Gold Bar’s new Mayor Bill Clem ‘those people who are threatening you, are now threatening me”

Bill Clem State Farm

Bill Clem, State Farm Insurance Agent takes over as Gold Bar’s Mayor, 2018 

Gold Bar’s new Mayor Bill Clem ‘those people who are threatening you, are now threatening me”

The You Mayor Bill  Clem is referring to is the Gold Bar Reporter, and those people he is referring to as “threatening” is Association of Washington Cities (AWC)

In early February 2018, Gold Bar’s new Mayor Clem said ” those people who are threatening you, are now threatening me.”  Over the past three months, Mayor Clem and the Gold Bar Reporter have had a several sit meetings to discuss missing money from the City’s water funds, public records and firing the City’s law firms, Kenyon Disend and Keating, Buckling and McCormack.

Bill Clem is also a State Farm Insurance agent in Monroe, Washington.

According to Bill Clem, Gold Bar’s public records officer Bonnie Jones has lied to him several times. First, I’d like my readers to know that Bonnie Jones is a convicted felon. Ms. Jones plead guilty to “rendering criminal assistance” in the State of Hawaii.  Ms Jones’s is also no mother of the year; she has filed countless police reports against her own daughter, after fights erupt inside her various homes.

The Gold Bar Reporter has read countless police reports involving Ms. Jones, and lets just say anyone who calls the police on their own child, has their child arrested, is a low life.  Children are, after all, the product of their parents. Bad parenting, leads to bad children.

Is this the best that Bill Clem can do? Employing a convicted felon, former ( and some say current) drug addict, who has their own child arrested?  What the hell is going on inside Gold Bar Washington that we need convicted criminal answering public records for the City?

Well it’s simple, it’s called racketeering, and now with Bill Clem’s candid interview now a matter of record, it’s clear that Bonnie Jones was placed inside Gold Bar with one purpose, to commit more felonies against Gold Bar residents.

Bill Clem said ” Denise Beaston hates Bonnie Jones!” and GBR said ” why?” Clem said ” because she’s a liar.”

Gold Bar residents should ask themselves one question:  why would the City of Gold Bar hire a convicted felon, former drug addict, and an irresponsible ( might be an understatement) mother, as it’s public records officer?

Beavers Bullwinkle                                                                     untitled (2)

Demented old man ( left), Joe Beavers, High as a Kite Linda Loen (right)

In December 2013, Linda Loen was elected Gold Bar’s new Mayor.  When asked why she and her partner Tom Palmer wanted to become Mayor and council member, both elaborated to the Gold Bar Reporter. ” well, we were in bed smoking pot, watching King 5 , 11 p.m. news when we saw a story about how no one wanted to be mayor and there was a council seat that no one wanted. So we both took another long toke and said lets do it. ”

And the City has gone further down stream inside Beavers’s dam ever since.

Instead of performing functions of her job, Linda Loen was overwhelmed, quit twice, and basically instead of doing her job, Linda Loen, also known to Gold Bar residents as “high as a kite’ Loen, handed the keys to the City to former Mayor Joe Beavers from January 2014 to March 16, 2016 ( the day the Honorable Judge Thomas Wynne held that the City violated the Gold Bar Reporter’s legal rights to access public records by withholding public records for over five years).

On the same day Judge Wynne held in the Gold Bar Reporter’s favor (March 16, 2016), Linda Loen abandoned her home in Gold Bar ( which still remains abandoned) and purchased a home with cash in Aberdeen, Washington.

According to Mayor Bill Clem, there’s $1.5 millions dollars misappropriated from the City’s water fund. Water funds are Enterprise funds and cannot be used for any other purposes other than to maintain Gold Bar’s water system.

Mayor Bill Clem admitted in an email to me that the City has spent over $1.5 million on legal bills, hiding Gold Bar’s email communication.  He also admitted that the water funds were misused to pay legal bills.

