1. Hunter WEST says:

    Please look into Mike haas he took from me in 2015 and I don’t know if I’ll ever recover from it until he’s brought to justice by his peers for years of bribery and Brady violation, Tom brotherton x prosecutor oddly enough lives in my house now the is being defended by Noah Harrison I called and ask why he was representing my father’s estate who took his own life in 2007 and I now question that too. I pray you hear my out and look into it by chance.


  2. Robert Crawford says:

    Outstanding! Congratulations.

    On Mon, Dec 30, 2019 at 8:05 AM GOLD BAR REPORTER wrote:

    > goldbarreporter posted: ” More evidence of racketeering coming straight > from Prosecutors as outlined in our RICO suit against Snohomish County and > the Washington State Bar Association The Washington State Bar > Association, and many of attorney and judicial membe” >


  3. There needs to be a citizens commission or oversight board when incidents of betrayal of public trust are involved. Any government employee or appointed official should have to go before this board and the commission should decide the punishment – not those who employ them. It should be the same for officer misconduct – to include officer shootings as well. The accused party and any other interested party can present any evidence they so choose to the commission and the commission should then render a determination that is binding. I also suggest that the commission be selected as a jury is. . if its good enough for the “average citizen” to be judged by their peers then why not these government employees?


    • The Washington State Bar Association and the WA State Supreme Court has failed. As such, its time for the voters of Washington to be the oversight to the WSBA by placing it inside a state regulatory agency. I agree there must be a Board, but I believe any such Board should be elected by the people of Washington State


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