Governor Jay Inslee reappoints Snohomish County Judge Edirin Okoloko, who Snohomish County voters ousted for corruption in 2019


Edirin koloko 

In November 2019, the voters of Snohomish County ousted corrupt Superior Court Judge, Edirin Okoloko.  Spitting on the taxpayers/voters of Snohomish County’s desire to oust corrupt judges like  Edirin Okoloko from government offices, Governor Jay Inslee decided to reappoint Okoloko to an open Superior Court Judge’s seat vacated by the Honorable Judge Linda Krese.

In 2018, Judge Okoloko attended a party at Lake Chelan where a female co-worker was sexually assaulted inside his hotel room.  When Okoloko was asked where the sexual assault occurred he lied stating he went to sleep.  Public Records obtained via RCW 42.56 ( Public Records Act) documented the sexual assault at Lake Chelan ( below) of a county co-worker Edirin Okoloko lied to investigators that he had no idea what happened in his hotel.

In 2019, Snohomish County voters who ousted sexual deviant Judge Edirin Okoloko because of his criminal conduct at Lake Chelan in 2018. Governor Inlsee’s reappointment of Edirin Okoloko involved in sexual assault of female co-worker who obstructed justice documents quite nicely Governor Inslee’s disdain for female voters.

Edirin Okoloko was not born an American, he is from Nigeria, one of the most corrupt counties in the World.


Snohomish County Judge Edirin Okoloko obstructing justice, lying during official criminal investigation, involved in cover up of sexual assault of Snohomish County worker


After this egregious conduct, and some say felonious crimes, Governor Jay Inslee appointed Edirin Okoloko to an open Snohomish County Superior Court judicial seat, because well, I guess being involved with the cover up of a sexual assault of  a female co-worker is a prerequisite for Governor Jay Inslee for judgeship.


Ediwin Okoloko 

In June 2018, Snohomish County deputy prosecutor Chris Dickinson, 55, sexually assaulted a female co-worker at a party at Lake Chelan while he was being paid to attend the Washington Association of Prosecuting Attorneys’ conference, while two other prosecutors (who Prosecutor Mark Roe refused to identify until we obtained public records) took intimate / nude photos of a woman, who appears to be too intoxicated to consent.

Our inside source said” I understand that at least two of prosecutors passed those nude photos around on Snohomish County Prosecutors computers.”


According to public records retrieved from Snohomish County, the sexual assault of a Snohomish County worker took place inside Edirin Okoloko’s hotel room at Lake Chelan during the following incident.

We learned just yesterday that the nude photos of a county worker were stored and disseminated on Snohomish County Prosecutors county cell phone, making them public record and were disseminated to over 22 Snohomish County Prosecutors in June 2018.

The source said ” Edirin Okoloko , now Judge, was one of the county prosecutors involved in covering up the sexual assault and illegal dissemination of the county workers nude photos of female co-worker too intoxicated to consent.”

According to a source inside Snohomish County, it’s believed that deputy prosecutors had dinner and then when out for drinks. Thereafter, over ten Snohomish County prosecutors gathered in a hotel room on Lake Chelan.  Disgraced former Prosecutor Mark Roe firs lied to the public claiming that the hotel room belonged to a female prosecutor, but in fact, public records released yesterday document that the hotel room belonged to Edirin Okoloko, a judge at Snohomish County Superior Court.

But the story didn’t end there. Three prosecutors from Snohomish County, and one Snohomish County Superior Court Judge Edirin Okoloko ( who with no surprise used to be a prosecutor), committed countless acts covering up Snohomish County Prosecutor’s sexual assault,  and obstruction of justice, against an intoxicated female co-worker.

There is no doubt that Snohomish County Prosecutor were disseminating and passing around nude pictures of the woman without her consent and maintained them on Snohomish County cell phones.

Dickson disseminating naked photos and maintianing them on county computer



Snohomish County Prosecutors C. Matt  Hunter and Robert Grant with two thumbs up as they partake in violating the civil rights of a Snohomish County co-worker who is nude and intoxicated above ( still waiting for public records to answer who the prosecutor is above texting from his cell phone in the upper right hand corner of the picture above; once known his name will be posted too).

On October 16, 2019, Snohomish County Prosecutor Sean Reay, who a witness at the Lake Chelan party in June 2018, leading to arrest and conviction of one Snohomish County Prosecutor Christopher Dickenson, is now violating Washington State’s Rules of Professional Conduct and the civil rights of a intoxicated female co-worker by proclaiming to be the attorney of record for the four prosecutors, and Judge Okoloko, who assisted in covering up the sexual assault of a Snohomish County co-worker.

Last month, we caught Snohomish County Prosecutor Sean Reay red-handed running his own private “or profit mediation company” right from Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office, and unlawfully using public offices and buildings, to operate his for profit mediation company.   If this isn’t unlawful/illegal/unethical enough, Snohomish County’s newest public officers Jennifer Sperline ( who was recently fired from the Prosecutor’s office for engaging in an affair with a co-worker) confirmed that Snohomish County Prosecutor Sean Reay is now claiming to be the personal attorneys for three Prosecutors who unlawfully took and disseminated nude pictures of an intoxicated co-worker while at Lake Chelan in June 2018.

According to our counsel, attorneys who are witnesses cannot serve as an attorney in the matter for which they were a witness to.

Did Mr Reay forget that the woman who the four prosecutors  unlawfully took a nude picture of is also a county employee?  Conflict, illegal, unlawful use of taxpayer funds to cover up felonies of employees, etc are just some questions to be raised.

But no need to fear for Prosecutor Sean Reay, because he is an outstanding member of the Washington State Bar Association’s Ethics Board. Pretty disgraceful.

Washington State is such a lovely place to raise children.


Washington State non-profit group sues Fox News for deceptive trade practices

UPDATE: New Study conducted by University of Chicago, supports that Fox News’s  political commentator,  Sean Hannity, likely spread false information on the Coronavirus pandemic



A lawsuit has been filed against Fox News, by the Washington League for Increased Transparency and Ethics (WASHLITE), alleging Fox News engaged in unfair or deceptive acts by representing the Corona-Virus as a hoax  in broadcasts airing between February and March 2020.

Between February to March 2020, Fox News  told viewers that the corona-virus was a “hoax” thus causing people to inadequately mitigate the virus’ spread.  Fox News false and deception is alleged by WASHLITE  to have contributed to our public-health crisis.

The corona-virus between February to Present has killed over 75,000 people throughout the World. Hardly a “hoax”.

According to the Washington State Secretary of State’s website, WASHLITE was incorporated in Lewis County in 2017.  Liz Hallock, a Washington State attorney, who is running for governor as a Green Party candidate, is representing WASHLITE against Fox News.

Attorney Hallock  said “We are not trying to chill free speech here. But we believe the public was endangered by false and deceptive communications in the stream of commerce…  There are a lot of people who listen to Fox News, and they’re not taking the recommendations of public-health officials seriously. This is not about money; it’s about making sure the public gets the message this is not a hoax.”

According to attorney Hallock, at least one member WASHLITE  has the COVID-19, and has been stricken with secondary respiratory issues as a result of the virus.

Fox News general counsel issued the following statement relating to the lawsuit filed by WASHLITE  “Wrong on the facts, frivolous on the law. We will defend vigorously and seek sanctions as appropriate.”

WASHLITE board member Arthur West told The Daily Beast that he was  not impressed with Fox New’s general counsel threats of retribution, saying  ” we are not afraid of the big bad Fox.”

Fox News general counsel appears to be issuing a threat against public participation by threatening sanctions against those  who use the court system.

