“When honor and the Law no longer stand on the same side of the line, how do we choose[?]” Anne Bishop

Do not be afraid. Stand firm. And he raised his staff over the King County sea of corruption and the sea parted… 

Then  Washington State Bar criminal defense counsel Kevin Tarvin changed his mind and let the sea swallow up his clients…

Do you have any idea how big this is? Says defense counsel Kevin Tarvin for Jason Markley…

King County government officials committing RICO offenses against property owners to distress the property in favor of developers.


When Kevin Tarvn ( Tarvin) first noticed King County animal control officer, Jenee Westberg in court, she had obviously gained an unhealthy amount of weight since he viewed her online photos he grabbed. Her body was bulging its way out of her King County Animal Control uniform at every seam.

Her teeth were stained badly and deteriorating. Her hair was dry and un-kept. Tarvin knew these symptoms well. He had, decades ago, directed his practice to defending DUI’s and drug offenses mostly in district court. Most of his clients were addicts. If anyone knew, Tavin did.

At one time, Tarvin was a young promising prosecutor in the City of Kirkland with a shining career ahead of him. But a political scandal had him abandoning that path. He was accused of breaching the privacy of the defendant’s home using photo “evidence” that was taken of a political sign through an un-curtained window with a zoom lens… in the privacy of an innocent person’s home.

While that was a long time ago, Kevin was staying out of politics now. And he did that for years, as far as he could, even though as a devote Mormon it meant dealing with defending drug addicts. He was making a good living traveling to little district court “cattle calls” all over the state defending the non-descript clients who gladly pay him $1,000 – $2,000 a pop to keep them out of jail for their night boozing and drugging on the town.

Somehow Tarvin and his officemate Gene Piculell managed to reel in a nice married couple accused of animal cruelty from another attorney. How that happened was sketchy and smelled fishy but each of them had a client and all the same evidence to use. Double the case revenue with half the effort.

When Tavin first saw Westberg that day in person, it was unmistakable. She was using drugs.

Like any good defense attorney, he headed straight for the computer in his office. He searched for Jenee Westberg in the district court dockets listed online. Viola! Two hits! His intuition and experience were spot on.

King County Deputy Prosecutor Gretchen Holmgren’s star witness King County Animal Control Officer Jenee Westberg had been felony arrested for shoplifting at the Kent Kmart and attempted bribery of a police officer with the $500 she had in her purse in 2006. She lied repeatedly to the police prompting a second search of her purse revealing more theft she had lied about having. She pled guilty. This means there was a conviction. Inexplicably, the judge gave her a pass. The case was deferred – meaning it would be dismissed if she stayed out of trouble for 12 months. (To Westberg that means not getting caught because she was a career criminal and that career was going strong at that point).

In 2008, Westberg was felony arrested again. This time it was even more spectacular, a 19-count drug arrest. It’s called VUCSA, Violation of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act.

According to the police report Westberg, through her sometime incoherent drug super, lied repeatedly to the Black Diamond Police just as she did in the shoplifting case two years earlier. This time it was the perfect storm. She was driving impaired, smoking a full pipe of pot, no insurance, no registration, someone else’s car, wet empty alcohol containers in the back, and a plethora of illegal drugs – including Oxycodone – in pharmaceutical containers that did not have her name on them.

She refused a field sobriety test two months before it would have meant a license revocation.   Refusing a field sobriety test as a King County employee was also was grounds for immediate termination and she was guilty of animal cruelty – she had her little dog in the car getting exposed to her drug smoking with her during her DUI.   The irony of it.

However there was a problem. At the time, she was slotted to give testimony in some 15 cases of animal cruelty for the King County Prosecutor’s Office.

After carefully placing her badge in plain view of Police Officer Huff because Westberg didn’t have her license on her, she attempted to convince Officer Huff to give her “professional courtesy.” Huff wasn’t going for it. Jenee got arrested.

Her supervisor, ACO Steve Courvion was called to come get her dog while the K-9’s alerted on the door panels and the car doors were dismantled. Jenee was placed in the back seat of Huff’s patrol car where she passed out still handcuffed. Office Huff took her photograph. Huff spent a great deal of time explaining to Courvion that there would be no professional courtesy.

This whole event was a bit problematic for Dan Satterberg and his King County prosecutors since Westberg was their main squeeze for alleging phony allegations of animal cruelty on innocent people so they could raid them of their animals, financially disable them then steal their properties.

