“We punish petty thieves, and appoint the greatest thieves of all to public office”

” The time is always right to do what’s right” Martin Luther King.  

Great American leaders, such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B Anthony, Harriett Tubman, and Martin Luther King, kept moving regardless of the hostility and attacks they faced, including threats to their lives.

I faced threats, as many of my readers already know.  Honestly, fighting corruption, doesn’t come without a price, and threats to my life are part of exposing corrupt acts of government officials.

Not only have I had a Washington State Senator named Steve Hobbs, and his staff, Kevin Thomas Hulten, issue physical threats to my life, I now have a United State Marshall issuing what I consider to be threats to harm  and conceal access public records here in Washington State.

Must be something really good inside Washington State’s PERs records.

The issue of what constitutes a threat is defined by Black’s Law Dictionary as:

A communicated intent to inflict physical or other harm on any person or on property. A declaration of an intention to injure another or his property by some unlawful act. State v. Schweppe, Minn., 237 N.W.2d 609, 615.

A declaration of intention or determination to inflict punishment, loss, or pain on another, or to injure another or his property by the commission of some unlawful act. U. S. v. Daulong, D.C.La., 60 F.Supp. 235, 236.


Public records are public records, asserting, via a US Marshall that requesting judges records are not permissible is no more unlawful than a robber breaking into my home trying to steal property.

RCW 40.16.010 Injury to public record.

Every person who shall willfully and unlawfully remove, alter, mutilate, destroy, conceal, or obliterate a record, map, book, paper, document, or other thing filed or deposited in a public office, or with any public officer, by authority of law, is guilty of a class C felony and shall be punished by imprisonment in a state correctional facility for not more than five years, or by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars, or by both.



Recently, a United States Marshall called asking why we are requesting several Western Washington United States Federal District Court Judges Public Retirement System (PERs)  records.  The call came from telephone # 206-718-6490. This telephone number is linked to a man named Arnulfo Arreola.

Here’s the gist of the US Marshall’s text message communication with the Gold Bar Reporter: 

US Marshall:” All I was interested was, what is your intention with Judge Jones information”

Me: “well I’m sure you’re aware that three state courts have labeled me a news reporter.”

US Marshall:  ” My only concern is what your intentions are with the judges information?”

Note that we went from Judge Jones’s information to plural Judges’. OK, now, my readers can get to the meat of the issue of concern to the judges i.e public disclosure. My opinion is simple, if you have nothing to hide, public disclosure shouldn’t be an issue. 

US Marshall ” So just to be clear, you have no intentions on publishing, releasing or putting the judges information.retiring records in your book or anywhere else”

Me:  ” What I chose to publish so long as its a public record here in Washington State is up to free press….I will not be publishing nor should the state release any addresses or SSA number or any beneficiary info… all public employees past and present are subject to disclosure in part….”

Must be something really good inside Washington State’s PERs records.

Having a US Marshall contact a news reporter about why and what I intend to publish in an online news source is highly offensive, and a blatant violation of my civil rights.

What our readers may not know is this fact: prior to Richard A Jones becoming a US Federal District Court Judge, his biography lists the following state public employment:

Jones was a Community liaison officer, Office of King County Prosecuting Attorney, Washington from 1975 to 1977. He was a Deputy prosecuting attorney of the Office of King County Prosecuting Attorney from 1977 to 1978. He was a staff attorney of the Port of Seattle from 1978 to 1983.

After being in private practice with the major law firm of Bogle & Gates in Seattle from 1983 to 1988, Richard A Jones became an Assistant United States Attorney of the United States Attorney’s Office, Western District of Washington. He served there from 1988 to 1994.

But during the time period when Richard A Jones was an associate attorney with Bogle & Gates, Bogle & Gates were cited for obstructing discovery after a 3 year old girl suffered brain damage.

Stuart Taylor Jr wrote about Richard Jones’s employment with Bogle & Gates,  “Sleezy in Seattle” 

“The covered-up corporate document that the whistle-blower leaked in March 1990 led to an agreement this January by Seattle’s 200-lawyer Bogle & Gates and its client Fisons Corp. to pay $325000 in sanctions for discovery abuse, one of the largest such awards ever. By misleading its adversaries to avoid producing damning documents in its client’s files, Bogle provided a text box example of the need for discovery reforms even more far-reaching than those that were adopted last year by the federal judiciary-reforms that are still under attack in Congress. (On which more below.)

What prompted the settlement was a unanimous Washington Supreme Court decision and the prospect of an evidentiary hearing on remand that would have made Bogle’s conduct look even worse than it looks in the court’s sternly worded opinion.

The seven justices held that Bogle & Gates and its client, a British-owned pharmaceutical company with U.S. headquarters near Rochester, had used “misleading” discovery responses to hide two I “smoking gun documents” from lawyers for a 3-year-old girl who suffered permanent brain damage as a result of taking a i Fisons asthma drug in 1986, as well as from lawyers for the girl’s pediatrician, who had filed a cross-claim against Fisons.

