Washington State Bar Association’s ties to organized crime


  1. News like these give me hope and confidence that the law enforcement agencies and tech giants are still working on it and there to support us. Read another story where this famous ex-VP Marketing of Google was cyberstalked so bad (it was scary), but in then end, she was able to locate and arrest the completely unknown cyberstalker with the help of law enforcement agencies. Her story: https://goo.gl/LSxFPj


    • Amanda, knowledge is key, and “we the people” of Washington do not yield power to agencies that serve us. We must do everything in our power to expose the cockroaches where they roam, inside the Washington State Bar Association. The Bar is the center of the rotten onion, so we must peel back each and every layer to expose the rotten center of the WSBA’s organized crime ring.

      Attorneys Lin O’Dell, Joseph Nappi Jr, Susan Embree, and Judge Annette Plese and three Spokane County police officers, are the RICO ring leaders from Spokane stealing from our elderly, and they are using drug dealing to fund the Rico. We are going to expose them Ina very big way so hold onto your seat.

      This post just a teaser on what’s to come but to give my readers a hint, it’s like any other corruption story, involves judges, lawyers, and WSBA ring leader Linda Eide’s ties to organized crime.

      Drugs, pedophilia, theft of our elderly residents life savings, and fixing court cases to discredit anyone who challenges the WSBA’s RICO.


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