those we interview. This is not the case here, but as a legal activist who believed ( at one time) in our judicial system, it’s hard not to like those we interview or research, just as the reporters/ producers of   “Making a murderer” ( for those of you who haven’t seen it, go to www.Netflix.com ) have become emotionally involved. For those with any sense of justice, how can they not.

Before posting a series of articles involving these individuals, I’d like my readers to know that I tired contacting each for comment before publishing. As of today, there has no been no response other than Karie Fleck’s threats to sue me for defamation. A suit I welcome so we can discuss why she is abusing Jill Fleck’s two children.


Jill Fleck, from abused mother to activist

Just over one year ago, an abused but quite sane mother, Jill Fleck, from Spokane Washington contacted the Gold Bar Reporter with a horrific story of corruption involving Judge Annette Plese, Commissioner Rachelle Anderson, and attorney Susan Embree from Spokane.

Ms. Fleck even alleged that Judge Plese in open court called her a whore. Why? according to public records, Charles (Chuck)  Fleck refused to provide insurance for his infant child, so Jill Fleck was forced to apply for Transitional Assistance ( TANF)  also know as aid to families’ with dependent children.  Medicaid insurance is a component of TANF benefits.

When women meet abusive men

Sadly during the late 1990s, Jill Fleck met a thug, Charles ( Chuck) Fleck.  From the onset, Jill’s life as a young mother ( divorcee’) was tainted by hanging with the wrong people.

Chuck Fleck, a drug pusher and a thief who lived on proceeds from his crimes. Jill, a young naïve female, looking for love in all the wrong faces.  Let’s just say for the record, up until recently, Jill’s choice in men amounted to one bad decision after another, with the exception of her first husband.

But picking the wrong men in your life is part of life experiences. Seems to be the 3rd is the charm for most normal people.  We’ve all done it.  However, picking the wrong men ( or female for my male readers), should not be a reason for awarding custody to a criminal and child and spouse abusers.

But that’s exactly what Judge Plese and Commissioner Rachelle Anderson did in Fleck v. Fleck, Spokane County.

According to Jill Fleck,  her lawyer at the time said  “ for $60,000.00 I can make Judge Plese like you too.”  Bribery and extortion are just a few thoughts that come to my mind, but most importantly, racketeering and fraud upon the courts.  I feel very strongly that no person should have to pay off a judge to have the right to raise their children.

At first glance Jill Fleck seemed to be the exception in Spokane County, but after talking with Jill, I soon learned that Judge Plese and attorney Embree have quite the little racket going inside Spokane County Superior Court that is not limited to Jill’s case.

More stories likely to follow.

Jill Fleck, a person I admire for her American spirit to fight for justice

It was a cold spring day when Jill and another Snohomish County reporter and I met . We met at my favorite Pho’ restaurant in Bothel, Washington. I offered to purchase Jill a meal, she declined.

Growing up with a politically vocal mother and father, it’s hard to remember a single dinner when my parents didn’t discuss politics. For me, it’s a way of getting someone  relaxed enough to start an otherwise awkward conversation.

For Jill Fleck it was clear from the pile of files she had in hand, she was ready to start talking about the legal abuse she’s suffered for refusing to pay off Judge Annette Plese in Spokane County, Washington.

Jill suffers from legal abuse. When she speaks about what Judge Plese, Commissioner Anderson and attorney Susan Embree did to her kids ( awarding them to a convicted felon, ex-boyfriend and his convicted drunk driver girlfriend) she shakes like the limbs of a tree during a hurricane. But this doesn’t make her an unfit parent, just a victim of abuse.

Definition of Legal Abuse

Legal abuse refers to abuses associated with both civil and criminal legal action. Abuse can originate from nearly any part of the legal system, including corrupt law enforcement, incompetent attorneys and judges.

Legal abuse is responsible not only for in justice, but also the harm to physical, psychological, and societal health.  Huffer, Karin (1995). Overcoming the Devastation of Legal Abuse Syndrome. Karin Huffer. ISBN 978-0-9641786-0-1.

Legal abuse undermines citizens faith and respect for our judiciary and those who misuse it for their corrupt purposes are America’s greatest threats to our justice system today.