Under Washington State’s anti-SLAPP law, revised in 2010, direct petitioning activity as well as “any lawful conduct in furtherance of the exercise of the constitutional right of free speech” that are related to issues of public concern are protected.  The law provides for early special motions to strike which require SLAPP plaintiffs to demonstrate, at the outset of litigation, that they can establish the required elements of their case with convincing clarity.  If the plaintiff is unable to do so, the case is dismissed.  All discovery and any pending hearings or motions are suspended until the court rules on the motion.  A defendant who prevails on a special motion to strike is entitled to a fine of $10,000, reasonable attorneys’ fees, and the costs of litigation.  A frivolous motion to strike is subject to similar sanctions.  Under the law, either party has the right to seek an expedited appeal to a higher court if a court fails to promptly rule on a motion to dismiss.

In 2017, Washington State Supreme Court, lead by Justice Barbara Madsen, held that Washington State’s  Anti- Strategic Suits Against Pubic Participation (Anti-SLAPP) was unconstitutional on its face because it violated the Washington State Constitutional rights of persons to have a jury trial.

Since 2017, Washington State’s Open Government supporters have urged the Washington State Legislature to correct the deficiency in the Anti-SLAPP laws by inserting the right of  jury trial demand when a persons are faced with SLAPP suit.

Since the Washington State Supreme Court overturned Washington Anti-SLAPP laws in part, the Washington State Legislature has refused to bring the Anti-SLAPP laws into compliance with the Washington State Supreme Court’s order. Because the government’s political foes, like Gold Bar Reporter and Tim Eyman’s use of Anti-SLAPP provisions to stop political attacks on their message, which almost always involves corrupt acts of Washington State’s judiciary, executive officers, and the Washington State Legislature.

The Gold Bar Reporter said ” It’s all political, the Supreme Court, Jay Inslee, and Bob Ferguson, have worked jointly with Association of Washington Cities, and several of its members, which includes federal and state court judges to SLAPP down our rights to publish and use the court system to seek justice and expose corruption. Therefore, Anti-SLAPP was stuck down by the very same people inside the government we are exposing for corruption, and that all too often includes state judges, the governor, local officials like Gold Bar’s former Mayors who stole hundreds of thousands of dollars, Crystal Hill Pennington ( convicted of fraud, 2000, 2005) and Joe Beavers, county prosecutors like Mark Roe who resigned in disgrace after he was caught calling gay people “dykes” and discriminating by threatening employees jobs, targeting only persons with disabilities, women, and employees over 40 people, and many Washington legislators. ”

The lawsuit states that Fox News characterized the corona-virus as a hoax during the two-month period, pointing to its March 9 broadcasts by Fox hosts Sean Hannity and Trish Regan. Sean Hannity said, “They’re scaring the living hell out of people and I see it as, like, ‘Oh, let’s bludgeon Trump again with this new hoax.’”

Sean Hannity lied, saying “we’ve never called the virus a hoax.” But Sean Hannity’s March 9, 2020, broadcast is proof that he did in fact call the virus a hoax, while Trish Megan’s posted “Corona-virus Impeachment Scam” accusing the Democrats of creating mass hysteria over the virus and shutting down the economy.

Calling the corona-virus a hoax was like someone yelling “Fire when there is no fire” attorney Hallock said.

WAHSLITE Attorney Hallock said her clients are seeking  nominal damages and reasonable attorney’s fees.  The lawsuit is asking a judge to decide whether or not Fox News violated Washington State’s Consumer Protection Act, and Order Fox News to stop disseminating false information about the virus.

WASHLITE Attorney Hallock would also like to see Fox News issue a  retraction and an apology to viewers.

Washington State  Attorney General Bob Ferguson has complete authority under Washington State Consumer Protection Act to investigate and enter the lawsuit as a necessary party on behalf of all Washingtonians.  As such, the Gold Bar Reporter sought comment on whether the Washington State Attorney General’s Office will either intervene or file a brief in support of WASHLITE’s lawsuit against Fox News.

Washington State  Attorney General Bob Ferguson has refused comment.


Why is a foreign government running Washington State’s risk management?

Attorney General Rob McKenna, the leader behind restricting citizens’ rights to access the courts, and to limit liability by pooling insurance including judges, defense attorneys, prosecutors, counties, Washington State Bar Association, Washington State Supreme Court, Washington State Office of Public Defense, lawyers, Special Assistant Attorney Generals, school districts, fire districts, and private law firms

Association of Washington Cites and Cities Insurance of Washington Cities, the  Washington State Bar Association, for profit and non-profit companies, as well as many Washington lawyers and law firms are insured and are members of Association of Washington Cites.

Association of Washington Cities insurance policies are unwritten by Lloyd’s of London and its brokers. Not only does Association of Washington Cities insure cities, they also insure the Washington State Bar Association, private law firms ( mainly those connected with the Washington State Attorney General’s Office as Special Assistant Attorney General’s – we’ll get to this story soon), the  Washington State’s Attorney General’s Department of Enterprise Services, and with the Washington State Supreme Court itself.

In 2008, Lloyd’s of London was taken over by the United Kingdom government. 

For this reason, we explain what Lloyd’s of London is and why its owned by United Kingdom government, and more importantly how and why Lloyd’s of London has employees and office space inside Association of Washington Cities office in Olympia, Washington.

McKenna (1)

Rob McKenna, former Washington State Attorney General

In 2005,  Washington State’s Attorney General General Rob McKenna tired to bamboozle the taxpayers of Washington State into limiting citizen’s rights to financial compensation.

McKenna was the driving force behind tort reform.  Rob McKenna grossly underestimated the voters of  Washington State voters desire to have access to the courts when wronged.  After loosing his bid to restrict citizens’s rights to access the courts, via tort reform, Rob McKenna came up with a different plan to limit and restrict liability by “pooling insurance.”  McKenna was even stupid enough to sign a law school journal article with Seattle University Law School this after the voters overwhelmingly rejected tort reform, so McKenna proposed A fraudulent scheme to limit liability, started by former Attorney General Rob McKenna, after the voters of Washington State overwhelmingly rejected tort reform.  More to come soon, promise. 


Lloyd’s of London, generally known simply as Lloyd’s, is an insurance and reinsurance market located in London, United Kingdom. Unlike most of its competitors in the industry, it is not an insurance company; rather, Lloyd’s is a corporate body governed by the Lloyd’s Act 1871 and subsequent Acts of Parliament. It operates as a partially-mutualised marketplace within which multiple financial backers, grouped in syndicates, come together to pool and spread risk. These underwriters, or “members”, are a collection of both corporations and private individuals, the latter being traditionally known as “Names”.

The business of underwriting at Lloyd’s is predominantly general insurance and reinsurance, although a small number of syndicates write term life assurance. The market has its roots in marine insurance and was founded by Edward Lloyd at his coffee house on Tower Street in c. 1686. Today, it has a dedicated building on Lime Street within which business is transacted at each syndicate’s “box” in the underwriting “Room”, with the insurance policy documentation being known traditionally as a “slip”.

Lloyd’s is a market of members. As the oldest continuously active insurance marketplace in the world, Lloyd’s has retained some unusual structures and practices that differ from all other insurance providers today. Originally created as a non-incorporated association of subscribing members, it was incorporated by the Lloyd’s Act 1871 and is currently governed under the Lloyd’s Acts of 1871 through to 1982.

Lloyd’s itself does not underwrite insurance policies itself, leaving that to its members. Instead, the Society operates effectively as a market regulator, setting it’s own rules under which members operate and offering centralized administrative services to those council members.

In Washington State, those council members are known to us Washingtonians as Association of Washington Cities Board Members.

The  appointment of nominated members, including that of the chief executive officer at Washington Cities, Peter King,  is confirmed by the Governor of the Bank of England. The Bank of England is owned by the United Kingdom government, which means, that the Bank of England operates risk management for Lloyd’s of London i.e. the United Kingdom government, and has a heavy hand in controlling its brokers/members and appointments to Association of Washington Cities including but not limited to CEO Peter King.

In Olympia, Association of Washington Cities, has a Bank of England ( again owned by UK government) employee, Harlan Stientjes, sitting inside directing litigation.  Yes, Association of Washington Cities Risk Manager is a paid employee of the United Kingdom.

