Racism alive and well inside King County Washington Superior Court

“Hating people because of their color is wrong. And it doesn’t matter which color does the hating. It’s just plain wrong.”
Muhammad Ali

Most attorneys in Washington State have taken and passed Constitutional law while in law school.  For me, the right to a fair trial under the 6th Amendment to the United States Constitution is one major component against judicial discrimination.


The Sixth Amendment requires juries and fact finders such as judges to be impartial. Impartiality has been interpreted as requiring individual jurors to be unbiased, well stated, 

In Peña-Rodriguez v. Colorado (2017), the Supreme Court held that the Sixth Amendment requires a court in a criminal trial to investigate whether a jury’s guilty verdict was based on racial bias. For a guilty verdict to be set-aside based on the racial bias of a juror, the defendant must prove that the racial bias “was a significant motivating factor in the juror’s vote to convict.” 

According to the Washington State Judicial Ethics Commission,  Judges, while performing bench trials, are under the mandate as a jury to not discriminate.

Discrimination alive and well inside King County Washington Superior Court


On May 25, 2017, Washington State Judicial Ethics Commission received a complaint against King County Superior Court Judge Douglas North.

Judge Douglas North on October 21, 2015, during a murder trial involving two defendants,  presided over a hearing (outside the presence of the jury) to determine whether certain text messages found on the victim’s phone from a person known only as “Charisma” would be admitted. Their relevance and admissibility turned, in part, on whether “Charisma” was a gang member and likely to carry out the threat in the text messages.

During the course of this hearing Judge Douglas North said: “But we don’t have any information, of course, about Mr. Charisma, so we don’t know whether he’s some white guy like me making a threat or somebody who’s actually, you know, more likely to be a gangster.” 


The last thing we need is a Judge who is a racist here in Washington State. The right to a fair trial should never be infringed upon for any reason.  The Sixth Amendment does not say ” only white guys like me.” The Sixth Amendment has no race, and applies equally to all Americans, whether you’re African American, Native American, Caucasian, Hispanic, etc and a Judge that doesn’t understand this basic Constitutional provisions afforded to all Americans must be removed from office.

In my opinion, King County Superior Court Judge Douglas North must resign without collecting a single welfare check from the taxpayers of Washington State.  Washington residents taxpayer monies should not be spent to inflate a racist Judge.

Judge Douglas North plead guilty for making racist comments by Washington State’s Judicial Ethics Commission.  A copy of the complaint is provided below.

Judge Douglas North Should Resignation_Page_1

Judge Douglas North Should Resignation_Page_2


Judge Douglas North Should Resignation_Page_3


Judge Douglas North Should Resignation_Page_4

Judge Douglas North Should Resignation_Page_5




  1. Travelers Health And Wellness Inc. says:

    I clearly understand that the code of judicial conduct does require a judge:
    – [ ] to respect and comply with the law,
    – [ ] Be faithful to the law and maintain professional competence in it,
    – [ ] Accord every person who has a legal interest in a preceding, the right to be heard according to the law.
    – [ ] Although mere legal error does not constitute misconduct, judicial conduct creating the need for disciplinary action can grow from the same root as the judicial conduct creating potential appellate review.
    Im in the process of requesting a review in a family law matter. a small interest in the legal execution of the law. But there was very little reliance on the “letter of the law“ as it applied to his presiding of this racially divided highly contentious family court matter. Statutory findings were not at all included in his rulings none other than personal disparagement i.e. suggestions that people assigned to this case by the court had “twisted into aligning themselves with me my skewed understanding of the fact “
    This is an instance where legal error transforms into judicial misconduct namely racially implicit bias.
    This same judge, Douglas North ruled on a case regarding me and my two biracial children costing me nearly $250,000 in legal fees he denied every single motion for any reconsideration made no statutory sealed all of his indescreations and gave himself jurisdiction on any filing I make regarding this matter. Have not seen my children 5 and 6 for nearly 2 years. Taking the side of the mother who was bitter white, privileged family who spent over 500k with law firm, clearly he thought it was over. I’m gathering my case to present to CJC. Feel free to email me please awantlaw@gmail.com


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