Snohomish County confirm Prosecutor using taxpayer monies to fund a convicted criminal


Mark Roe misappropriating public funds
provides a legal defense to convicted criminal

A copy of Mark Roe’s contract with convicted criminal Kevin Hulten’s attorney John Kugler can be seen at

​In July 2012, the Gold Bar Reporters were first to break ” Reardon misappropriating taxpayer monies to fund his affairs.”  This story eventually brought down Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon.
The Gold Bar Reporters correctly reported that Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon was misusing taxpayer money to fund two affairs, one with Sound Cities Association President Deanna Dawson and one with a county employee named Tamara Dutton.
As the Gold Bar Reporters correctly reported, Snohomish County political appointee John Pennington and county public records officer Diana Rose (Ms. Dutton’s former friend) threw Tamara Dutton under the bus to save Deanna Dawson.
We correctly reported  that Diana Rose and John Pennington misused county monies and resources to provide Deanna Dawson a “wag the dog” approach to spare her from press coverage. But not without the assistance of both Diana Rose and John Pennington.
Public records from last year confirm that Snohomish County Prosecutor Jason Cummings also assisted Pennington, Rose and Margaret King in covering up Dawson’s affair with Reardon.
Our story published in May 2013 titled ” The Stoning of Tamara Dutton” was right on target.  For those of us who are political scientists’, this conduct is also known as a “diversion story” or a “wag the dog” approach to distract the voters.
It worked, as of today the only one the press ever reported on as having an extramarital affair with Aaron Aaron Reardon was Tamara Dutton.
For Diana Rose’s efforts to further the RICO Enterprise’s conspiracy, Ms. Rose was recently promoted to Director of Emergency Management for the City of Marysville, a $50,000 per year promotion as payment in kind for her efforts in assisting the RICO Enterprise’s conspiracy of throwing Dutton under the bus to save Deanna Dawson.
Deanna Dawson lied to the WA State Patrol claiming that she never engaged in an extra-marital affair with Aaron Reardon. It was Deanna Dawson who was traveling around Europe with Aaron Reardon in 2011, ordering sex toys to hotel rooms, and misusing the County credit cards to purchase Paris airshow tickets, expensive Paris meals, and hotels, etc.  These facts are undisputed since Aaron Reardon was fined by Washington State’s Public Disclosure Commission in June 2012 for misappropriating public funds on his  county taxpayer funded rendezvous with Deanna Dawson throughout Europe.
A source from Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office contacted the Gold Bar Reporter last week stating
” Jason Cummings and Mark Roe have been on the phone with the Snohomish County Daily Herald all week asking for more time before the Herald publishes Mark Roe’s Recall story.  Snohomish County Council and Mark Roe spent another $10,000.00 with a public relations firm in California titled  “e.Republic” hoping to slant public opinion on his Recall.
According to the insider, Mark Roe again misused county taxpayer monies hoping to divert public opinion
from the real issue which is that Mark Roe misappropriated over $23,000 of taxpayers money to provide a legal defense to a racketeering complaint filed in US Federal District Court  on December 23, 2014.
​Why? Because Mark Roe has been running illegal background checks on citizens for years.  RCW 10.97 makes running illegal background checks a crime in Washington.
​For those of our readers who do not understand the ” Wag the Dog” approach to what Mark Roe and the public relations firm he hired are trying to sdo you should read
Then last week, Gold Bar’s insurance company American Association of Washington Cities (AWC)  confirmed that it was not providing any legal services to the City of Gold Bar.  Recently the Washington State Auditor stated that the City of Gold Bar claimed that AWC was in fact providing in legal defense.  The Auditor recently told another citizen that Gold Bar’s Mayor Linda Loen filed a false certification with the Auditor stating that AWC was in fact providing a legal defense to Gold Bar, when in fact more public records confirm that Snohomish County Prosecutors are misusing county taxpayer monies to provide a legal defense RICO thugs from Gold Bar.  As a result, an additional Recall will be filed against Mark Roe on this basis too.
Why Snohomish County Voters should Recall Prosecutor Mark Roe
On February 14, 2013, Snohomish County Executive employee Kevin Hulten was exposed by two Snohomish County reporters from the Snohomish County Daily Herald for criminally harassing Snohomish County resident and taxpayer Anne Block.  As a result, Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon resigned and Snohomish County executive employee Kevin Hulten was terminated from Snohomish County employment for misconduct.
