John Pennington, man who killed 43 people in Oso mudslides, kicked out of University of Alaska for falsifying his academic credentials

On April 27, 2017, in Pierce County Washington, John Edward Pennington Jr. and Crystal Hill Pennington ( nee Berg, convicted of bank fraud 2005), tried to obtain a “restraining order” against the the Gold Bar Reporter.  Purpose was to stop our investigation of their theft of public monies, John Pennington’s crimes against women and children and their criminal cyber-stalking harassment on a website the Penningtons anonymously cyber-stalked their political foes on titled ” The Sky Valley Chronicle.”
John E Pennington was caught via public records operating the Sky Valley Chronicle from Snohomish County government computers, and John E Pennington Jr was fired from Snohomish County Emergency Management as a result.
After a 3.5 hour hearing, Pierce County dismissed the Penningtons complaint and further held that the Gold Bar Reporter was a member of the press.
After the Pierce County hearing in Penningtons v Block, the Gold Bar Reporter sued John and Crystal Hill Pennington for harassment in the judicial process, and the tort of forgery. Both were held to be liable to the Gold Bar Reporter in Block v Penningtons, King County Superior Court, Case No: No: 16-2-26600-2 ( March 2017).
After careful investigations of John and Crystal Hill Pennington in 2017, we also discovered that John Edward Pennington Jr were charged with failing to pay and file state tax returns, sued by the Washington State Attorney General’s Office for not paying their taxes and found liable, WA State v John and Crystal Pennington Case No: 17-2-06169-7.
In King County, Washington. Crystal Hill Pennington and John Pennington were also caught in 2016 filing false unemployment claims.
John Edward Pennington Jr. is also the man who violently assaulted a 3rd trimester pregnant council member in Duvall Washington.

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Hill Bank Bank Fraud
Hill Bank Bank Fraud 2
On March 24, 2014, John Edward Pennington Jr. caused the deaths of 43 people in the Oso mudslide disaster because of instead of doing his job, he was on the east coast performing private FEMA contracts in violation of Snohomish County Ordinance which prohibits any salaried official from working any other job.
In April 2017, a Pierce County Judge held that if John E Pennington Jr. was on the east coast performing a private contract in violation of Snohomish County Ordinance prohibiting salaried persons from holding any other job, Pennington was guilty of a killing under negligent homicide.  See Penningtons v Block, Pierce County District Court.

On John Pennington’s Linked In page, he claims the following in red: 
John E. Pennington is an internationally recognized emergency management, public policy, and strategic leadership professional. 

Gold Bar Reporter’s Response: 

John E. Pennington Jr.’s false academic credentials are detailed quite nicely by Mike Carter at the Seattle Times when he wrote which documented that California Coastal College was cited by the IRS for selling college degrees at a $1500 flat rate. This during the time period when John Pennington claims that he received a BA from California Coastal College.
John Pennington’s false statements: A former Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Regional Director (AK, ID, OR, WA) and founder/director of the Snohomish County, WA Department of Emergency Management, he is Director and Professor of Homeland Security/Emergency Management for Washington’s Pierce College and is the Emergency Management Director for Overlake Medical Center & Clinics in Bellevue, Washington. He recently served as the Director of Emergency Management for the Snoqualmie Tribe of Indians.Gold Bar Reporter’s Response: John Pennington’s political appointment to FEMA came at the bequest of Washington State Senator Jennifer Dunn, who he was engaged in an extramarital affair with from 1992 -2002. Dunn used her political influence to convince George W Bush Jr. to give him a political appointment to FEMA.  Keep in mind the only experience John Pennington had in Emergency Management was sleeping with a prominent Senator.

When John Pennington killed 43 people in the Oso Mudslides, he was deposed and had to admit he is using false academic credentials and had no experience to hold Region 10  FEMA seat.  When asked why he left, John Pennington lied and said he went from FEMA to Snohomish County.  Not true. 

In late 2005, John E. Pennington Jr was fired once George Bush Jr learned that he was diagnosed as autistic, a sociopath, and enjoys beating on women. Pennington’s false statements: 

Director and Professor / Homeland Security Emergency Management

Pierce College

 – Present3 years 10 month

Mr. Pennington is Director and Associate Professor of Homeland Security & Emergency for Washington’s Pierce College, home to the Pacific Northwest’s premier HSEM Certificate, Associates, Bachelor’s and Tribal HSEM Certificate program. 