For this reason, I write about Judge Annette Please, Commissioner Anderson and attorney Susan Embree’s corrupt acts of stealing Jill Fleck’s two minor children and handing them over to a convicted felon, Chuck Fleck, and his live in girlfriend, Karie Fleck ( who will be subject of another article shortly involving a convicted murderer set free accidently by the state of Washington who killed again and Karie’s daughter aided him in his plight to evade capture).

Some ask me why this case. Its simple: corruption harms all of us and if not corrected as Cory Booker so nicely stated will result in America’s demise.

“ If you look at great human civilizations, from the Roman Empire to the Soviet Union, you will see that most do not fail simply due to external threats but because of internal weakness, corruption, or a failure to manifest the values and ideals they espouse.” Cory Booker

In 2004, Chuck Fleck had a great idea, Jill Fleck takes custody of her minor daughter, while Chuck takes custody of his son. Chuck’s only concern was not paying child support.

But Jill declined, because she wasn’t willing to sacrifice her son.  Both parents are poor by today’s standards ( household under $100,000.00).  So Chuck decided the best way not to pay child support – and retaliate against Jill for leaving his abusive self – was to pay to play.

Chuck started a car chop shopping business from his garage in Spokane, and Jill started shop lifting to pay her divorce attorney.  Jill was the first person caught, and she did the right thing, she plead guilty to a crime she was guilty of. A misdemeanor offense.  But for Chuck it took the work of Jill Fleck’s friends and family.

A family member starting following Chuck with a video camera from Spokane to Great Falls Montana and back.  They also noticed he was towing vehicles behind his truck. Vehicles that he had no legal title to. They brought this to the attention of Spokane County Sheriff’s Office and the Spokane FBI who refused to investigate Chuck Fleck’s felonious grand theft auto scheme.

One smart relative drove to Great Falls Montana and managed to lean the ear  of an honorable FBI agent in Great Falls Montana. It was like hitting a jackpot for Jill, or like winning Bingo!

Fleck DOJ

The FBI in Montana had no skin in the corrupt game of Chuck Fleck’s paying off the judge using his chop shopping cars scheme. In 2005, the FBI in Montana successfully prosecuted Chuck Fleck.  Chuck plead guilty to felony charges, but not before perjuring himself claiming that he was indigent.

Once the Great Falls Montana Federal District Court Judge learned that Chuck Fleck had lied on his financial disclosure forms, he ordered him to pay back what he frauded the United States taxpayers of.

The Judge also restricted Chuck Fleck to only  “ intrastate travel” meaning he is never allowed to travel abroad not even into Canada.

Click on link below.





It’s good to know that not all federal court judges are unethical 

Our hats go off to US Federal District Court Judge Great Falls Montana for not playing politics over making sure our society is safe from criminals like Chuck Fleck.

While Chuck Fleck is being prosecuted for felony grand theft auto, Chuck and Jill Fleck were in a heated and lengthy custody battle in Spokane County Superior Court.

My partner who was stabbed by his exwife ( who was arrested and plead guilty to spousal abuse losing custody of her daughter in Michigan as a result), I know first hand how spousal abuse and felonious conduct can sway a custody battle.

Apparently not in Judge Annette Plese’s courtroom, because she granted full custody to Chuck over Jill, and refused to allow Jill to enter Chuck Fleck’s felonious criminal conviction and consistent spousal and child abuse records into her divorce record.

Court readers should know that Judge Plese had no problem allowing Chuck and his convicted drunk driving ( twice) attorney Susan Embree to enter Jill Fleck’s shoplifting charge into their divorce record.

According to Judge Plese, Jill Fleck’s shoplifting charge made her unfit to raise her children, ignoring Chuck Fleck’s felony conviction and his inability to keep his hands to himself. Judge Plese’s allegiance to the all mighty dollar prevailed; she awarded custody of Jill Fleck’s children to Chuck Fleck and Karie Fleck ( who with no surprise also has a criminal conviction, an issue discussed in an another article).

My mother always said   “ if it smells like coffee, it’s probably coffee.”  Good advice that has lead me away from the corrupt Washington State Bar and into expose’ journalism.

