King County, Washington, confirmed that Crystal Hill Pennington has been terminated for filing fraudulent application to obtain employment

Seattle: August 28, 2020,

A King County insider told the Gold Bar Reporter that ” Crystal was fired for gross misrepresentations on her application for employment.

According to the Gold Bar Reporter’s counsel ” it’s a felony to file false statements and false educational credentials to obtain government employment.”


Crystal Hill Pennington, a twice convicted bank frauder

Fraud, forgery and lies on job applications, Crystal Hill Pennington bringing in the new year, the Pennington family way

John Edward Pennington Jr., and Crystal Daniel Hill Pennington (nee Berg) never cease to amaze me with the level of fraud both have perpetuated upon the taxpayers of Washington State.

From domestic terrorism, fraud, forgery, harassment, and now filing false academic and employment credentials to entice King County in hiring Ms. Hill Pennington for a position she has no educational or employment experience.

But what’s new for the Penningtons’ rein of criminal conduct the Gold Bar Reporter has uncovered and reported on for 15 years here in Washington State.

Between 2015 to 2017, Crystal Hill Pennington ( nee Berg) along with John Edward Pennington Jr. attempted to obtain countless “restraining orders” against Anne Block, the Gold Bar Reporter. The reason was simple: Ms. Hill Pennington filed countless criminal complaints claiming that she was unable to find employment as a result of our news reports on her extensive criminal history.

In Pierce County, on April 27, 2017, a Washington State Judge held a 3.5 hour hearing, at which time, the Gold Bar Reporter presented copies of Ms. Hill Pennington criminal history records documenting that she is a twice convicted bank frauder, once in North Carolina where she served time in jail, and once in Snohomish County Washington where she plead guilty.

Ms. Hill Pennington uses several aliases, and aka as Crystal Berg and Crystal Pieneiche.

For over ten years, Ms. Hill Pennington ( nee Berg) and John Edward Pennington Jr. operated a foe website titled the ” Sky Valley Chronicle.” Public records confirm John E Pennington Jr did this right from his office inside Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management. Pennington was fired for his criminal harassment in late 2016.

Crystal Hill Pennington was unemployed from February 2010, to April 2020. She was fired from every job she ever held which included Snohomish County Community Transit, and attorney Mark Weiss’s office. Inside Community Transit Ms. Hill Pennington was caught stealing ( excess of $300) and lying on her job application. Because Ms. Hill Pennington’s mother was a long term employee at Community Transit, they agreed not to criminally prosecute in 2002.

In 2010, Ms. Hill Pennington was also fired from attorney Mark Weiss’s office after he caught her practicing law without a license, writing and serving divorce motions for her new lover, John E Pennington Jr, in King County Washington, Laughlin v Pennington.

After Attorney Mark Wiess fired Crystal Hill for the crime of practicing law without a license, she applied for unemployment benefits lying about the reason why she was fired. The WA Security Division received a fraud report from another resident, and after a 90 day investigation, Ms. Hill Pennington was found to have falsely filed for unemployment benefits and court ordered to pay back over $6000.00 she stole. The State’s court filed in King County where Ms. Hill Pennington resides.

After Ms. Hill Pennington (nee Berg) plead guilty to bank fraud in Snohomish County, she was appointed as a Gold Bar city council member by another fraudster, Colleen Hawkins. Ms. Hawkins had her owns problems of using her husband’s security clearance inside Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office to run illegal background checks on citizens. Ms. Hawkins used her husband, a Sheriff Officer, to run illegal backgrounds on her opponents just before the election. What Ms. Hawkins found was a juvenile criminal conviction of her opponent from another state, and then disseminated the illegally obtained information via Gold Bar city emails. The only problem for Ms. Hawkins was that the criminal history she illegally gathered on her opponent was from a state that “seals” juvenile records.

As a twice convicted criminal, Ms. Hill Pennington ( nee Berg) was compromised, thus an ally to shady people like Coleen Hawkins. People who should be in prison for their crimes. Instead, Ms. Hill changed her name from Crystal Berg to Crystal Hill and ran for Mayor.

According to the Washington State Auditor’s 2012 Report, during Ms. Hill Pennington’s tenor as Mayor there is ” $200,000 missing from the City, and not employee can tell me where it went.”