Gold Bar Reporter’s Response

Before you can be a professor, the US Department of Education said ” you must have valid academic credentials such as an accredited BA, MA, and Ph.d.”

In late 2016, The Gold Bar Reporter filed a complaint with the US Department of Education which issued an order for John E Pennington to remove the word “Professor” from his academic credentials.

John Pennington’s false statements: 

Lead Faculty – National Emergency Management Advanced Academy: Emergency Management Institute


– Present 12 years 4 months

Emmitsburg, Maryland

 Mr. Pennington is a highly respected subject matter expert and lead faculty for DHS’s Emergency Management Institute, where he has authored and instructed emergency management policy, leadership, and operational coordination since 2007.

He currently leads in the authorship and delivery of FEMA’s highest priority draining and education programs, including the National Emergency Management Advanced Academy (formerly Leaders Academy) and the National Emergency Management Basic Academy.. 

Gold Bar Reporter’s Response:

Early last year the Gold Bar Reporter sent a FOIA to FEMA asking for copies of any records showing that Pennington worked FEMA Emergency Management Institute(EMI) , and we were told there are no records.

This means Pennington once again lied about working at FEMA EMI employment.

John Pennington’s not so true statements :  

Director of Emergency Management

Snoqualmie Tribe of Indians

 – 11 months

Snoqualmie, Washington

Director of Emergency Management, selected to build a new, innovative Snoqualmie Tribe EM function and system.  

Gold Bar Reporter’s Response: 

Sure Mr. Pennington worked for the Tribes for 11 months, but he was fired for dereliction of his official duties.  He was home lounging around on Tribes dime, and was caught and terminated.

In late summer 2019, John E Pennington Jr. was fired from Snoqualmie Tribe of Indians. An insider said ” Mr Pennington is terrible speaker, borderline illiterate, and couldn’t organize a single plan to save his life.  The elders fired Pennington after it became clear is an illiterate.”   

John Pennington’s not so true statements

Director, Department of Emergency Management

Snohomish County, WA

 – 9 years 7 months

Everett, Washington

From 2006-2016 Mr. Pennington was selected and developed the then-newly formed Snohomish County, Washington Department of Emergency Management, home to FEMA Region X. In this capacity, he and his staff became national leaders for local government/tribal emergency management, successfully responding to and recovering from nine Presidentially-declared disasters and implementing new, creative mechanisms for mitigating and coordinating disaster response and recovery in the Pacific Northwest. .

Gold Bar Reporter’s Response:  

Our reports are clear that John E Pennington was fired from FEMA after President George Bush Jr learned what it took us 10 years to learn, that John E Pennington was declared a sociopath with no empathy for human life, enjoys beating women and is a pedophile.

Here’s the link to just one article written about John E. Pennington, keep in mind we have never been sued. If someone called me a pedophile, they’d be sued; John Pennington tried suing Anne Block for a restraining order but lost after Block produced evidence that John Pennington enjoys taking showers with six year old girls.

A person close to his wife (a convicted bank frauder), Crystal Hill Pennington said ” John has been molesting Hill’s daughter. He gets away with it because Crystal’s daughter has no father to protect her. When John Pennington was violently beating on Crystal’s son, his father stepped and obtained custody removing him from their Duvall home.”

Lets face it, if someone called me a pedophile, we’d sue um.

John Pennington’s statements: 

Director, FEMA Region X


 – 4 years 8 months

Bothell, Washington

Mr. Pennington served the United States from 2001-2006 as Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Region X (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington), an area encompassing one-fifth of the United States’ geographical terrain. During his tenure with FEMA, his region managed dozens of major disasters and emergency declarations.

Former DHS Secretary Tom Ridge appointed Director Pennington as one of the nation’s first Principal Federal Officials (PFO) under the National Response…

John Pennington’s almost true statements: 

Speaker Pro Tempore / State Representative

State of Washington

 – 7 years 1 month

Olympia, Washington

Prior to his emergency management and homeland security experience, Mr. Pennington served for four elected terms in Washington’s House of Representatives, representing 160,000 residents in the southwest part of the state, home to Mt. St. Helens.

At the age of thirty, he was unanimously elected as Washington’s 11th House Speaker Pro Tempore and he continued in that position until his departure for federal service after the tragic events of September 11th, 2001. During his tenure in..

