Limestone Networks, a Dallas company, tries to hack in to the Gold Bar Reporter

Three times today, a company based out of Dallas Texas, Limestone Networks, made several attempts to hack in to the Gold Bar Reporter.  Every single attack Limestone made, our firewalls blocked out.

In 1986, Congress passed the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), the federal statute that prohibits unauthorized computer access. Under federal law, unauthorized computer access describes the act of:

  1. Knowingly accessing a computer without authorization to obtain:
  2. Financial information
  3. Information from a governmental department or agency
  4. Information from any protected computer with the intent to defraud
  5. Knowingly causing the transmission of a program, information, or code from a protected computer
  6. Knowingly accessing a protected computer and causing damage and loss to that computer

According to our counsel, the penalty for hacking includes high fines and sentences of up to 10 years of prison time.

Limestone Networks is based out of Dallas Texas, and the official IP address that tried to hack in to the Gold Bar Reporter several times today is:


Details for ( Limestone Networks)

Decimal: 1168261406
ASN: 46475
ISP: Limestone Networks
Organization: Limestone Networks
Services: None detected
Type: Corporate
Blacklist: none


Continent: North America
Country: United States
State/Region: Texas
City: Dallas
Latitude: 32.7767  (32° 46′ 36.12″ N)
Longitude: -96.805  (96° 48′ 18.00″ W)
Postal Code: 75202


Limestone Networks was contacted for comment but refused. Bigger question for us reporters is why? Why would a company based out of Dallas be so interested in hacking into the Gold Bar Reporter?

The Gold Bar Reporter is a small online news source from Washington State.  Dedicated to exposing mainly corrupt politicians, especially ones that prey on our children.


Perhaps someone from Limestone networks is helping a disgraced and now terminated Director of Snohomish County Emergency Management  cover up his crimes against women and children?  Could this be some kind of connection to the pedophilia ring that Jack Abramoff blew the whistle about involving Washington State politicians from  Olympia during the late 1990s who were sexually abusing kids inside Washington State’s foster care system?

Interesting to note that Boys Town in Omaha Nebraska keeps looking up John E Pennington, Snohomish County.

Remember Boys Town was the center of massive sex abuse scandal from the 1900s called the ” The Franklin Sex Abuse Scandal.”


Disgraced man who killed 43 people in Oso mudslides using false academic credentials, again!


John Edward Pennington, labeled a sociopath and declared autistic by two King County Washington State doctors, committing more felonies against the taxpayers, once again caught using false academic credentials, but this time in Alaska

We recently learned that John E Pennington is on the loose claiming to be a PhD student at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.  Did he forget that he needs a real Bachelor’s Degree first?

In 2017, John Pennington and Crystal Hill Pennington ( nee Berg convicted of bank fraud) were held liable to Gold Bar Reporter Anne Block for the tort of forgery, see below.


From FEMA to Snohomish County, to Pierce County Washington, “Lunatic on the loose”

On February 22, 2017, Pierce College public official and man responsible for killing of 43 people in the Oso mudslides, John E. Pennington, verbally assaulted a Pierce County Sheriff’s Officer caught on camera.  He also verbally threatened the Gold Bar Reporter’s process server who served John Pennington with more complaints and a subpoena.

Unfortunately, John Pennington’s criminal conduct was caught on camera and witnessed by several onlookers at the Piece County Courthouse, including three Sheriff’s Officers.

The Gold Bar Reporters recently learned that John Pennington has been treated for major mental health problems, and was kicked out of Vanderbilt College as a result.

Imagine a man with mental health problems sat as a Director of Emergency Management of Snohomish County.  A major breach to health and welfare to the taxpayers of Washington State.

John Pennington is being sued for his latest racketeering crimes and posting defamatory and untrue statements on a website he and his bank frauding wife Crystal Hill Pennington run titled  ” The Sky Valley Chronicle.”  Both were served with new complaints on Thursday, and by John Pennington’s threats and tactics to intimidate court officers were witnessed on camera.

” Looney Tunes, What’s up Doc? ”

“Lunatic on the loose” John E Pennington has been trying for over eight years to obtain a prior restraint on free speech against the Gold Bar Reporter’s reports on his and our former bank frauding Mayor Crystal Hill Pennington ( nee Berg, bank fraud Snohomish County, Washington 2005).    Why, to hide their criminal racketeering conduct the Gold Bar Reporter have been exposing for over the last ten years, including a foe online website the Penningtons set up to cyber-stalk their opponents.

Gold Bar’s Mayor Joe Beavers was deposed in November 2016, and he too admitted he was a anonymous cyber-stalker on the Penningtons’ website while he was a Gold Bar public official. Beavers and the City are being sued for gross civil rights violations.

On Thursday February 22, 2017, the lunatics tried for the tenth time to obtain a restraining order against the Gold Bar Reporter, but this time forum shopping in Pierce County.  A county where Crystal Hill Pennington doesn’t live and a county where John Pennington managed to fraud state taxpayers ( and our children) with false academic credentials obtaining a job teaching our youngsters.

Imagine you sign up for Homeland Security degree at Pierce College and your classes are being taught by a man who has admitted to having and using false academic credentials



UPON THE TAXPAYERS   ( GAO)    ( Seattle Times report on John Pennington’s false credentials)


Please see the attached ABOVE PDF Government Accountability Report  ( or link provided above) on public official John E Pennington’s online diploma mill school of choice.  I also include Seattle Times article in support of John Pennington’s false academic credential.


As both reports unmistakably confirms the IRS found that California Coastal sold degrees at flat rates.  As such,  Mark Lindquist, please consider this letter and supporting evidence in support on my criminal complaint against John E. Pennington as he produced his fraudulent online degree to obtain a benefit in violation of


RCW 9A.60.070

False academic credentials—Unlawful issuance or use—Definitions—Penalties.

(1) A person is guilty of issuing a false academic credential if the person knowingly:

(a) Grants or awards a false academic credential or offers to grant or award a false academic credential in violation of this section;

(b) Represents that a credit earned or granted by the person in violation of this section can be applied toward a credential offered by another person;

(c) Grants or offers to grant a credit for which a representation as described in (b) of this subsection is made; or

(d) Solicits another person to seek a credential or to earn a credit the person knows is offered in violation of this section.

(2) A person is guilty of knowingly using a false academic credential if the person knowingly uses a false academic credential or falsely claims to have a credential issued by an institution of higher education that is accredited by an accrediting association recognized as such by rule of the student achievement council:

(a) In a written or oral advertisement or other promotion of a business; or

(b) With the intent to:

(i) Obtain employment;

(ii) Obtain a license or certificate to practice a trade, profession, or occupation;

(iii) Obtain a promotion, compensation or other benefit, or an increase in compensation or other benefit, in employment or in the practice of a trade, profession, or occupation;

(iv) Obtain admission to an educational program in this state; or

(v) Gain a position in government with authority over another person, regardless of whether the person receives compensation for the position.

(3) The definitions in this subsection apply throughout this section and RCW 28B.85.220.

(a) “False academic credential” means a document that provides evidence or demonstrates completion of an academic or professional course of instruction beyond the secondary level that results in the attainment of an academic certificate, degree, or rank, and that is not issued by a person or entity that: (i) Is an entity accredited by an agency recognized as such by rule of the student achievement council or has the international equivalents of such accreditation; or (ii) is an entity authorized as a degree-granting institution by the student achievement council; or (iii) is an entity exempt from the requirements of authorization as a degree-granting institution by the student achievement council; or (iv) is an entity that has been granted a waiver by the student achievement council from the requirements of authorization by the council. Such documents include, but are not limited to, academic certificates, degrees, coursework, degree credits, transcripts, or certification of completion of a degree.

(b) “Grant” means award, bestow, confer, convey, sell, or give.

(c) “Offer,” in addition to its usual meanings, means advertise, publicize, or solicit.

(d) “Operate” includes but is not limited to the following:

(i) Offering courses in person, by correspondence, or by electronic media at or to any Washington location for degree credit;

(ii) Granting or offering to grant degrees in Washington;

(iii) Maintaining or advertising a Washington location, mailing address, computer server, or telephone number, for any purpose, other than for contact with the institution’s former students for any legitimate purpose related to the students having attended the institution.

(4) Issuing a false academic credential is a class C felony.