According to current Gold Bar Mayor, ” Harlan Stientjes is the one that targeted you Anne.” What our Mayor did not know was this: Harlan Stientjes’s email communication, an alleged risk manager for Association of Washington Cities, has a fixed IP address and is assigned to the UK Ministry of  Defence.” Remember the UK government owns Llyods.

In 2018 there were 84 syndicates managed by 55 managing agencies that collectively wrote £35.5bn of gross premiums on risks placed by 303 approved brokers. Around 50 per cent of premiums emanated from North America ( mainly the United States), 30 per cent from Europe and 20 per cent from the rest of the world.

Association of Washington Cities and Cites Insurance Association of Washington Counties are the two brokers that solicit and obtain members on behalf of Lloyd’s of London, because by pooling and dictating the delivery of legal and insurance services, Association of Washington Cities Chief Executive Officer, Peter King, among other members like Ann Marie Soto, Michael Kenyon, Ramsey Rammerman, Amanda Butler, and Shannon  Ragonesi, and Judge Michael Scott ( King County Superior Court) are all members and huge contractors with Association of Washington Cities.

But the stench doesn’t stop at Association of Washington Cities.  Our search also indicted that when a private lawyer is a member, like Washington State Bar’s former President Bill Pickett and Stephanie Bloomfield ( a daughter to US Federal Judge Ronald Leighton) the payouts for being a member amounts to Association of Washington Cities settling cases, always. 100 % chance of prevailing inside Washington State Courts and US Federal Courts, Washington Division.

In January 2020, we caught US Federal Court Judge Ricardo Martinez calling Snohomish County Prosecutor Joseph Genster, making exparte communication, this while cases against Association of Washington Cities members, Snohomish County via Washington Association of Counties, are being sued for 42 USC 1983 and RICO violations.




Risk Managers, Llyods of London, pooling scam to limit liability, or as Attorney Jeffrey Myers inferred, they decide who wins cases or gets charged or convicted of a crime 

Association of Washington Cities Chief Executive Officer, Peter King, among other members like Ann Marie Soto, Michael Kenyon, Ramsey Rammerman,  Amanda Butler, and Shannon  Ragonesi, and Judges Michael Scott, Julie Spector, Amie Sutton ( King County Superior Court) and US Federal Court Judges like Ricardo Martinez, Ronald Leighton, Benjerman Settles, Marsha Pechman, and Richard Jones were all members and/or received huge payouts/ contracts with Association of Washington Cities.

In the case of Snohomish County Washington, we caught Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe tampering with the jury list, removing names of those residents who are open government supporters or highly educated, and making deals with incompetent defense attorneys such as Jason Schwartz, Tom Cox, Tom Kummrow, and Phil Sayles to throw cases in exchange for huge money contracts.

How big is this?  To answer this question, when we ran a search of how many judges were members of Association of Washington Cities, we could not find one who was not a associated with Association of Washington Cites, except the new appointee in US Federal Court in Seattle, appointed by President Trump.

Association of Washington Cities only boosts of a few names of its members, leaves out many judges and attorney generals names,  but does include members with clear conflicts of interest such as the Washington State Auditor’s Office, Superior Court Judges Association, Attorney General’s Department of Enterprise Services ( who contracts with the Washington State Supreme Court for the Washington State Bar Association),  Port of Seattle, City of Duvall, City of Gold Bar, City of Monroe, City of Everett, Judges Associations, Counties, Cities, school districts, fire districts, WA State Office of Public Defense, Snohomish County Public Defenders, law firm of Anderson Hunter, attorneys such Ann Marie Soto at Madrona Law Group, Kenyon Disend, Keating, Buckling, & McCormick, Christie law Group, all who are being sued for racketeering crimes in 2016 02 19 Block v WSBA Amended RICO Complaint. 

As the RICO complaint correctly stated, Attorney Ann Marie Soto, an attorney at Madrona Law Group and Kenyon Disend, committed federal and state racketeering crimes when she and Keating,Bucklin and McCormack’s attorneys Shannon Ragonesi and Amanda Butler, helped a federal witness, and Gold Bar’s Mayors Crystal Hill Pennington ( nee Berg) and Joe Beavers, illegally remove their criminal conviction  records from the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) data base using Michael Meyers a City of Seattle police officer.

Hill Bank Bank Fraud

Hill Bank Bank Fraud 2

Hill Docket Evergreen District Court_Page_2

Hill Docket Evergreen District Court_Page_2

Seattle police officer or should we say Association of Washington Cities IT hatchet man, Michael Meyers, was also moonlighting providing IT services to the City of Gold Bar to conceal former Mayor Crystal Hill Pennington’s email communication when she and John E Pennington ( fired for harassing and cyber-stalking the Gold Bar Reporter via Snohomish County computers) operated an anonymous website titled ” The Sky Valley Chronicle” with Snohomish County taxpayer monies.  After the Gold Bar Reporter successfully sued Crystal Hill Pennington and John E Pennington Jr. they took down the Sky Valley Chronicle.

Attorney Shannon Ragonesi was recently caught having exparte communication with the City of Gold Bar’s council member Brian Diaz, who was arrested for downloading and possession of child porn and possession of meth.

We also recently learned that the City of Seattle Police Officer, Michael Meyers, received huge payouts from the Washington State Attorney General’s Office, as did attorney Ann Marie Soto, and her previous and current  law firms of Madrona Law Group, Pacifica Law Group,  and Kenyon Disend.   Attorney Ann Marie Soto is also “special assistant attorney general” another fraudulent scam to steal and deceive the taxpayers that we will get to in another story.

So what does the State of Washington’s insurance company aka Association of Washington Cities do to restrict citizens’ rights to seek damages when the voters said NO ? 

Association of Washington of Cities, at the lecturing of Attorney General Rob McKenna decide to pool insurance, with no limits to who can become members. A few words come to mind including deceptive trade, Anti Trust, and fraud and corruption.

Question posed is: is this deceptive to call an Association, Association of Washington of Cities, when in fact they are accepting members who are not Cities, and directing those members to one insurance company, Lloyd’s of London.  May be the bigger question is why? Why is Llyods of London insuring agencies, prosecutors, defense attorneys, State of Washington Auditors Office, Insurance Commissioner, Cities, Counties, Judges like Snohomish County Superior Court Judge Janis Ellis, law firms such as Madrona Law Group, Kenyon Disend, Ogden Murphy and Wallace, Hillis Clarke Martin and Peterson ( King County Judge Michael Scott’s firm), Lane & Powell, Perkins Coie, Foster Pepper, and other associations such as as Cities Insurance Association of Washington and the Washington State Bar Association?

Does this not amount to fraud? or as one of the Association of Washington Cities member and contractor, Jeffrey Myers, from Law, Lyman, Daniel, Kammerer, Bogdanovich said ” they will not Anne Block win” or as convicted felon and former Mayor Joe Beavers said in 2009 ” we have the courts locked up… and we are going to get Block’s Washington State Bar license for this.”

Based on the totality of the evidence we have collected, we now know ” they” Beavers and Myers were bragging about were Association of Washington of Cities and Llyods of London, with the assistance of its members, including the Washington State Bar Association, county prosecutors, and every judges association in Washington State.

There’s leave no doubt that Association of Washington of Cities, with the assistance of the Washington State Attorney’s General’s Office, at the bequest of its insurance, have been fixing cases to restrict any citizens rights to access the courts to expose their felonious conduct which we have ample evidence to support amounts to racketeering and Sherman Anti-Trust violations.

Former Mayor Crystal Hill Pennington told a friend that the Washington State Bar Association, a member of Association of Washington Cities, illegally released the Gold Bar Reporter’s application file to the City of Gold Bar in March 2009, hence why Supreme Court Justice Barbara Madsen continues to cover up the City of Gold Bar’s crimes.

Late yesterday, we finally received a contract between the Washington State Supreme Court, on behalf of the Washington State Bar Association, contracting with the Washington State Attorney’s General’s Department of Enterprise Services. Washington State Attorney’s General’s Department of Enterprise Services is also a member of Association of Washington Cities.