Westberg was their primary witness. They had spent year training her through her mother Anne Westberg and her boss KCDPA Dan Clark. Westberg knew just how to phony up the photo evidence cropping the photos so that she could testify to something that didn’t exist. Westberg had been trained well by her boss ACO Dave Morris and Hope for Horses Jenny Edwards, Satterberg’s pet “experts” who were faces for animal rights extremeists Susan Michaels from Pasado’s Save Haven. Westberg knew exactly how to take photos somewhere else then testify that it was the defendant’s property, She even photographed different horses and would claim that those were the original horse.

Of course Tarvin didn’t know any of this at the time. Tarvin thought he had it in the bag. He would be a hero… like Moses parting the sea. King County Deputy Prosecutor Gretchen Holmgren (yes that’s Seahawk’s coach’s youngest) was caught in a spectacular – very public – bonafided Brady violation.

[Brady information is when the prosecutor is supposed to hand over any “exculpatory” information on the case. (“Exculpatory” means evidence that tends to prove the innocence of the person they are prosecuting). This was based on a case known as Brady vs. Maryland thus a Brady violation if the prosecutor fails to bring it up and is caught.] – It’s a very big deal.

Tarvin was very excited. He immediately demanded Gretchen turn over the Westberg case files.   After all it was King County who prosecuted Westberg for the VUSCA drug case four years earlier.

Tarvin wrote a scathing email to KCDPA Gretchen Holmgren. Gene Piculell, (Tarvin’s officemate defending Markley’s wife) followed up with another rather lengthy and angry diatribe).  It was a historic breach that created such a chasm in the waters of the King County, the earth trembled. The shaking could felt in China. They were both incensed and accused Gretchen of being ”casual” and “cavalier” with his client’s lives.



And indeed Gretchen was. She was a woman without a soul. The apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree it seems.

But what Tarvin and Piculell did not know at the time was that Westberg was untouchable. That came straight from the top. Tarvin, who had been so successful at keeping out of his former prosecutor loop, didn’t get the memo.

Westberg’s mother, Ann Westberg, worked for Dan Clark who was the Criminal Chief Deputy Prosecutor at the Regional Justice Center. Clark was (and is still) also the chair of the “Brady committee” who decides what officer gets put on the Brady list… or not. (This is a list of people who can’t be trusted to tell the truth under oath). Somehow Westberg never made the list. It was now 2012.

Gretchen Holmgren got Tarvin’s demand for Westberg’s Brady data as she did the previous counsel a year earlier from Markley’s former counsel. At this point according to other sources, it appears Gretchen, in a panic, called public defender Dave Roberson, the man around town who likes high profile. He was the defense version of the “fixer.”

He had been called in to take a case from a public defender who was about to expose the phony animal cruelty case with Westberg a month earlier because the defendant was busy digging up fraud in the case. In that case, Roberson moved quickly and successfully suppressed every piece exculpatory of evidence including the video tape of the event taken of the incompetent veterinarian Hannah Mueller Evergreen and Jenee Westberg creating phony photo evidence.

Roberson threw the case.   In fact, at the time of Kevin Tarvin’s discovery of Westberg’s criminal background Roberson had just finished throwing his client under the bus in concert with King County Deputy Prosecutor, Maggie Nave – his King County prosecutor counterpart “fixer” prosecutor in front of Judge Jim Rogers.

In Roberson’s case, the background information about Westberg came after the fixed trial and tampered jury found her guilty. Roberson’s client was facing sentencing.

It was at that sentencing that Roberson disclosed the Brady violation to the court from Markley’s case. While King County Deputy Prosecutor Maggie Nave passively stood there agreeing with Roberson, she denied knowing anything about Westberg’s Brady issues.

Apparently Nave just “forgot” to mention she was the lead prosecutor who arranged Westberg’s guilty plea in 2008, concealing Westberg’s 19-count felony arrest, secreting Westberg’s nefarious employment sanctions, while she hid the third criminal misdemeanor that mysteriously disappeared mid docket (Ann Westberg was the supervisor in charge of IT in court records) that would have quelled the plea deal in front of Judge Mariane Spearman – wife of Court of Appeals Judge Michael Spearman.

Judge Michael Spearman would soon sit on the Court of Appeals panel for both cases and would protect his wife instead of justice for the wrongfully accused.

Maggie also was the architect behind the free pass of animal sex advocate James Tait, the man who led Kenneth Pinyan to his death having sex with a horse in a well-known brothel in Enumclaw in 2005 when Dan Satterberg was busy suppressing the fact there is full bore a animal sex trade going on right under the public’s noses.