(5) Knowingly using a false academic credential is a gross misdemeanor.


As for Pierce College, I’d like some comment from the Dean of Students and/or  Board of Trustees Chair Ms. Roseblatt on why Pierce College approved employment of John E. Pennington with such fraudulent degrees.

As a taxpayer, I have standing to bring not only a criminal complaint for John Pennington false filings, but also a civil charge for state ethics violations.

Our children deserve better from us.


John E. Pennington has yet one more credential to add his resume, threatening public and court officers.

With each new credential, the Gold Bar Reporter will update his resume.

Criminal charges have been filed against John E Pennington with his court appearance this month.


Snohomish County Judge Edirin Okoloko obstructing justice, lying during official criminal investigation, involved in cover up of sexual assault of Snohomish County worker


After this egregious conduct, and some say felonious crimes, Governor Jay Inslee appointed Edirin Okoloko to an open Snohomish County Superior Court judicial seat, because well, I guess being involved with the cover up of a sexual assault of  a female co-worker is a prerequisite for Governor Jay Inslee for judgeship.


Edirin Okoloko 

In June 2018, Snohomish County deputy prosecutor Chris Dickinson, 55, sexually assaulted a female co-worker at a party at Lake Chelan while he was being paid to attend the Washington Association of Prosecuting Attorneys’ conference, while two other prosecutors (who Prosecutor Mark Roe refused to identify until we obtained public records) took intimate / nude photos of a woman, who appears to be too intoxicated to consent. 

Our inside source said” I understand that at least two of prosecutors passed those nude photos around on Snohomish County Prosecutors computers.” 


According to public records retrieved from Snohomish County, the sexual assault of a Snohomish County worker took place inside Edirin Okoloko’s hotel room at Lake Chelan during the following incident.

We learned just yesterday that the nude photos of a county worker were stored and disseminated on Snohomish County Prosecutors county cell phone, making them public record and were disseminated to over 22 Snohomish County Prosecutors in June 2018.

The source said ” Edirin Okoloko , now Judge, was one of the county prosecutors involved in covering up the sexual assault and illegal dissemination of the county workers nude photos of female co-worker too intoxicated to consent.”

According to a source inside Snohomish County, it’s believed that deputy prosecutors had dinner and then when out for drinks. Thereafter, over ten Snohomish County prosecutors gathered in a hotel room on Lake Chelan.  Disgraced former Prosecutor Mark Roe firs lied to the public claiming that the hotel room belonged to a female prosecutor, but in fact, public records released yesterday document that the hotel room belonged to Edirin Okoloko, a judge at Snohomish County Superior Court.

But the story didn’t end there. Three prosecutors from Snohomish County, and one Snohomish County Superior Court Judge Edirin Okoloko ( who with no surprise used to be a prosecutor), committed countless acts covering up Snohomish County Prosecutor’s sexual assault,  and obstruction of justice, against an intoxicated female co-worker.

There is no doubt that Snohomish County Prosecutor were disseminating and passing around nude pictures of the woman without her consent and maintained them on Snohomish County cell phones.

Dickson disseminating naked photos and maintianing them on county computer



Snohomish County Prosecutors C. Matt  Hunter and Robert Grant with two thumbs up as they partake in violating the civil rights of a Snohomish County co-worker who is nude and intoxicated above ( still waiting for public records to answer who the prosecutor is above texting from his cell phone in the upper right hand corner of the picture above; once known his name will be posted too).

On October 16, 2019, Snohomish County Prosecutor Sean Reay, who a witness at the Lake Chelan party in June 2018, leading to arrest and conviction of one Snohomish County Prosecutor Christopher Dickenson, is now violating Washington State’s Rules of Professional Conduct and the civil rights of a intoxicated female co-worker by proclaiming to be the attorney of record for the four prosecutors, and Judge Okoloko, who assisted in covering up the sexual assault of a Snohomish County co-worker.

Last month, we caught Snohomish County Prosecutor Sean Reay red-handed running his own private “or profit mediation company” right from Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office, and unlawfully using public offices and buildings, to operate his for profit mediation company.   If this isn’t unlawful/illegal/unethical enough, Snohomish County’s newest public officers Jennifer Sperline ( who was recently fired from the Prosecutor’s office for engaging in an affair with a co-worker) confirmed that Snohomish County Prosecutor Sean Reay is now claiming to be the personal attorneys for three Prosecutors who unlawfully took and disseminated nude pictures of an intoxicated co-worker while at Lake Chelan in June 2018.

According to our counsel, attorneys who are witnesses cannot serve as an attorney in the matter for which they were a witness to.

Did Mr Reay forget that the woman who the four prosecutors who took a nude picture of is also a county employee?  Conflict, illegal, unlawful use of taxpayer funds to cover up felonies of employees, etc are just some questions to be raised.

But no need to fear for Prosecutor Sean Reay, because he is an outstanding member of the Washington State Bar Association’s Ethics Board. Pretty disgraceful.

Washington State is such a lovely place to raise children.





Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office covering up felonious conduct of its Prosecutors



In August 2018, the Gold Bar Reporter published the below article after public records confirmed that Snohomish County Prosecutor Sean Reay is making some very questionable charges to Snohomish County taxpayers P-Cards ( purchase cards) including an air conditioner unit, dinners, household items, payments to court reporters, and is in fact unlawfully using public facilities for his own personal mediation company as outlined below.

MRSC states: 

In short, article 8, section 7 prohibits any local government entity from bestowing a gift or lending money, property, or the entity’s credit to a private party.


Snohomish County Prosecutor Sean Reay appears to be the exception. See below article as he is running his “for profit mediation company” using county property and resources.


On October 16, 2019, Snohomish County Prosecutor Sean Reay, who was at the Lake Chelan party in June 2018, that lead to arrest and conviction of one Snohomish County Prosecutor, is now violating Washington State’s Rules of Professional Conduct and the civil rights of a intoxicated female co-worker.

Now, if the below article which clearly documents that Prosecutor Sean Reay is running his own private “or profit mediation company” right from Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office, and unlawfully using public offices,  isn’t unlawful/illegal/unethical enough, yesterday Snohomish County’s newest public officers Jennifer Sperline confirmed that Snohomish County Prosecutor Sean Reay is now claiming to be the personal attorneys for three Prosecutors who unlawfully took and disseminated a nude picture of an intoxicated co-worker while at Lake Chelan in June 2018.

According to our counsel, attorneys who are witnesses cannot serve as an attorney in the matter for which they were a witness to.

Did Mr Reay forget that the woman who the four prosecutors who took a nude picture of is also a county employee?  Conflict, illegal, unlawful use of taxpayer funds to cover up felonies of employees, etc are just some questions to be raised.

But no need to fear for Prosecutor Sean Reay, because he is an outstanding member of the Washington State Bar Association’s Ethics Committee.

Washington State is such a lovely place to raise children.




Snohomish County Prosecutors C. Matt  Hunter and Robert Grant with two thumbs up as they partake in violating the civil rights of a Snohomish County co-worker who is nude and intoxicated above ( still waiting for public records to answer who the prosecutor is above texting from his cell phone in the upper right hand corner of the picture above; once known his name will be posted too).

Snohomish County Prosecutor Sean Reay’s crimes against Washington State taxpayers EXPOSED in public records


Snohomish County Prosecutor Sean Reay, caught via public records, falsifying county payroll, stealing taxpayer resources, and misusing government facilities for his own personal arbitration company

Sean Reay Fraud_Page_1

Sean Reay Fraud_Page_2

Sean Reay Fraud_Page_3


Sean Reay Fraud_Page_4


Sean Reay Fraud_Page_6Sean Reay Fraud_Page_5



Misuse of Snohomish County facilities, resources and time

RE_ Arbitration

Not only is Snohomish County Prosecutor Sean Reay being sued for racketeering – threatening to arrest citizens for trying to serve a court issued subpoena, lying on court documents, and trying to get citizens charged with crimes for exposing John E Pennington’s criminal abuse of children and women here in Washington State, now, public records reveal that Sean Reay is operating his own private company, an arbitration firm, misappropriating public funds, and misusing county offices/facilities, and falsifying his county time sheets.

According to County Council members, ” a salaried person is not allowed to hold a second job, nor are they allowed to use county resources for their own personal gain…”

Public records retrieved under RCW 42.56 ( Public Records Act) documents that Sean Reay signed a ” oath of office”, but he must have failed English at Norte Dame or simply believes himself to be above the laws of Washington State.