This means the Washington State Bar Association is a member of Association of Washington Cities and is in fact a state agency not a branch of the Judiciary as the Washington State Supreme Court has continuously, for over 25 years, falsely asserted to the public. Now, we know that even the Washington State Supreme Court is a branch of the Executive’s Officer ( i.e. the Washington State Attorney General’s Office Department of Enterprise Services).

K3114 Washington State Bar Association_Page_1


K3114 Washington State Bar Association_Page_2



” Those people who are threatening you, are now threatening me”  Gold Bar’s new Mayor William Clem was referring Association of Washington Cities CEO Peter King and its risk manager Harlan Stientjes.

Bigger question for those of us who have litigated is: How far does this go? Possibly to the 9th Circuit? Those of us who been frauded by this scheme of “fixing cases” knows it involves the Washington State Attorney General’s Office, the State Supreme Court, Association of Washington Cities, County Prosecutors, and every Superior Court in Washington State.

This fraudulent scheme has amounted to defense attorneys throwing clients under the bus in exchange for money, and a promise from Association of Washington Cities members, the Washington State Bar Association, not to investigate a single complaint filed against an agency employee.

More to come soon.


Loan sharks that prey upon citizens in this time of corona-virus induced economic uncertainty

Alleged Seattle Loan Sharks, Preying on National Veteran’s Advocates


Irving Sonkin is an Alleged Accomplice in a Loan Fraud Scheme

Seattle-based lawyer Irving Sonkin, his wife Netta Sonkin, and Sonkin’s client Lou Berg have been served with a federal lawsuit which alleges that they have operated a systematic “loan conversion” fraud.

The scheme of the Sonkins and Berg, the suit alleges, targets people in challenging circumstances. They fraudulently wrote loans as commercial when in fact the loans were made to people who occupied their own homes, according to evidence presented in the suit. In doing so, the loans were fraudulently converted from owner-occupied to commercial loans.

“Converting a loan from residential to commercial strips people of both federal and state legal rights. Those rights were created to protect the public from precisely the tactics used by the Sonkins and Berg,” said John Scannell, a Ninth Circuit Appellate attorney. Informally called “hard-money” lenders, alleged “loan sharks” Sonkin and Berg’s recent targets were all people in vulnerable situations, including the Plaintiffs in the current case who operate a national advocacy for veterans.

Originally from Brooklyn, New Yorker Sonkin’s office is now in Bellevue, Washington. He is the founding partner of the Bellevue-based law firm Sonkin and Schrempp, although Schrempp is listed on the Washington State Bar Association’s website as “inactive.” Mr. Sonkin and his wife Netta Diane Sonkin reside in Kirkland, Washington.

The Sonkin’s alleged accomplice Berg, originally from California, has a long history of loan fraud, domestic violence, and harassment according to King County, WA and Thurston County, WA court records. At least three separate restraining orders have been issued against Berg in the greater Seattle area. An investigation is currently underway of Berg’s former activities in California and other states.

Although the primary basis of Sonkin and Berg’s scheme is the fraudulent conversion of loans from owner-occupied to commercial, the loan fraud was also based on notary fraud according to federal court records. Berg was previously sued in Pierce County, Washington for fraudulently transferring properties to himself based on self-notarized documents.

Acting both as lender Berg’s personal counsel and trustee in the foreclosure and sale of the property, the current federal suit presents evidence that the Bellevue, Washington lawyer Sonkin also fraudulently self-notarized documents – including real estate trust documents – to commit the alleged loan fraud.

Before 2008, home loan lenders were widely engaged in predatory loan practices. After the home loan bubble burst in 2009, many state and federal laws were written to protect homeowners. The federal government has since increased investigation and prosecution of fraudulent home loans.

The Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force (FFETF) was created in 2009 and has pursued an aggressive, coordinated effort to prosecute financial crimes. It now consists of more than 20 agencies, 94 U.S. attorneys’ offices and state and local partners, and has been highly effective in combating loan fraud.

Since its formation, the task force has increased investigation and prosecution of financial crimes and cooperation among federal, state and local authorities. The Justice Department has filed more than 15,000 financial fraud cases against over 20,000 defendants including more than 4,700 mortgage fraud defendants.

“The Sonkin/Berg loan fraud and the Emiel Kandi loan shark case have several similarities,” said attorney John Scannell. “And like the Kandi case, Berg has also been active in Pierce County, Washington. Loan conversion is an increasingly common type of home loan fraud,” he said.

The Kandi case was investigated by the Puget Sound Mortgage Fraud Working Group, whose members include the FBI, the Department of Housing and Urban Development—Office of Inspector General, the Washington Department of Financial Institutions (DFI), and the Washington State Department of Licensing.

The Kandi case was prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Brian Werner and Special Assistant United States Attorney Hugo Torres. Mr. Torres is a King County Deputy Prosecutor specially funded by the Washington Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) to handle mortgage fraud cases in state and federal court.

“It’s not business as usual with loan fraud. The FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office were highly successfully in their investigation and criminal prosecution of Mr. Kandi, who is now serving five years in federal prison,” Mr. Scannell said.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office could not be reached for comment as to whether criminal charges will be filed against Irv Sonkin, Netta Sonkin and Louis Berg.

For more information on how to report financial crimes, visit


Photo Source: Web site of law firm of Sonkin and Schrempp.


Quote verification: John Scannell   email:

Phone: (425) 270-0585


Contact for Irv Sonkin and Netta Diane Sonkin:

Office: (425) 289-3443

Office address: 12715 Bel-Red Rd #150, Bellevue, WA 98005

Home address:  312 5th Ave, #101, Kirkland, WA 98033


Contact for Lou Berg:

Cell: (425) 652-3454

Home: (425) 643-2613

Address: 9313 SE 36th St., Mercer Island, WA 98040


Good news! Amazon has restocked its paper towels and toilet paper

A recent Amazon search confirms that Amazon  has restocked its toilet paper and paper towels online.  But supplies are going fast, so stock up fast.

President Trump issued the following press release today asking citizens to stop hoarding groceries:

But President Trump said nothing about hoarding paper supplies. So act quickly, because a ban may be placed on how many paper supplies Americans can purchase.


What the heck is going on?  This morning I went to the grocery store after hearing from President Trump that we shouldn’t be hoarding food. My thought was if Donald Trump is saying not to do something, I should be definitely be doing it.  The shelves were bare where paper towels and cleaners once rested, and lines were very long.

Safeway Monroe Washington patrons were yelling at the cashiers like “get some more cashiers here!!!!”

I bought a few items to tie me over for a few weeks and told the cashier ” I think you’re doing a wonderful job. I never come to the grocery store when I am concerned with time.”

What the heck is happening? Did people lose common respect and sense for human decency?

Stay home if you’re sick, wash your hands, and shower every day.  Let’s stop the madness.

Breaking news: If you run out of toilet paper, use cloth or simply shower.  


Snohomish County Prosecutor has direct line to US Federal District Court Judge Ricardo Martinez

A couple of months ago, we noticed that someone from Mercedes, Texas came onto the Gold Bar Reporter at the exact same time, looking at the same articles, as someone from Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office.

A few years ago, we started researching several judges, including United State Federal District Court, Seattle, Ricardo Martinez, and noticed that he still has family in Mercedes Texas.

What should be noted is that the Gold Bar Reporter has two pending lawsuits in Western Washington Federal District Court, Seattle Division.  Judge Ricardo Martinez has self assigned himself to each and every case involving Gold Bar Reporter Anne Block.

Noticing Mercedes Texas and Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office on the Gold Bar Reporter on the same day at the same time, looking at exactly the same article, these facts resulted in a public records request to Snohomish County government seeking three prosecutors’ telephone records, Joseph Genster, Jason Cummings,  and Snohomish County’s newest racketeering thug, Adam Cornell.