Satterberg would tell the public that no charges beyond criminal trespass were possible for Pinyan because there were no anti-bestiality laws on the books at the time – or so Satterberg said… but…

What about the “murder” part? Did we all forget about the “murder” part? A man died! Apparently Maggie and Satterberg forgot about that little part in the heat of facilitating Tait’s move to stardom in the pro bestially movie “ZOO” about Pinyan’s practices and subsequent death.  They had full confessions of the two men who accompanied Pinyan into that barn where he met his death. They were running an animal sex brothel and often videotaped the “experience.” Sources say there are doctors, lawyers and high level politicians who have participated in this and paid five figures to do it.

When Gretchen called Roberson in a panic, Roberson kicked it into high gear. Roberson called Tarvin and apparently “convinced” Tarvin it would be in his best interests not to impeach Westberg with those police records while Tarvin was zealously defending his client Jason Markley.

Tarvin would have to find another way. Tarvin claimed he was told that he may see a woman claiming fraud in her own animal cruelty case at some time (Roberson didn’t mention it was his own client seeking justice). She’s just crazy; pay no mind to that man behind the curtain. Markley would recall that Tarvin repeated that message to him repeatedly while sharing that Roberson bragged he used to date Senator Maria Cantwell. (Roberson apparently has an archetype of women he likes).

Meanwhile Roberson is attempting to control his rather frisky client (the “crazy” lady) who knew she had been played. He would have to disclose the Westberg breach to her now that Tarvin had already parted the waters in what surely would have put a stop to Westberg’s siege at the hands of her bosses, in the Markley case.

And just like that, Tarvin recanted. The seas ebbed and his clients were swallowed up along with a real change in their family life of their four young children.

Meanwhile Roberson refused to let his client examine the Westberg case files documents he had received from Holmgren for another 3 months ensuring she would have little recourse to find the Markley case that was going to trial mid December. At her sentencing in late November Roberson then made a circular legal argument that Westberg wasn’t really “convicted” and he himself was to blame for not checking (inadequate assistance of counsel) in front of the judge. Roberson threw himself on the sword.

After three weeks of repeatedly telling his client that it was Gretchen Holmgren who had advised him of her own Brady violation, Roberson now recanted and told the court (Jim Rogers) that it was Maggie Nave who disclosed Westberg’s Brady issue and that Maggie didn’t know anything about it until Tarvin exposed it in the Markley case. This became a bit problematic when it was exposed that Westberg’s 19-count felony arrest was Maggie’s own case that she knowingly gave Westberg a free pass on.

When Tarvin got the Roberson call, he did exactly what he was told. He threw the case. This was the moment his office mate Gene Piculell went ballistic. Gene’s client was Markley’s wife. She ended with a hung jury in her favor 9-3. The bench, that is, Cheryl Carey, arranged to convict Markley the day before the jury verdict that her bailiff was reporting to her. The next day Judge Patrick Oshsi would replace Carey attempting to get a mistrial on the record when the jury came midsentence reporting a hung jury 9 -3 in favor of the defendant.

In addition to the $25,000 Markley gave Tarvin, Markley gave Tavin $3,000 to take him to the Court of Appeals, and to stay Markley’s jail time and community service, something Markley was entitled to. Tarvin took the money then didn’t stay the case. Markley had no choice but to report to jail. Tarvin kept the money then visited Markley in his last few days of jail asking where his children were. Markley fired him.

Then the strangest thing happened. The “crazy lady” showed up at Tarvin’s office. Only it turns out she wasn’t so “crazy.” She was an investigative reporter. Apparently that part was missed when she got targeted. And this tenured investigator was on the scent. She found Tarvin and talked with him for several hours.

Tarvin sang like a canary. He didn’t know why everyone said Westberg wasn’t really “convicted.” He’s been doing criminal law for decades and she pled guilty. That is a conviction. He didn’t mention the fact he failed to impeach Westberg with the evidence of those convictions he had in front of the jury. In fact he had her employment records with two “Loudermill” sanctions for dishonesty at the time. In addition to the arrests and convictions, she had been sanctioned for dishonesty and theft of county time on other unrelated instances (plus about 30 other police events he didn’t know about yet). Tarvin attempted to get the employment Loudermill sanctions into the record outside of the jury while Judge Carey attempted to give them erroneous exhibit numbers that would “hid” them from the court record.

The “crazy” lady then went down to the Regional Justice Center to review the Markley case file. She discovered the digital photo of the “after” horse. It had visited Adobe Photoshop CS3 for MAC. It was also a different color than the original horse “Alex.” Clearly a bait’n switch had occurred. She called Tarvin. He was ready and singing more. She told him she had just been reviewing the Markley case file.