Sean Reay_Page_1

Sean Reay_Page_2

RCW 36.27.020, defines duties of a prosecutor:

(1) Be legal adviser of the legislative authority, giving it his or her written opinion when required by the legislative authority or the chairperson thereof touching any subject which the legislative authority may be called or required to act upon relating to the management of county affairs;
(2) Be legal adviser to all county and precinct officers and school directors in all matters relating to their official business, and when required draw up all instruments of an official nature for the use of said officers;
(3) Appear for and represent the state, county, and all school districts subject to the supervisory control and direction of the attorney general in all criminal and civil proceedings in which the state or the county or any school district in the county may be a party;
(4) Prosecute all criminal and civil actions in which the state or the county may be a party, defend all suits brought against the state or the county, and prosecute actions upon forfeited recognizances and bonds and actions for the recovery of debts, fines, penalties, and forfeitures accruing to the state or the county;
(5) Attend and appear before and give advice to the grand jury when cases are presented to it for consideration and draw all indictments when required by the grand jury;
(6) Institute and prosecute proceedings before magistrates for the arrest of persons charged with or reasonably suspected of felonies when the prosecuting attorney has information that any such offense has been committed and the prosecuting attorney shall for that purpose attend when required by them if the prosecuting attorney is not then in attendance upon the superior court;
(7) Carefully tax all cost bills in criminal cases and take care that no useless witness fees are taxed as part of the costs and that the officers authorized to execute process tax no other or greater fees than the fees allowed by law;
(8) Receive all cost bills in criminal cases before district judges at the trial of which the prosecuting attorney was not present, before they are lodged with the legislative authority for payment, whereupon the prosecuting attorney may retax the same and the prosecuting attorney must do so if the legislative authority deems any bill exorbitant or improperly taxed;
(9) Present all violations of the election laws which may come to the prosecuting attorney’s knowledge to the special consideration of the proper jury;
(10) Examine once in each year the official bonds of all county and precinct officers and report to the legislative authority any defect in the bonds of any such officer;
(11) Seek to reform and improve the administration of criminal justice and stimulate efforts to remedy inadequacies or injustice in substantive or procedural law;
(12) Participate in the statewide sexual assault kit tracking system established in RCW 43.43.545 for the purpose of tracking the status of all sexual assault kits connected to criminal investigations and prosecutions within the county. Prosecuting attorneys shall begin full participation in the system according to the implementation schedule established by the Washington state patrol.



Revised Code of Washington are very clear that Sean Reay has one job, Snohomish County Prosecutor. However, public records reveal that he is operating his own private arbitration firm misusing county facilities and while being paid by county taxpayers.

We also discovered he is falsifying Snohomish County time sheets, claiming that he is working for Snohomish County.

Snohomish County Prosecutor Sean Reay is being sued for racketeering, gross 1983 violations (threatening to arrest citizens who engage in First Amendment protected activity).

Falsifying time sheets ( certifying your working as a Prosecutor when you are not), misusing taxpayer facilities for your own personal gain, and misappropriation of public funds for your own personal company, may not be his biggest problem in 2018.





Gold Bar’s Mayor fires Kenyon Disend and orders Keating, Bucklin, and McCormack to stop filing SLAPP suits

In March 2019, Gold Bar’s new Mayor Bill Clem publicly terminated Gold Bar’s law firm and ordered its Attorneys Shannon Ragonesi and Amanda Butler to stop filing and  pursuing SLAPP suits against the Gold Bar Reporter.

A strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) is a lawsuit that is intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition. Such lawsuits have been made illegal in many jurisdictions on the grounds that they impede freedom of speech.

In late 2017, the Gold Bar Reporter learned from a source that attorneys Shannon Ragonesi, Amanda Butler and Ann Marie Soto were frustrated because the Gold Bar Reporter was close to exposing who was really funding litigation against Anne Block, the Gold Bar Reporter, in various lawsuits including Block v. the Washington State Bar Association et al

After public records revealed that Attorneys Shannon Ragonesi, Amanda Butler, Michael Kenyon, and Ann Marie Soto committed racketeering offenses against the Gold Bar Reporter, on September 12, 2018, the below story was published ( noting that the Gold Bar Reporter has never been sued)

Funniest part of this story is both Amanda Butler and Ann Marie Soto have requested admittance to the US Supreme Court in Block v. the Washington State Bar Association et al, this after both were caught via public records filing false declarations with varrious  courts, using Keating, Bucklin, and McCormack’s client and now King County Judge Michael Scott, in attempts to SLAPP down our legal rights to request access to public records and file suit.

We now know from Mayor Bill Clem and public records from Washington State Attorney General’s Office, that Kenyon Disend and Keating Bucklin and McCormack were not representing the City of Gold Bar, but are in fact being paid by Washington State Attorney General’s Office to fight Gold Bar Reporter Anne Block.

Public records confirm that the Washington State Attorney General’s Office has been funding the war against the  Gold Bar Reporter for over 10 years, misappropriating millions of public monies, and after the foregoing true story about Shannon Ragonesi, Amanda Butler and Ann Marie Soto’s felonious conduct of illegally removing and tampering with FBI National Crime Information Center Records (NCIC).

Now it looks like Keating, Bucklin, and McCormack, attorney Amanda Butler, along with the Attorney General’s Office ( working in concert with Association of Washington Cities) is funding the war against Thomas Paulson ( more on this story soon) in Paulson v Mountlake Terrace.



Snohomish County Prosecutors and attorneys tampering with FBI National Crime Information Center data

Soto        Ragonesi profile-1-20-amanda-g-butler-senior-associate--370

   Shannon Ragonesi                        Ann Marie Soto                       Amanda Butler            


In November 2017, the City of Gold Bar’s attorneys Ann Marie Soto and Shannon Ragonesi decided to have a meeting with a federal witness Brandia Tamuu.  Besides the obvious, tampering with a federal witness ( a felony in Washington), both entered into a bribery scheme to remove the witness’s criminal arrest warrant and criminal history from the National Crime Information Center’s (NCIC) criminal data base.

Public records from the City of Gold Bar, from November 21 to December 20, 2017, document that in November 2017, attorneys Shannon Ragonesi, Amanda Butler ( who later learned was also present) Ann Marie Soto were contacted for a meeting by a convicted animal abuser. The woman was desperate for money, had in fact tried extort the Gold Bar Reporter for money/car, and had offered to meet up with Ragonesi and Soto at the Law Firm of Keating Bucklin McCormack Inc in downtown Seattle. Brandia Tammu needed money as she was being threatened with eviction from her home.  In exchange for meeting with Ragonesi and Soto, the woman would get money and her City of Everett arrest warrant and conviction for animal abuse would be cleared.  Tammu claimed to have dirt on the Gold Bar Reporter, but had nothing of value except speculation on why the Gold Bar Reporter moved West, and it was quite apparent from an insider at the law office that the woman is suffering from mental health issues.

According to the woman, Ragonesi and Soto agreed to clear her criminal arrest warrant and conviction from NCIC via ACCESS.

Ragonesi and Soto also told the woman that they could issue secret subpoenas for any document they so desired, and further offered to help the woman get a restraining order against the Gold Bar Reporter’s news reports.  One witness said that the woman recorded their meeting, but we have no knowledge of whether this is true or not.

The Washington State Patrol turned over the woman’s criminal history one week before and a week after the Ragonesi and Soto November  2017 bribery  meeting, and it is clear that just days after this meeting, the criminal conviction record and arrest warrant were wiped from NCIC via ACCESS.  The person who cleared the woman’s ACCESS records was Michael Meyers, King County police officer.

The City of Gold Bar, at the bequest of Ann Marie Soto and Shannon Ragonesi, illegally claimed that the meeting records were exempt from public disclosure. Obviously, a lawsuit forcing disclosure is coming, and Ms. Soto and Ms. Ragonesi will be deposed.

In early 2018, Gold Bar’s new Mayor Bill Clem agreed to an interview with the Gold Bar Reporter and he said ” those people who are threatening you are now threatening me.”


