Snohomish County has the lowest voter turnout in Washington State

A great American writer Jim Hightower said ” If the Gods wanted us to vote they would have given us candidates”  

Once this year’s primary election results were counted, Snohomish County ranked number one as the lowest voter turnout in Washington State.  Only 25.6 percent of Snohomish County voters returned their mail in ballots, the poorest voter turnout in two decades. 

Snohomish County Auditor Carlyn Weikel told the Daily Herald ” It’s extremely disappointing. “It’s discouraging.”

Possible issues that may have affected low voter turnout is the fact that Washington’s ballot did not include any controversial issues. However, the Gold Bar Reporters report on whether the Gods’ have given us candidates to vote for is the real issue driving voter apathy up here in Snohomish County. 

In this year’s election, Snohomish County voters had the following thugs running for public office:

Caroline Eslick, who is accused of a DUI hit and run death of a homeless woman in Sultan, and then using Sheriff John Lovick ( who was appointed as the best pick for Snohomish County Executive after the Gold Bar Reporters managed to force his resignation from public office) to assist her in covering up her homicide. 

John Lovick is accused of assisting Sultan Mayor Caroline Eslick’s hit and run DUI death of a homeless woman.  An issue he has never denied.

Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe who assisted Snohomish County employee and pedophile John Pennington and his mistress and Gold Bar Mayor Crystal Hill in covering up a child abuse case involving the criminal duo. This was just the tip of the iceberg on what we found on Mark Roe, and Gold Bar Reporter Anne Block will be using evidence collected under the Public Records Act to Recall Mark Roe over and over again in 2015 or until he resigns. 

Since the Gods did not give us candidates, the voters did not have a single candidate to vote for, hence why voter turnout was the lowest in two decades. 

Sidney Powell, author, whistleblower and true American hero;

Ms. Powell served in the DOJ for ten years and has devoted her private practice to federal appeals for the past twenty years. At the time of her appointment, Ms. Powell was the youngest assistant United States Attorney in the country.   Her credentials include a Fellow of the American Academy of Appellate Lawyers and she also served as its President.

Recognized by her peers as a “Super Lawyer” and named as one of the “Best Lawyers in America.”  She has been lead counsel in more than 500 appeals in the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, resulting in more than 180 published opinions.  

In Licensed to Lie, Ms. Powell leads readers through the disturbing events, missteps, cover-ups, malfeasance, and corruption of justice that have caused her to question the system she has been committed to for over thirty years. With the narrative style of a legal thriller, this true story captures the drama of the law, the real human costs and consequences of the corruption of justice, and cautions for anyone facing the Department of Injustice.


We here at the Gold Bar Reporters believe that Ms. Powell is a true American hero. She ranks among the 21st Century’s top whistleblowers in modern American history as she exposes the injustices and disgraceful conduct perpetrated by two federal Department of Justice (DOJ) officials invovled in the DOJ’s so called task force.  With the qualified immunity and unlimited resources at their disposal – with almost no oversight by citizens- political officers have a license to lie and to destroy innocent lives.

Ms. Powell is Gold Bar Reporters hero of 2014! 


Why Snohomish County government is protecting a pedophile

Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) is protecting a Snohomish County wife beater and a child molester named John Pennington.  John Pennington is also the former Director of Emergency Management, a political appointee of disgraced former Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon. The below public record was given to the Gold Bar Reporters by John Pennington’s ex-wife Anne, who according to Court records takes showers with his minor daughter, who was around 6 years old at the time Anne gave a declaration to the court. John Pennington was caught naked with his penis slung at eye length with his child, stark naked.  According to the below record, ex Anne peaked inside the bathroom concerned that John Pennington was doing something that he should not with his daughter, and she witnessed these events documented in a court record.

Are WSBA Board Members protecting a pedophile because they are ones too?


The above record also documents that John Pennington enjoys inflicting pain on his wife Anne, who was three months pregnant at the time. Anne affirms under oath that John Pennington “twisted her breasts to inflict pain”, and when Anne started to cry, John Pennington did what any sociopath does, he started calling her names like ” fuckin bitch” “fat chick” ( although John Pennington is grossly obese himself), and “dumb shit.”

Further police records from the City of Duvall confirms that John Pennington assaulted Anne kicking her in the stomach within three weeks of her delivery date.  Inside Redmond District Court records, Pennington’s past criminal harassment conviction become part of his Redmond Court file.

