What if we told you a foreign government was insuring Washington State agencies?

Hang on to your seat because we are going to post how we know the United Kingdom government is insuring the criminal racketeering organization (RICO) known to us here in Washington State as “Association of Washington Cities” (AWC).

Remember the name Harlan Stientjes at harlans@awcnet.org or should we say ” a employee of the UK Ministry of Defense.

Our readers will finally understand why Gold Bar’s Mayor Joe ” convicted felon ” Beavers, former Mayor Crystal “convicted bank frauding and child abuser ” Hill Pennington ( nee Berg), attorney Jeffrey Meyers, and disgraced/terminated John Edward Pennington Jr  (a pedophile) bragged that AWC was fixing cases here in Washington State.

Sweet justice indeed…  somethings are just worth waiting for. This is just one of those moments when the public finally understands how far this RICO goes.

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