In July 2008, Ms. Hill and a water employee named Karl Majerle were caught illegally using the City’s gas card for their personal vehicles. Majerle was the only prosecuted for the theft, because Ms. Hill Pennington’s past criminal history of bank fraud convictions, Association of Washington Cities was unable to bond her thus they had every incentive to cover up her crimes. Mr. Majerle knew about Ms. Hill Pennington’s criminal bank fraud convictions and extorted her into not pursuing criminal charges.

But then along came the Gold Bar Reporter, who has written extensively on Ms. Hill Pennington’s fraud; so much so that Ms. Hill Pennington filed a criminal complaint against the Gold Bar Reporter in 2016 claiming ” I cant find work because of Ms. Block’s blog.”

Joe Beavers became Mayor after Ms. Hill Pennington’s lengthy five year extra-martial affair with a forth time married man, John Edward Pennington Jr. For four years, Crystal Hill harassed his wife Ann, and in one extramarital affair with a married man, Fleshman Cooper ( the father of Hill’s child), Ms. Hill was found guilty of criminal harassment and ordered to stay away from Mr. Cooper, his wife and their child.

Fleshman Cooper’s ex-wife said ” Crystal Hill Pennington was abusing my child. I found bruises on my child, and brought charges against Crystal for criminal harassment . . . ” What Ms. Cooper didn’t know is that Crystal Hill was sleeping with several Snohomish County Sheriff’s Officers, one county Judge Joe Wilson, and three county prosecutors.

After siting by watching countless extra marital affairs committed by John E Pennington, with whores and prostitutes, John E Pennington’s marriage ended, and his mistress, Crystal Hill, who Gold Bar’s Mayor Joe Beavers said ” Crystal Hill is a whore! ” three times in Executive Session, moved in with John E Pennington in 2009.

At the time, Crystal Hill moved in with Pennington, her house was foreclosed on for failing to make a single house payment, and John E. Pennington Jr. was still married to Ann when Ms. Hill Pennington moved in with him.

“Birds of the same feathers flock together as do pigs and swine.’

In late 2012, Block v City of Gold Bar, then Gold Bar Mayor Joe Beavers was deposed and in that deposition we learned that Joe Beavers was a convicted felon from Arlington Texas. Joe Beavers sexually assaulted a female inside a bar and when a man tried to defend her, a drunkin fight broke out. Joe Beavers plead guilty to assault and was sentenced to 10 days in jail, ordered into anger management classes, and served 3 years probation.

Joe Beavers application to become a Professional Engineer was declined as a result of his felony conviction.

In late 2016, John E Pennington Jr. was fired from Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management after he was caught moonlighting on the county’s dime ( operating his own company and not paying WA State business tax) , operating and having the County taxpayers pay the Penningtons’ blog titled the Sky Valley Chronicle, and after his dereliction of his official county duties resulted in the deaths of 43 residents in the Oso mudslides.

In 2009, Dr. Hedricks from King County Washington labeled John Edward Pennington Jr. “a sociopath with no empathy for human life.” John Pennington was hospitalized at Oregon State hospital after he violently assaulted his prior fiancé in Oregon. As part of his plea deal, claiming he had a mental defect i.e. autism, John Edward Pennington Jr. would undergo mental health confinement at Oregon State Hospital instead of serving time in prison.

For six months John E Pennington Jr. filed false claims that the Gold Bar Reporter was anonymously cyber-stalking him and his family, when in fact, the Gold Bar Reporter has openly posted and appeared inside the press as Anne Block.

Fact is, the Penningtons were cyber-stalking on behalf of Snohomish County Prosecutors’ Office on a foe website titled ” The Sky Valley Chronicle” and once Attorney General Bob Fergusson learned about this – after a lawsuit was filed against the Sky Valley Chronicle – he shut them down by saying ” If you don’t stop harassing’s Block on the Chronicle, we are going to let her proceed for defamation against you.”

For years, John Pennington bragged that he was a member of an organization that vowed to protect him if he were ever sued. At the time, we had no idea that Association of Washington Cities has been covering up for pedophiles inside our government offices. Public officials have known to have trafficked underage girls and/or boys for sex include Court of Appeals Justice Marlin Applewick, King County Superior Court Judge Michael Scott, Washington State Bar Association Lead Counsel Doug Ende, and Snohomish County Commissioner G. Geoffrey Gibbs.

After the Judge held that Anne Block was a member of the press, denying the Penningtons’ request to stop our news reports on their fraud and harassment, Crystal Hill Pennington teared up, putting on a very poor acting stunt, trying to get the Judge to reconsider his decision. The Judge DENIED Ms. Hill Pennington’s attempts to restrain the Gold Bar Reporter as “Unconstitutional Restraint against Free Speech and the Free Press.”