NCIC was created to assist law enforcement track or apprehend persons that may be a danger to society or have outstanding criminal warrants. When a  police officer stops  a person driving or is a suspect,  s/he should know whether the person has a criminal history.  For this reason, ACCESS and NCIC are searched, hopefully alerting the officer a potential danger to them or outstanding court issues of the driver or suspect.  Self protection according to the US Supreme Court.

But here in Washington State, the FBI NCIC database via ACCESS is being tampered with as political favors, bribery schemes, and to enhance criminal sentencing if a defendant is convicted of crime.

Over the past year, we found case after case where mainly prosecutors inside King and Snohomish County government are illegally removing criminal history from the NCIC. Now we have direct evidence that Kenyon Disend’s attorney Ann Marie Soto and Keating Bucklin and McCormack are being paid by Washington State Attorney General’s Office as “Special Assistant Attorney Generals’ (SAAGs).


Date of Offense 06/22/2012
Court Case Number 12180
Court Date 07/24/2012
Court Disposition Status:CLOSED 20120724
Court Level TRAFFIC
Court Offense DUI
Identifying Info on Record
Date of Birth April 1959
Sex Male

Seattle Lawyer Lowers the Bar

Veteran’s Advocates Call for National Boycotts & Demand Disbarments  



Melinda and Evan Loeffler at their Seattle Law Practice

Seattle, WA from the Activist Post – August 5th, 2019 was only one court day after the tragic suicide of the 38-year-old head attorney for a Seattle-based veteran’s advocacy group that had actively worked to remove former U.S. Attorney for the Western District Annette Hayes.

Yet at 9:05 a.m. in room w-325 of Seattle’s King County Courthouse, Seattle evictions attorney Evan Loeffler stood in front of the judge’s bench, face-to-face with King County, WA Court Commissioner Henry Judson demanding the court refuse to postpone the case even one hour. In doing so, Evan Loeffler demanded the court deny the right to counsel for key members of a veteran’s advocacy group Loeffler is alleged to be illegally trying to evict from a home with a title dispute in federal court, according to extensive documents in the court record.

If Loeffler appeared to display an attitude of invincibility, it may have resulted from Melinda and Evan Loeffler’s lucrative career evicting thousands of unrepresented people – including defenseless veterans, widows, orphans, the disabled and terminally ill. The Loefflers are expected to gain national infamy within the legal profession for their efforts to fight postponing the case due to the suicide, according to the Seattle-based veterans’ advocacy group with a national mandate who refer to Loeffler’s action as an historic benchmark in legal practice.

“We researched the issue of an attorney dying in the middle of a case, and we couldn’t find a single example of any party objecting to a postponement. Not one, ever. Based on our research, what the Loefflers tried to do appears to be unprecedented in the history of the legal profession in the United States,” said a paralegal for the veteran’s group. “We are working with several veterans’ groups and several national media channels to expose what would seem to be among the lowest points in the history of the practice of law.”

Efforts to deny due process to veterans’ advocates immediately following a suicide appears to be the beginning of serious questions about the Loeffler’s law practice. Although the Loefflers have an ethical duty to make a good faith effort to resolve the property title dispute for the benefit of the Loeffler’s client, the veteran’s group emphatically state that the Loefflers have been unwilling to even discuss any manner of settlement, and appear to have acted contrary to their clients, the Kangs, interest in violation of the practice rules of the Washington State Bar Association – at a cost to the Kangs estimated by the veteran’s group in excess of $50,000 and rising.

One fact that does not appear in the court record is if the Loefflers have explained to their clients, the Kangs, the Loefflers’ past differences with a key member of the veteran’s group. In 2014, Evan Loeffler’s personal client, William “Luke” Lukoskie, the self-proclaimed tofu tycoon based on Vashon Island, WA was alleged in court records to have illegally nearly doubled the rent of a terminal cancer patient for having a live-in caregiver, which is rent-exempt under law. Lukoskie then threatened to shoot her professionally trained service dog, according to multiple legal declarations in the 2014 King County, WA court record and related allegations. With full access to all of these facts, Evan Loeffler agreed to evict the cancer patient contrary to his legal rights.

The family member who had fought the eviction – one of the same veteran’s advocates the Loefflers are now alleged to be illegally attempting to evict – made clear in the court record and related allegations evidence of Lukoskies’ predatory practices, including consistently renting his several properties to vulnerable women whom he then harassed and surveilled, sexual harassment of employees, opioid use, human trafficking, FDA violations at Lukoskies’ tofu manufacturing plant, tax evasion, and other criminal activity. Regardless of the law or the facts presented in the court record, Evan Loeffler aggressively litigated against the dying cancer patient and his family who died within days of the eviction.

According to witnesses, Loeffler was allegedly hysterical about both the evidence entered into the court record about his widely reviled client Lukoskie, and the several law enforcement investigations of Lukoskie that followed. According to allegations of the veterans’ group, the Loeffler’s ongoing eviction efforts are at their client’s, the Kang’s, expense, who may now be paying a potentially run-on bill for the Loeffler’s personal revenge. It is unclear if the Loefflers have disclosed this conflict to their clients, the Kangs, who have not been available for comment.

Evan Loeffler’s actions are in serious violation of the practice rules of the Washington State Bar and uniquely unprofessional. We intend to hold he and the staff of his law firm accountable and are organizing a national effort within the veteran’s community to call for a boycott of his client’s businesses as well as the organizations Loeffler’s affiliated with. We are coordinating efforts to disbar him and his staff attorneys involved in illegal conduct,” said one of the paralegals for the veteran’s group. “We ask that anyone with a business or social relationship with Melinda and Evan Loeffler please consider the actions against of the Loeffler’s law firm against veteran advocates, vulnerable people, and their practices. We are asking anyone with knowledge of any of the Loeffler’s or their law firm’s illegal or unethical practices to contact us. They may remain anonymous if they prefer.”

Regardless of their daily contributions to Seattle’s homeless crisis, the Loefflers would like you to know what great folks they are. On their law firm’s website, Evan Loeffler boasts of his Porsche, his fashion guidelines, and his sailing hobby. Ironically, Evan and Melinda Loeffler, who make a fortune evicting the defenseless, appear to want you to believe they are advocates for the homeless.

According to the dedicated web page for the self-defined philanthropists on Social Venture Partners/SVP, Melinda Loeffler is on the Community Outreach Committee for the nonprofit Washington Multi-Family Housing Association (WMFHA), and Evan is a member of the WMFHA Government Affairs Committee, involved in lobbying efforts to make eviction laws more aggressive. And he’s a Seafair clown.

Evan Loeffler’s clowning extends to his humor articles, depending on one’s definition of humor. Posted on his law firm’s website, topics include his opinion that his abuse of a child was amusing; a description of his apparently obsessive-compulsive collections practices; his opinion of law enforcement officers as “donut engorged;” and references to his own clients as “morons,” “retards,” and “imbeciles” – not the people he evicts, the property owners who retain his legal services. Notwithstanding the fact that many of his own clients are gay, Loeffler’s humor articles include both direct and thinly veiled homophobic references.

Perhaps most telling about the direction of Evan Loeffler’s moral compass, and the philosophical and psychological foundation of the Loefflers’ allegedly intoxicated abuse of power emboldened by decades of regularly litigating unopposed against thousands of vulnerable people from whom they make a killing evicting, may be found in Evan Loeffler’s own description of his experience hunting:


“Suddenly, I wasn’t a young lawyer blundering through the woods but a hunter. Waves of testosterone coursed through my body as I took aim at this obviously distraught, defenseless, fuzzy animal…I pulled the trigger.”

Evan Loeffler

Loeffler 2

Evan Loeffler’s humor would unlikely be a surprise to the distraught and defenseless victims of the Loeffler’s eviction practices that make them homeless. Loeffler just pulls the trigger. Nor is his humor a surprise to housing advocate attorneys who regularly see Loeffler in court. The references “sadistic,” and “arrogant” were used consistently, as well as “the most abrasive [and/or] unprofessional attorney [they] have encountered in [their] careers.” Insiders testify that the entire Loeffler law firm is alleged to act strictly at the direction of Loeffler in lockstep with his ethical and moral example, potentially exposing clients and his own legal staff to significant liability.