Kevin Thomas Hulten’s claim for unemployment was denied as a result of his misconduct.
In March 2013, the Snohomish County council ordered the criminal investigation as outlined by the Snohomish County Daily Herald’s article “Reardon’s Office linked to harassment” to the King County Major Crimes Unit.  Kevin Hulten’s county computers and cell phone were transferred to King County Major Crimes Unit for forensic inspection.
According to King County’s Major Crimes Unit, Kevin Hulten used a “wiping program” and destroyed evidence.  Upon completion of its investigation, King County Major Crimes Unit transferred its criminal investigation to Skagit County for possible prosecution. Skagit County brought criminal evidence tampering charges against Kevin Hulten, and Kevin Hulten plead GUILTY in an open public court located in Arlington, Washington, to criminal evidence tampering on July 7, 2014.
Our Recall Petition states:  In August 2014, Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe violated RCW 4.96.010 when he allocated and entered into an agreement using Snohomish County taxpayer monies to fund Kevin Thomas Hulten a convicted criminal and former Snohomish County Executive employee who was exposed by the Snohomish County Daily Herald on February 14, 2013.
RCW 4.96.010 in pertinent part prohibits use of taxpayer funds for conduct outside of the employee’s official duties and states the following:
Tortious conduct of local governmental entities — Liability for damages. 
(1) All local governmental entities, whether acting in a governmental or proprietary capacity, shall be liable for damages arising out of their tortious conduct, or the tortious conduct of their past or present officers, employees, or volunteers while performing or in good faith purporting to perform their official duties, to the same extent as if they were a private person or corporation. Filing a claim for damages within the time allowed by law shall be a condition precedent to the commencement of any action claiming damages. The laws specifying the content for such claims shall be liberally construed so that substantial compliance therewith will be deemed satisfactory.
What Snohomish County residents may not know is that in February 2013, immediately following the Herald’s story, Block placed a litigation hold on all records relating to the Herald story.  With this email hold, Skagit County Prosecutors’ Office used this to charge Kevin Thomas Hulten with criminal evidence tampering.
For those of us who have been investigating Snohomish County corruption for years, it sure appears to us open government supporters in Snohomish County that Prosecutor Mark Roe was involved in the facade that Aaron Reardon, Kevin Hulten and Jon Rudicil (no surprise connects to Senator Steve Hobbs, another piece of shit up here in Snohomish County) created by requesting records anonymously in the County’s efforts to change the Public Records Act.
We cannot think of any other reason why Mark Roe is misusing taxpayer money to fund a criminal who moved to Los Gatos, California.  As one Gold Bar resident said ” Mark Roe must have skin in the game.”
Block who filed the Recall Petition against Mark Roe stated ” if voters had known that Mark Roe funded a former Snohomish County executive officer who plead guilty to criminal evidence tampering, I doubt the voters would have voted for him in November 2014. To illustrate Mark Roe’s blatant disregard for our laws, just last week we learned that Mark Roe is also misappropriating public funds to fund Gold Bar Washington public officials Joe Beavers, Crystal Hill Pennington, and convicted wife beater Chris Wright, and Florence Davie Martin, who Block filed a Racketeering suit (RICO) against. RICO suits are criminal in nature, and I believe that Snohomish County citizens in Arlington, Marysville, Monroe, Snohomish, Lake Stevens, Index, Sultan, etc. should not have to pay for the crimes committed by Gold Bar’s public officials against me simply because Mark Roe’s officers, Sean Reay and Margaret King, committed many predicate acts in violation of RICO and 42 USC 1983 laws. Simply put, I’m fed up Snohomish County government corruption.”
For additional information relating to the massive RICO scandal involving Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office see
We agree. Soon the voters will be the deciders as to whether or not Prosecutor Mark Roe will be Recalled from office or not.
Can’t wait to see e.Republic’s “wag the dog” approach to Mark Roe’s unlawful use of taxpayer monies to fund a convicted criminal and RICO members inside the City of Gold Bar.  We name this chapter of the Gold Bar Reporters book ” Who let the pigs out? Welcome to Snohomish County Washington.”
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Snohomish County Prosecutor’s deny any such contracts or records exist.

