1. Barbara Madsen APPROVED of Attorney Donald W. Ferrell and him IMPRISONING 20+ women clients in his own home. (He would lose cases on purpose, make them go broke, play hero and invite them into his home..or if they resisted, he would hold them hostage by their billing and make them “work it off” at his home office). He also called an Asian attorney a “lying chink” once.

    Madsen spoke at an event honoring him and other attorneys with 50 years’ experience. Rewarding systematic sociopath abusers of women. and she sits on some DV task force. My video about Ferrell. I have docs of one of his victims…suing him for malpractice. Jon Burke at the WSBA didn’t care to discipline him. Ever.


    • Thanks James. Would love to write a story… Can you email a good contact number and a any documents that I can use to support your comments?


    • James, Justice Barbara Madsen is one of the biggest cockroaches we have in Olympia. Her criminal conduct all over the state, involving helping thief and WSBA Hearing Office Lin O’Dell hide her racketeering conduct was paid for with WSBA members monies.

      John Burke is another cockroach. Next time you have a complaint against an attorney, please send it to us, we’d be happy to publish it if you can substantiate your complaints. Please feel free to pass the massage along to others.

      You should start your own website. If you need help, let me know.


  2. The WSBA destroyed evidence and lied to have me disbarred at a default hearing. When 8threatened to expose the drug and women trafficking by the Snohomish County Drug Task Force Linda had my puppy killed, worked with Mt Vernon police to cut a video of it happen and then taunted me that she had his body placed for maximum hurt when I found him. I have a decade of dirty on these people that I am happy to share now that I live in Puerto Rico. Heidi Hunt


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