“When honor and the Law no longer stand on the same side of the line, how do we choose?” Anne Bishop

In 2018 the Washington State Bar Association was taking over by reformists.  Now, those of you who know me, know that I believe the time came and went for reforming the Washington State Bar Association, I believe it should be abolished as a result of Our Supreme Court’s decision in Janus. 

The case, one of the most hotly anticipated US Supreme Court decision from the 2018 term was decided in favor of a person’s right to associate or not associate.

Mr. Janus, an employee at the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, successfully overturned a 40-year-old Supreme Court decision that forced members of an association to paid “fair share fees.”

Janus successfully argued his $45 monthly fee to the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees was unconstitutional.  Fees infringed on his First Amendment rights, and that, in the case of public employees whose contract negotiations are with the government, the fees were a form of political advocacy.

The US Supreme Court agreed with Janus. 

Since the US Supreme Court decide Janus, several lawyers across America have made similar challenges to the Bar Associations. the Oregon State Bar members filed suit just months ago, arguing that compelling membership inside associations is unconstitutional under Janus. 

In the middle of June 2018, the Gold Bar Reporter also filed suit against the Washington State Bar Association arguing that a private association such as the Washington State  Bar Association has no compelling interest in regulating the practice of law, and by forcing a person to join a private bar violates Our Supreme Court’s holding in Janus.

Block v WSBA et al is still pending, and expected to be remanded back to US Federal District Court for consideration of JANUS v. AMERICAN FEDERATION OF STATE,

This begs to answer the question that this article is intended to spark up much needed debate:  Can the Washington State Bar Association reform itself by just changing the guards?

Over the last four years, the evidence points to these undisputed facts:

Prosecutors are hiring public defenders to throw cases.


Here’s how the Prosecutor Public Defender scam works. Prosecutors use the Risk Manager for the County to interview a public defender. When a public defender is chosen, its always an incompetent person like Phil Sayles ( see above article) who has countless cases overturned for violating the rights of the accused.

This is case fixing, and reeks of racketeering…. the prosecutors nor the county government should have no involvement in picking who represents the accused, hence why the Prosecutor’s Office hand picks incompetent lawyers like Phil Sayles and Jason Schwartz ( i.e. fix cases to ensure convictions).

A defense attorney should never be beholden to the local government for his or her paycheck.  When countless defendants file Bar complaints against incompetent attorneys, Washington State Bar Director Paula Littlewood’s job was to dismiss them without a single investigation.  This reeks of racketeering, violation of honest legal services.

Noting for our readers that we counted hundreds of complaints that should have been investigated but were dismissed within a week after Paula Littlewood and Scott Bugsby glanced at the complaints, if at all.


Good news for Washingtonians 

On March 7, 2019, the Washington State Bar Association Board of Governors  in a very public way, terminated Washington State Bar Association Director Paula Littlewood.   To understand why Paula Littlewood, a person with no legal experience whatsoever received this political appointment is simple, to stop any attorney who seeks to expose corruption. Corruption that almost always is ” non-partisan” involves both parties, Republicans and Democrats alike.

Corrupt people seldom enjoy sunshine.  In Block v WSBA et al , Block a resident of Gold Bar discovered that the City’s Mayor Crystal Hill Pennington ( nee Berg convicted of bank fraud) stole $200,000 from the City of Gold Bar. At the same time Ms. Hill is stealing from the City of Gold Bar ( using a check cashing scheme with the former clerk Laura Kelly), she is also engaged in four extra-marital affairs with four married men – Gold Bar’s Chief of Police, Snohomish County’s Director of Emergency Management, Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon, and Gold Bar’s water employee Karl Marjerle.

This lead to uncomfortable city meetings, where the Chief of police would seldom appear, and the water boy seldom ever worked without fudging the city’s water records. When the water boy was caught fudging the water records, stealing from the City, and had sabotaged the city water system out of jealousy, Ms. Hill was forced to file a police report ( about 4 months later) and had made a secret agreement ( according to the Washington State Auditor’s Office) to hide the water boy’s acts of Domestic terrorism committed against the City of Gold Bar.

According to Homeland Security acts of  Domestic Terrorism, such as sabotaging the City’s water system have no statute of limitations. Crimes Snohomish County Prosecutor Sean Reay, Adam Cornell and Mark Roe assisted Gold Bar’s Mayors Crystal Hill, Linda ” high as kite” Loen,  and Joe ” Convicted Felon” Beavers with covering up Karl Marjerle’s crimes against Gold Bar residents.

Crimes the Gold Bar Reporter was investigating and reporting on when the Washington State Bar Association sent an illegal subpoena for ” all Gold Bar Reporter news files…” and the Gold Bar Reporter told the Washington State Bar Association to go get a subpoena as Our Legislature was clear that any body with subpoena power must first obtain a court order before obtaining reporter files under RCW 5.68.010, and According to the Washington Court of Appeals ruling in The Republic of Kazakhstan v. DOES 100 LLC, the Court of Appeals held, “We decline to read the statute so narrowly. The plain language of RCW 5.68.010 (1)(a) is very broad. It protects against disclosure of the identity of a source of any news or information. It also protects against the disclosure of any information that would tend to identify a source.”

In 2013, the Washington State Bar Association, lead by Scott Bugsby, Linda Eide, Paula Littlewood, and Doug Ende believed the Washington State Bar Association was exempt, leading to challenges to the Washington State Bar Association rights to spit on the First Amendment of the US Constitution and Media Shield. Cases are still pending.


Yesterday with the very public termination of Washington State Bar Association Director Paula Littewood in Olympia on March 7, 2019, Washington is a little closer to providing much needed justice to so many of the Washington State Bar Association’s victims. However, with Scott Bugsby and Doug Ende allowed to keep their jobs, there’s little hope that the Washington State Bar Association will restore citizens faith in lawyers.

Lawyers who are stealing, throwing defendants under the bus in exchange for contracts with the government, but instead wasting Washington State Bar Association monies going after lawyers who speak out against corruption like Doug Schaffer and former WA State Bar member Anne Block ( who sued the WSBA with cases now pending).

Instead of investigating lawyers like Rob McKenna and Bob Ferguson who set up a Risk Management Group titled Department Enterprise Services to hide agency employees crimnal conduct by representing the WSBA, the county agency, the city agency, the state government, etc.  and the sole reason why Gold Bar’s former Mayors Joe Beavers, John E Pennington,  and Crystal Pennington were openly bragging that Block would be disbarred for reporting on their criminal conduct.

Let’s just say,  its reeks of Sherman Anti Trust and fraud coming straight from the Washington State Attorney General’s Office.




  1. Not only does the public defender’s office not know what they are doing, on the first day of my trial – I refused to plea bargain – my pd stands up in the courtroom and the first thing he says is “Your honor, I have never defended a case like this before”. What and to whom was he signalling a message? I have a whole list of other issues with them, the main one right now being they claim to have lost some of my discovery – I asked for it a year and a half after losing the trial and they couldn’t find over a 100 files. Blamed it on a server migration problem and refused to correct the problem by going to prosecutor’s office to replace it. This is a vilolation of record keeping laws. Do you think I am going to get anywhere by filing a complaint with the WSBA now or with the AG since they are a nonprofit and are in violation of record keeping laws (I am told). That is what I am working on right now. And btw, I went to the prosecutor’s office a month ago and filed an open records request for all my discovery. Got an email saying it is going to be 3 months, they only have one person working on them and there are 85 requests ahead of me. Is this how it works and are these people also screwing with me???


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