Melinda and Evan Loeffler’s eviction practice is not limited to the thousands of people they evict through their Seattle, WA law firm supported by staffers Jeana K. Poloni, Brant M. Olson and Carinne E. Jaeger in addition to Melinda and Evan Loeffler. The Loefflers also broadcast their eviction tactics to Washington State’s legal profession through “how-to” online seminars with Lorman Education Services, in addition to live presentations and publications in affiliation with the King County and Washington State Bar Associations.

Contrary to their public relations efforts and apparent attempts to purchase social capital, Melinda and Evan Loeffler’s actions may provide more clarity as to their contributions to society. The Loefflers are alleged to have illegally and repeatedly attacked members of the Seattle veteran’s group, misrepresented key facts of the case, and ignored federal laws, according to allegations by members of the veterans’ group in court documents.

The late attorney for the veterans’ group who committed suicide was one of the occupants of the disputed property whom the Loefflers were trying to evict. As mentioned, the following court day after the suicide the Loefflers immediately attempted to demand the court deny any delay of the hearing and thus deny legal representation to the rest of the veteran advocates. The Loefflers continue to attempt to illegally evict the remainder of the veteran advocates to this day according to current court records.

Members of the veterans’ group are now actively seeking the disbarment of Loeffler and his legal staff – multiple complaints are being filed with the Washington State Bar Association. In addition, separate legal actions are being brought against the Loefflers and their client Kang for damages resulting from Loeffler’s practice violations and misrepresentations alleged by members of the veteran’s group in the court filings, according to their representatives.

Loeffler’s clients in the disputed property occupied by the veteran’s group are Rajinder S. Kang and his husband. Based in Canada, the Kangs appear to be somewhat less transparent in their practices than the Loefflers. Raj Kang works in customer service as a truck rental clerk at Ryder’s Oakville, Ontario branch near Toronto. On the surface, Mr. Kang appears to have transformed his job with the Ryder Truck Rental office into the purchase of several million dollars of Seattle-area properties – personally, not through a business.

Exactly what role if any the Loefflers and their legal staff may have played in the flow of millions of mysterious dollars flowing over the border from Canada is yet unclear. More clear is the fact that Loeffler & Co are aggressively working to facilitate the Kang’s business interests, together with the Kang’s Renton, WA-based realtor, Phillip Rodocker of John L. Scott who has aided the Kangs in the purchase of several properties in the Seattle area.

As the causes of homelessness are being endlessly discussed around the greater Seattle area with countless white papers being circulated, committee meetings about committee meetings, and endless hand-wringing, Melinda and Evan Loeffler will be driving their Porsche all the way to the bank and sailing off into the sunset as one of the state’s greatest profiteers of homelessness.

As unfortunate as the Loeffler’s actions against the veteran’s advocates are in this ongoing case, the big questions now being asked are: why are King County courts allowing the Loeffler’s extensively documented alleged illegal actions and defiance of federal law to go unchecked, how many innocent, defenseless people have Melinda and Evan Loeffler, together with their staff attorneys, stripped of their legal rights and made homeless, and most of all, why do the Washington State Bar Association’s Hearing Officers allow these people to continue to practice law?

Also called into question are Loeffler’s affiliations – why are the King County, WA, Washington State, and American Bars publishing Loeffler’s materials? How credible are the attorney ratings by AVVO and Martindale-Hubbard?

What is the basis for Washington Law and Politics Magazine’s “Washington Super lawyer” designation, as well as Seattle Metropolitan Magazine’s “Top 100 Lawyers rating?” Exactly what have they reviewed or checked?


Loeffler 2Loeffler 2Loeffler 2Loeffler 2

Evan Loeffler may be a Seafair Clown, but when it comes to adding to Seattle’s legions of homeless – regardless of the methods, it appears – Melinda and Evan Loeffler are not clowning around.

For their part, the Director of the veteran’s group’s only comment is the same quote that may be found on their website: “The limits of tyrants are defined by the endurance of those whom they attempt to oppress.”

If you want to join them in their efforts to endure, they may be reached by email at, or through their website.

This is the first installment in a year-long investigative series titled “Your Courts, Their Fraud:” Next in the Series – Part Two: King County, WA Commissioner Henry Judson’s role in homelessness and guardianship/probate fraud.

It’s time for the people to take control of our legal system and start filing lawsuits against lawyers who file false statements with our courts.

In early September 2019, the Court of Appeals Division One gave those of us affected by fraudulent filings by lawyers a new avenue to file lawsuits for damages.  Long over due, and from the Loefflers conduct outlines herein, those damaged by their conduct may be seeking damages in a courtroom soon.

See Ogden Murphy and Wallace sued for fraud

Washington State Attorney General Sara DiVittorio threatening lawyers, withholding public records, obstructing justice, running illegal background checks, all captured by Washington Court of Appeals Division One

UPDATE: We now have public records documenting that the Washington State Attorney General’s Office is operating the Washington State Bar disciplinary functions, giving legal advice to the Washington State Supreme Court Justices and the Governor,  Department of Health and Human Services,  GALs, Association of Washington Cities, County and local agencies, and Washington State Judges.  

Obviously, when the Court of Appeals Division One issued In re Dependency of AETH Snoho Superior behaving badly opinion about one of its own attorney generals, Sara DiVittorio, we were quite surprised, but lets face it, not every member of the judiciary is corrupt, as this case illustrates quite nicely. 

A must read, In re Dependency of AETH Snoho Superior behaving badly, but note that the official court file at Division One in Seattle is far worse – and those files will be posted soon. 

Late last week, it’s interesting to note that a clerk commissioner Richard Johnson decided to exempt the entire oral trial transcript from In re Dependency of AETH Snoho Superior behaving badly Why is simply describes that this case involved members Snohomish County Judiciary working behind the scenes to deny a mother and father their constitutional right to raise their children, and more interesting to note is that the foster parent here is a Snohomish County police officer, who according to the above decision, illegally used county resources to collect evidence to support her adoption of AETH.

For me, this sounds much like what Snohomish County public officials did to me back in 2009, and certainly supports my racketeering suit filed in  2016 02 19 Block v WSBA Amended RICO Complaint and RICO Statement


Sister Sara, the Fifth Mule, representing the 4th Branch of Government 

I met attorney Sara DiVittorio for the first time in 2010, when she represented the Washington State Attorney General’s Office involving a Gold Bar council member named Lonn Turner.  Mr Turner was also a Union member with the Department of Corrections (DoC) in Monroe.

At the time, I had no idea that Sara DiVittorio was sent to Snohomish County Washington, from the Attorney General’s Office, to obstruct our rights to access public records up here in Gold Bar, because a state employee, just like in the above case, ran illegal back grounds on citizens ( a federal crime) with the sole purpose of trying to extort the Gold Bar Reporter into not investigating public officials.

After the Gold Bar Reporter exposed Lonn Turner’s criminal conduct at the DoC, he lost his Union job, but Sara DiVittorio managed to get Turner a non-Union warehouse job to cover up his criminal racketeering conduct described herein.

According to council member Jay Prueher’s wife, Lonn Turner was able to use a high ranking member inside at the WA DoC to gather a spider of information on my family. Turner then disseminated illegally obtained medical, non-criminal history records, tax returns, Washington State Bar records, Veteran’s Administration records, and WA State unemployment filings, and disseminated those stolen files from DoC to various government officers including the City of Gold Bar in 2009.

The stolen files were a direct result of me hiring a public records lawyer to file suit against the City of Gold Bar seeking records relating to why the City of Gold Bar voted illegally in Executive Session to settle a tort claim a former water employee named Karl Marjerle filed against the City of Gold Bar.

Karl Marjerle was a lazy Gold Bar water employee who had sabotaged the City of Gold Bar’s water system, which amounted to an act of domestic terrorism.  Instead of reporting Karl Marjerle’s terrorism to the FBI and Department of Justice ( DOJ), Gold Bar’s 2009 governing body ( Lonn Tuner, Dorothy Croshaw, Richard Norris, Crystal Hill, Joe Beavers) voted to transfer thousands of dollars to Karl Marjerle, and further elicited two Snohomish County Prosecutors, Mark Roe and Sean Reay, into helping cover up federal crimes Karl Marjerle commmited against the City of Gold Bar.

As a resident of Gold Bar, I was appalled that any government official, who has a duty to report crimes, would cover up such a major crime such as Domestic Terrorism, so I requested all records relating to Karl Marjerle.