Gold Bar Reporter’s Response: 

Pennington fake medical conditions

The above clip came from Longview Washington  Daily News Pennington mum on European Trip

Yes indeed Mr. Pennington was elected, because he ran opposed each term.  This does not mean he was “unanimously elected.” It just means no one ran against him. Just evidence of more misrepresentations by Penny.

In 1999, John E Pennington was appointed by Court of Appeals Division One Judge Marlin Applewick was ” House Speaker Pro Tem, after abandoning the Republican Party in Olympia when they needed only one vote to win a hotly contested Legislative Session.

John E Pennington Jr. lied and said he was sick when in fact newspaper articles document that he was in Europe vacationing instead of supporting the Republican Party when they needed his vote the most.  OUr sources stated that Pennington was with his mistress ( a Senate clerk) in Europe paid for by Democratic Party of Washington State.

The newspaper article above says it all.

” Marlin Applewick was caught with Lobbyist and attorney G. Geoffrey Gibbs and John E Pennington flying down to to Olympia to have sex with underage girls” according to the former Washington State Attorney General in charge of investigating Geoffrey Gibbs.

Just more evidence that John E Pennington Jr is s pedophile, but it’s also evidence that two other political cockroaches traffic our children as though its just another day at the office.

John Pennington’s almost true statements: 

  • University of Alaska Fairbanks

    University of Alaska Fairbanks

    Doctor of Philosophy – PhD (In Progress)Indigenous Studies (Arctic)


    Indigenous Studies PhD student, with a research focus on disaster policy impacts on Indigenous cultures in Alaska and the Arctic. Last week, the Gold Bar Reporter received confirmation from the University of Alaska Fairbanks that John E Pennington Jr. was expelled for submitting false academic credentials to gain entrance into a PhD program.

Gold Bar Reporter’s Response: 

The University of Alaska Fairbanks confirmed that John Edward Pennington Jr was expelled for falsifying is academic credentials. He had no Graduate Entrance Exam (GRE) on file, no sealed academic transcripts with California Coastal College ( no surprise since Pennington purchased his BA for $1500 flat fee without ever attending a single class), and falsely stated that American Military University is was Accredited by US Department of Education when in fact it was subject of a PBS special titled “Education Inc.” documenting that the online college amounts to fraud.

From FEMA to Snohomish County, to Pierce County Washington, “Lunatic on the loose”

On February 22, 2017, Pierce College public official and man responsible for killing of 43 people in the Oso mudslides, John E. Pennington, verbally assaulted a Pierce County Sheriff’s Officer caught on camera.  He also verbally threatened the Gold Bar Reporter’s process server who served John Pennington with more complaints and a subpoena.

Unfortunately, John Pennington’s criminal conduct was caught on camera and witnessed by several onlookers at the Piece County Courthouse, including three Sherriff’s Officers.

The Gold Bar Reporters recently learned that John Pennington has been treated for major mental health problems, and was kicked out of Vanderbilt College as a result.

Imagine a man with mental health problems sat as a Director of Emergency Management of Snohomish County.  A major breach to health and welfare to the taxpayers of Washington State.

John Pennington is being sued for his latest racketeering crimes and posting defamatory and untrue statements on a website he and his bank frauding wife Crystal Hill Pennington run titled  ” The Sky Valley Chronicle.”  Both were served with new complaints on Thursday, and by John Pennington’s threats and tactics to intimidate court officers were witnessed on camera.

” Looney Tunes, What’s up Doc? ”

“Lunatic on the loose” John E Pennington has been trying for over eight years to obtain a prior restraint on free speech against the Gold Bar Reporter’s reports on his and our former bank frauding Mayor Crystal Hill Pennington ( nee Berg, bank fraud Snohomish County, Washington 2005).    Why, to hide their criminal racketeering conduct the Gold Bar Reporter have been exposing for over the last ten years, including a foe online website the Penningtons set up to cyber-stalk their opponents.

Gold Bar’s Mayor Joe Beavers was deposed in November 2016, and he too admitted he was a anonymous cyber-stalker on the Penningtons’ website while he was a Gold Bar public official. Beavers and the City are being sued for gross civil rights violations.

On Thursday February 22, 2017, the lunatics tried for the tenth time to obtain a restraining order against the Gold Bar Reporter, but this time forum shopping in Pierce County.  A county where Crystal Hill Pennington doesn’t live and a county where John Pennington managed to fraud state taxpayers ( and our children) with false academic credentials obtaining a job teaching our youngsters.

