Washington State Bar Association, to be abolished over felonious conduct

Late last summer, the Gold Bar Reporter was first to break a story about the Washington State Bar Association’s dropping the word ” association.”

Our source, an insider close to Supreme Court Justice Barbara Madsen stated ” the WSBA is trying to come up with a plan to push liability off on Washington State taxpayers, because it’s clear that the Bar is going to lose Scannell v WSBA et al. and Block v WSBA et al. over felonious racketeering and anti-trust violations. ”

We just learned that Washington State Bar  Association has officially voted to drop the word association, in an effort to push liability of 50 Million plus onto Washington State taxpayers, instead of pushing liability to its’ members the above two cases.

In Block’s cases, public records from Snohomish County and the United States Post Office documented that John Pennington ( man who killed 43 people in the Oso mudslides, only suspect in the rape of 5 year old girl from Cowlitz County Washington, and is now working for Pierce College), set up a post office box in Duvall Washington to pass  financial bribes to attorney Lin O’Dell and her convicted killer boyfriend  Mark Plivilech, while at the same time, John Pennington is the  man, according to the lead detective on a Cowlitz  County case from 1992, the man who is responsible for the rape of a 5 year old girl.   Instead of suing Block, John Pennington enlisted his friend Linda Eide, Washington State Bar’s lead counsel, and Washington State Bar Board member Geoffrey Gibbs, to go after Block, a journalist who held a WSBA Bar license, for reporting on John Pennington criminal conduct.

In John Scannell ‘s case, Washington State Bar counsel members Scott Bugsby and Linda Eide tried to gain access into John Scannell’s attorney client files in an effort to go after a Board member’s political foe and Scannell’s client Paul King.

A source said ” The Bar knows that once you two win, you’re coming after them personall to collect damages, starting with members of the WSBA Office of Disciplinary Counsel.”

Washington State Bar’s letter to its members


IMPORTANT – if you want the WSBA to continue as your professional association, you should attend one or more of three upcoming meetings at the Seattle WSBA offices, discussed more completely below:

  • Public meeting of the WSBA Bylaws Workgroup on August 8
  • Special Meeting of the BOG on Aug 23
  • Regular Meeting of the BOG on Sept 29/30.

I attended the WSBA BOG meeting Friday in Walla Walla, having recently realized (through my work on theSections Policy Workgroup) that the BOG is now starting to implement a comprehensive series of sweeping changes to (i) the WSBA Bylaws, (ii) Court Rule 12.1 and to (iii) the Bar Act.

These changes are being implemented incrementally for tactical reasons, but are designed and intended ultimately to:

  • Substantially reduce the ability of Members to influence WSBA governance – in violation of the Bar Act,
  • Eliminate the WSBA’s role as its “Members” professional association,
  • Wholly and unambiguously convert the WSBA into a public entity/government agency with the singular and exclusive mission of serving the public, and
  • Enhance and expand the scope of the Washington State Supreme Court’s influence and control over all aspects of the WSBA (including setting Member dues), not just matters relating to licensing, regulation, attorney discipline and other such areas.

These changes are part of a longer term and little known Strategic Plan that is the product of these and other key WSBA leaders:

  • Executive Director Paula Littlewood,
  • Immediate Past President Anthony Gipe,
  • President William Hyslop,
  • WSBA General Counsel Jean McElroy

The full scope of the changes and the underlying justifications for them are detailed in:

For your convenience, here’s a link to the Public Materials for the Walla Walla meeting (all 656 pages):

I then identified four of the proposed Bylaw Amendments most concerning to me:

