“RICO Henchman” Sinks The Bar By J.P. Zenger


Supreme Court Candidate Calls for Suspension

Of Federal Funding for Washington Courts

© By J.P. Zenger

Valerie A. Villacin and the Law Firm Smith Goodfriend, P.S. are Under Investigation by

Public Interest Attorneys and Journalists to Determine Their Relationship to a RICO


Seattle, WA Sept. 11, 2022. “The courts of Washington State are as corrupt as any in the history of the nation” according to national legal experts, and a famous Ninth Circuit lawyer this week is implementing “phase one” of his solution: the suspension of federal funding for the state court system.

A growing contingent of public interest lawyers and those who have been targeted for retaliation by a rapidly unravelling criminal network, called a RICO, are preparing a series of nationally high-profile actions which call for the investigation and prosecution of those involved.

“It isn’t just King County, by any means,” said John “The Wizard of Laws” Scannell, a nationally respected Ninth Circuit lawyer, who is suing Washington Secretary of State Steven Hobbs. Washington State Supreme Court Justice Barbara Madson is named as Mr. Hobbs’s co-defendant.

The suit filed by the famous public interest attorney is a “Petition to Correct Election Error.” A candidate for State Supreme Court, Mr. Scannell is demanding to run against Supreme Court incumbent Barbara Madson under election provisions for write-in candidates. Madson otherwise would run unopposed.

“The case asserts his right to be on the ballot. He argues that the Secretary of State misjudged the number of candidates prematurely. Further, while Mr. Scannell remains barred in the Ninth Circuit, it is common knowledge in the legal profession that Mr. Scannell’s state disbarment was completely illegal,” said semi-retired major media journalist Mr. Greenwald.

“His disbarment was legally baseless. The state had no jurisdiction whatsoever. Even without the bedrock issue of jurisdiction, he is a qualified candidate for Supreme Court under the State Constitution because he was previously licensed in the state. Even the Ninth Circuit Court refused to recognize the state’s illegal disbarment. The disbarment was an open act of retaliation by a wildly corrupt Bar Association and the RICO the Bar is an integral member of,” Mr. Greenwald continued.

“The RICO was exposed by John Pennington, Jr. A series of articles, “Seattle’s Epstein,” explains in more detail how the RICO was exposed and how it works. According to that series, in brief, this is how the alleged RICO is structured, directed, and controlled:

1).  Lloyd’s of London. The RICO is directed by the insurance company, Lloyd’s of London. In the U.S., the Lloyd’s RICO is directed and controlled by Cary Bond of Lloyd’s N.Y. office. Lloyd’s RICO is well documented in U.S. court cases like this one.

The purpose of the RICO is to control financial losses as well as insurance markets for Lloyd’s and its insurance affiliates and partners, such as AWC in Washington State, and the State’s Department of Enterprise Services, a member of the risk pool.

2).  AWC. The RICO is operated on a state-by-state basis. In Washington, the RICO is directed by Lloyd’s syndicate member, AWC. Just days after his role in the RICO was exposed in the press, Peter King, the de facto CEO, hastily announced his retirement in an attempt to deceive federal law enforcement.

3)  The AG. The Co-Director of the Washington State unit of Lloyd’s RICO is State Attorney General (“AG”) Bob Ferguson. Mr. Ferguson was chosen and is supported by Peter King to co-direct the RICO.

At the direction of Peter King, Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson control the legal system and deny any Washington citizen, considered by the RICO to be a financial or political risk, their Constitutional right to a fair day in court in four main ways:

A).  Public Records Officers. State public records officers, acting at the direction of Mr. Ferguson, routinely and illegally deny public records requests, destroy documents, and obstruct justice. The denial of public records prevents access to due process. These are criminal acts in violation of federal law.

Records officers who are controlled by Mr. Ferguson are often hired from other parts of the country, and have criminal backgrounds. Mr. Ferguson and those acting at his direction erase their criminal records on the FBI’s NCIC database, and thus have a ‘sword of Damocles hanging over their heads.

B)   SAAGS. SAAGS are Special Assistant Attorney Generals. They are both private attorneys, and county prosecutors. A SAAG is basically “deputized” by Mr. Ferguson to act at his direction, effectively as his own staff. This is illegal and unconstitutional: it places both attorneys and prosecutors in a conflict of interest with the people they have a legal duty to represent.

When a prosecutor illegally accepts a SAAG contract from Mr. Ferguson, it allows Mr. Ferguson to assume the county prosecutor’s power of criminal prosecution, which is denied Mr. Ferguson under the Washington State Constitution. It also allows Mr. Ferguson to deny anyone he wants the right to due process under the federal Constitution.

