Gold Bar council member Brian Diaz, home raided by feds ? Neighbors say “yes”

Reports are coming in from local Gold Bar residents that Gold Bar’s council member Brian Diaz’s house was raided last night by the federal government. Reports as to why are still sketchy, but we did confirm from Mr. Diaz’s neighbors that yes indeed it was the feds who raided his home.

According to police activity, a federal government black SUV from Homeland Security appeared at Mr. Diaz’s front door last night.

Reports are unclear as to why, but we do know that no one was taken into custody.

Source said ” Brian Diaz wasn’t home, and from appearance, it did look like the feds entered with a search warrant. It was really hard to tell from my window.”

What the feds were looking for is still unclear, but here in Gold Bar anything goes.  Gold Bar’s history includes quite the little list of criminals, including police officers caught stealing from homes and dealing drugs with the assistance of our fine men in blue at the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, public records officer Bonnie Scruggs Dierkson Jones, Crystal Danielle Pennington ( nee Berg caught stealing from Gold Bar, and convicted of bank fraud), Joe ” felon” Beavers from Arlington Texas and where the cyber-stalkers from a government controlled foe online site operated from ( City Hall) also known as the ” Sky Valley Chronicle.”

Seattle Weekly’s reporter said ” Gold Bar is where the loonies lurk” 


It’s been a long time in coming. US Department of Justice should be looking at the allegations submitted against Gold Bar in Block v WSBA et al.  It’s all true, and illustrates quite nicely the criminal racketeering crimes committed by our stellar Gold Bar governing body. 


block v wsba amended rico complaint


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