GBR’s attorney said ” every public official is mandated by law to report misappropriation of public funds, or any crime, when they are aware of it. ”

Because Mayor Clem stated on the “record” that the City misused Gold Bar’s water funds, the Gold Bar Reporter requested a copy of a police report involving the missing $1.5 million dollars.

According to Mayor Clem, Joe Beavers and Bonnie Jones have been tampering with public records, illegally removed them from Gold Bar City Hall and placed them at the law office of Kenyon Disend in Issaquah Washington.

Yesterday, Joe Beavers wrote to the Gold Bar Reporter bragging he also has a copy of Gold Bar’s public records now in a legal dispute. A felony in Washington State. Mayor Bill Clem was made aware of Beavers theft of public records, and we wait Clem’s police report regarding Beavers’s felony of removing public records from Gold Bar.

Self preservation.  In 2008 to 2009, Crystal Hill ( nee Berg convicted of bank fraud 2000, 2005) was sleeping with a married man ( no surprise as we could find no evidence that Hill ever slept with an unmarried man) named John E. Pennington ( 2016 terminated from Snohomish County Emergency Management, after he and Crystal Hill were caught criminally harassing and cyber-stalking the Gold Bar Reporter on a anonymous website they controlled titled The Sky Valley Chronicle).

Biggest problem for Gold Bar was that John Pennington had Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office illegally gain access into a spider of information on the GBR’s family members, performed a copy, cut and paste job on GBR’s family members trying to create a fake identity on the Gold Bar Reporter.  This was John Pennington, Joe Beavers and Crystal Hill’s idea to extort the GBR into not requesting access to public records.

Since 2009, Mayor Bill Clem admits that the City has misappropriated over $1.5 million dollars of the City’s water funds hiding public records involving Beavers, Hill and Pennington. Why is simple: Beavers, Hill and John Pennington committed racketeering offenses against the Gold Bar Reporter and they disseminated their fake identity of the GBR into Gold Bar’s public records ( email communication).

Instead of coming clean about what’s inside public records in Gold Bar, the City as of today has misappropriated $1.5 million paying lawyers to hide racketeering crimes committed against citizens who seek to expose their racketeering crimes.

In 2010, to help assist the criminal Enterprise, Mayor Joe Beavers hires a good friend of John Pennington’s, attorney Michael Kenyon.

In July 2016, once the Gold Bar Reporter exposed Michael Kenyon’s little racketeering scheme involving pedophile John Pennington, Michael Kenyon lied to former Mayor Lee Hodo stating he wanted to withdraw from the City of Gold Bar, and that Keating, Buckling, and McCormack would be the best law firm to represent the City of Gold Bar.

Kenyon Disend Attorney Ann Marie Soto lied to Mayor Lee Hodo enticing him to hire Shannon Ragonesi and Amanda Butler as the new City attorneys. However, since Kenyon Disend was still hiding Gold Bar’s public record at Kenyon Disend’s law office in Issaquah, Kenyon Disend is still bilking the citizens of Gold Bar to be the repository of Gold Bar’s public records ( email communication where Crystal Hill and John Pennington illegally gained access into a “spider’ of information on the Gold Bar Reporter’s family members, disseminated those medical files, non-conviction records, credit information, IRS tax information, etc into Gold Bar’s public emails).

Cost to the taxpayers of Gold Bar to hide John Pennington, Joe Beavers, and Crystal Hill Pennington’s racketeering crimes to Gold Bar so far exceeds, according to Mayor Bill Clem thus exceeds $1.5 million dollars with no end in sight.

Below is a story written in 2016, once the GBR became aware of Kenyon Disend’s crimes against Gold Bar taxpayers:



‘Attorney Michael Kenyon’s Dirty Bag of Secrets, Part II “

Pedophile           photo-kenyon

UPDATE: Former Mayor Joe Beavers brags to former Gold Bar council member that he has Judges inside Snohomish County Superior Court in his pocket.  Implying that the fix is in.