  • First, I strongly objected to changing the name of the WSBA after 128 years to drop the word “Association,” emphasizing that this change is explicitly intended clarifythat the WSBA is not actually a professional association of attorneys. I said I thought most WSBA Members would find this highly objectionable and would be quite surprised to learn that they weren’t really part of a professional association for lawyers.
  • Second, I objected to putting the Washington Supreme Court in charge of determining members’ dues and said I thought others would too.
  • Third, I described the creation of three more appointed Board seats as undemocratic and bad from a governance perspective because appointed seats are subject to abuse by vesting too much power in the hands of too few. [Note: these changes to the BOG composition would also directly violate RCW 2.48.030of the Bar Act regarding the “Board of Governors.” The BOG is arguably illegally constituted currently based on that RCW.]
  • Fourth, I objected to giving limited license practitioners a greatly out-sized percentage of the Board seats relative to their de minimis numbers – i.e., 2 Board seats from a total of fewer than 20 limited license practitioners. [In my view, these folks should have to run within their Districts just like other Bar Members. At best they should be entitled to only a single designated seat.]

A reporter who was present at the Washington State Bar’s meeting said ” I added that I had read through the Governance Task Force Report twice in recent days and that I wasn’t too enamored with it, and that I had found much of its key analysis conclusionary and unpersuasive.”

He further stated “My comments stirred up quite a few folks, including current and former BOG members, several of whom said essentially that these issues had already been debated and discussed for a long time and that it was time to move forward with all of the recommendations in the Governance Report, including the first group of Bylaw Amendments under consideration.  These Governance Report recommendations have strong momentum. One gentleman even said he didn’t necessarily agree with the decisions made but that a lot of time and effort had going into them and it was time to start passing them because folks had done a lot of work and he wanted to see the results. So much for not being pushed into bad decisions by undue focus on sunk costs. ”


Mr. Gipe is currently running for King County Superior Court Position #52 – a position that could be the first step on a path to the Washington State Supreme Court, where he could ultimately exercise the control over the WSBA that he currently seeks to vest in that body. I personally feel it is very important to prevent this and thus to keep Mr. Gipe out of the judiciary. That is why I have gone to great lengths to support his opponent in the race. If you share my concerns…. Proposed Policies Eliminating or Restricting Religious (Cultural) Practices During the morning discussion of the WSBA’s proposed restrictions on religious practices, members of the Indian Law Section EC and many others from varied backgrounds advocated strongly that the Indian Law Section should be allowed to continue whatever religious and cultural practices they thought were appropriate, both for reasons of ensuring those who practice

Washington State Bar Association internal memo 

Bylaws Workgroup Report 071416 of GC Jean McElroy_Page_1.jpg




DRAFT Chapter VII Work Group Proposed Revisions_Page_2.jpgDRAFT Chapter VII Work Group Proposed Revisions_Page_1.jpg






A new lawsuit


The high tech lynching of Brian J. Womack, happy holidays

Just before the jury deliberated, U.S. Federal Court Judge Ricardo Martinez told the jury in James Womack’s case ,” Monday 2/21/11 is a holiday and some of you came along way. If you can reach a verdict today you won’t have to make that long drive back on Tuesday.”

United States vs. Maleek James aka Brian James Womack


U.S. Federal District Court Judge Ricardo Martinez

Update:  No sooner did I post this true story about what I believe to be the malicious prosecution of James Womack, Judge Ricardo Martinez and Pierce County Washington and Washington State Attorney General’s Office were on the Gold Bar Reporter at the same time looking at the same article.  Conspiracy coming?  Wait and see… where is the Honorable Justice Alex Kozinskis’ of the World?




Brian Womack was wrongfully charged and maliciously prosecuted by over zealous U.S. attorneys for trafficking drugs, because he refused to plead guilty to crimes he was not guilty of.

With no surprise to those of us investigating corruption inside our courts here in Washington State, with no surprise Judge Ricardo Martinez allowed the U.S. attorney to misstate facts to the jury, wrongfully labeling Brian Womack “the king pin” and prosecutors were allowed to liken Brian to  the Mafia King Pin Sammy “The Bull Gravano.”

Here’s a message Judge Martinez, ” I studied Sammy the Bull Gravano, and Brian Womack is no Sammy the Bull.”