We really didn’t believe that we’d get anything. But we did – and our hunch was correct, Judge Ricardo Martinez and Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office has been engaging in direct exparte communication.

Judge Martinez’s telephone number is 206-370-8999 and is posted below.  

Click to see Snohomish County Prosecutor Joseph Genster and US Federal Court Judge Ricardo Martinez’s caught in exparte communication.caputured in public records.

Judge Ricardo Martinez even left a two minute voice message that the County has refused to turned over.  Why,  can best be explained as major corruption i.e case fixing and exparte communication.  As such, Snohomish County was notified that a lawsuit will be filed forcing disclosure of our telephone records.

Why hasn’t the Chief Judge of the 9th Circuit, Judge Sidney Thomas, investigated US Federal Court Judge Ricardo Martinez for corruption?

“Exposing those who abused our children inside Kiwanis Club’s Ok Boys Home sexual abuse scandal”

Sexual abuse is a serious allegation.  Just as the Gold Bar Reporter did in exposing pedophile John Edward Pennington Jr., we began researching, sifting through countless public files inside the Washington State Digital Archives, reading files and list of victims and perpetrators, and contacted victims and perpetrators alike before publishing.

The Problem for John Edward Pennington Jr. is simple: we obtained court documents, in case he was deposed, he admitted that he was kick out of a church in San Diego California after two boys during a church camping trip said ” John Edward Pennington Jr. stripped naked and asked us to jerk him off.”‘

Just like Ted Bundy, John Edward Pennington Jr has left Washington State, and is now on the campus of University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF).  We have Alaska’s former Governor Sara Pallin to thank for helping John E Pennington get his fraudulently obtained online degrees, he paid a $1500 flat rate for, inside UAF.  A relationship John E Pennington brags he has engaged in as a extramarital affair while she was married.

John Edward Pennington Jr. refused comment.

This story is centered around those got away with raping our children, mainly politicians from Olympia.

As most of my readers know is, the Gold Bar Reporter is nonpartisan, if you’re a pedophile, a domestic abuser, or a corrupt political official, we are going to report on it.  Whether you’re a Republican or Democratic, is of no concern.

Interesting to note for our readers, the Boys Home in Lincoln Nebraska, continuously searches our website for ” John Edward Pennington Jr.” For those of you who don’t remember the Boys Homes was the center of the largest sex abuse scandal in US history titled “the Franklin Sex Abuse Scandal.”  The Franklin Sex Abuse scandal involved mainly political officials who were allowed to sexually abuse our children in exchange for political favors by federal officials.

An acquittance, who was also  a victim of sexual abuse, one time said to me ” My stepdad sexually abused me. He was an employee of Lockheed Martin.  He would often bring friends home to rape me too.  Not sure where they came from… just seems to me that pedophiles know who each others are. Must be some kind of high sign or key words that pedophiles use to identify themselves with other pedophiles.”

What ever happened to the victims of the Ok Boys Home?” 

Between 1985 to 1994, the State of Washington, employed and licensed Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) social workers, who sexually abused Washington State’s foster children inside the Ok Boys Home.

The Ok Boys Ranch was operated by the Kiwanis Club, who were political officials, including uncontested Washington State House of Representative and Republican from Cowlitz County, John Edward Pennington Jr, a  man convicted of fraud by Washington State Attorney General’s Office, G. Geoffrey Gibbs, Senator Marlin Applewick ( who our readers would be happy to know is now a Court of Appeals Division One Justice), and Senator Hatfield ( who son was arrested hog tying and raping his step brother; learned behavior).

Over a period of 23 years, residents of the O.K. Boys Ranch experienced a shocking multitude of incidents involving abuse, neglect, sexual assault, gang rapes, and group beatings by other boys and staff.  These incidents, when documented, were routinely dismissed by DSHS, Children and Family Services and numerous review boards.

An example of one serious incident, one witness said ” On the evening of June 14, 1992, five boys from the Ranch broke into a nearby house, stole alcohol and brought it back to their rooms. Upstairs, after drinking the booze and sharing it with two more boys, the group of seven disrobed.” These children’s were being supervised by DSHS counselors, and our very own Snohomish County Prosecutor  Adam Cornell was one such on site counselor who was paid to supervise. Adam Cornell was under 21 himself at the time.

The resulting “orgy,” as everyone later called it, lasted through the night. Staff members, required by law and contract to provide 24-hour supervision, broke up the scene twice but didn’t keep the boys separated. Sex continued until the morning. The youngest victim was 11 year of age.

In 1989, then the OK Boys Ranch came up for license renewal at DSHS, Washington State Auditors discovered  that finances were completely unacceptable, with documented Kiwanis Club over-billing and double-billing of state money for services.  For the first time,  the State of Washington accused the Kiwanis Club of a  pattern of not reporting incidents of abuse, sexual assaults, gang raping, sexual gratification and sexual assaults’ by DSHS employees inside the Ok Boys Home.

According to the State of Washington, not one employee,  reported sexual abuse of our children to the police, DSHS or the boys’ parents, as required by law. The state auditor reviewer deemed the OK Boys Ranch “NOT IN COMPLIANCE” with state regulations.  An understatement; public records from Olympia document this was done to limit liability to the state of Washington who failed to protect our children.

Despite this scathing audit of 1989, the OK Boys Ranch remained open, given a temporary license for 6 months to bring the home up to state standards and the Kiwanis Club was allowed to “repay”  the taxpayer money stolen through Kiwanis Club’s over-billing scam costing the taxpayers over $100,000.00.

Due to pressures from the State of Washington’s Risk Management services lead by the direction of the Washington State Attorney General’s Office, mainly its head counsel, Stewart Estes and Rebecca Roe ( yes the big sister of disgraced former Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe), the Kiwanis Club was issued a temporary license, and at Attorney General Stewart Estes’s direction, that agreement was abruptly modified into a full license with a sweet heart deal allowing the Kiwanis Club to evade criminal charges of the theft of $100,000 in owed double billing funds, reduced to a mere $6,903 with a promise to take on two extra boys at no extra charge.

Allegations against Estes were lodged as far back to the Boys Home story, a story were are working on.  Our readers should be happy to know that Attorney Estes now works for Keating, Buckling, and McCormack Inc ( also assigned as Special Assistant Attorney Generals and Special Assistant Prosecutors for Snohomish County – more this story soon) assigned by Snohomish County Prosecutor Adam Cornell.

With no surprise, the Kiwanis Club breached its agreement, and failed to take in any additional children.  

By 1996, the Kiwanis Club‘s OK Boys Ranch was finally shut down, after numerous lawsuits over abuse began. over ten years after the first allegation of abuse was lodged against Kiwanis inside the Ok Boys Home.

It all started when Thurston County Police Department received a complaint against the Ok Boys Home in Olympia.  According to a victim, one such young counselor inside the Ok Boys Home was Snohomish County Prosecutor Adam Cornell aka “Adam Stubbs.”

The Gold Bar Reporter contacted Adam Cornell after receiving a credible tip from a victim of the OK Boys Ranch.  The victim filed suit, and that complaint is still open on ongoing allegations of misconduct by Adam Cornell brought rise to our interest in “what ever happened to the victims of the Ok Boys Home” story.

Adam Cornell said the Edmonds Beacon, “My mom was an alcoholic and drug addict. Plain and simple,” he said. “My father was also an alcoholic, and used to beat the crap out of my mom. My dad left us when I was 5, and I never saw him again.”

“Like many children placed in foster care, it was not easy for us to keep in touch, but we did, and our relationship has endured as adults,” Cornell wrote on his Facebook page last year.

In 2001, Cornell graduated from Lewis & Clark Law School College in Portland.

Cornell’s entry into Snohomish County law came in 2001 when he became a judicial clerk for Snohomish County Superior Court Judge Ellen Fair, an Edmonds resident who recently retired in disgrace after she was caught fixing cases for Snohomish County and Washington State Attorney General’s Office as “risk management.’