Two weeks ago we reported that we are in the process of exposing the largest RICO scandal in Washington State’s history and it involves a Snohomish County political bum who caused thousands of deaths in the Hurricane Katrina Debacle and 44 deaths in Oso Washington mudslides, John Pennington, and an attorney/owner of the largest municipal law firm in Washington State, Michael Kenyon.

I’d like our readers to know that we have made several attempts to contact Michael Kenyon and John Pennington, both have refused comment.



John Pennington was a troubled youth who, according to one source ” had a major drug problem by the age of 16.”  So it’s no surprise that in the late 1980’s, after flunking out of Vanderbilt College in Tennessee, John Pennington moved to a small suburban city just outside of San Diego California.

While in the San Diego are, John Pennington meets his new victim, who believe he legally married, so are calling her ex-wife # 1.

Two years later, John Pennington fled from Southern California, again heading home to Nashville, only after two small boys made allegations of sexual abuse against him while on a church camping trip.

While in Tennessee, John Pennington made an unsuccessful run for an open Republican State Rep. After a landslide loss for John Pennington, he again headed west. This time in Oregon, Pennington meets his next victim. Mr. Pennington plead guilty to criminal harassment after he hospitalized his finance in Oregon. As a result, John Pennington fled from Oregon to Vancouver Washington. While in Vancouver Washington, John Pennington meets his next victim. Sadly, they soon married.

While working in a coffee delivery business, John Pennington stole coffee grinding equipment from his previous employer and used this equipment to start-up a coffee shop in Kelso. Purpose was to make it look like he was an entrepreneur ( but he is really a sociopath) as to grab an uncontested Republican seat in Cowlitz County.

It worked, the uneducated college dropout John Pennington managed to get elected to an uncontested WA House of Representatives seat. Unfortunately for residents in New Orleans and Oso Washington, he met a powerful Washington State Republican leader, Jennifer Dunn.

In 1992, a 5-year-old girl was kidnapped, raped, and then tossed along a Cowlitz County road like a piece of trash. According to Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office, John Pennington became one of two prime suspects for the following reasons: (1) Pennington operated a coffee delivery route within six blocks of where the child was dumped; (2) he drove the same car; (3) Pennington was in the area at the time of the child rape; (4) Pennington’s picture from 1992 is almost a complete match to the child and witness’s sketch drawing of the pedophile; and (5) Pennington relentlessly convinced his ex-wife to call the police attempting to divert attention away from himself and onto another man.

Unfortunately for the 5 year child, John Pennington meets a Kelso Washington city attorney named Michael Kenyon.

According to sources close to John Pennington he is also an abuser of prescription pills, and was detained at the US Mexico  for having narcotics ( non-prescription pain pills) on his person while coming back into the US. Pennington has never denied this allegation.

In 1995, John Pennington was also a member of the Washington State Militia, a group dedicated to over throwing the United States government. ” John sat around for years obsessed about getting even with the Longview Washington news reporter for reporting that John was a member of the State militia.”

From 1992 to 2005, John Pennington’s violence grew with his ex-wife. # 2 . From pushing her down a flight of stairs as well as constant physical abuse, Pennington never learned to keep his hands to himself.

But the case that raised our eyebrows is Mr. Pennington’s abuse on his ex-wife # 2 ( who is really ex-wife # 3) Anne Laughlin. Ms. Laughlin was a City of Duvall city council member at the time of Pennington’s assault of Anne. Anne was three weeks away from giving birth to her daughter when Pennington violently assaulted, kicked and punched Anne in the stomach and uterus. A real salt of the earth kind of man.

Since Ms. Laughlin was a Duvall city council member at the time, the City of Duvall sought a Special Prosecutor. The prosecutor assigned to prosecute wife beater John Pennington came from the law firm where Pennington’s buddy Michael Kenyon was employed.

In 2009 when Pennington assaulted Laughlin, this was his third domestic violence charge. This should have amounted to jail time for Pennington.

A close review of John Pennington’s Snohomish County travel records warrant a closer look into missing children in Washington, Alaska, Maryland.  Public monies allowed us to review his credit card receipts, telephone records, etc. information that another blogger turned over to authorities.