Additional public records from John Pennington’s first divorce case document that he pushed his first wife down a flight of stairs. Public records that Judge Eric Lucas unlawfully sealed as a favor to his friend and disgraced former Executive Aaron Reardon.   We retrived this record from his second ex-wife who was smart enough to save it noting that it was valuable in her divorce case.

Sad to say that child and spousal abuse is not new for John Pennington.  Our investigators uncovered that John Pennington is the prime suspect in a child rape case of a 5 year girl in Colwitz County ( WA). At the time of the child kidnapping and rape, John Pennington lived within blocks of the rape, was a coffee delivery boy ( he started his coffee business with equipment that he stole from a former employer in Colwitz County), and he owned and drove a car matching the description of the man who raped a 5 year child Colwtiz County.

According to Colwitz Sheriff’s Office, John Pennington remains the prime suspect in this case because he meets the description given by his victim and drove the same car. One investigator told us that the 5 year child smelt coffee inside the pedophile’s car.

John Pennington’s criminal conduct goes back 30 plus years. In the late 1980s, John Pennington was in fact kicked out a church in San Diego California for molesting two boys at a church camping trip. Pennington fled the State of California after the boys made allegations of sexual abuse against him.

Gold Bar activist Anne Block, who recently resigned from the WA State Bar Association after Snohomish County public records confirmed that lead counsel Linda Eide, Alison Sato, and Lin O’ Dell were aiding and abetting pedophile John Pennington attempting to thwart our investigation of his crimes against women and children.  In fact, former WSBA member Anne Block sent the WSBA the above document months ago.  Linda Eide quashed them from the record hoping to seal them from the public’s eye.

The WA State Bar’s lead counsel Linda Eide is a personal friend to Gold Bar city attorney Michael Kenyon.
According to a former insider,  Michael Kenyon was frustrated because he could not continue his illegal practice of hiding records from legal expert Anne Block.  The insider further told the Gold Bar Reporters that ” Kenyon’s strategy was to defame and out money you!”  But when Michael Kenyon realized that he could not out money open government supporters out here in Gold Bar, Michael Kenyon called in his friend and WSBA lead counsel Linda Eide to assist him with his Racketeering Scheme.

Further evidence detailing the sociopath and pedophile John Pennington documents that Crystal Hill’s minor daughter is now the subject of Pennington pedophilia.  The Gold Bar Reporters received a picture drawn by Hill’s minor daughter who drew a picture of herself with John Penningon, she was naked, and John Pennington’s hand was placed on her private vagina area.  Several sources close to the Penningtons’ tell the Gold Bar Reporters that John Pennington takes her on private long extended trips alone, purchases her special gifts, and when she sees John Pennington she pisses her pants and starts shaking uncontrollably.

See for the profile of a pedophile

Under the totality of the evidence, we expose John Pennington as a the pedophile he is as defined by Merriam Dictionary:


a person who is sexually attracted to children.
Crystal Hill should be in jail for sacrificing her daughter for John Pennington’s sexually deviant pleasures. But according to one source, ” Crystal Hill would be living in a trailer park without Pennington; She ( Hill) would be gay if she thought it would get her a free meal.”

Crystal Hill was forced from Mayoral Office here in Gold Bar in 2009 after her home went into to foreclosure and she had unpaid taxes and water bills owed to Snohomish County.

Under Washington State law, a Mayor must be a resident of the City to hold office.
Over the years, We wondered why so many public officials went out their way to protect a sociopath child molester such as John ” Bundy” Pennington, either through the Courts or inside John Lovick’s office. Simply put, we we just don’t know why so many government officials are trying to cover up the fact that John Pennington is a pedophile.
John Pennington was contacted for comment but refused.  We stand by our article as “right on target”

Some of our readers have asked us why a Democratic Delegate would be reporting on our own party members, we simply answer your questions this way:

” If good people ( non-corrupt) do nothing, evil people like pedophile John Pennington, and boob flashing Mayor Crystal Hill” flourish.”  Whether we are Democrats or Republicans, our hope is that most of our thousands of readers understand that corruption is nonpartisan.
We are working on a much bigger corruption scandal involving several members of the WSBA Office of Disciplinary Council and how they use agency employees to spy on private citizens just like Nazis.   Stay tuned, the WSBA’s corrupt ODC.  Let the sunshine in!  It will be shortly!