I’d like our readers to know that Judge Plese and Commissioner Anderson are not without a heart, they did order supervised visitation to Jill, twice a month, ordering her to pay $70.00 per visit twice of a month for two hours each visit.  Jill’s total monthly income is less than $500.00.

Meanwhile, Chuck and Karie’s income quadrupled because Jill managed to obtain SSA disability benefits, which Chuck Fleck stole $3800.00.00 of benefits meant for Jill during a time period she had custody of the kids.

Chuck Fleck’s inability to keep his hands to himself included abusing his son. Child Protective Services records document that Chuck Fleck picked up his son by his neck dangling him in midair like a piece of meat at a butcher shop.

Further, Court records document Chuck Fleck’s violent fits as he loves to punch holes in doors and the walls of his home.

How does someone with a consistent history of physical abuse obtain custody of children?

These records and many more to come, records Judge Plese refused to allow Jill Fleck to enter as evidence that Chuck Fleck is unfit to babysit or care for a dog let alone a child.

Child Protective records we will post as soon we redact the names of the minor children ( within 24 hours).

I agree with Hillary Clinton “ it takes a village to raise children”

Chuck Fleck travels out of state allegedly for legitimate business reasons ( usually around the US borders, an issue discussed in another article).  This means the only adult inside the house is Karie Fleck, a person who continuously interferes with Jill’s parental rights and has for years, stalks her on a frequent basis and then files false police reports, and who also recently was caught via Spokane County public records disseminating via email and facsimile, Jill’s health records from Dr. Jay Enzler’s Office  ( dentist in Spokane) to Spokane County schools.

Why, to embarrass and harass Jill into not reviewing schools records that document that her children are being abused and Spokane County schools know it. Karie Fleck missued Dr. Enzler’s fax machines and email server to disseminate her crimes to Spokane County schools in an effort to discredit her.

One must wonder why Jill does not pursue a invasion of privacy claim against Dr. Enzler for allowing his employee to disseminate her health records . If this were me, I’d sue Dr. Enzler for gross violations of my rights, but that choice is Jill’s to make.  Karie Fleck is lucky its Jill and not me, because the lawsuits would be flying.

Walking in the shoes of those abused is called empathy for human life

Imagine your children are kidnapped held for $60,000.00 ransom because a close family member of yours is a sports star with a lot of money.  Welcome to Spokane County.  For the IRS, this may be a story of interest; for the DOJ, where the hell are you?

Our work is not done , as we must abolish the Washington State Bar Association, because if the Bar’s free market participants’ were not violating Sherman Anti-Trust and RICO laws, this type of criminal conduct wouldn’t be happening.

With no oversight, there’s no accountability. Welcome to Washington State where criminals, like attorney Geoffrey Gibbs ( convicted of fraud) are running the Washington State Bar’s criminal Enterprise.  See below.

Although Geoffrey Gibbs is not alone in his racketeering scheme, he is a prime example of just how far corruption has gone in Washington State’s Bar Association. Corruption that involves Judges, police officers, Washington State Bar members Linda Eide and Doug Ende, and Prosecutors all over Washington State.

The Honorable Justice Kozinski should send school buses when the feds finally raid the Washington State Bar Association just as they did in Arizona.

A series of stories to follow.



Everett attorney and WA State Bar Board member Geoffrey Gibbs caught red handed via public records filing false statements with Judicial Ethics Commission, and violating Sherman Anti-Trust to assist Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office in going after any lawyer who exposes corruption involving attorney Geoffrey Gibbs, the criminals inside the WA State Bar ( Linda Eide, Lin O’Dell, and Doug Ende), and Snohomish County criminal Racketeering outfit (an RICO Enterprise operating from Snohomish County Judicial and Prosecutor’s Office).

In 2009, attorney Geoffrey Gibbs misused his political offices to assist Crystal Hill Pennington, John E. Pennington, Aaron Reardon, and Joe Beavers to cover up the Karl Marjerle sabotaging the City of Gold Bar’s water system.  Racketeering captured in public records.

Attorney Geoffrey Gibbs has been sued for Racketeering five times in the last two years for his criminal conduct.  An email from Everett Prosecutor Michael Fischer from G. Geoffrey Gibbs has  Gibbs sending an email to a Prosecutor demanding that he file criminal assault charges against Carolyn Ryggs so that she will have to expend a very large retainer to hire counsel. Because Gibbs was in a land dispute with the Ryggs after public records confirmed that was using Judge Michael Downes to steal Carolyn Ryggs’s land.