Imagine you sign up for Homeland Security degree at Pierce College and your classes are being taught by a man who has admitted to having and using false academic credentials


UPON THE TAXPAYERS   ( GAO)    ( Seattle Times report on John Pennington’s false credentials)

Please see the attached ABOVE PDF Government Accountability Report  ( or link provided above) on public official John E Pennington’s online diploma mill school of choice.  I also include Seattle Times article in support of John Pennington’s false academic credential.

As both reports unmistakably confirms the IRS found that California Coastal sold degrees at flat rates.  As such,  Mark Lindquist, please consider this letter and supporting evidence in support on my criminal complaint against John E. Pennington as he produced his fraudulent online degree to obtain a benefit in violation of

RCW 9A.60.070

False academic credentials—Unlawful issuance or use—Definitions—Penalties.

(1) A person is guilty of issuing a false academic credential if the person knowingly:

(a) Grants or awards a false academic credential or offers to grant or award a false academic credential in violation of this section;

(b) Represents that a credit earned or granted by the person in violation of this section can be applied toward a credential offered by another person;

(c) Grants or offers to grant a credit for which a representation as described in (b) of this subsection is made; or

(d) Solicits another person to seek a credential or to earn a credit the person knows is offered in violation of this section.

(2) A person is guilty of knowingly using a false academic credential if the person knowingly uses a false academic credential or falsely claims to have a credential issued by an institution of higher education that is accredited by an accrediting association recognized as such by rule of the student achievement council:

(a) In a written or oral advertisement or other promotion of a business; or

(b) With the intent to:

(i) Obtain employment;

(ii) Obtain a license or certificate to practice a trade, profession, or occupation;

(iii) Obtain a promotion, compensation or other benefit, or an increase in compensation or other benefit, in employment or in the practice of a trade, profession, or occupation;

(iv) Obtain admission to an educational program in this state; or

(v) Gain a position in government with authority over another person, regardless of whether the person receives compensation for the position.

(3) The definitions in this subsection apply throughout this section and RCW 28B.85.220.

(a) “False academic credential” means a document that provides evidence or demonstrates completion of an academic or professional course of instruction beyond the secondary level that results in the attainment of an academic certificate, degree, or rank, and that is not issued by a person or entity that: (i) Is an entity accredited by an agency recognized as such by rule of the student achievement council or has the international equivalents of such accreditation; or (ii) is an entity authorized as a degree-granting institution by the student achievement council; or (iii) is an entity exempt from the requirements of authorization as a degree-granting institution by the student achievement council; or (iv) is an entity that has been granted a waiver by the student achievement council from the requirements of authorization by the council. Such documents include, but are not limited to, academic certificates, degrees, coursework, degree credits, transcripts, or certification of completion of a degree.

(b) “Grant” means award, bestow, confer, convey, sell, or give.

(c) “Offer,” in addition to its usual meanings, means advertise, publicize, or solicit.

(d) “Operate” includes but is not limited to the following:

(i) Offering courses in person, by correspondence, or by electronic media at or to any Washington location for degree credit;

(ii) Granting or offering to grant degrees in Washington;

(iii) Maintaining or advertising a Washington location, mailing address, computer server, or telephone number, for any purpose, other than for contact with the institution’s former students for any legitimate purpose related to the students having attended the institution.

(4) Issuing a false academic credential is a class C felony.

(5) Knowingly using a false academic credential is a gross misdemeanor.

As for Pierce College, I’d like some comment from the Dean of Students and/or  Board of Trustees Chair Ms. Roseblatt on why Pierce College approved employment of John E. Pennington with such fraudulent degrees.

As a taxpayer, I have standing to bring not only a criminal complaint for John Pennington false filings, but also a civil charge for state ethics violations.

Our children deserve better from us.


John E. Pennington has yet one more credential to add his resume, threatening public and court officers.

With each new credential, the Gold Bar Reporter will update his resume.

Criminal charges have been filed against John E Pennington with his court appearance this month.

 “   As the receiver of this message, you may not like my message, but nonetheless  such messages are protected by the First Amendment, under RCW 4.24.510, and by ORDER of the U.S. Supreme Court.  See City of Houston v. Hill, 482 U.S. 451 (1987). “

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