Senator Steve Hobbs up to his same old shit

Over the weekend, the Gold Bar Reporters received a tip which stated:

Eslick DUI accident/homicide 12/2012. I believe Carolyn Eslick was in an accident in Monroe circa 12/27/2012 that resulted in the death of a homeless woman bicyclist and that she was DUI at the time. She called the sheriff officer in charge of Sultan, a personal friend of hers who responded to the scene and took her home to sober her up. she also called a high ranking city employee who took charge of the accident scene and helped cover up her involvement. See if you can get a copy of the accident report and investigate this. The officer was fired but hired as a city of Sultan parking enforcement officer. Both Ty Trenary and John Lovick are aware of this but can do little about it. Please look into this Ms Eslick would be a disaster as county exec IMO. Jim Deblasio [redacted phone number] PS Neil Harrison recommended that I contact you about this issue, I also told Noah Haglund about it..
Kind of “boogeyman shit.”  First, we’d like our readers to know that we are no fan of Sultan’s Mayor Carolyn Eslick for various reasons. Our main reason is very simple: if you’re going to run on a campaign slogan of  ” Pride and Prosperity” perhaps one should look to your own City first.

Or perhaps Mayor Eslick is blind?  The last time we went to the City of Sultan all we saw were empty store fronts, empty and abandoned industrial buildings, foreclosed homes, a hell of a lot of homeless people, and cops with nothing else to do except play on the Internet inside Sutan police department.

Perhaps this is the ” Pride and Prosperity” Mayor Eslick is referring to? But who the fuck knows because Ms. Eslick never defines what she means by ” Pride and Prosperity.”  Lets just hope she’s not referring to the City of Sultan, a fuckin slum pit with the exception of Galaxy Chocolates ( try the salted carmels – yummiest chocolates ever).
Though Sultan cops could really use a donut shop. I hear cops enjoy donuts and coffee.

Lastly, every one knows that the Gold Bar Reporters are as liberal as the Honorable Senator Barry Sanders. In fact, Snohomish County’s favorite evidence tamperer called us ” far leftists.”  We proudly wear this tag; open government means more to us than life itself.

So our readers can assume that Mayor Eslick will not be getting our votes, and after Deblasio’s tip herein, John Lovick will not either.

We can only hope that attorney Deal goes to the nearest Rite Aide and buys some Maine made “Toms Toothpaste” ( without flouride) so we can all rid Aaron Reardon’s thugs/scums from our County offices.
Now, lets look at what John Lovick has done according to a Snohomish County political blogger and Democratic operative for Senator Steve Hobbs ( who has refused to talk with the Gold Bar Reporters; but we hear that Sen Hobbs does not like to be questioned, giving us more reasons to question the former Reardon operative).

DeBlasio further goes on to state:

“I believe Carolyn Eslick was in an accident in Monroe circa 12/27/2012 that resulted in the death of a homeless woman bicyclist and that she was DUI at the time.”

If true, Carolyn Eslick should be jail, but not without those who assisted, in any way, in covering up of a killing.  A homeless person is no less a human being than you or I.

Political philosopher John Stuart Mill said ” A person may cause evil to others not only by his actions but by his inaction, and in either case he is justly accountable to them for the injury.”

We here at the Gold Bar Reporter are not surprised that Snohomish County government officials were involved in aiding and abetting a homicide out here in the Sky Valley.  Hell, Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe covered up former Gold Bar Mayor Crystal Hill’s abuse of a six year child. A child that Hill abused so badly that she left bruises all over the child’s arm.

Instead of arresting Hill ( who was a sitting Mayor at the time) for child abuse, Mark Roe became Hill’s hired thug.  Pissed off that Crystal Hill beat up a helpless and defenseless six year old and got way with it with the assistance of Our County thugs such as Mark Roe, ” You fuckin bet! And Mark Roe will be Recalled in 2015. Promise from this con law geek to Mr. Roe!”
Debalsio goes further by detailing who might have assisted in cleaning up the homicide scene:
“She ( Eslick) called the sheriff officer in charge of Sultan, a personal friend of hers who responded to the scene and took her home to sober her up.  she also called a high ranking city employee who took charge of the accident scene and helped cover up her involvement. ”

No fuckin surprise that a “high ranking” thug from Snohomish County would assist in the cover up in the homicide of a homeless person.

I’ll never forget when former Gold Bar city council member Christopher Wright, a man convicted of spousal abuse, started accosting five  homeless people along Route 2 during a rainy winter day back in 2011.  I drove past Wright harassing five humans seeking shelter under the cabana along the railroad tracks. I stopped and watched as Wright basically assaulted a person, who did not fight back.  Before this incident, I had no opinion of Wright, other than he was as stupid as a post.