The real reason why Pierce County denied the restraining order because the Penningtons’ were caught forging court records. Both were found liable for whiting out court service documents, and successfully sued as a result in Block v Penningtons, March 2017, King County Superior Court.

In late 2016, Ms. Hill Pennington filed a police report with Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office claiming she couldn’t find work as a result the Gold Bar Reporter’s news reports. So, as you can imagine, we were quite surprised that a twice convicted bank frauder, a person who filed fraudulent unemployment claims, was in fact found liable for not paying business tax ( King County against the Penningtons Education Services Inc.), and who was also found liable of forgery ( March 2017, Block v Pennington, King County), would be receiving any kind of government job. Especially since we already know Ms. Hill Pennington’s bank fraud convictions make her ineligible for King County, state and federal employment.

In April 2020, acting on false information Ms. Hill Pennington submitted in her job application and resume, King County hired her. This caused us to request public records involving Ms. Hill Pennington ( nee Berg) from King County. Late last week, we got some answers back learning that Ms. Hill Pennington is guilty of fraud once again, but this time in King County Washington.

Ms. Hill Pennington falsely claimed on a King County job application that she was in a Juris Doctorate ( JD Law) program ( she was DENIED entrance into an accredited JD law program because she lied on her application), she worked for various states including Maryland ( during time period where she filed a criminal complaint against the Gold Bar Reporter claiming she couldn’t find work because of our news reports on her crimes), she failed to disclose her criminal history of bank fraud convictions, and she also lied claiming that she was the City Manager for the City of Gold Bar.

According to City of Gold Bar Mayor Bill Clem, the City has never had a city manager.

Criminal complaints against Ms. Hill Pennington are pending and King County employee told the Gold Bar Reporter that Ms. Hill Pennington is being postured for lying on her job application.

Ms. Hill Pennington has never sued the Gold Bar Reporter, but we did sue her and John E Pennington Jr. for harassment, abuse of the process, and forgery. ( Block v Penningtons, King County Superior Court, March 2017) Ms. Hill Pennington and John Edward Pennington Jr. were found liable for committing forgery, abuse of the process, and harassment against the Gold Bar Reporter for reporting the truth on their rein of terror for the last decade.


For Snohomish County government note this report was published from outside the State of Washington. This is mentioned because a source called the Gold Bar Reporter and said ” Ms . Hill Pennington was placed on administrative leave pending a criminal investigation into her false filings via electronic means ( according to our counsel amounts to racketeering), by a non-state investigator. She was steaming and threatening Snohomish County prosecutors and Sheriff’s Office to exposé all of them if they didn’t do something.”

The source who we labeled ” fed up” told the Gold Bar Reporter that Crystal Hill also slept with Prosecutors Adam Cornell, Sean Reay, and Mark Roe. In fact, the source said ” everyone knew Crystal Hill Pennington was having gang banging parties with many county employees for years.” It’s no wonder why former Gold Bar Mayor Joe Beavers declared in Executive Session ” Crystal Hill is whore! Crystal Hill is a whore! Crystal Hill is a whore!” and former Gold Bar council member Jay Prueher said ” Crystal Hill was a party girl.”

The Gold Bar Reporter is an award winning journalist and has been reporting on government officers corruption for a decade. What is happening in Minnesota as well as major cities throughout America is just a symptom of why persons like Crystal Hill Pennington and John Edward Pennington Jr. who have extensive criminal history are placed inside government offices like the officer who murdered George Floyd.

National Public Radio recently did a story about how the insurance company is still insuring bad state actors, covering up liability they created and allowing them to keep their jobs. Minnesota, like WA State, also uses Lloyds of London as it primary insurer of public employee’s civil and criminal misconduct.

The only issue I take with NPR story is they forgot to mention that Lloyds of London syndicates like Association of Washington Cities and Counties are insuring these people with no regard for citizens.

Why is a foreign government running Washington State’s risk management?

Attorney General Rob McKenna, the leader behind restricting citizens’ rights to access the courts, and to limit liability by pooling insurance including judges, defense attorneys, prosecutors, counties, Washington State Bar Association, Washington State Supreme Court, Washington State Office of Public Defense, lawyers, Special Assistant Attorney Generals, school districts, fire districts, and private law firms

Association of Washington Cites and Cities Insurance of Washington Cities, the  Washington State Bar Association, for profit and non-profit companies, as well as many Washington lawyers and law firms are insured and are members of Association of Washington Cites.