Tarvin got very nervous. He first spent 20 minutes explaining his defense strategy. He sounded panicked. He said sometimes an attorney sacrifices the opportunity for impeachment just in order to win. (The audio of the trial doesn’t see it that way. He threw the case and the judge helped him).

After a lengthy explanation, she had her turn.  She asked him about the photos of the horse. “Did anyone notice it was a different color?”

Tarvin answered that he had been raised on a farm for 20 years. He certainly was familiar with the DNA color identification of a horse.

“Well then you knew…”

Tarvin then blurted out in desperation, “Do you have any idea how big this is?!”

Well no Kevin I don’t. Why don’t you explain it?

Since, it has been uncovered that it is indeed a massive RICO ring. Top dog appears to be King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg. Hard to fight that one. Tarvin knew and succumbed to the pressure. So Kevin Tarvin stood by and helped an innocent functioning young family be swallowed up and cannibalized by a RICO cartel.   He even kept the money they paid him to protect them. The sea swallowed them up.

That’s how big it is… It only takes one person Kevin – to save the hundreds since that Satterberg’s office has persecuted and stolen from. It could have been you.


Don’t open the barn door

Dan, Dan, the horse sex man – the back story.

Sometimes research takes you places you didn’t expect to go. It was like that with King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg story. It just continues to go into dark cavernous places of the mind I can’t even imagine in my worst nightmares.

To those around him, they would be impacted by his personal presentation. The successful chief of staff took the throne after the sudden untimely death of his boss, Norm Maleng, the government attorney who carefully constructed unconstitutional laws to prosecute the innocent with the help of a fraud artist animal rights extremist Susan Michaels of Pasado’s Safe Haven whom with her minions would be enriched by and still – violating PDC laws for elected officials continuing to lobby for stricter criminal laws in 2009 to give him more power.

All I see is the outcome of a historic cover-up of government abuse that has been in place for decades along with a very sick mind who occupies a position that yields too much power with no oversight.

This is what reporters do.   We are the messengers. We can be more objective, although, admittedly it is difficult in many cases.

Remember the Enumclaw man who died having sex with a horse? His name was Kenneth Pinyan. There was a documentary called “ZOO” that “went to Sundance.” This is more on the “back story.”

Charles Mudede, an associated editor of the weekly “The Stranger,” produced the film so very coincidentally during a time when Satterberg had just finished an apparent run quietly lobbying to finish putting legislation in place that would place him in a position to put many innocent people in the crosshairs of false animal cruelty allegations under “criminal negligence.”

Note – “Criminal negligence” is a law that is, for Washington State, added certain embellishments to the federal version I.E.; it is the famous legal adage that you can be guilty even if “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

And that darn Pinyan had to go and get killed having sex with a horse in a well-known animal sex brothel in Enumclaw two months later in the summer of 2005.

In 2006, Senator Pam Roach came storming in the next session of 2006 with the anti-bestiality law to fix the apparent problem of a lack of grounds Satterberg was claiming he had to prosecute the “handler” James Tait (think pimp for sex with horses). Dan Satterberg, who was an apparent lobbying fixture with the nefarious Susan Michaels of Pasado’s Safe Haven at his side, became wholly invisible.

In 2005, the press at the time, including the movie, talking points suggested that there were no legal grounds with which to charge Tait with manslaughter. We, the public, went along into our futures thinking, oh darn, a dollar short and a day late, well ok, now that Senator Roach got the anti-bestiality law in place Satterberg will get the next one… only he didn’t. Not even one since 2006. But there are at least 23 innocent people who were prosecuted for animal cruelty who did not have sex with a horse.



Pages from TAIT Incident Report_Redacted


In 2006, James Tait, now without legal consequence, got to join the efforts of the movie featured as the “co-narrator” with one of the “experts.” These are people Satterberg would use time and time again to train his animal control people in “evidence collection” for these phony cases against innocent people on the county dime.

The other co-narrator would be Jenny Edwards, director of rescue, Hope for Horses and veterinarian Hannah Mueller Evergreen who was also featured in the film. Tait? Well he was just a guy who loves to make love to horses, the animal enjoys it as much as the human partner or so he claims in the film.