NOW COMES, Michael Kenyon a hater of open government, and the attorney responsible for hiding public records involving former Gold Bar Mayors Colleen Hawkins, Crystal Hill, and Joe Beavers RICO crimes. But how and why Michael Kenyon got involved in the City of Gold Bar’s debacle was simple: Michael Kenyon assisted John Pennington is covering up that Pennington is one of only two men labeled by the Cowlitz County  sheriff’s Office as the prime suspect in the child rape case.  A case that Michael Kenyon as the City of Kelso  attorney would have been involved in and knew about in 1993.

Hence why Michael Kenyon is bent over backwards to assist John Pennington escape criminal prosecution. according to one source John Pennington brags to others that he has the protection of a “little RICO” gang from Snohomish County. We are confident to report that attorney Michael Kenyon, Prosecutor Mark Roe, Seth Fine and Sean Reay are also members of the “little RICO gang.”

We promise our readers that we will continue to report on anyone who aids a pedophile, directly or indirectly.

Michael Kenyon’s hiding of public records in violation of RCW 42.56 is well documented through the case involving local Gold Bar residents Joan and Robert Amen.

Public records we received document that attorney Michael Kenyon made an illegal agreement with the City of Sammamish to hide Hawkins email communication, and then refused to release public records claiming that he no longer had them. According to Washington State Attorney General Nancy Krier such agreements are not permissible under the Public Records Act. A fact that we are not sure that she shared with Kenyon. In 2008 one of Kenyon Disend’s lawyers ( Special Prosecutor) managed to quash John Pennington’s domestic violence charges. Soon thereafter, the Law Firm of Kenyon Disend received two lucrative contracts, one with the City of Duvall and the other with the City of Gold Bar.

Then in 2011, Kenyon Disend’s junior attorney, Ann Marie Soto, received an email from John Pennington via Snohomish County computers demanding that Kenyon Disend redact police reports involving John Pennington’s that we requested under RCW 42.56. We sought the advice of an expert in records issues who is of the opinion that Kenyon Disend’s redaction of police reports was not permissible under the Public Records Act.

Then a source close to ex # 2 ( or # 3 depending on what public records you believe as it relates to Pennington’s aliases) provided us with thousands of records relating to John Pennington, and those records included Pennington’s email communication with Duvall’s Mayor about how to get Pennington’s soon to be ex-wife Anne Laughlin off the City Council.

In 2009, Pennington then used Aaron Reardon’s connection to the Seattle Times reporter ( who then became Reardon’s aide) to post a story about Anne Laughlin, pretty much the same way he did to Gold Bar Reporters in February 2012. Former Seattle Times reporter Emily Heffner was contacted for comment but all she would say is ” you need to move because they are coming after you.” She never did state who “they” were, but as we stated to Ms. Heffner before, “We have only one live to give and it shall be for the betterment of our society as a whole.”

As of today, Attorney Michael Kenyon and Ann Marie Soto have bilked the taxpayers of Gold Bar over $920,000.00 hiding former Mayor Crystal Hill’s public records ( emails) documenting that she was practicing law without a license, and John Pennington making racist comments about President Obama and running illegal ACCESS background checks in violation of RCW 10.97.

The bigger question that Michael Kenyon refused to answer was what he gained for quashing John Pennington’s criminal charges for beating up his pregnant wife Anne, hiding John Pennington’s racist comments and his illegal background checks. Pennington has countless child abuse and spousal abuse complaints against him; Mr. Pennington is a racist according to people close to him he said ” I only support abortion when a white woman is raped by a black man” Just like Hitler, John E. Pennington has a real disdain for minorities

As a result of our six-year investigation, we are confident to report that attorney Michael Kenyon assisted John Pennington is committing felonies. Attorney Michael Kenyon and John Pennington should be sharing a prison cell together and we intend to make that happen even it takes me another 30 years.

Both attorney Michael Kenyon and Snohomish County’s number political welfare recipient are being sued under RICO.

A copy of the RICO is posted online see 




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