Association of Washington Cities insurance policies are unwritten by Lloyd’s of London and its brokers. Not only does Association of Washington Cities insure cities, they also insure the Washington State Bar Association, private law firms ( mainly those connected with the Washington State Attorney General’s Office as Special Assistant Attorney General’s – we’ll get to this story soon), the  Washington State’s Attorney General’s Department of Enterprise Services, and with the Washington State Supreme Court itself.

In 2008, Lloyd’s of London was taken over by the United Kingdom government. 

For this reason, we explain what Lloyd’s of London is and why its owned by United Kingdom government, and more importantly how and why Lloyd’s of London has employees and office space inside Association of Washington Cities office in Olympia, Washington.

McKenna (1)

Rob McKenna, former Washington State Attorney General

In 2005,  Washington State’s Attorney General General Rob McKenna tired to bamboozle the taxpayers of Washington State into limiting citizen’s rights to financial compensation.

McKenna was the driving force behind tort reform.  Rob McKenna grossly underestimated the voters of  Washington State voters desire to have access to the courts when wronged.  After loosing his bid to restrict citizens’s rights to access the courts, via tort reform, Rob McKenna came up with a different plan to limit and restrict liability by “pooling insurance.”  McKenna was even stupid enough to sign a law school journal article with Seattle University Law School this after the voters overwhelmingly rejected tort reform, so McKenna proposed A fraudulent scheme to limit liability, started by former Attorney General Rob McKenna, after the voters of Washington State overwhelmingly rejected tort reform.  More to come soon, promise. 


Lloyd’s of London, generally known simply as Lloyd’s, is an insurance and reinsurance market located in London, United Kingdom. Unlike most of its competitors in the industry, it is not an insurance company; rather, Lloyd’s is a corporate body governed by the Lloyd’s Act 1871 and subsequent Acts of Parliament. It operates as a partially-mutualised marketplace within which multiple financial backers, grouped in syndicates, come together to pool and spread risk. These underwriters, or “members”, are a collection of both corporations and private individuals, the latter being traditionally known as “Names”.

The business of underwriting at Lloyd’s is predominantly general insurance and reinsurance, although a small number of syndicates write term life assurance. The market has its roots in marine insurance and was founded by Edward Lloyd at his coffee house on Tower Street in c. 1686. Today, it has a dedicated building on Lime Street within which business is transacted at each syndicate’s “box” in the underwriting “Room”, with the insurance policy documentation being known traditionally as a “slip”.

Lloyd’s is a market of members. As the oldest continuously active insurance marketplace in the world, Lloyd’s has retained some unusual structures and practices that differ from all other insurance providers today. Originally created as a non-incorporated association of subscribing members, it was incorporated by the Lloyd’s Act 1871 and is currently governed under the Lloyd’s Acts of 1871 through to 1982.

Lloyd’s itself does not underwrite insurance policies itself, leaving that to its members. Instead, the Society operates effectively as a market regulator, setting it’s own rules under which members operate and offering centralized administrative services to those council members.

In Washington State, those council members are known to us Washingtonians as Association of Washington Cities Board Members.

The  appointment of nominated members, including that of the chief executive officer at Washington Cities, Peter King,  is confirmed by the Governor of the Bank of England. The Bank of England is owned by the United Kingdom government, which means, that the Bank of England operates risk management for Lloyd’s of London i.e. the United Kingdom government, and has a heavy hand in controlling its brokers/members and appointments to Association of Washington Cities including but not limited to CEO Peter King.

In Olympia, Association of Washington Cities, has a Bank of England ( again owned by UK government) employee, Harlan Stientjes, sitting inside directing litigation.  Yes, Association of Washington Cities Risk Manager is a paid employee of the United Kingdom.

According to current Gold Bar Mayor, ” Harlan Stientjes is the one that targeted you Anne.” What our Mayor did not know was this: Harlan Stientjes’s email communication, an alleged risk manager for Association of Washington Cities, has a fixed IP address and is assigned to the UK Ministry of  Defence.” Remember the UK government owns Llyods.

In 2018 there were 84 syndicates managed by 55 managing agencies that collectively wrote £35.5bn of gross premiums on risks placed by 303 approved brokers. Around 50 per cent of premiums emanated from North America ( mainly the United States), 30 per cent from Europe and 20 per cent from the rest of the world.

