1. I am the recipient of Snohomish County court bias along with Judge Leach from the appellate court. My attorney filed a petition for review (Blakey v. Wren) with the Washington Supreme court but they didn’t grant review.
    William Foster the Wren’s attorney is the most corrupt individual I have ever met. He put before the court a false exhibit and withheld evidence. Judge Appel stated that they violated the discovery rules but sanctioned me and ordered me to pay Foster’s attorney fees. They claimed I trespassed but the exhibit they used was false and the withheld evidence proved I did not trespass. As for the withheld evidence judge Leach in his appellate court ruling stated the Wrens could show that I got a fair trial even though the US Supreme Court in a ruling stated it would be speculation. Leach made new law as there is not case law supporting his decision. So, basically in Snohomish County and Washington State it is ok to put a false exhibit before the court and withhold evidence.
    And now that the Supreme Court will not review the appellate court decision which is conflicting with Division 2 regarding the withholding of evidence and the Supreme court, there is nothing I can do to right this wrong.


    • Judge Robert Leach worked at Anderson Hunter and his wife controls the Snohomish County Public Defenders Office which by the way are all insured through a racketeering group called Association of WA Cities


    • Mark Roe and Adam Cornell with the assistance of many Snohomish County Superior Court Judges are helping the prosecution tamper with discovery hide Brady Cop David Fontenot’s rein of criminal terror for over 20 years.


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