For both Mueller and Edwards, Satterberg instantly promoted them as the “darlings” of the phony prosecutions and since they enjoyed many county bilking hours for these cases in paid training, public relations, “expert” testimony, continuing law education for the UW Law School without any qualification. They get free inventory of valuable livestock and addition restitution for the care of the seized animals.  They are rewarded with high revenue for their “special” boarding, vet care and anything else (horsey yoga and therapeutic touch for the trauma the animal didn’t experience at the hands of the former owners) they deem “specialized care” for the animals the county illegally seizes in the interim.

A review of the billings reveal that the alleged “poor sick, emaciated animals” (diagnosed by Satterberg’s shills) are receiving no more than well-animal care at four times the normal rate. Edwards has no background on any of this and Mueller in court and in front of TV cameras tends to diatribe on about what could happen that didn’t, displaying a certain incompetence of her schooling.


Marketing face of movie “ZOO WE AREN’T WHO WE APPEAR TO BE”

So films cost money. The entry fee to Sundance allows virtually anyone to submit a film provided the entry fee is paid. We don’t really know how the production costs were funded but suffice it to say, this was an animal sex advocacy movie that was designed quell the public recoil and outrage of the Pinyan death.

So that was that, or so it seemed this week when a source leaked some of the actual King County records on the case of James Tait.

When you think about it, is it really a credible claim that there would be no grounds to charge Tait so that we could take him off the streets – we don’t have any more Pinyan-like deaths?  It’s the prosecutor saying this. He should know right? He is one of the most powerful lawyers in the state.

It turns out it isn’t a credible claim. Tait was arrested on July 8, 2005 six days after Pinyan’s death. The only reference to animal sex on the police report is “SEX OFFENSE, NSC” (Non-specific category) with a charge code of “332-M TRSPASS.”

There is no reference to his part in manslaughter or animal sex.

On October 18, 2005, just two and a half months after the event, James Tait was charged by the King County Prosecutor with “criminal trespassing” in the first degree (a gross misdemeanor) in King County District Court for entering into the neighbor’s barn at night with groups of men and engaging in sex with their horses, an act that ended up killing Kenneth Pinyan. See Complaint.  (Compared to first degree class C felony the maliciously prosecuted victims are enduring)

A little under-charged for the crime it would seem.

In examining the defendant James Tait’s guilty plea, it took place in the King County District Court South Division, Burien, WA where Gretchen Holmgren used to work (the prosecutor who tries most of the phony animal cruelty cases against innocent people).

Tait entered into an Alfred plea deal which means that he does not admit guilt but he agrees he will probably be found guilty of “criminal trespassing” so he pleaded guilty of that despite the fact that he confessed to having repeated sex with the neighbor’s animals/livestock without their knowledge.

The prosecutor recommends to the district court Judge David Christie that Tait be punished with 365 days in jail of which 365 are suspended and fined $5,000 with $4,700 suspended. (This compared to real jail time the phony animal cruelty cases are getting along with house-arrest bracelet for a new mother with five other children to care for).

So no jail and a $300 fine. Tait had eight hours of community service that had to be done in 45 days then the case would be closed. Tait’s plea deal was conditioned that he has no further contact with the neighbors who had the barn (with the horses they abused) or no new criminal violations. Compared to the loss of community standing, employment opportunity, voting rights, the right to bear arms that a first degree class C felony charge of animal cruelty brings.

Tait then was free to “star” in the filming of ZOO resulting in a major re-cutting of the existing edit to allow for his introduction of a first person witness account of the event admitting all guilt of his participation in Pinyan’s death… a bit macabre at the least.

Tait was freed to go on to do the deed again hooking up with another very effective bestiality advocate with ties to massive drug cartels, Douglas Spink: http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/man-who-promotes-sex-with-animals-is-back-in-prison/

Tait was not deterred by getting away with manslaughter to feed his animal sex habit in 2005. He went on to be jailed in Tennessee for bestiality abuses again in 2010.

Everything about Mr. Satterberg’s approaches protects not only the animal cruelty that “zoophiles” engage in, but also the drug trade while he makes criminals out of innocent people with no criminal record who are primarily property owners whose experience leaves the victim with a distressed property available for sometimes 30% of market value.

Who put this magical legal plea deal together for James Tait?

Someone we have come to know very well. King County Deputy Prosecutor Maggie Nave.

Maggie Nave, as the Chair of the District Court Unit for at least a decade at the time, had tremendous pull in the district criminal courts – a position she was removed from October 10, 2011 by King County Deputy Prosecutor Criminal Chief Mark Larson as a sanction for what he termed malpractice (we call it alcoholism).