Instead of turning over public records, Gold Bar’s then Mayor Crystal Hill ( nee Berg) elicited the assistance of four lovers of hers from Snohomish County government, Mark Roe, Sean Reay, John E Pennington and Aaron Reardon.

According to council member Jay Prehuer, ” Crystal was a party girl being passed around like a blanket” and former Mayor Joe Beavers said three times in Executive Session ” Crystal Hill is a whore!”  But what Joe Beavers failed to tell the public is that Gold Bar’s former water employee Karl Marjerle knew a little too much about Crystal Hill’s theft of monies from Gold Bar exceeding $200.000.00 and the fact that Crystal Hill was using an alias as her name was really Crystal Berg.

Crystal Berg ( now using Crystal D. Pennington)  was arrested for bank fraud in North Carolina 2000, and in Snohomish County Washington in 2005. She plead guilty to both, and served time in a North Carolina jail.

Hill Bank Bank Fraud

In 2007, Crystal Hill met a three time married county employee named John Edward Pennington.  Mr. Pennington’s criminal rein of terror was detailed in past articles I have written on his pedophilias, kidnapping and rape of a five year girl from Cowlitz County Washington in 1992. At the same time John Pennington is just about ready to be charged with these crimes, he decides to run for uncontested Washington State Legislative seat in Cowlitz County, Washington.

While in Cowlitz County, John E Pennington meets Senator Jennifer Dunn, and Kelso City Attorney Michael Kenyon. Kenyon was in charge of the deciding whether to prosecute John Pennington for rape, attempted murder and kidnapping of a five year old girl from Cowlitz County.  But instead Michael Kenyon decided his moment had come to capitalize of pedophile John E Pennington’s crimes against a defenseless five year old child.

For his assisting now WA State legislator John E Pennington in covering up his sexual deviant behavior of pedophilia, Michael Kenyon started receiving millions of dollars of legal contracts from various government agencies in Washington State, including hundreds of municipal agencies, including Snohomish County, Washington.

So it was no surprise when I sought public records from the City of Gold Bar which involved John E Pennington illegally obtained files given to him by Gold Bar’s 2009 governing body, John E Pennington called attorney Michael Kenyon and his firm Kenyon Disend PLLC in Issauquah to bail him out of this mess.

In 2010 Gold Bar’s Mayor Joe Beavers made an agreement with Kenyon Disend to remove his felony records from the National Crime Information Center from his violent and drunk days in Arlington Texas. According to a source inside the family, Joe Beavers sexually assaulted a young woman in Texas.  Beavers had his own problems because John Pennington, via Rodney Rochan at the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, had obtained Beavers criminal history records on Joe Beavers extorting him into misappropriating Gold Bar public monies to cover up his past criminal history.

But Snohomish County Prosecutors Sean Reay and Mark Roe had a plan. Remember Prosecutors Sean Reay and Mark Roe failed to report Gold Bar’s water employee Karl Marjerle to the DOJ/FBI for committing acts of Domestic Terrorism against the City of Gold Bar and I was exposing their racketeering conduct on the Gold Bar Reporter. The plan was this: Sean Reay and Mark Roe would illegally remove Crystal Danielle Pennington ( nee Berg), Joe Beavers, Bonnie Dierkson Jones, and John E Pennington criminal history records from the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database.

Clear racketeering.

So when then Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna learned this his employee and SAAG Sara DiVittorio, and other prosecutors from Snohomish County government had committed racketeering crimes, Rob McKenna was left with two choices, either report them or cover up it.

Washington State Attorney General, and now attorney, Rob McKenna chose the wrong path, and its now been ten years that the City of Gold Bar along with Washington State’s Attorney General’s Office has been refusing to come clean about why the City of Gold Bar should continue to allow public resources to be used to continue the cover up of crimes committed by a small number of public officials.

Since 2013, Washington State Attorney General Bob Fergusson has continue funding the Enterprise Rob McKenna started as described herein.

So last week when the Washington Court of Appeals Div One issued scathing opinion regarding the criminal conduct of WA State SAAG ( who represents many public agencies here in Washington), Sara DiVittorio, many of us open government supporters here in Washington were ecstatic to learn that Sara DiVittorio will finally be disbarred for her criminal conduct as outlined in the In re Dependency of AETH Snoho Superior behaving badly.

After hearing from various sources, a few of us decided to go down to the Court of Appeals to see the entire file, and what we discovered is that the Court of Appeals downplayed how criminal SAAG Sara DiVittorio’s conduct. Conduct clearly outlined and replicated in my RICO suit filed in US Federal District Court in Seattle.

See Block v WSBA et al  2016 02 19 Block v WSBA Amended RICO Complaint  

and supporting RICO Statement RICO Statement 

What’s most interesting to note here is that not one person denied any of the allegations I made in this above suits, and had I had an honest federal court judge not associated with the WSBA and his former employer’s office ( King County),  my case would have weeded out criminals like SAAG and County Prosecutors in 2012 long before Sara DiVittioro would have been allowed to thrust her crimes upon a poor defenseless African American child and her parents.

If my readers haven’t read the Washington Court of Appeals Decision in RICO Statement and In re Dependency of AETH Snoho Superior behaving badly

please consider filing WSBA complaints as no one should ever have their professional licenses stolen or their children stolen because Snohomish County, the Washington State Attorney General’s Office and RICO defendants who decided to cover up for pedophiles and wife beaters like John E Pennington, as well as politically connected convicted felons like Crystal Hill Pennington and Joe Beavers cover up liability by hiding the criminal racketeering conduct of its public officials.

To those of you involved in helping stop Human Trafficking as outlined in In re Dependency of AETH Snoho Superior behaving badly many of us who are now well on our way to extracting criminals from our state agencies are true American heroes worthy of Washingtonians respect.


Here’s excerpts of the In re Dependency of AETH Snoho Superior behaving badly records retrieved at the Washington Court of Appeals in the above case.

It’s time to officially ask the Voters of Washington to place the Washington State Bar Association into a state licensing agency and out of the hands of the private organization who by the way is being controlled by the same Washington State Attorney Generals who committed crimes as outlined in this article.

Here’s a public records showing the Washington State Attorney General’s is really operating the private WSBA Organization misappropriating public monies in support of a private organization such as the WSBA and handpicking SAAGs as insiders inside RCW mandated GAL programs which are supposed to be independent.

From: Rawlings, Noella (ATG)
Sent: Friday, February 9, 2007 11:04 AM
To: Thorp, Tanya (ATG); Allen, Patricia L. (ATG); Berris, Elizabeth (ATG); Boharski, Jennifer (ATG); Collins, Michael (ATG); Comeau, Marci (ATG); Comiskey, Mary Ann (ATG); Cruikshank, Catherine (ATG); Delaney, Sarah (ATG); Delman, Joel (ATG); Dorsey, Diane (ATG); Holmes, Beth (ATG); Huang, Aileen (ATG); Huang, Daphne (ATG); Kirchmeier, Hilery (ATG); LaRaus, David (ATG); Li, Mary (ATG); Llorens, Susan (ATG); Malolepsy, Terri (ATG); Masco, Thomas (ATG); McArdle, Trisha (ATG); Milstein, Jonathan (ATG); Nord, Cara (ATG); Taylor, Kelly (ATG)
Subject: FW: Job Posting-Attorney GAL


Now – don’t all run for this one.  But, I know that many of you would be very well qualified for this position.  And you know it’s contrary to my interest in sending this out, but I believe in full disclosure and honesty.

—–Original Message—–
From: Katz, Linda [mailto:Linda.Katz@METROKC.GOV]
Sent: Wednesday, February 07, 2007 12:29 PM
To: Rawlings, Noella (ATG)
Subject: FW: Job Posting-Attorney GAL

FYI—we are very excited to be able to try this out. According to Judge Clark and Paul Sherfey it is “very likely” to be re-funded through 2008 on Court Improvement Project funds and then made a permanent part of the court budget. Pass it on!


Linda Katz, ACSW

Program Manager, CASA Program

1401 E. Jefferson St.

Seattle, WA 98122


From: Fuentes, Gertrude
Sent: Wednesday, February 07, 2007 11:43 AM
To: ZZDept Superior Court
Cc: Ebersole, Amy
Subject: Job Posting-Attorney GAL


This term-limited temporary position is open to all qualified applicants, and is currently funded through December 31, 2007.  Please see the attached posting for more information.