Brian Womack is more like Steven Avery . . .  so our new movie will be ” Making Sammy The Bull Gravano, Seattle Washington Federal District Court style.’

Washington is lovely place to raise kids.

In Brian’s own words:

My new name is 404-96-086. I’ve been sentenced to nine years in prison at The Sheridan Camp in Sheridan, Oregon. According to the prosecutor, I was facing twenty years -for a crime I did not commit and was not criminally involved with. I turned myself in eights months after the drugs were ceased on 8/19/10. Wrongfully convicted by jail snitches with much to gain to by helping the prosecution find drug dealers.


Brian is one of many African Americans wrongfully charged and convicted because of the  color of his skin.

Brian James Womack denies having anything to do with the trafficking drugs.

Brian passed two polygraph tests taken by Richard Pegrerin at Evergreen Polygraph, Inc.

Unfortunately for Brian, U.S. Federal District Court Judge Ricardo Martinez, was the 13th Juror.  The other 12 jurors were white.  

The only evidence in this case came from two jailhouse ” snitches” who managed to get special treatment for their testimony; the government’s case had no evidence other than two drug dealers with a lot to lose. 


On February 18, 2012, just before noon, Judge” Martinez unethically stated to the jury , “Monday 2/21/11 is a holiday and some of you came along way. If you can reach a verdict today you won’t have to make that long drive back on Tuesday.”  

Basically Judge Martinez told the jury to hurry up with their decision so he and the jury could get home for the Pagan Holiday season, otherwise known by Christians as Christmas. 

Hurry up jury, the holiday needs you!  Pumpkin pie, shopping, and celebrating ( more like disrespecting our founding fathers’ memories) was much more important than a black man’s freedom, I suppose.

Thanks to my dear friend, George Bush Jr., we’re in the red this holiday season ( 2011), so hurry up and convict this black man who doesn’t know his place and DEMANDED his right to a jury trial.

How dare James Womack not know his place in this so called land of the free!

Does this sound familiar?  Well it should, because the United States Supreme Court’s decision ruled in 1880 in Strauder v. West Virginia that laws excluding blacks from jury service violated the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment.

Perhaps it’s possible Judge Martinez failed constitutional law?

The Malicious Prosecution of the  “Scottsboro Boys” and “James Womack”

In the 1931 case of the Scottsboro Boys, nine black youths were accused of raping two white women, one of whom later recanted her testimony. Eight of the defendants were sentenced to death (although none would be executed). Defense attorney Samuel Leibowitz argued before the Alabama Supreme Court that blacks had been kept off the jury rolls, and that names of blacks had been added to the rolls after the trial to conceal this fact.[6] The appeals in the case ultimately led to two landmark Supreme Court decisions. In Powell v. Alabama (1935), the Court ruled that criminal defendants are entitled to effective counsel, and in Norris v. Alabama (1935), that blacks may not be excluded systematically from jury service.[7] 

Source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scottsboro_Boys

But those silly U.S. Supreme Court decisions, and the rights of the accused, don’t apply here in Washington State.

After receiving the jury charge from Judge Martinez about getting home quickly, it took just two hours for a jury to come back with a guilty verdict on all four counts. But that’s not the malicious part.

In Brian and his family’s own words 

I want my Trial Transcript released today. My Trial ended on 2/18/11 and the Judge sealed my transcript he has refused to allow me to have a copy of my own Indictment and trial transcript. The government sealed the Trial Transcript one month after trial (2/18/11) we paid for our sons Trial Transcript one week after trial. Ms. Lisa Borichewsk, Assistant United State Attorney prosecutor, Ice Agent Jacob D. Black, Judge Ricardo S. Martinez his “Judicial Power” sealed public records.  

These overzealous government officers not only misused their power granted to them by the state, but strategically and deliberately used images during jury voir dire of the notorious mob boss John Gotti and murderous mob enforcer Sammy “The Bull” Gravano. 

Judge Martinez allowed the prosecutors to charade pictures of Sammy ” The Bull” Gavano who had nothing to do with James Womack, Brian’s family claims.


