Snohomish County, Washington, Prosecutors- perverts, sexual deviants, women haters, homophobes, Nazis, and accepting baseball tickets implying bribes for $$$ contracts with Oso mudslide attorney

On January 14, 2019 the Snohomish County Daily Herald published half the story of Snohomish County Washington’s Prosecutors’ sexually deviant behavior documented in Snohomish County’s public records.

The story is here

For years, the Daily Herald, and its Editor Scott North, have been wagging the dog together, creating diversion stories to side step the public’s right to know what’s really going on inside Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office.

phrase [VERB inflects] If you say that the tail is wagging the dog, you mean that a small or unimportant part of something is becoming too important and is controlling the whole thing. [disapproval] Past TV deals have seen the tail wagging the dog.

From July 2009 to Present, the Daily Herald’s editor Scott North  caught our attention for two reasons. First, Scott North would never report on what’s really happening inside Snohomish County public offices, unless Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe “approved” the story.

In one email, Mark Roe wrote the following article as it relates to Snohomish County Prosecutor Adam Cornell.

Everett Daily Herald Edit Scott North falsely put his and another so called reporter’s name on the story, even though public records confirm that Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe was the writer of the story.

In Jul 2009, Scott North wrote a false story titled ” Gold Bar’s Mayor resigns citing harassment” a story which Scott North knew was false because our Mayor’s resignation letter said nothing about harassment.

However, public records released in 2018 reveal that Gold Bar’s Mayor Crystal Hill Pennington ( nee Berg) was hiding her criminal conviction pleas of  bank fraud and being found guilty of criminal harassment so severe that a court issued a restraining order.

Pages from SO08-24992_Redacted_Page_2

Pages from SO08-24992_Redacted_Page_1

Gold Bar’s new Mayor Joe “convicted felon” Beavers assisted Crystal Hill with covering her theft of over $200K of Gold Bar’s city funds, a scheme she had going with Gold Bar’s clerk Laura Kelly.  Kelly was fired after she was caught on video camera stealing public monies.

After the Everett Herald caught Scott North, he was constructively terminated and asked to resign. For North’s efforts assisting the Snohomish County RICO Enterprise, also know to us as the Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office, Scott North was rewarded with a government job here in Snohomish County.

Scott North came under our radar out here in Gold Bar, when in June 2009, Snohomish County’s then Director of Emergency Management John E. Pennington was charged with violently and brutally assaulting a 3rd trimester pregnant City of Duvall council member. Pennington had his guns removed, his concealed weapons permit revoked, after public records from a King County Washington Dr. Hedricks revealed that Pennington was diagnosed as a “sociopath with no empathy for human life.”

As a political favor then Sheriff John Lovick ( another sexual deviant who enjoys masturbating in the bedroom with a teenage girl), signed and issued a new concealed weapons permit to John E Pennington, even though he was not a Snohomish County resident and had a restraining order issued against him by King County Superior Court.

Instead of reporting that a sitting Director inside Snohomish County was  just charged with assaulting a 3rd trimester pregnant woman here in Washington, Scott North did the racketeering gang from Snohomish County government a huge favor and did not report on John E. Pennington extensive and continuous criminal history of beating on women and abusing children dating back as far as 1989.

A source inside Snohomish County who we call “fed up” said ” Snohomish County Prosecutors covered up John Pennington’s criminal conduct as a favor to G. Geoffrey Gibbs. Gibbs. Gibbs and Pennington were friends from his days in the Washington State Legislature. Pennington, Gibbs and Court of Appeals Justice Marlin Applewick were taking plane trips from Olympia to Portland to have sex with underage prostitutes. ”

Public records from Washington State’s Public Disclosure Office support convicted frauder and Everett attorney G. Geoffrey Gibbs ( a man who lent his support to our new Prosecutor Adam Cornell) John E Pennington and Court of Appeals Div. I Justice Marlin Applewick were friends from Olympia. In spite of Court of Appeals Justice Marlin Applewick’s openly stating that John Pennington was a dear friend, Marlin Applewick failed to disclose that countless litigants where John Pennington’s criminal activity was subject of litigation.

Apparently, these people believe that children are labeled prostitutes.  Children are never prostitutes, and anyone who engages in any type of sexual conduct with them are rightfully labeled pedophiles and should be locked up for life for human trafficking.

This brings me to why the above is so important as it relates to sexual deviant Mark Roe, who we now know hates gay people, hates women, sexually assaulted a man, vulgar, a pig, guilty of harassment, and a Nazi supporter.

In addition to Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe being a sexual deviant Nazi, look closely at the cover up he ordered as it relates to Snohomish County Prosecutor Kirk Mahjoueian felonious conduct of taking nude pictures of a woman who too intoxicated that she did not have the ability to consent.

Public records confirm that Mark Roe interfered with an official Equal Employment investigation and should be charged with a crime.

49.60.030, Freedom from discrimination—Declaration of civil rights. 49.60.040 … 49.60.310,Misdemeanor to interfere with or resist commission. 49.60.320 …


According to Snohomish County’s Risk Manager Bob Lenz, Mark Roe interfered with a ongoing criminal investigation and threatened Tony Robertson, Snohomish County’s Equal Employment Opportunity Investigator to alter his findings against Kirk Mahjoueian from GUILTY of sexual assault to no finding.

Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe is a pig, and anyone who protects him from being charged with criminal conduct should be sharing a prison cell with him.

mark roe a criminal in a suit_page_01

mark roe a criminal in a suit_page_05

mark roe a criminal in a suit_page_07

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mark roe a criminal in a suit_page_09

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A copy of Bob Lenz v Snohomish County, Mark Roe, et al click here to see the whole filed Gold Bar Reporter dubs as a as mark roe a criminal in a suit 


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