Snohomish County Prosecutor “Sister Sara” and Executive Officer tampering with public records

Earlier this week we met with a Snohomish County Whistleblower who turned over evidence that Snohomish County Executive’s Public Records Officer, Brian Lewis, is tampering with public records.

Brian Lewis is a political appointee to Snohomish County’s Executive Johnny Lovick.

Documents that we reviewed confirms beyond any shadow of a doubt that Snohomish County Prosecutor Sister Sara and John Lovick’s public records officer Brian Lewis have been spiting on the civil rights of citizens by violating RCW 42.56.

According to the public records we reviewed from the Whistleblower, when it comes to releasing records to Gold Bar’s one and only online news source, the Gold Bar Reporters, Sister Sara and Brian Lewis believe themselves to be above the law.

Our readers can be assured that a lawsuit will be filed this week, and the Gold Bar Reporters will be deposing Brian Lewis. That’s a promise.

Sister Sara Di Vittorio, as corrupt as them come, another stellar member of the Washington State Bar

Those of you following the corrupt acts of our dedicated Snohomish County officers and the predicate acts  they have taken against the Gold Bar Reporters may recall that we published a story about Ole Sister Sara’s attempts to change the Public Records Act so she can label anyone she  (Sister Sara) declares  “harassing” from accessing public records.



Sister Sara DiVittorio, with no surprise is an outstanding member of Washington State Attorney General’s Sunshine Committee.  After reviewing the evidence we have, Sister Sara should grab her mule and head to Mexico where the corrupt acts of government officials is a way of life.

Sorry Sister Sara, we don’t live in Saudi Arabia nor Mexico, although the evidence we reviewed from a whistleblower, it appears that  You were an Adolf Hitler sympathizer and possibly still a member of the Third Reich.

” He haw Sister Sara, grab that mule because the shit is getting deeper!”

Two weeks ago, the Snohomish County Daily Herald published a story incorrectly publishing that an anonymous person was once again sending in anonymous records requests to Snohomish County.


Having investigated the corrupt actions of Snohomish County officers, We decided its time to find out which one of our lovely and dedicated county employees was involved this year.  But we only decided to investigate who after it was  clear that the Snohomish County Daily Herald failed to investigate the above story. No surprise.

We, knowing that in today’s electronic World nothing is anonymous ( we actually have emails Snohomish County’s former Director John Pennington sent to us calling us lesbians), sent Snohomish County a public records request and learned that the Herald got the story wrong.

There was no anonymous requester as published by the Snohomish County Daily Herald.  The anonymous requester is a  Snohomish County employee. We know her name, but we’re looking for the connection as to what her motive was to misuse county computers and time ( RCW makes it a crime for a public official to make a false certification), so stay tuned.


According to RCW 40.16.010, it’s a felony to tampering with public records.

Every person who shall willfully and unlawfully remove, alter, mutilate, destroy, conceal, or obliterate a record, map, book, paper, document, or other thing filed or deposited in a public office, or with any public officer, by authority of law, is guilty of a class C felony and shall be punished by imprisonment in a state correctional facility for not more than five years, or by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars, or by both.

From the evidence we have in our possession now, it’s clear that Brian Lewis is tampering with public records and our very own Sister Sara, a stellar example of what’s wrong with the WA State Bar, not only knew but stated ” we’re out of money to protect county workers” when referring to the public’s right to access public records pursuant to RCW 42.56.

Perhaps Sister Sara missed the swearing in ceremony at the WA State Bar?

But ole Sister Sara can be assured that a lawsuit seeking access to our records will be filed soon to force disclosure and deposition answers as to why Brian Lewis thought it was ok to tamper with Our records up here in Snohomish County.

Brian Lewis is a left over piece of trash from Reardon’s little RICO gang.  Let’s just hope that Dave Somers is smart enough to toss Aaron Reardon’s pile of shit to the curb this January.

Sapphire Beach

I see calmer waters ahead, sitting on Sapphire Beach sipping a Blue Hawaiian in one hand with a pen in the other.


PS: Thanks Clint Eastwood!  Your words and your interest in this single mother’s fight for justice amongst so many government criminals, means the World to us.  Still living the last Chapter . . .  will most certainly keep everyone posted upon completion

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