Judge Fairs’ crimes against Washingtonians was well documented inside Snohomish County corruption scandal involving the theft of foster children by Snohomish County employees for dollars. 769642 In re the Welfare of AH Amended MAR

Judge Fair resigned shortly before the Court of Appeals Division One issued the above scathing decision in The AETH case.  A case that wasn’t assigned to Judge Fair, but one that she worked behind the scenes to corrupt by appearing inside a judicial proceeding, in an effort to transfer custody of a 4 year old child to a Snohomish County Sheriff Officer in spite of no finding of abuse against the biological parents.

Adam Cornell by all accounts was a protégé of corrupt Judge Ellen Fair, in Cornell’s own words “She pointed out a place on Pine Street that was for rent,” Cornell said, “so we moved from Silver Lake down to Edmonds. It was Ellen who really is responsible for bringing me to Edmonds. And the work in Superior Court put me in contact with people in the office, where I made connections. People knew Ellen and my work, and I’d like to think that people thought I had a good head on my shoulders and a good temperament for the work.”

With connections to corrupt Judges like Ellen Fair and Judge Janice Ellis, who we recently caught “fixing cases” against the accused, it didn’t take long for Cornell to become a deputy prosecuting attorney from 2002 through 2018.

During that time, ” Cornell worked inside the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Seattle as a special assistant attorney, prosecuting federal drug trafficking, firearms, and financial crimes in direct violation of the laws of Washington State which prohibit a prosecutor from serving in any other function other than that of a prosecutor.”

In 2019, several employees inside the Prosecutors Office filed complaints against disgraced Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe of sexual assault and discrimination. One such accuser was Chief of Operations Bob Lenz, who claimed that Mark Roe was the perpetrator of a  hostile workplace filled discrimination mainly targeting women and gays.

In 2019, Bob Lenz filed suit in King County Superior Court against Snohomish County.

The lawsuits allege allegations during Adam Cornell’s assignment in charge of the criminal division, but he either has early stages of dementia or is simply covering up for a sexual deviant named Mark Roe.

Cornell said “Mr. Lenz’s claims are focused upon the comments and other conduct of my predecessor, and frankly describe conduct that is highly inappropriate in any workplace,” Cornell wrote. “I consider it particularly important that a prosecuting attorney’s office, which the public looks to for the enforcement of the laws, must operate at the highest level of professionalism and respect.”

Mr. Cornell failed to mention that Bob Lenz’s allegations also involved Cornell’s conduct of discriminating against persons over the age of 40.  The US Supreme Court held that persons over the age of 40 are protected class.  A class that Adam Cornell either failed or missed inside Constitutional Law while at Lewis & Clark Law School.


Over the last year, we spent hundreds of hours sifting through public records, newspapers, and Washington State archives before publishing.   What really caught out attention was the fact that then Attorney General Christine Gregoire never charged a single state employee with sexual abuse of our children, not even a misdemeanor charge of failure to protect our children while iside the OK Boys Homes.

We have a lot of file to publish, so stay tuned, we are going to posted articles, and reports, issued by the state itself, and complaints. But first, we need to redact names of the victims before publising the files.

 In the meantime, we note that Snohomish County Adam Cornell is holding true to his promise to sexual deviant and digarced Prosecutor Mark Roe that he would “carry on the tradition of the Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office” as he is now accused to several maliciously prosecutions which shall lead to his Recall Petitions.  


Snohomish County’s newly elected Sheriff Adam Fortney covering up the murder of Nickolas Peters

In October 2018, Snohomish County Sheriff  Officer Art Wallin murdered an unarmed man, Nickolas Peters.  Peters was only 24 years of age.  Ever since murdering Peters, Deputy Wallin had been on paid administrative leave soaking up thousands from the taxpayers of Snohomish County.

Sheriff Ty Trenary ordered an independent investigation of the murder of Peters. The Peters family sued Snohomish County for wrongful death, violating the civil rights of their son.

The final investigative report found that Deputy Art Wallin’s murder of Peters was not warranted, and found Deputy Art Wallin was guilty of using excessive force. KIRO 7 reports

According a University of Michigan Law Professor, ” Excessive force by a law enforcement officer(s) is a violation of a person’s constitutional rights.  Excessive force is defined by the use of force greater than that which a reasonable and prudent law enforcement officer would use under the circumstances is generally considered to be excessive.”

After the Peters’s family filed a civil rights suit against Snohomish County, allegations surfaced that a resident had taken a video of Deputy Wallin’s murder of Peters.  Contrary to police reports, Snohomish County Detective Shawn Stitch, and newly elected Sheriff Adam Fortney, were on the scene prior to Deputy Wallin’s firing at least two fatal shots, murdering Peters.

The man who videotaped the murder of Peters was questioned by Adam Fortney and Detective Shawn Stich, handed a copy of the video below to both officers, and asked by Stich and Fortney to never tell anyone about the video.

Initial police reports signed and submitted into public record by Deputy Wallin, stated falsely, that Nick Peters was trying to evade the police when he shot and killed Peters, and had refused to bring his truck to a stop.

The video contradicts Deputy Wallin’s statements.

The video below shows that Peters was not a threat to any officer, did in fact have his hands up in the air, the truck was idle, Deputy Stich jumped on the hood of the truck, and then Deputy Wallin fired at least four gunshots at point blank rage, murdering Peters.

Peters girlfriend was in passenger’s seat can be seen being physically yanked by her hair and thrown to the ground like a bag of potatoes, by our newly elected Snohomish County, Adam Fortney.

Imagine sitting inside a truck, a police officer jumps on the hood of your truck, murders your unarmed hands in the air boyfriend, and then orders you out of the vehicle.

A few thoughts might come to mind like will Deputies murder me too?


The above video was obtained by the public records act, and posted by reporter Lori Shavlik at “Injustice In Snohomish County”

Sheriff Ty Trenary terminated Deputy Wallin after the final report supported that Deputy Wallin’s shooting of Nickolas Peters was not justified and violated well settled police training protocols.

But this wasn’t the first go around for Deputy Wallin.  Wallin’s disciplinary file from Snohomish County documented that he also used excessive force in Lake Stevens in 2016 and was almost terminated, but the Union, unfortunately for the Peters family, saved his job.



Adam Fortney sworn in 2019 as Snohomish County Sheriff Officer, apparently forgot that lying and violating the civil rights of citizens hardly meets the definition of upholding the laws of Washington and complying with basic min. Constitutional provisions in place since the birth of our nation

Soon after the above video was released, Snohomish County Council voted to settle the wrongful death suit filed by the Peters’s family for $1,000,00.00, and the newly elected Sheriff Adam Fortney “rehired”  Art Wallin reinstating him with back pay ( at the county taxpayers’ expense) as a deputy sheriff K-9 handler with the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office.

After viewing the above video obtained under RCW 42.56, several facts are as clear as the skies over Normandy Beaches.  Peters had his hands above his head in plain view of  officers Wallin and Stich, his car was not moving as previously claimed by Wallin, and Deputy Stich jumped on the hood of Peters’s truck just before Wallin fired least two shots at point blank range murdering Peters.

Wallin police incident reports signed and declared to under oath fasely stated that the Peters’s truck was moving. Not sure about our readers, but not only does the video document that Wallin should be added to the Brady List ( as any other dirty lying cop should be), but it’s hard to jump on the hood of a moving truck.

Not sure about our readers, but we’re not sure how a suspect with his hands up in the air, with his car idle and not moving, could pose a physical threat to an officer, especially when that officer jumped on the hood of the suspect’s moving truck.

Let’s call it what the video clearly show it was, it was a murder of a fellow Washingtonian by our lovely Snohomish County Sheriff Officer Deputy Art Wallin.

Nothing new in Snohomish County government where the criminals are running our judiciary, our prosecutors, our public defenders, and our Sheriff Office, and being directed by Association of Washington Cities to hide and destroy public records as “risk management.”