Geoffrey Gibbs’s fraud in the 1990s as illustrated by the Washington Public Disclosure Commission is well documented below.

Now, Geoffrey Gibbs criminal Enterprise and public records confirm that Gibbs and Prosecutor Seth Fine are the main reason why Snohomish County yields over 40 % of disciplined lawyer inside the WA State Bar, while the highest populated county, King County ( Seattle) , only yields 12 %. According to our counsel, clear Sherman Anti-Trust violations; a federal felony.

We’re also working on a story linking the Klan to the ” Ok Boys Home” a story worth waiting for.

Just another stellar example of why the Washington State Bar will be abolished.



Republished with permission from www.snocoreporter.com

My step-grandpa in his later years was getting a little less coherent, when I was younger he was a very prejudiced man, he only loved one black man and that was Robert, but once a black family moved into the neighborhood he sold his house and built a new one in Valparaiso, in Sherwood Forest no less. Although I never once heard him use a derogatory term, the message was clear.

He owned the Hy-Speed car wash in Gary Indiana close to the Jackson home, yes as in the Jackson 5, Janet, and the creepy parents. I would go over and play with them and it drove my Grampa Joe nuts, he’d make me take a shower before I got in the car and I was never allowed to eat anything there or go inside their house.

One day when I was back home visiting I walked into the den and Grandpa was sitting there with the biggest smile on his face. He was watching Michael Jackson. I said Grandpa whatcha watching, he looked at me and said. This is a great country, do you know how I know that? I said no Grandpa I don’t. He points to the TV and said there is that little boy you used to play with. I said I know Grandpa but what does that have to do with anything? He said only in America can a poor little black boy grow up to be a rich white woman and then he smiled. As much as I didn’t like the message he had a point.

It’s like that with G. Geoffrey Gibbs, only in Washington can a convicted lobbyist, grow up to be on the Board of Governor’s and treasurer of the Washington State Bar Association, then become a Snohomish County Commissioner and get some of the most lucrative contracts in the county

Waste management would be foaming at the mouth if they truly understood the amount of trash just rolling around our county

George “G.” Geoffrey Gibbs. a lobbyist took many a politician, lawyer and judge on trips to Sunriver resorts, fishing trips in BC and on bus rides down to Jubitz Truck Stop/Ponderosa Lounge where having a hooker or a “lot lizard would simply be redundant. A reporter said as much but I checked with a former trucker and he immediately got embarrassed, turned red and told me to never go there. I’m going to take that to mean the reporter was telling the truth.

Looking at Pennington’s divorce records it shows that his then wife also complained to the courts that she has gotten a sexually transmitted disease from him 3 times during their marriage, I guess we know why now.

Remember, Pennington and Appelwick were “Dear Friends” since the 90’s

So… behold the power of the newspaper archives:

We found numerous stories about Mr Gibbs, Judge Appelwick, Joe King and few other power players in this state. Stories that have basically been “washed” from the internet which is a common ploy used by many politicians and lawyers to hide the truth.

Seems our school super Randy Dorn was one of his recipients (which might explain why so many disgraced senators, and state legislators end up in the Education system: some midterm

Other power players include but are not limited to:

Senator Al Bauer who oddly enough is out and about filing ethics complaints I guess he would know…

Representative Joe King who left Olympia to start his own lobbying company or political strategy company.

Although Appeals Court Judges seems to have gotten the most benefit from this relationship, even today…

Not only does Gibbs have an Appelwick in his pocket he has learned well and placed people from his current law firm on:

The Public Disclosure Commission,

The Commission on Judicial Conduct,

The Washington State Bar Association,

Anyway here are some of the newspaper clippings we have gotten so far. I have literally 1000’s more documents thanks to the hard work of someone who spent the day gathering the records… There are more records but I am still trying to put them in albums so that they can follow some type of pattern and are better understood.

On that note, sorry I have been AWOL but please remember I am working on quite a few huge stories, and I write this paper mostly by myself but trust me when I say: It will be worth the wait.


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