Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s Racketeering Enterprise, also known as Dept. of Enterprise Services, fraud against taxpayers

Gold Bar’s former Mayor Joe “felon” Beavers told a council member that Snohomish County Superior Court is fixing cases. Boy was that an understatement based on the latest release of public records.

Today, we received documentation confirming beyond any shadow of a doubt that Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson should be in prison for felonious conduct, i.e. Sherman Anti-Trust violations.

Stay tuned, this corruption scandal involves Judges, lawyers, public officers, police officers, County prosecutors, public defenders, and our good friends inside the Washington State Bar Association.

Promise its worth waiting a few days as we organize the documents in an effort to inform the public of the largest racketeering, Anti Trust scam committed against the taxpayers.




  1. Thank you for your sacrifice you have endured. My Heart goes out to you and your struggle with these monsters. THANK YOU


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