In both these cases, Special Assistant Attorney General, Sara DiVittorio, who managed for Association of Washington Cities and the Washington State Attorney General’s Office of Risk Management ( also known as Department of Enterprise Services), Snohomish County’s Public Disclosure Unit has committed countless felonies against the taxpayers of Washington State by hiding and destroying public records to limit liability. Instead of correcting criminal behavior committed by public officials, like former Director of Emergency Management, John Edward Pennington Jr. who raped, kidnapped, and then tried to murder a 5 year old girl in Cowlitz County, Sara DiVittorio was destroying and hiding public records to limit financial liability to the agencies.

In State of Washington v Keland Guinn

769642 In re the Welfare of AH Amended MAR

Newly elected, and fine Sheriff in blue, Sheriff Adam Fortney, said his predecessor erred when he concluded Deputy Wallin violated policy,  and against the advice of counsel, rehired Wallin. Adam Fortney and Art Wallin attended the Washington State Police Academy together,and have been personal friends ever since.

Does Snohomish County taxpayers really need another murderer on its payroll? 

Snohomish County Sheriff Adam Fortney is nothing more than a common criminal and should be Recalled from office before he misappropriates additional public money to cover up the murder of  your son or daughter. ‘


We are one another’s brothers and sisters.  Mr. Peters was murdered by Snohomish County Sheriff Officer Art Wallin, and cover up by our Sheriff Adam Fortney.

Is this really the best that the voters can do? Elect a criminal in blue?


It’s time to Recall Snohomish County Sheriff Adam Fortney for his crimes against “we the people.”




“We punish petty thieves, and appoint the greatest thieves of all to public office”

” The time is always right to do what’s right” Martin Luther King.  

Great American leaders, such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B Anthony, Harriett Tubman, and Martin Luther King, kept moving regardless of the hostility and attacks they faced, including threats to their lives.

I faced threats, as many of my readers already know.  Honestly, fighting corruption, doesn’t come without a price, and threats to my life are part of exposing corrupt acts of government officials.

Not only have I had a Washington State Senator named Steve Hobbs, and his staff, Kevin Thomas Hulten, issue physical threats to my life, I now have a United State Marshall issuing what I consider to be threats to harm  and conceal access public records here in Washington State.

Must be something really good inside Washington State’s PERs records.

The issue of what constitutes a threat is defined by Black’s Law Dictionary as:

A communicated intent to inflict physical or other harm on any person or on property. A declaration of an intention to injure another or his property by some unlawful act. State v. Schweppe, Minn., 237 N.W.2d 609, 615.

A declaration of intention or determination to inflict punishment, loss, or pain on another, or to injure another or his property by the commission of some unlawful act. U. S. v. Daulong, D.C.La., 60 F.Supp. 235, 236.


Public records are public records, asserting, via a US Marshall that requesting judges records are not permissible is no more unlawful than a robber breaking into my home trying to steal property.

RCW 40.16.010 Injury to public record.

Every person who shall willfully and unlawfully remove, alter, mutilate, destroy, conceal, or obliterate a record, map, book, paper, document, or other thing filed or deposited in a public office, or with any public officer, by authority of law, is guilty of a class C felony and shall be punished by imprisonment in a state correctional facility for not more than five years, or by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars, or by both.



Recently, a United States Marshall called asking why we are requesting several Western Washington United States Federal District Court Judges Public Retirement System (PERs)  records.  The call came from telephone # 206-718-6490. This telephone number is linked to a man named Arnulfo Arreola.

Here’s the gist of the US Marshall’s text message communication with the Gold Bar Reporter: 

US Marshall:” All I was interested was, what is your intention with Judge Jones information”

Me: “well I’m sure you’re aware that three state courts have labeled me a news reporter.”

US Marshall:  ” My only concern is what your intentions are with the judges information?”

Note that we went from Judge Jones’s information to plural Judges’. OK, now, my readers can get to the meat of the issue of concern to the judges i.e public disclosure. My opinion is simple, if you have nothing to hide, public disclosure shouldn’t be an issue. 

US Marshall ” So just to be clear, you have no intentions on publishing, releasing or putting the judges information.retiring records in your book or anywhere else”

Me:  ” What I chose to publish so long as its a public record here in Washington State is up to free press….I will not be publishing nor should the state release any addresses or SSA number or any beneficiary info… all public employees past and present are subject to disclosure in part….”

Must be something really good inside Washington State’s PERs records.

Having a US Marshall contact a news reporter about why and what I intend to publish in an online news source is highly offensive, and a blatant violation of my civil rights.

What our readers may not know is this fact: prior to Richard A Jones becoming a US Federal District Court Judge, his biography lists the following state public employment:

Jones was a Community liaison officer, Office of King County Prosecuting Attorney, Washington from 1975 to 1977. He was a Deputy prosecuting attorney of the Office of King County Prosecuting Attorney from 1977 to 1978. He was a staff attorney of the Port of Seattle from 1978 to 1983.

After being in private practice with the major law firm of Bogle & Gates in Seattle from 1983 to 1988, Richard A Jones became an Assistant United States Attorney of the United States Attorney’s Office, Western District of Washington. He served there from 1988 to 1994.

But during the time period when Richard A Jones was an associate attorney with Bogle & Gates, Bogle & Gates were cited for obstructing discovery after a 3 year old girl suffered brain damage.

Stuart Taylor Jr wrote about Richard Jones’s employment with Bogle & Gates,  “Sleezy in Seattle” 

“The covered-up corporate document that the whistle-blower leaked in March 1990 led to an agreement this January by Seattle’s 200-lawyer Bogle & Gates and its client Fisons Corp. to pay $325000 in sanctions for discovery abuse, one of the largest such awards ever. By misleading its adversaries to avoid producing damning documents in its client’s files, Bogle provided a text box example of the need for discovery reforms even more far-reaching than those that were adopted last year by the federal judiciary-reforms that are still under attack in Congress. (On which more below.)

What prompted the settlement was a unanimous Washington Supreme Court decision and the prospect of an evidentiary hearing on remand that would have made Bogle’s conduct look even worse than it looks in the court’s sternly worded opinion.

The seven justices held that Bogle & Gates and its client, a British-owned pharmaceutical company with U.S. headquarters near Rochester, had used “misleading” discovery responses to hide two I “smoking gun documents” from lawyers for a 3-year-old girl who suffered permanent brain damage as a result of taking a i Fisons asthma drug in 1986, as well as from lawyers for the girl’s pediatrician, who had filed a cross-claim against Fisons.

Since the decision, Bogle has been forced to admit for the first time that it had had the smoking gun documents since l 1987 and had advised Fisons to withhold them-while at the same time, in the supreme court’s words, making statements to opposing counsel “that all relevant documents had been produced.” These statements were accompanied by artfully worded discovery responses that Bogle later claimed (in a rationale rejected by the court) should have put its adversaries on notice that relevant documents would be produced only if found in a particular : Fisons product file
What makes the case important is not so much that one big law firm was capable of engaging in conduct that stunk so badly but that it was able to find 14 leading liti gation experts to swear that this conduct smelled just fine to them, and to persuade a special master and two superior court judges that this is the way the adversary system is supposed to work.
It’s also remarkable that the Washington State Bar Association is not, it con firms, even investigating the conduct of Guy Michelson and Kevin Baumgardner, the two Bogle partners who stand accused by opposing counsel of having made representations (under oath, in one case) to their representation (under oath in one case) to their adversaries and the superior court that were “deliberately or recklessly false and intended to deceive.” The court record bears out the accusations. ”





Judge Richard Jones’s employment with Bogle & Gates is obviously a major concern, since he made several decisions in Block v Snohomish County et al and failed to disclose that he received state contracts via Association of Washington Cities (AWC) and Washington State Attorney General Special Assistant Attorney General (SAAGs).  The same agencies funding litigation against Gold Bar Reporter for over ten years and counting.