C)  The Bar Assn. The ‘private’ Washington State Bar Association is controlled by State Attorney General Bob Ferguson. Mr. Ferguson controls the Bar by: 1) Illegally giving the private Bar millions of dollars in free rent; 2) Hosting and controlling the Bar’s email and data servers; 3) Providing unlimited free personal legal services to the Bar and its staff – all at a cost of countless millions of dollars to the taxpayers of Washington State; 4) Gifting every employee of the ‘private’ Bar tens of millions of dollars of taxpayer dollars through the State retirement system, called PERS; and 5)  Using the Bar and its disciplinary powers to target people chosen by Mr. Ferguson for liability control or political retaliation.

The list of SAAGS consists of hundreds of attorneys and law firms. SAAGs allow Mr. Ferguson to control every county legal system by putting county prosecutors on the state payroll; SAAGS allow Mr. Ferguson to control the legal profession in the state as a whole, because anyone who needs to hold the state accountable through the courts can’t – nearly every large law firm is on the payroll of the state. This is all at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars to the state taxpayers.

In one case alone, Mr. Ferguson has spent over $20,000,000 of state taxpayer dollars to target a court-recognized, award-winning journalist, Anne Block, by directing her illegal disbarment. It wasn’t enough for Mr. Ferguson. He then directed his staff, at taxpayer expense, to contract private security and cybercriminals to harass Ms. Block across the country, day and night. Mr. Ferguson then directed and has full knowledge of legally baseless litigation, in the total absence of any wrongdoing, with dozens of SAAG attorneys against her. Mr. Ferguson has committed dozens of federal crimes against Ms. Block.

D)  Judges. ‘A significant portion’ of Judges in Washington State are a key part of the RICO, according to insiders and legal experts. They are routinely bribed in several known ways, including home refinancing where a third party pays off their home loans. RICO judges, usually former SAAGS or former direct employees of Mr. Ferguson, are routinely promoted for their collusion and cooperation in the RICO.

4).   The U.S. Attorney in the Western District. For the public, the last line of defense against public corruption is in Washington State is the U.S. Attorney for the Western District, currently Nick Brown. Until his appointment, aided by RICO co-director Bob Ferguson, Mr. Brown was an attorney with the SAAG law firm Pacifica Law Group. Pacifica law group has protected, and continues to protect, the RICO and its members.

5).  Cases. Mr. Scannell’s legal actions, and related petitions, are expected to suspend funding for the State Courts until the FBI’s Office of Public Corruption in Washington, D.C. investigate the following cases and individuals before federal funding is restored for the courts of Washington State:

A)  The Beauregard Case.  The Beauregard Case is considered one of the most corrupt decisions in Washington State and U.S. history. It concluded that the State Bar Association is a private organization.

Because the Bar, as referenced previously, was declared private by the State Supreme Court, yet has received hundreds of millions of state taxpayer dollars, legal experts assert that the only rational explanation for the decision is that the Bar Association management, staff, and legal counsel had colluded with the members of the State Supreme Court.

The Janis decision determined that a given state bar association may not combine a private professional association with state powers, according to legal experts. The Washington Bar Association and the Supreme Court of Washington State realized that all of the money the state had been giving the Bar, and the Bar’s participation in the RICO would mean that, not only would the Bar have to pay taxpayers back hundreds of millions of dollars, but all of the liability for the Bar’s involvement in the RICO would potentially expose them to billions in liability.

By illegally defining the Bar as private, against all facts and common sense, in one single stroke the Supreme Court, which is responsible for overseeing the Bar, together with the management of the Bar, were able to shift all of the liability from the members of the State Supreme Court and the management of the Bar – themselves – to the individual members of the Bar. It won’t work, say the experts, who say they just dug themselves a deeper hole.

Following the example of West Virginia for ‘incomparably lesser crimes’ than have been allegedly committed by the Washington State Supreme Court, public interest lawyers are calling for its immediate impeachment. ‘This is a level of open corruption that would have been an embarrassment to Huey Long, or even a third world dictatorship. It’s just ridiculous,’ said the head of a Washington, D.C. public interest group.

In West Virginia, the Supreme Court was indicted for use of a government vehicle; submitting mileage claims for reimbursement; using a government vehicle and credit card on personal trips; and unlawfully converting to his own use a historically significant piece of furniture – a Cass Gilbert desk.  Justices were also indicted for attempting to corruptly obstruct and influence testimonial evidence of a Supreme Court employee in an imminent grand jury investigation.

‘For these crimes, one Justice faced a potential sentence of up to 395 years in prison, a fine of $5.5 million, and a term of supervised release of up to 3 years,’ said the Director of the national public interest group. ‘And yet in Washington State, we have open collusion between the State Supreme Court, the Bar Association’s Director Tollefson, Lloyd’s of London’s insurance syndicate, AWC, and a wildly corrupt Attorney General, Bob Ferguson for fraud involving billions of dollars,’ he said.

‘So here you have the State Supreme Court, rather than being the solution to one of the State’s biggest problems, this multi-billion dollar RICO, is an integral part of the RICO,’ he said.