Thank you.

The Washington State Attorney General’s Office has no business handpicking GALs! Especially GALs that are AGs!


We gathered several files from the Washington Court of Appeals on Dependency of AETH Snoho Superior behaving badly  and this case file documents that Sara Di Vittorio is guilty of RICO as detailed in Block v WSBA et al  RICO Statement

and will post those files soon.


Snohomish County Judge Farris, “ a right to a fair trial is ministerial act” and Snohomish County Prosecutors working together to spit on civil rights of Washingtonians

Sister Sara Di Vittorio, a Special Assistant Attorney General (SAAG), and a Special Assistant Prosecutor (SAP) for many other agencies here in Washington State, with the assistance of corrupt Snohomish County Superior Court Judge Farris, declared that biological parents do not have a right to a fair trial i.e. an impartial judge.

The right to a fair trial is taught in every first year law school class, but its possible that Sara DiVittorio and Judge Farris failed constitutional law.

In re Dependency of AETH Snoho Superior behaving badly

Imagine, a Judge holds that your right as a parent to raise your children is ministerial act.  This after King 5 exposed Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe and his gang for felony crimes of interception of private attorney client protected communications of defense attorneys to prevail in cases, and the US Supreme Court already held that the right to raise children is a constitutional right that shall not be abridged by government without due process of law.


But here in Snohomish County government due process of law is meaningless, because judges and the prosecutors are working together to steal children, cover up for pedophiles like John E Pennington and convicted bank frauders like Crystal Hill Pennington ( nee Berg, twice convicted of bank fraud) who stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from the City of Gold Bar.


John E Pennington and Crystal Hill Pennington illegally obtained from Snohomish County Prosecutors Sean Reay, Mark Roe and Snohomish County Sheriff’s Officer Rodney Rochan (who illegally uses his political influence inside Sno County to cover up the crimes of his  pedophile nephew from Lake Stevens) illegally obtained background checks on citizens just as Sara Di Vittorio did for the GALs as cited by the Washington Court of Appeals Div. One.


Ministerial act

A ministerial act is a government action “performed according to legal authority, established procedures or instructions from a superior, without exercising any individual judgment.” It can be any act a functionary or bureaucrat performs in a prescribed manner, without exercising any individual judgment or discretion. Under law, this would be classified under the rubric of public policy.


Yes, denying a parent their right to raise their children, along with the fact that Snohomish County’s Guardian Scam was already exposed as fraud by King 5, it’s just business as usual here in Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office.

Sister Sara Di Viittorio, and a stellar example of what the hell is wrong with the Washington State Bar Association, covered up the fact that Snohomish County’s Director of Emergency Management Director John E Pennington kidnapped, raped, and attempted the murder of a 5 year old girl in Cowlitz County WA, and Gold Bar’s disgraced council member Lonn Turner stole medical files and then disseminated them into Gold Bar’s email system.

Sara Di Vittorio claims to be a Prosecutor for Snohomish County but is in fact a SAAG working for Attorney General Bob Fergusson to SLAPP down anyone who challenges their criminal racketeering conduct like threats to anyone who dares challenge their criminal Enterprise also known as Department of Enterprise Services at the Washington State Attorney General’s Office (DES).

Now the Washington State Court of Appeals, Div. One, confirms that Sara Di Vittorio is running illegal backgrounds on citizen who fight back, then disseminating those illegally obtained files to others in violation of federal and state law, and making unlawful electronic threats to criminally prosecute those seek to expose the corruption. The GAL program here in Snohomish County is just one of hundreds of fraudulent schemes the Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office started, like Dawson Place, Victim Support Services, and Pacific Treatment Solutions, all set up by the Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office to ensure those accused of crimes are convicted by controlling the witnesses and courts.

For those of my readers not familiar with Sister Sara Di Vittorio’s felonious conduct here in Washington State, should keep reading:

Attorneys, Sister Sara Di Vittorio and Geoffrey Gibbs,

             all things evil inside Washington State Bar




UPDATE: It’s been a very long eight years to piece together why Gold Bar Washington is going broke hiding public records. . . this week, we finally have the missing link to the largest corruption scandal in Washington State history.

With no surprise, it involves former Washington State Attorney General “Sister Sara” Di Vittorio tampering with public records inside the Department of Corrections (DoC) and at Snohomish County Dept. of Emergency Management, according to a whistleblower who came forward last week “ Crystal Hill disseminated your Washington State Bar application and investigative file to John Pennington and Dept of Corrections employee Lonn Turner…”

But then the WSBA got involved in helping Geoffrey Gibbs and Seth Fine cover up their criminal racketeering conduct – quashing criminal sabotaging of the city’s water system as a favor to then Executive Aaron Reardon- a US Federal attorney, now working for the WSBA, was able to misuse her connections with the fusion center.

The racketerists herein illegally gained access into a “spider” of information on Block’s family members attempting to extort Block just like they did to former council member in 2007.  But by now, Crystal Hill ( convicted of bank fraud using an alias of Berg in 2005) had illegally possessed and disseminated medical files via Washington State emails in March 2009, the Washington State Bar to hide their criminal racketeering ( wire) crimes hired Schmipff to help conceal public records/files. Files that were illegally obtained ( without a warrant) and illegally disseminated via electronic means. Dissemination of medical files for a Mass residents is prohibited and is a federal felony, amounts to Racketeering, punishable by 20-30 years in federal prison.

A file that Geoffrey Gibbs and Seth Fine both members of the Washington State Bar Boards in 2009 stole then disseminated the stolen file to Gold Bar’s then lawyer’s paralegal Barbara Johnson ( Weed Gaafstra, Benson) who then disseminated the stolen files to Crystal Hill, who then disseminated the stolen files to former Gold Bar council member Lonn Turner ( at and disgraced Snohomish County political appointee John E. Pennington  (man responsible for the rape of a 5 year old child from Cowlitz County, Washington).

While working at the DoC, Sister Sara tampered with public records as a ” risk management” a felony in Washington State and certainly Racketeering.  According to a whistleblower, to wire crimes for high ranking WSBA members and disgraced former Washington State lobbyist G. Geoffrey Gibbs ( see below).

Unfortunately for the WSBA, Crystal Hill, John Pennington, Lonn Turner, G. Geoffrey Gibbs, and Sister Sara Di Vittorio, Gold Bar had a clerk ( who was caught via hidden camera stealing from Gold Bar resulting in her termination in 2012) who wasn’t sharpest tool in the shed. . .  it will be interesting to see if the Courts are going to help us abolish the WSBA or just simply reform it?





Everett attorney and WA State Bar Board member Geoffrey Gibbs caught red handed via public records filing false statements with Judicial Ethics Commission, and violating Sherman Anti-Trust to assist Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office in going after any lawyer who exposes corruption involving attorney Geoffrey Gibbs, the criminals inside the WA State Bar ( Linda Eide, Lin O’Dell, and Doug Ende), and Snohomish County criminal Racketeering outfit (an RICO Enterprise operating from Snohomish County Judicial and Prosecutor’s Office).

In 2009, attorney Geoffrey Gibbs misused his political offices to assist Crystal Hill Pennington, John E. Pennington, Aaron Reardon, and Joe Beavers to cover up the Karl Marjerle sabotaging the City of Gold Bar’s water system.  Racketeering captured in public records.

Attorney Geoffrey Gibbs has been sued for Racketeering five times in the last two years for his criminal conduct.  An email from Everett Prosecutor Michael Fischer from G. Geoffrey Gibbs has  Gibbs sending an email to a Prosecutor demanding that he file criminal assault charges against Carolyn Ryggs so that she will have to expend a very large retainer to hire counsel. Because Gibbs was in a land dispute with the Ryggs after public records confirmed that was using Judge Michael Downes to steal Carolyn Ryggs’s land.

Geoffrey Gibbs’s fraud in the 1990s as illustrated by the Washington Public Disclosure Commission is well documented below.

Now, Geoffrey Gibbs criminal Enterprise and public records confirm that Gibbs and Prosecutor Seth Fine are the main reason why Snohomish County yields over 40 % of disciplined lawyer inside the WA State Bar, while the highest populated county, King County ( Seattle) , only yields 12 %. According to our counsel, clear Sherman Anti-Trust violations; a federal felony.

We’re also working on a story linking the Klan to the ” Ok Boys Home” a story worth waiting for.

