Snohomish County Superior Court holding in person classes “How to commit acts of public corruption and get away with it”

Ellis Pic

Judge Janice Ellis

Bring your bag lunches, pens, and video camera to Snohomish County Superior Court, because Judges Janice Ellis, Edirin Okoloko and George Appel will demonstrate  how to fix cases with their former employer Dawson Place and Snohomish County Prosecutors Office.

No charge to come watch acts of public corruption!  To get a front row seat, please arrive at the Snohomish County Courthouse before 9 am, just ask the information officer to point you in the right direction to the judges courtrooms.

We promise it will be the Greatest Show in Washington, a must see, a spectacular event, first hand viewing on how Snohomish County Washington Superior Court Judges are fixing cases with the Prosecutors Office against persons accused of sex crimes with the assistance of the county’s alleged non-profit company, Dawson Place.

In 2006 to 2009, Snohomish County Prosecutors and now Judges Janice Ellis and George Appel were employed inside Dawson Place, while Judge Edirin Okoloko was employed from 2016 to 2019.   At the same time, all three judges worked as Snohomish County Prosecutors.

Over the last two years since we started investigating a massive money laundering scam, involving the above judges, and the Law Firm of Anderson Hunter  ( Everett WA), after Snohomish County  Prosecutors turned over public records documenting that that Janice Ellis, while serving as a prosecutor for Snohomish County, Washington, started Dawson Place and signed its tax returns.

Records below are clear that Dawson Place started with the joint assistance of the Washington State Attorney General’s Office ( use of government resources and monies) and with the assistance of several Snohomish County Prosecutors including now Snohomish County Superior Court Judges Janice Ellis, George Appel, and Edirin Okoloko.

Not sure about our readers, but under Revised Code of Washington (RCW) we do not see “starting non-profit companies and then hearing and deciding cases involving the non-profit company, Dawson Place cases is within their assigned RCW duties.

RCW 36.27.020 is clear that starting non-profits and soliciting for public monies to start an alleged non-profit group is not listed in her government duties as a prosecutor. 

Snohomish County Superior Court Judge Janice Ellis public records below documenting that she started


Ellis starts Dawson Place

Ellis Starts Dawson Place 2


Pages from Installment 6 K0164012_Page_1


Pages from Installment 6 K0164012_Page_1

Pages from Installment 6 K0164012




Last month, another reporter brought to my attention a case whereas Judge Janice Ellis was the sitting trial judge in a case where Dawson Place and its employees were the State’s main witnesses.  

The case Judge Janice Ellis sat as the trial judge in was State v. Joseph Henry Hall, Snohomish County Superior Court, Washington State,  Cause No. 19-I -00514-31.  The main witness in this case was Dawson Place Child Advocacy Center, an alleged non-profit company. Remember  Judge Ellis started  Dawson Place while she was an elected Prosecutor for Snohomish County, Washington.

A few months back, we sat inside Judge Ellis’s courtroom during the trial of Joseph Henry Hall and noticed a couple of things. First, the State, i.e. Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office whenever Dawson Place is the material witness assigns specific lawyers to prosecute. In the Hall prosecution, it’s Robert Langbehn,. Next, almost of  all Dawson Place cases are assigned to Dawson Place insiders, Judge Ellis, Judge Appel, and Edirin Okoloko.  Finally, we learned from public records requests that Snohomish County Superior Court is tampering with the jury list, removing names of highly educated or outpoken citizens from its jury pool.

After Judge Janice Ellis fixed the case with the above case fixing scheme, Joseph Henry Hall was convicted of alleged crime that never took place.  But soon thereafter, a juror reported that at least one juror was guilty of threatening a juror and jury tampering.

DKT 102 Henery Hall - Jury Tampering - Copy_Redacted_Page_1

DKT 102 Henery Hall - Jury Tampering - Copy_Redacted_Page_2






DKT 102 Henery Hall - Jury Tampering - Copy_Redacted_Page_3DKT 102 Henery Hall - Jury Tampering - Copy_Redacted_Page_4


DKT 102 Henery Hall - Jury Tampering - Copy_Redacted_Page_5

Snohomish County and Dawson Place creator, Judge Janice Ellis DENIED a motion for Joseph Henry Hall to obtain a new trial.
Perhaps Snohomish County Superior Court Judges Ellis, Appel, and Okoloko should be forced back into law school to “retake” Constitutional Law 1, or perhaps they have gotten away with their corrupts acts so long that it’s just another day at the office to violate the rights of the taxpayers and accused by fixing cases in favor of the their former employers, Dawson Place and Snohomish County Prosecutors Office.


  1. So sickening art these falls and fails. 😞🙏


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