1. tayanneaolcom says:

    I am going through my own guardianship court issue in King County with my mother. The guardian has left her broke, spending $500,000 in two years, moved her to a facility in the middle of a pandemic and continue leaving her isolated and alone and exposed to COVID-19. She has already been rushed to the hospital. Commissioner Henry Judson oversaw my case.


  2. whistleblower49 says:

    These activities at Puget Sound Guardians… just the tip of the iceberg.
    They routinely bill clients for work that has never been done.


  3. Julia Carpenter says:

    You also need to a close eye on Judge Grovdahl, Attorneys, James Spurgetis, Lynn O’Dell, Dena Allen Pickering, and Mary Chavez


  4. Ramona Womack says:

    Constitutional crisis in Washington State.
    Maleek James 40496-086. 7 years in federal prisons.
    I can show you how to make a drug conspiracy.
    Maleek James vs The United States of America
    Presiding Judge Ricardo S Martinez
    AUSA. LIca Bershewski & Jenny Durkin
    Lead Ice Agent Jacob D Black.
    I went from a material witness to a king pin, the story is real, made for a motion picture.
    Who will assist me i telling this story?


  5. Maleek JAMES says:

    My name is Maleek James sr, 40496-086, i was convicted by Not only an all white jury in Washington state, but also by a overzealous bigot judge(Ricardo S Martinez) a rouge prosecutor( Lisca Bershewiski) and a lying ice agent(Jacob D Black). The Making of a Conspiracy..
    I am out and ready to talk about this injustice done to me and my family.
    i am available for questions @253-999-7426
    Fatherhood the Foundation.
    The Evidence is present..


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