Since the decision, Bogle has been forced to admit for the first time that it had had the smoking gun documents since l 1987 and had advised Fisons to withhold them-while at the same time, in the supreme court’s words, making statements to opposing counsel “that all relevant documents had been produced.” These statements were accompanied by artfully worded discovery responses that Bogle later claimed (in a rationale rejected by the court) should have put its adversaries on notice that relevant documents would be produced only if found in a particular : Fisons product file
What makes the case important is not so much that one big law firm was capable of engaging in conduct that stunk so badly but that it was able to find 14 leading liti gation experts to swear that this conduct smelled just fine to them, and to persuade a special master and two superior court judges that this is the way the adversary system is supposed to work.
It’s also remarkable that the Washington State Bar Association is not, it con firms, even investigating the conduct of Guy Michelson and Kevin Baumgardner, the two Bogle partners who stand accused by opposing counsel of having made representations (under oath, in one case) to their representation (under oath in one case) to their adversaries and the superior court that were “deliberately or recklessly false and intended to deceive.” The court record bears out the accusations. ”

Source http://www.everyones-business.org/Docs/Sleazy-In-Seattle_Stuart-Taylor-Jr.pdf


Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_A._Jones


Judge Richard Jones’s employment with Bogle & Gates is obviously a major concern, since he made several decisions in Block v Snohomish County et al and failed to disclose that he received state contracts via Association of Washington Cities (AWC) and Washington State Attorney General Special Assistant Attorney General (SAAGs).  The same agencies funding litigation against Gold Bar Reporter for over ten years and counting.

But I admit, Judge Richard Jones is not the only public official who received public money from AWC and the AG’s fraudulent scheme, several of the Washington State Bar Association’s disciplinary members such as Stephanie Bloomfield ( Gordon, Thomas and Honeywell), Marc Silverman, Marcia Lynn Damerow Fisher.  Not one person disqualified themselves for cause on any of the WSBA cases.

The scam is so profitable, even the WSBA President William Pickett ( Yakima) received huge payments from AWC and the AG.  It’s possible that many Judges involved in dismissing cases against the WA AG and/or AWC simply forget that they received huge amounts of money payment via the AG’s SAAGs program and AWC contracts.

This obviously begs one question: why would a judge not disclose his pecuniary interest in a case involving his receipt of hundreds of thousands of public monies?  In my opinion, it’s called greed and fixing cases for their own selfish pecuniary interest.

The Public’s Right to Know has no limits, and a US Federal Court Judges are no exception

I do consider the US Marshall’s contact to be a veiled threat against the free press. No, the Marshall didn’t physically threaten me, but he did demand to know why I was asking for public records and tried to intimidate me into agreeing not to publish judges PERs record. Outrageous conduct of any law enforcement official.

PERs is a public retirement system for the State of Washington employees. Once you’re no longer a state employee, your investment remains and interest builds,  but you can no longer fund the PERs system. This seems to make sense, because it’s a state retirement system, and the taxpayers of Washington State shouldn’t be a welfare program for anyone, especially a federal judge.

United State Judges and/or State of Washington Judges are no exceptions to transparency under Washington State’s open government laws, as such, a public records requests were sent for PERs information on several state and federal judges.  Why?  because we feel strongly that public officials answer to “we the people” not the other way around.  Judges are no exception.

One fact that our readers may not know is that Judge Jones issued a written order denying that he had a bias in Block v Snohomish County et al.  Not sure about our readers, but if the above is true, then Judge Richard Jones’s didn’t only have a duty to disclose, but he also filed a false statement into at least two federal court records.

I’ll hold out final judgement until WA PERs releases several Judges’ financial PERs pursuant to RCW 42.56.

Doe v Reed,  https://ballotpedia.org/Doe_v._Reed, during the April 28 2011 oral argument  hearing at the United States Supreme Court, Justice Antonin Scalia said, “The fact is that running a democracy takes a certain amount of civic courage. And the First Amendment does not protect you from criticism or even nasty phone calls when you exercise your political rights.”

In regards to Plaintiff’s attorney Bopp’s argument of the fear of harassment, Justice Antonin Scalia said that some forms of boycotts and picketing are constitutionally protected by the First Amendment.

Justice John Paul Stevens, in what is most likely was his last scheduled argument prior to his retirement, asked “Is there [not a] public interest in encouraging debate on the underlying issue,” by releasing the names?

Doe v Reed was decided in favor of the public’s right to know, upholding long standing open government laws of Washington State.

As my readers can imagine, I was quite shocked and absolutely appalled that United State Federal District Court Judges would misuse public resources by having a United States Marshall contact me about why I am requested judges PERs records.

I felt it was threat not only against me, but against the state laws of Washington, all Washington State Bar Association members are sworn in to uphold.

RCW 42.56, Washington State’s Public Records Act does not exempt public officials from disclosing where their monies are coming from.  Quite the opposite. Rhe public’s right to know where public officials money came from or is coming from has no limit.

Transparency is for government officials, and privacy is for the public. Not the other way around. We appreciate your support of Washington laws; laws every judge is sworn in to uphold.


“Lawyers didn’t seriously get involved in the Watergate stories until quite late, when we realized we were on to something.” Bob Woodward, one of two reporters who broke the Watergate Scandal, forcing the resignation of Richard Nixon .

Our readers may finally understand how and why judges are fixing cases involving Washington State and Association of Washington Cites, and how a private Washington State Bar Association is stealing from the PERs system as well.

Must be something really good inside Washington State’s PERs records to have a US Marshall call a news reporter in what I believe is an attempt to stop our news investigation or at minimum attempts to intimidate the press.

My duty as a news reporter is to the public not to a judge.

My hope is the judges PERs records are as juicy as a Florida orange, so Washingtonians can finally have access to courts that are suppose to be here to right wrongs regardless of who is sued.

Oh yes indeed, if our readers have not guessed it, we are onto something very very big, so stay tuned.


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