Why Snohomish County Prosecutor should be Recalled


Snohomish County Washington Executive employee Kevin ( now using Kevin Thomas) Hulten was exposed by two Snohomish County reporters from the Snohomish County Daily Herald on February 14, 2014, for harassing Snohomish County resident and taxpayer Anne Block.

Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon resigned as a result, and Snohomish County executive employee Kevin Thomas Hulten was terminated from Snohomish County employment for misconduct. His claim for unemployment was denied as a result of his misconduct.

In March 2014, the Snohomish County council ordered the criminal investigation as outlined by the Snohomish County Daily Herald’s article “Reardon’s Office linked to harassment” to the King County Major Crimes Unit.  Kevin Hulten’s county computers and cell phone were transferred to King County Major Crimes Unit for forensic inspection.

According to King County’s Major Crimes Unit, Kevin Hulten used a “wiping program” and destroyed evidence.  Upon completion of its investigation, King County Major Crimes Unit…

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Snohomish County Washington Open Government Supporters Seek Prosecutor Mark Roe’s Recall

Residents of Snohomish County are pleased to announce that a Recall for Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe will be filed within the week.   Reason, misappropriation of public funds. 

Before reading, please see the RICO complaint filed in U.S. Federal District Court last week.

I’m looking into how much discretionary spending Mark Roe has without first getting council approval but I’m pretty sure that Roe’s 100 K  ( 50K to Aaron Readon and Jon Rudicil, and 50K to convicted evidence destroyer Kevin Hulten) exceeds his discretionary spending.  


For those on this email chain confused imagine this.  One day while trying to get money out of an ATM machine a masked man comes up behind you and just as your retrieving money from the ATM the masked man pistol whips you in the back of the head and takes your ATM cash.  As you regain consciousness, he’s gone.  


Then the following week, the same man does exactly the same thing again.  This time you kind of get a glimpse of him, because he’s wearing a mask you still cannot see him. So again he gets away with your cash.


Then one month later, the same man does it again, but this time two news reporters from the Snohomish County Daily Herald happen to see the masked man assaulting you, so chase after  him for a few blocks and notice that he’s a Snohomish County executive officer. 


The two Herald reporters report about it on the front page, kind of something like Scott and Noah did on the Feb 13, 2013 Herald titled “ Reardon’s Office Linked to Harassment.” 



But the real slap in the citizen’s face comes when the citizen then finds out that the County Prosecutor, let’s call him Mark Roe, decides “ this guy knows too much, so much that he can bring me down for gross PDC violations with McBee Strategies in D.C, so well what the hell I have hundreds of thousands of dollars of Snohomish County taxpayer dollars that I can use to cover this up, so he writes a $50K check to the man that assaulted the ATM taxpayer. 


Then pissed off that the County employee will never face justice, you exercise your constitutional right under the 7th Amendment to file a civil suit against the County for the criminal assault and pain and suffering you experienced.  Then instead of investigating the tort claim, the Prosecutor’s Office, including Margaret King ( no surprise who worked for the City of Gold Bar) Sean Reay ( who seems to be Roe’s right hand political bitch inside and outside the office) and Prosecutor Mark Roe decide the best way to handle the lawsuit is to go file WA Bar complaints against the person assaulted at the ATM machine because they find out s/he has a WA Bar license and has been pretty vocal about the corruption inside the Prosecutor’s Office.  None of the WA Bar complaints has anything to do with conduct as an attorney.


And why of course Snohomish County Prosecutor Seth Fine just happens to sit on the WA Bar Office of Disciplinary Counsel Board and its lead counsel Linda Eide happens to be a personal friend of an Executive Officer John Pennington, who Block the taxpayer victim has been reporting about for years for his crimes against the taxpayers of her community.  

 That’s exactly what Mark Roe is doing in Block v. Snohomish County at el.  The ATM taxpayer then files a criminal RICO complaint in U.S. District Court alleging a conspiracy to deprive her of civil rights.  But the story does end here.


Mark Roe then decides that the City of Gold Bar’s former Mayors were all part of the conspiracy to harm the ATM taxpayer, so he ( Roe) drafts up another illegal contract to provide a personal legal defense to Gold Bar and its former Mayors with county taxpayer monies. 