Representing the Bar was Valerie A. Villacin and the Law Firm Smith Goodfriend, P.S. who are under investigation by Public Interest Attorneys and Journalists to determine their relationship to the RICO.

Representing the Bar was Valerie A. Villacin and the Law Firm Smith Goodfriend, P.S. who are under investigation by Public Interest Attorneys and Journalists to determine their relationship to the RICO.

Ms. Valerie A. Villacin and the firm Smith Goodfriend, P.S. are Special Assistant Attorney Generals, or SAAGS. SAAGS are considered an integral component of the RICO, and act at the direction of State Attorney General Ferguson.

B)  The Estate of Robert Cannon. King County Court Commissioners Masako Kanazawa and Carlos Velategui issued ‘completely and openly fraudulent rulings,’ according to allegations by legal experts regarding the Estate of Robert Cannon, which had, and continues, to deny a substantial creditor to the Cannon Estate a fair day in court.

The Executor for the Robert Cannon Estate, Henry Cannon, was a former employee of the courts of King County, Washington. Currently representing Mr. Cannon is Valerie A. Villacin and the Law Firm Smith Goodfriend, P.S. who are under investigation by Public Interest Attorneys and Journalists to determine their relationship to the RICO.

Representing the Bar was Valerie A. Villacin and the Law Firm Smith Goodfriend, P.S. who are under investigation by Public Interest Attorneys and Journalists to determine their relationship to the RICO.

Ms. Villacin and the firm Smith Goodfriend, P.S are Special Assistant Attorney Generals, or SAAGS. SAAGS are considered an integral component of the RICO, and act at the direction of State Attorney General Ferguson.

King County Court Commissioner Masako Kanazawa is Under

Investigation for Her Alleged Role in the Cannon Estate Fraud


C)   Anne Block.  Mr. Ferguson directed Judge Michael Scott, in King County, Washington, to rule that a single legal case filed by a one person, Ms. Block, defined her as a vexatious (excessive) litigant. It is the only case in U.S. history where the filing of a single case defined a litigant as a vexatious litigant, thus denying Ms. Block her right to due process under the state and federal Constitutions.

Judge Scott, a known child molester, has been protected by the RICO and has never been prosecuted for his crimes against children, which is a matter of record with the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, Child Protection Division,” said Mr. Greenwald.

For his part, Mr. Scannell’s suit to assert his lawful right to run for State Supreme Court is now gaining national press attention, which will be covering both his candidacy and his reasons for running, which are explained in Mr. Scannell’s ballot statement:

“You have the right to live under the rule of law. Because of judicial corruption and organized crime, you are now denied that right.

I am a politically independent attorney in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and have decades of experience successfully fighting public corruption as a public interest lawyer.

I will work to restore your Constitutional right to have a fair day in court in four ways:

1)     Judicial Discipline.  Judges currently – and illegally – claim to be immune from the law. I will work to change that.

2)     Attorney Discipline. Attorneys now regulate themselves, and routinely commit crimes without being held accountable. I will work to change that.

3)     The Bar Association. The private Bar Association has stolen millions of your taxpayer dollars, and acted against public interest. I will work to return funds to state taxpayers..

4)    I am filing a national action this week to suspend federal funding – your federal tax dollars – from the Washington State Court system until these things are investigated and prosecuted.

I will continue to work to fix these problems and others that will protect your Constitutional rights and tax dollars with decisions that are intelligent, just, and ethical.”

“The law is clear,” said an elections lawyer familiar with the case. “The only way to misinterpret it is if one is either incredibly stupid and/or equally corrupt. That’s the purpose of his candidacy, to address what national legal experts have referred to as a court system that is “as corrupt as any court system in the nation.”

Alternately referred to as “Zamboni John,” Ninth Circuit attorney Scannell was a former zamboni driver for the City of Seattle’s hockey ring, is known to rarely charge for his relentless work on public interest cases, and is also known to spend more than a decade on a case in the pursuit of justice.

A marathon runner at age 74, Mr. Scannell is one of the few people in Washington State history to have gotten a perfect SAT score. With a degree in Physics from the University of Washington, and a former chess master, the current appellate attorney considers his illegal state disbarment a badge of honor.

Mr. Scannell’s actions in some cases have extended over a decade, hundreds of thousands of pages, and had hundreds of millions of dollars of impact. He is completely unconcerned about the personal cost of his work, and considers it his civic duty. Performing public interest work has cost him countless millions.

“If you do public interest work, you will offend people in power who are willing to commit crimes to retaliate against you. The question is, what are you willing to do about it? Are you willing to pay the price so we may live under the rule of law that millions have died for?” he said.

“Power isn’t taken. It’s given through fear and inaction,” said Mr. Scannell. “I’m in it for the long run,” he said, presumably a quip related to his marathon running.

Mr. Scannell’s case is before Thurston County, Washington Judge Dixon.

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