Why is a convicted felon and former City of Gold Bar council member spewing violence against peaceful protests on Facebook

Over the years, the Gold Bar Reporter has provided much needed scrutiny over public officials. Such is the case with Gold Bar’s former council member Christopher Michael Wright.

Wright was convicted of spousal abuse in 2007, and receipt of stolen property in 2017, a felony in Washington State. As a result of being a convicted felon i.e. receipt stolen property, Christopher Michael Wright resigned from his Gold Bar council seat.

Since Wright’s resignation, he has been advocating and spewing hatred on the City of Gold Bar’s Facebook page. Wright even voiced support of another corrupt government official, Sheriff Adam Fortney, because “birds of same feather flock together. ”


Here’s just one post our sad excuse for a former Gold Bar council member made on Facebook regarding destruction of private and public property:

Christopher Wright Kara Marie well, guess what? Most of them are prior service! Combat veterans and you say they aren’t professionals? Maybe a few; yes. However; there is what we call control. Control is what you learn from minute 1. If by chance one of these “non-professionals” has an issue or was “trigger happy” they would be quickly reconciled and put to the back. It’s not Militia rule either. It’s called being there for your friends, neighbors, fellow business owners and family. If it were Gold Bar grocer are we to sit and let thugs destroy the store? Hurt people or rip you and your family out of your car? Not a chance! I don’t know you but believe; if I saw this happening I would absolutely put a .45 right up somebody’s nostrils until they shit themselves. I don’t shop at the grocer either but; I would defend that store because my friends and neighbors do and work there. You have a problem with that? Too bad! Your problem is that you are submissive to pressure and weak!


When a man convicted of spousal abuse, and receipt of stolen property is making a public Facebook post advocating harm to those who protest, or stating that he gives a dam about personal property of others after pleading guilty to theft of personal property, America is in very big trouble.

Pretty laughable post.

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