But opps, there’s a legal problem for Mark Roe, it’s called Wash. State Constitution prohibition against using taxpayer monies for personal use. For Roe, this is just a technically; who cares about the Constitution.  Opps, we do and we just happen to have the financial resources and knowledge to press the issues for the next 30 years.  

For us, ” The Constitution means more to us than life itself, and its worth fighting to protect from all invaders, foreign and domestic, problem is, opps, the invaders are Snohomish County public officials. A fact that we could care less about.”  


Folks there’s a word for Mark Roe, it’s called corruption, cover my own ass because convicted criminal Kevin Hulten knows that I ordered the WA Bar complaints to be filed against the citizen who scrutinized my office; I ordered the assault, and I covered up for Pennington’s domestic spying crimes for years.  Why, because everyone in my office has using the Sheriff’s Office to run illegal background checks for years, just another day at the office.  Who cares about the U.S. Constitutional provisions against unreasonable search and seizure or Wash. State’s privacy laws or the Public Records Act ( PRA) .  Screw the laws of Washington State, this is Snohomish County.

As for changing the Public Records Act, Mark Roe was part of advocating for change ( but honest Sen. Dean Taako told Sister Sara that there will be No Get Out of Jail Free Card for what they did to me) and still is, ( kind of hard to cover up your crimes as a public official with open records laws) but this time instead of having a sick demented old man from Gold Bar to march down to the legislature attempting to change the public records  laws, Mark Roe sent Sister Sara Di Vittorio.  But ole Sister Sara slipped up at the Sunshine Committee Meeting saying “ We’re out of money to protect county employees.”   Since when was a public records officers job to protect county workers?  Welcome to Snohomish County!      


Hence why I filed a RICO complaint.  Roe’s most recent actions of misappropriating our money to provide a legal defense to Gold Bar and its criminal public officials only solidifies my posts that Sno County is not only involved in hiding of our records, its  supports what my investigators uncovered that the County illegally gained access into files that they had no legal right to,  then as one former Gold bar council member blew the whistle about John Pennington disseminated via email my non-conviction criminal history records ( which consisted of a lot of political protests detainments) and how our stellar county employee John Pennington illegally used his Homeland Security clearance to gain access into a relative’s mental health records ( and because she and I look so much alike) John Pennington emailed Gold Bar public officials her mental health records claiming that I changed my name and my sister was really me. 

But John Pennington’s mental health records were illegally sealed by Judge Eric Lucas in Pennington v. Pennington.

As for me, I have never been treated for or ever suffered from mental health issues of any kind. However, I believe that people who do have an absolute right to privacy that should not be evaded simply because a relative who lives 3,000 miles away exercises her legal right to access John Pennington’s email communication in 2009.



And just how a sister and brother of mine in Mass got involved, I’ll leave that for another post because both are planning to file their own criminal complaint asking for the Mass Attorney General  ( who has police power in Mass unlike WA) to bring John Pennington, Joe Beavers and Crystal Hill back to Mass for prosecution, noting that Mass Statute of Limitations toll when its out of state residents. So sad for the RICO gang; Mass has the strictest laws on disseminating mental records ( not even doctors are permitted to disseminate mental health records).


So there you go, the story of why Gold Bar’s Mayor Joe Beavers stole over 1M dollars of water and street money to hide public records and why Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe is protecting John Pennington. Criminal RICO in its finest. 


And they think I’m a thorn in their sides, they haven’t dealt with my sister and her husband yet.  But they will be soon.

But that’s not it,  John Pennington is also a prime suspect in the rape of a 5yr child in Cowlitz County, and every where he travels ( according to his travel records) children are missing.  Another story us real reporters are working on.   



These facts support my position that Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe’s Recall is not only coming, but its vital to a healthy democracy. 

John Pennington will be brought to justice for his crimes regardless of whether it takes me 30 days or 30 years.  Pennington and those who assisted him in committing crimes are the real threat to a free society and must be brought to justice regardless of the time or money.  Just think of how different Our World would be today if someone exposed Adolf Hitler long before World War II.

Atifete Jahjaga said:

Democracy must be built through open societies that share information. When there is information, there is enlightenment. When there is debate, there are solutions. When there is no sharing of power, no rule of law, no accountability, there is abuse, corruption, subjugation and indignation.






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