 “This prosecutor threatened the fairness of James Womack’s trial”, said Judge Ronald Gould 9th Circuit Federal Court opinion.  America needs more honorable judges like Alex Kozinski and Ronald Gould. Sadly, America has entered a dark and gloomy time period in its history that would leave Adolf Hitler proud if he were still here.   


What my readers should know is Brian James Womack was never on trial for being a “Kingpin” of any drug trafficking here in Washington State.  For a Federal Court Judge to assert that he was, should be grounds to remove or impeach the judge for misconduct.


So sorry Judge Martinez that the rights of the accused to a fair trial were ruining your holiday season.  However, if you’d like , I know at least one thousand voters of Washington State  that would love to accept your resignation from the bench as it appears that you’re either a man without morals or a man who failed constitutional law.

After reviewing hundreds of cases involving You, Richard Jones, Marsha Pechman, and Ronald Leighton, I believe it’s a little of both.

According to Brian James Womack, Judge Ricardo Martinez increased his jail sentence because Brian James demanded his constitutional right to a jury trial. The audacity of any American to demand a jury trial, especially here in Washington State.

Judge Martinez is a stealer example of just how far the corruption in Washington State Judiciary has gone. So much for the home of the brave and the land of the free… our judicial system has failed and the Dishonorable Judge Martinez is a great example of just how far the corruption has gone here in Washington State.

Another African American maliciously prosecuted and jailed; President Obama should pardon Brian J. Womack, with all deliberate speed.

Bush’s appointments to the federal bench here in Washington State have done more harm to a free society than any other President in United States history.


Gold Bar’s former Mayor Joe Beavers mocking Muslims at council meeting

Hitler Sign    IMG_1239 Hitler Sign

Adolf Hitler is alive and well in Gold Bar Washington.  At tonight’s Gold Bar council meeting ( September 6, 2016), former Gold Bar Mayor Joe Beavers approached the podium trying to incite Muslim hatred among the Gold Bar community after the Muslim Community offered an olive branch for unity to the non-Muslims in our community.

Gold Bar’s former Mayor Joe Beavers said in reference to the Mosque in Monroe’s ” Day of Unity” event as having ” Big brass ones” for having a day of unity on September 11, 2016.

“A Day of Unity” will take place on Sunday September 11, 2016, at 1:00 PM,  23515 Old Owen RD Monroe, WA 98272. 

9/11 – Day of Unity

Sun, Sep 11, 2016 at 1:00 PM – Monroe, WA

Free Register


To pay respect to the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Seattle chapter of Ahmadiyya Muslim community will be hosting a Day of Unity with faith and non-faith based organizations. Several events will be held throughout the day to emphasize the sanctity of life and the importance of living peacefully within a diverse community.

  • 9/11 Interfaith Service – “Standing Together in Difficult Times” 1PM – 2:30 PM
  • Community Lunch 11AM – 3:00 PM

In 2013, Gold Bar Mayor Joe Beavers approached council member Elizabeth LaZella ( Jewish) saying  ” I have no use for non-Christians …” So not only is Gold Bar’s Mayor Joe Beavers an anti-Semite, he’s also Islamophobic, and lets not forget a card carrying member of the Ku Klu Klan (KKK).

Former Gold Bar member Joe Beavers makes us all proud to be residents of Gold Bar.  It’s a lovely place to raise children, especially with a old demented man running around spewing religious hatred and trying to incite violence toward Muslims in Snohomish County.

Hatred is alive and well in Gold Bar, Washington. Beavers’s wife Ann needs to call Western State Hospital for intervention, sooner rather than later.


hatred or fear of Muslims and Islam

Islamophobia or Muslimophobia (see section “Terms” for related terms) is the prejudice, hatred, or bigotry directed against Islam or Muslims.


nounsomeone who hates Jewish people


adjectiveanti-Semitic people, opinions, writings, etc. show a feeling of hate toward Jewish people





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