Association of Washington Cities and Cites Insurance Association of Washington Counties are the two brokers that solicit and obtain members on behalf of Lloyd’s of London, because by pooling and dictating the delivery of legal and insurance services, Association of Washington Cities Chief Executive Officer, Peter King, among other members like Ann Marie Soto, Michael Kenyon, Ramsey Rammerman, Amanda Butler, and Shannon  Ragonesi, and Judge Michael Scott ( King County Superior Court) are all members and huge contractors with Association of Washington Cities.

But the stench doesn’t stop at Association of Washington Cities.  Our search also indicted that when a private lawyer is a member, like Washington State Bar’s former President Bill Pickett and Stephanie Bloomfield ( a daughter to US Federal Judge Ronald Leighton) the payouts for being a member amounts to Association of Washington Cities settling cases, always. 100 % chance of prevailing inside Washington State Courts and US Federal Courts, Washington Division.

In January 2020, we caught US Federal Court Judge Ricardo Martinez calling Snohomish County Prosecutor Joseph Genster, making exparte communication, this while cases against Association of Washington Cities members, Snohomish County via Washington Association of Counties, are being sued for 42 USC 1983 and RICO violations.




Risk Managers, Llyods of London, pooling scam to limit liability, or as Attorney Jeffrey Myers inferred, they decide who wins cases or gets charged or convicted of a crime 

Association of Washington Cities Chief Executive Officer, Peter King, among other members like Ann Marie Soto, Michael Kenyon, Ramsey Rammerman,  Amanda Butler, and Shannon  Ragonesi, and Judges Michael Scott, Julie Spector, Amie Sutton ( King County Superior Court) and US Federal Court Judges like Ricardo Martinez, Ronald Leighton, Benjerman Settles, Marsha Pechman, and Richard Jones were all members and/or received huge payouts/ contracts with Association of Washington Cities.

In the case of Snohomish County Washington, we caught Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe tampering with the jury list, removing names of those residents who are open government supporters or highly educated, and making deals with incompetent defense attorneys such as Jason Schwartz, Tom Cox, Tom Kummrow, and Phil Sayles to throw cases in exchange for huge money contracts.

How big is this?  To answer this question, when we ran a search of how many judges were members of Association of Washington Cities, we could not find one who was not a associated with Association of Washington Cites, except the new appointee in US Federal Court in Seattle, appointed by President Trump.

Association of Washington Cities only boosts of a few names of its members, leaves out many judges and attorney generals names,  but does include members with clear conflicts of interest such as the Washington State Auditor’s Office, Superior Court Judges Association, Attorney General’s Department of Enterprise Services ( who contracts with the Washington State Supreme Court for the Washington State Bar Association),  Port of Seattle, City of Duvall, City of Gold Bar, City of Monroe, City of Everett, Judges Associations, Counties, Cities, school districts, fire districts, WA State Office of Public Defense, Snohomish County Public Defenders, law firm of Anderson Hunter, attorneys such Ann Marie Soto at Madrona Law Group, Kenyon Disend, Keating, Buckling, & McCormick, Christie law Group, all who are being sued for racketeering crimes in 2016 02 19 Block v WSBA Amended RICO Complaint. 

As the RICO complaint correctly stated, Attorney Ann Marie Soto, an attorney at Madrona Law Group and Kenyon Disend, committed federal and state racketeering crimes when she and Keating,Bucklin and McCormack’s attorneys Shannon Ragonesi and Amanda Butler, helped a federal witness, and Gold Bar’s Mayors Crystal Hill Pennington ( nee Berg) and Joe Beavers, illegally remove their criminal conviction  records from the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) data base using Michael Meyers a City of Seattle police officer.

Hill Bank Bank Fraud

Hill Bank Bank Fraud 2

Hill Docket Evergreen District Court_Page_2

Hill Docket Evergreen District Court_Page_2

Seattle police officer or should we say Association of Washington Cities IT hatchet man, Michael Meyers, was also moonlighting providing IT services to the City of Gold Bar to conceal former Mayor Crystal Hill Pennington’s email communication when she and John E Pennington ( fired for harassing and cyber-stalking the Gold Bar Reporter via Snohomish County computers) operated an anonymous website titled ” The Sky Valley Chronicle” with Snohomish County taxpayer monies.  After the Gold Bar Reporter successfully sued Crystal Hill Pennington and John E Pennington Jr. they took down the Sky Valley Chronicle.