But I admit, Judge Richard Jones is not the only public official who received public money from AWC and the AG’s fraudulent scheme, several of the Washington State Bar Association’s disciplinary members such as Stephanie Bloomfield ( Gordon, Thomas and Honeywell), Marc Silverman, Marcia Lynn Damerow Fisher.  Not one person disqualified themselves for cause on any of the WSBA cases.

The scam is so profitable, even the WSBA President William Pickett ( Yakima) received huge payments from AWC and the AG.  It’s possible that many Judges involved in dismissing cases against the WA AG and/or AWC simply forget that they received huge amounts of money payment via the AG’s SAAGs program and AWC contracts.

This obviously begs one question: why would a judge not disclose his pecuniary interest in a case involving his receipt of hundreds of thousands of public monies?  In my opinion, it’s called greed and fixing cases for their own selfish pecuniary interest.

The Public’s Right to Know has no limits, and a US Federal Court Judges are no exception

I do consider the US Marshall’s contact to be a veiled threat against the free press. No, the Marshall didn’t physically threaten me, but he did demand to know why I was asking for public records and tried to intimidate me into agreeing not to publish judges PERs record. Outrageous conduct of any law enforcement official.

PERs is a public retirement system for the State of Washington employees. Once you’re no longer a state employee, your investment remains and interest builds,  but you can no longer fund the PERs system. This seems to make sense, because it’s a state retirement system, and the taxpayers of Washington State shouldn’t be a welfare program for anyone, especially a federal judge.

United State Judges and/or State of Washington Judges are no exceptions to transparency under Washington State’s open government laws, as such, a public records requests were sent for PERs information on several state and federal judges.  Why?  because we feel strongly that public officials answer to “we the people” not the other way around.  Judges are no exception.

One fact that our readers may not know is that Judge Jones issued a written order denying that he had a bias in Block v Snohomish County et al.  Not sure about our readers, but if the above is true, then Judge Richard Jones’s didn’t only have a duty to disclose, but he also filed a false statement into at least two federal court records.

I’ll hold out final judgement until WA PERs releases several Judges’ financial PERs pursuant to RCW 42.56.

Doe v Reed,, during the April 28 2011 oral argument  hearing at the United States Supreme Court, Justice Antonin Scalia said, “The fact is that running a democracy takes a certain amount of civic courage. And the First Amendment does not protect you from criticism or even nasty phone calls when you exercise your political rights.”

In regards to Plaintiff’s attorney Bopp’s argument of the fear of harassment, Justice Antonin Scalia said that some forms of boycotts and picketing are constitutionally protected by the First Amendment.

Justice John Paul Stevens, in what is most likely was his last scheduled argument prior to his retirement, asked “Is there [not a] public interest in encouraging debate on the underlying issue,” by releasing the names?

Doe v Reed was decided in favor of the public’s right to know, upholding long standing open government laws of Washington State.

As my readers can imagine, I was quite shocked and absolutely appalled that United State Federal District Court Judges would misuse public resources by having a United States Marshall contact me about why I am requested judges PERs records.

I felt it was threat not only against me, but against the state laws of Washington, all Washington State Bar Association members are sworn in to uphold.

RCW 42.56, Washington State’s Public Records Act does not exempt public officials from disclosing where their monies are coming from.  Quite the opposite. Rhe public’s right to know where public officials money came from or is coming from has no limit.

Transparency is for government officials, and privacy is for the public. Not the other way around. We appreciate your support of Washington laws; laws every judge is sworn in to uphold.


“Lawyers didn’t seriously get involved in the Watergate stories until quite late, when we realized we were on to something.” Bob Woodward, one of two reporters who broke the Watergate Scandal, forcing the resignation of Richard Nixon .

Our readers may finally understand how and why judges are fixing cases involving Washington State and Association of Washington Cites, and how a private Washington State Bar Association is stealing from the PERs system as well.

Must be something really good inside Washington State’s PERs records to have a US Marshall call a news reporter in what I believe is an attempt to stop our news investigation or at minimum attempts to intimidate the press.

My duty as a news reporter is to the public not to a judge.

My hope is the judges PERs records are as juicy as a Florida orange, so Washingtonians can finally have access to courts that are suppose to be here to right wrongs regardless of who is sued.

Oh yes indeed, if our readers have not guessed it, we are onto something very very big, so stay tuned.


Washington State Bar, with blessing of Washington State Supreme Court Justices, issues a slap on the hand to Snohomish County Prosecutor who sexually assaulted female co-worker, threatened police officer, obstructed justice, and lied during official police investigation

Washington State is such a lovely place to work, operate a business, and raise children.


Earlier this week, the Washington State Bar Association, with the overwhelming support of the Washington State Supreme Court Justices, entered into an agreement with Washington State Bar Associate and Snohomish County Prosecutor Christopher Dickinson agreeing to a six month suspension of his license to practice law.

Snohomish County Prosecutor Christopher Dickinson was one of several Snohomish County Prosecutor who sexually assaulted a female co-worker after the entire Prosecutor’s Office here in Snohomish County attended a party at Lake Chelan. The “party” was paid for by the taxpayers of Snohomish County.

King 5 was first to report on the criminal conduct of our lovely county prosecutors, including Christopher Dickinson  (seen in the above picture passed out cold). Criminal conduct including threatening/intimidating a police officer, filing false report with a police officer, lying during an official police investigation, drunk driving, and sexual assault of a female co-worker.

In 2018, Christopher Dickinson plead guilty to sexual assault and drunk driving and served time in jail. A light sentence, in comparison to other sexual deviants who are not prosecutors.

After receiving public records from Lake Chelan, the Gold Bar Reporter filed a Washington State Bar complaint against Christopher Dickinson.

Upon reviewing the entire criminal file on Mr. Dickinson, it’s pretty obvious that Mr. Dickinson has a major drug and alcohol problem and needs treatment with all deliberate speed. An issue the Washington State Bar Association has the ability to order treatment, but instead, the Washington State Bar Association and the Washington State Supreme Court decided to issue a mere six month suspension of Christopher Dickinson’s bar license.

A slap on the wrist, amounting to urinating in the face of the taxpayers of Washington State.

The people of Washington State deserve more from our public officials, especially ones being paid with our tax money. Instead, the Washington State Bar Association and the Washington State Supreme Court Justices decided that Mr. Dickinson’s crimes against women are only worthy of a six month suspension to practice law.

Racketeering Exposed inside Washington State Government Offices 

lin-odell-portrait-1024x768 (2)

Attorney Lin O’Dell found guilty of stealing from our elderly in Washington State

Last month, after sifting through hundreds of thousands public records at the Washington State Attorney General’s Office (WA AG), we learned that the WA AG’s Office is operating the Washington State Bar Association, Association of Washington Cities, cities, including but not limited to the cities of Gold Bar and Duvall,  public defenders, prosecutors, every judge in Washington State, county employees, guardian scammers such as attorney Lin O’Dell , Emily Hansen, Chris Lee, and Michael Longyear, and Department of Health and Human Services.

In the case of Lin O’Dell, three Washington State Courts found her guilty of stealing from Washington State elderly, and using her convicted killer husband Mark Plivilech to extort them inside their homes.

Mark Plivilech


For a half of a century, the Washington State Supreme Court has been lying to the taxpayers of Washington, claiming, falsely, that the Washington State Bar Association is in the control of the Washington State Supreme Court.  Public records document that WA AG’s are directing disciplinary, operating and providing legal training with taxpayer monies. According to a University of Chicago law school professor ” If the Washington State Bar Association is using public employees to operate, it’s a public agency, and some one should challenge the Supreme Court’s opinion in Graham v Washington  State.”

Is this a fraudulent racketeering scheme, a violation of Separation of Powers Doctrine and Sherman Anti-Trust violations or is the professor correct?

A fraudulent scheme to limit liability, started by former Attorney General Rob McKenna, after the voters of Washington State overwhelmingly rejected tort reform.  More to come soon, promise. 

It’s time to impeach the entire Washington State Supreme Court for crimes against the taxpayers.



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