I decided our neighbors could use a little cheering up after putting up with being assaulted for simply seeking shelter in Gold Bar on a rainy winter day.  I immediately drove to Rico’s Pizza and had Rico make a couple of extra special large pizzas to go. I never saw five people more happy than five people who I had no previous ( and have not since) contact with. I never really knew if our five neighbors were happy to see an accepting face or just happy to have a a couple slices of pizza.  A simple pleasure in life that anyone who grew up with parents from New York enjoyed on a regular basis.

But when Gold Bar Deputy Martin showed up on the scene and further assaulted our pleasant neighbors of five, I lost any and all respect I ever had for Deputy Martin.
If what Deblasio states is true, the Gold Bar Reporters postings on the massive corruption inside Snohomish County government offices is “right on target” as usual.  His “tip” only illistrates our reports that we have a major RICO scandal and its involves almost every branch of government and a small elite group of thugs who call themselves attorneys ( a law firm in Everett at the center of the storm).
Debalsio stated: “The officer was fired but hired as a city of Sultan parking enforcement officer.”

We called the City of Sultan, and public records officer for Sultan Ms. Koenig tells us that there never has been and there is not a parking attendant in Sultan.  We accept her statement, until we get evidence to the contrary.
Now here’s the clincher, the saga and just what our thousands of daily readers were waiting for:
“Both Ty Trenary and John Lovick are aware of this but can do little about it.”
Really!  John Lovick was the Sheriff in 2012, and Ty Ternary is the current Sheriff for Snohomish County. Really! No fuckin really?  A sitting Sheriff ( Lovick) could do little to investigate a homicide?   If this is true, John Lovick should also be in jail.  But knowing what we know about how John Lovick’s refusal to investigate a single Gold Bar criminal complaint, involving a known pedophile named John Pennington, we’re not surprised.
We take no position on Ty Ternary other than to give him a few suggestions: stop aligning yourself with pieces of shit like John Lovick and pedophiles like John E. Pennington.
To the Dishonorable Sen. Steve Hobbs:  This email letter only illustrates that you’re a bigger piece of shit than we gave you credit for. I haven’t voted for many Republicans in my life ( one of Nader’s Raider fans), but I plan to in November.  Steve you either have a lot of growing up to do, or you need mental health assistance.  It’s no wonder why you seem to have a cozy relationship with pedophile John Pennington, and child abuser Crystal Hill.

I must admit Mr. Hobbs, your email communication collected as a result of the Aaron Reardon scandal from King County Major Crimes Unit documents that you are as evil as they get.  My only hope that the voters of Snohomish County toss your corrupt ass to the curb with remainder of the Reardon’s trash this November.
Why we linked this “tip” back to you Mr. Hobbs is because Debalsio sent us a message more than one year ago inferring that he was a good friend of yours.  We know no other link , and with your past conduct in the Reardon scandal, we are confident that you’re behind this last minute shit.
Now, as for accusations that Carolyn Eslick killed a homeless woman on her bicycle while driving under the influence, We did try calling Mayor Eslick for comment but she declined as of today.  We extend our sincere request to hear what Ms. Eslick has to say as it relates to this matter, and we promise to publish her statements per bettum if she does respond.

We can only hope that Mayor Eslick issues a press statement soon. She does need to either deny or admit to the allegations as stated herein because we filed a civil rights complaint with the appropriate authorities.

The woman killed was someone’s daughter, possibly sister, possibly mother, etc.  and is entitled to the same protections under the law as you or I.  No exceptions just because someone is poor and/or homeless. In fact, citizens have a civic duty to hold corrupt politicians accountable by every legally permissble means we can.

My mother always said ” you’ll be judged by how you treat the lowest class of our society.”  Snohomish County has some real scum bags in charge and its time to clean the flith from our houses this election day.









Life threatened again

One has to wonder what the hell would cause the City of Gold Bar and Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management to hide 62 records costing the taxpayers of Snohomish County and my small City of Gold Bar Washington over $1,000,000.00 with no end in site.

Over the last five years, I have spent over hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting these thugs with almost no help other than a few open government supporters here in Gold Bar, and a few out of towners whose only interest is making Washington “corruption” free.

Our next approach is to expose the “eye of the storm” that will most certainly bust this RICO org wide open.



It’s time to let a little sunshine in

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