Attorney Shannon Ragonesi was recently caught having exparte communication with the City of Gold Bar’s council member Brian Diaz, who was arrested for downloading and possession of child porn and possession of meth.

We also recently learned that the City of Seattle Police Officer, Michael Meyers, received huge payouts from the Washington State Attorney General’s Office, as did attorney Ann Marie Soto, and her previous and current  law firms of Madrona Law Group, Pacifica Law Group,  and Kenyon Disend.   Attorney Ann Marie Soto is also “special assistant attorney general” another fraudulent scam to steal and deceive the taxpayers that we will get to in another story.

So what does the State of Washington’s insurance company aka Association of Washington Cities do to restrict citizens’ rights to seek damages when the voters said NO ? 

Association of Washington of Cities, at the lecturing of Attorney General Rob McKenna decide to pool insurance, with no limits to who can become members. A few words come to mind including deceptive trade, Anti Trust, and fraud and corruption.

Question posed is: is this deceptive to call an Association, Association of Washington of Cities, when in fact they are accepting members who are not Cities, and directing those members to one insurance company, Lloyd’s of London.  May be the bigger question is why? Why is Llyods of London insuring agencies, prosecutors, defense attorneys, State of Washington Auditors Office, Insurance Commissioner, Cities, Counties, Judges like Snohomish County Superior Court Judge Janis Ellis, law firms such as Madrona Law Group, Kenyon Disend, Ogden Murphy and Wallace, Hillis Clarke Martin and Peterson ( King County Judge Michael Scott’s firm), Lane & Powell, Perkins Coie, Foster Pepper, and other associations such as as Cities Insurance Association of Washington and the Washington State Bar Association?

Does this not amount to fraud? or as one of the Association of Washington Cities member and contractor, Jeffrey Myers, from Law, Lyman, Daniel, Kammerer, Bogdanovich said ” they will not Anne Block win” or as convicted felon and former Mayor Joe Beavers said in 2009 ” we have the courts locked up… and we are going to get Block’s Washington State Bar license for this.”

Based on the totality of the evidence we have collected, we now know ” they” Beavers and Myers were bragging about were Association of Washington of Cities and Llyods of London, with the assistance of its members, including the Washington State Bar Association, county prosecutors, and every judges association in Washington State.

There’s leave no doubt that Association of Washington of Cities, with the assistance of the Washington State Attorney’s General’s Office, at the bequest of its insurance, have been fixing cases to restrict any citizens rights to access the courts to expose their felonious conduct which we have ample evidence to support amounts to racketeering and Sherman Anti-Trust violations.

Former Mayor Crystal Hill Pennington told a friend that the Washington State Bar Association, a member of Association of Washington Cities, illegally released the Gold Bar Reporter’s application file to the City of Gold Bar in March 2009, hence why Supreme Court Justice Barbara Madsen continues to cover up the City of Gold Bar’s crimes.

Late yesterday, we finally received a contract between the Washington State Supreme Court, on behalf of the Washington State Bar Association, contracting with the Washington State Attorney’s General’s Department of Enterprise Services. Washington State Attorney’s General’s Department of Enterprise Services is also a member of Association of Washington Cities.

This means the Washington State Bar Association is a member of Association of Washington Cities and is in fact a state agency not a branch of the Judiciary as the Washington State Supreme Court has continuously, for over 25 years, falsely asserted to the public. Now, we know that even the Washington State Supreme Court is a branch of the Executive’s Officer ( i.e. the Washington State Attorney General’s Office Department of Enterprise Services).

K3114 Washington State Bar Association_Page_1


K3114 Washington State Bar Association_Page_2



” Those people who are threatening you, are now threatening me”  Gold Bar’s new Mayor William Clem was referring Association of Washington Cities CEO Peter King and its risk manager Harlan Stientjes.

Bigger question for those of us who have litigated is: How far does this go? Possibly to the 9th Circuit? Those of us who been frauded by this scheme of “fixing cases” knows it involves the Washington State Attorney General’s Office, the State Supreme Court, Association of Washington Cities, County Prosecutors, and every Superior Court in Washington State.

This fraudulent scheme has amounted to defense attorneys throwing clients under the bus in exchange for money, and a promise from Association of Washington Cities members, the Washington State Bar Association, not to investigate a single complaint filed against an agency employee.

More to come soon.


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