Just another stellar example of why the Washington State Bar will be abolished.



Republished with permission from

My step-grandpa in his later years was getting a little less coherent, when I was younger he was a very prejudiced man, he only loved one black man and that was Robert, but once a black family moved into the neighborhood he sold his house and built a new one in Valparaiso, in Sherwood Forest no less. Although I never once heard him use a derogatory term, the message was clear.

He owned the Hy-Speed car wash in Gary Indiana close to the Jackson home, yes as in the Jackson 5, Janet, and the creepy parents. I would go over and play with them and it drove my Grampa Joe nuts, he’d make me take a shower before I got in the car and I was never allowed to eat anything there or go inside their house.

One day when I was back home visiting I walked into the den and Grandpa was sitting there with the biggest smile on his face. He was watching Michael Jackson. I said Grandpa whatcha watching, he looked at me and said. This is a great country, do you know how I know that? I said no Grandpa I don’t. He points to the TV and said there is that little boy you used to play with. I said I know Grandpa but what does that have to do with anything? He said only in America can a poor little black boy grow up to be a rich white woman and then he smiled. As much as I didn’t like the message he had a point.

It’s like that with G. Geoffrey Gibbs, only in Washington can a convicted lobbyist, grow up to be on the Board of Governor’s and treasurer of the Washington State Bar Association, then become a Snohomish County Commissioner and get some of the most lucrative contracts in the county

Waste management would be foaming at the mouth if they truly understood the amount of trash just rolling around our county

George “G.” Geoffrey Gibbs. a lobbyist took many a politician, lawyer and judge on trips to Sunriver resorts, fishing trips in BC and on bus rides down to Jubitz Truck Stop/Ponderosa Lounge where having a hooker or a “lot lizard would simply be redundant. A reporter said as much but I checked with a former trucker and he immediately got embarrassed, turned red and told me to never go there. I’m going to take that to mean the reporter was telling the truth.

Looking at Pennington’s divorce records it shows that his then wife also complained to the courts that she has gotten a sexually transmitted disease from him 3 times during their marriage, I guess we know why now.

Remember, Pennington and Appelwick were “Dear Friends” since the 90’s

So… behold the power of the newspaper archives:

We found numerous stories about Mr Gibbs, Judge Appelwick, Joe King and few other power players in this state. Stories that have basically been “washed” from the internet which is a common ploy used by many politicians and lawyers to hide the truth.

Seems our school super Randy Dorn was one of his recipients (which might explain why so many disgraced senators, and state legislators end up in the Education system: some midterm

Other power players include but are not limited to:

Senator Al Bauer who oddly enough is out and about filing ethics complaints I guess he would know…

Representative Joe King who left Olympia to start his own lobbying company or political strategy company.

Although Appeals Court Judges seems to have gotten the most benefit from this relationship, even today…

Not only does Gibbs have an Appelwick in his pocket he has learned well and placed people from his current law firm on:

The Public Disclosure Commission,

The Commission on Judicial Conduct,

The Washington State Bar Association,

Anyway here are some of the newspaper clippings we have gotten so far. I have literally 1000’s more documents thanks to the hard work of someone who spent the day gathering the records… There are more records but I am still trying to put them in albums so that they can follow some type of pattern and are better understood.

On that note, sorry I have been AWOL but please remember I am working on quite a few huge stories, and I write this paper mostly by myself but trust me when I say: It will be worth the wait.


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appelwick    Pedophile

Great job Brandia at another criminal caught red handed filing false statements with the Judicial Ethics Commission ( affirming under oath that he never had problems with fraud, when in fact the Public Disclosure Commission revoked G.Geoffrey Gibbs’s lobbying license for fraud.

More on Everett attorney Geoffrey Gibbs, John E. Pennington and Marlin Applewick’s linked to using lobbying resources to fund a whore house in Oregon coming soon.

Washington State Dept. of Natural Resources places people over profits

Finally Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) did something right.

Once beautiful, our Sky Valley is now a sore thumb among travelers who visit the Sky Valley for recreational purposes.  Once beautiful mountain ranges are now covered with  thousands of dead brown acres like a blacked out area we often saw when Snohomish County Prosecutors answer public records requests under disgraced Prosecutor Mark Roe ( under Adam Cornell, things are better, a story coming soon).  This right in plain view of our most valued Sky Valley treasure, Wallace Falls State Park.

In August 2017, three environmental groups sued, and successfully argued that new environmental studies were required to understand Singletary Timber size and contour. Thankfully, Snohomish County Superior Court Judge Millie Judge agreed and in August voided the sale.

“The 25 acres, while we were appreciative of it, really wouldn’t have solved the problem,” attorney Goldman representing environmental groups declared “It really was green lipstick on a pig.”

Over the last two years, DNR officials held meetings with the public to discuss alternative forest practices that would leave more habitat and hiking access intact.

As those forestry discussions continue, it’s unclear whether the County Council’s action will have the intended effect of speeding up the Singletary sale.

Many local residents, visitors and tree huggers like myself who live and vacation around the Sky Valley see all too often is where a once luscious forest grew, clear cutting committed by the timber industry with permission from DNR. What we tree huggers and scientists know well is mature forests provide clean water and air, provide important wildlife and fish a clean and vibrant habitat, and absorb and hold carbon that would otherwise contribute to climate change.

Now on the flip side, it’s true the timber industry provides jobs. In the Sky Valley, timber industry results in less than 1 % of the jobs and its second most deadly and underpaid employment career a person can chose. Besides fishing, being a logger is the most deadly job a person can hold and it pays $20 per hour. Here in Washington State, being a logger would provide $38,000.00 per year and provide food and shelter to less than 1 % of the population.

According to Debbie Coppell from the Sky Valley Chamber of Commerce “those people ruined the Sky Valley.”  What Ms. Coppell is referring to are tree huggers and environmentalists who care of about the future of America for our grandkids.  This yields one question I pose for Ms. Coppell: Is the timber industry paying you to lobby?

Instead of focusing in on job creation here in the Sky Valley Ms. Coppell teamed up with a former Mayor, Joe Beavers, a convicted felon from Texas.  Mr. Beavers and Ms. Coppell have spent over 2000 hours advocating for the timber industry, claiming, falsely, that the Sultan School system relies heavily on timber sales.

Public records document that Sultan Public Schools do gain $40,000.00 per year from timber sales.  Small businesses and growth are the big gains for the Sky Valley, which provide 44 % of public school funding, while property owners provide the bulk.

So what are Sultan Chamber of Commerce Debbie Coppell and convicted felon and former Gold Bar Mayor Joe Beavers real motive in pushing timber sales?  Perhaps we will never know, but one can assume that it’s not with small business owners nor business growth inside the Sky Valley.  If it was, Ms. Coppell would spend more time talking to small business owners and provide much needed resources to those of us who actually own and operate successful small businesses in the Sky Valley.

Massive state and private commercial logging is destroying the Skykomish Valley, Washington, a part of the famous Cascade Loop and Hwy 2, a National Scenic Byway.  The Debbie Coppell’s of the Valley are misappropriating much needed Chamber Resources like timber, instead of helping small businesses grow.

President Obama had it right “Ninety-eight percent of all American companies have fewer than 100 employees. Over half of all Americans work for a small business. Small businesses are the backbone of our nation’s economy and we must protect this great resource…..Helping American small business is part of our movement for change and the end of politics as usual. “

While in law school, I received the Blue Book in Endangered Species Act, and successfully argued in Moot Court that a tree is more valuable to than human life. Why is simple: a tree provides clean air and water to millions of humans on Mother Earth.  A lesson most humans, and certainly Debbie Coppells’ of our World fail to respect and understand is the magnitude of just how delicate Mother Earth is for our grandchildren’s children.

A question that remains unanswered is: What’s Debbie Coppell’s motive? We may never know, and those who really care about business growth in the Sky Valley were handed a victory last week when DNR announced that it will not forest Singleltary, protecting Mother Earth from human greed for future generations.

At last DNR places people over the small profit that would be gained by clear cutting Singletary, preserving Wallace Falls State Park for visitors and tree huggers like myself.

Protecting our environment against destructive human greed is just as important as exposing corrupt government officials who steal, deplete, and rape our children from obtaining a healthy and happy childhood.  A big win for our future







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