We know Ms. Nave as the magician who later in 2008 concealed Animal Control Officer Jenee Westberg’s 19-count drug arrest, detained by the Black Diamond Police for VUSCA and Renton Police Department for possession of counterfeit money, the 2006 Kmart shoplifting and trying to bribe a police officer, the 2008 disappearing ATV misdemeanor (that would have made the drug plea deal void) and the 43 other police records and two employment sanctions (now four Loudermills – while somehow five employment supervisors wrote letters that sang the praises of Westberg as an exemplary honest responsible employee), all of which, somehow never got into the record. This would keep Satterberg’s placement of Jenee Westberg as one of his premire animal control officer expert witnesses in at least 15 live phony prosecutions at the time.   (Westberg’s mother was a high ranking supervisor revamping the digital court records files with KCDPA Chief Dan Clark of the Brady Committee).

On August 17, 2011, Ms. Nave was noticed for sanctions while over 117 mismanaged case files were physically seized from her office dating back as far as 1999.

By October 13, 2011, Nave was sanctioned for malpractice by King County Deputy Prosecutor Criminal Chief, Mark Larson who then removed her from the prestigious Chair of the District Court Unit that she held for over 12 years. In that letter Mark Larson stated:

“In any other practice, this would be considered malpractice. It is also of significance that this failure stretched over a long period of time, dating back to 1999. In other words, this was not a singular failure or a problem that arose in one particular time frame. Rather, the failure was repeated persistent and profound.

In addition to having the symptoms of a severe substance abuse problem, there is no evidence of enforced treatment. Apparently as one of Satterberg’s “fixers” Nave had one more task before she would be slipped into the King County Prosecutors victim’s assistance for identifying jury tampering.

In the heat of her dimmest hour, Nave was tasked with prosecuting what would become one of the higher profile animal abuse cases where the defendant was busy finding fraud en masse, who wanted a jury trial.

Nave was used instead of the familiar Gretchen Holmgren because this defendant could get frisky – she was an investigative reporter and they didn’t figure that out until they had already committed. One of the most spectacular things about that case (other than every piece of it was fabricated) was that Maggie Nave – like Gretchen Holmgren – failed to disclose the criminal career of Animal Control Officer Jenee Westberg (who changed her surname to cover up criminal history from another state).  Ms. Nave was the lead prosecutor in Jenee Westberg’s spectacular 19-count VUCSA arrest.

When Westberg’s criminal career was exposed in the Jude Markley and Thomas’s phony prosecution with Gretchen Hologram at the helm, during the fixed events of Nave’s case, Westberg’s history as an undisclosed Brady officer had to be disclosed. But Maggie Nave failed to do so, even though she was the prosecutor who prosecuted King County abuse control officer Jenee Westberg for drug trafficking, although quietly behind closed doors.

Maggie Nave denied knowing anything about Jenee Westberg’s background when she was the shill who orchestrated the entire expedited Westberg cover-up in 2008.

So that’s three strikes you’re out to me. 1) Suppressing the Enumclaw horse sex Pinyan case, 2) concealing Jenee Westberg’s criminal career in fifteen cases so Westberg can continue to fabricate phony criminal animal cruelty cases and 3) personally denying she knew anything about Westberg in an active trial she herself prosecuted.

Mr. Satterberg. What ARE you doing? Why did you refuse to prosecute and expose the Seattle priests in the Seattle Archdiocese scandal? Everyone else on the planet put the monsters on public record but you. You sat on the lay committee as an elder and refused to make the priest’s name’s public claiming that you needed one person to step forward to be a victim. You had almost 200 of which, many claim they stepped up. What happened there Mr. Satterberg?

Why are you prosecuting innocent people of animal abuse and failing to prosecute real animal abusers who are raping voiceless animals and trafficking drugs?

Were you a victim perhaps? Do you have Stockholm Syndrome? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockholm_syndrome


Perhaps seeking help while you are dealing with this exposure would be prudent. http://www.blueknot.org.au/WHAT-WE-DO/Resources/General-Information/Abuse-related-conditions


King County Washington animal abuse scam, racketeering, and the movie “ZOO”

UPDATE: Gold Bar Reporters have every reason to believe

Jenee Westberg is on the run in Boulevard California

 ( major drug running area from US to Mexico)


King County has an enormous amount of animal abuse cases.  For those of us who truly care about the rights of the wrongfully convicted and who support sunshine laws, we could not turn a blind eye to the injustice in seventeen animal abuse cases from King County.

How and why these cases linked back to several attorneys and one man claiming to be an auto paint sales person from Spokane County will be discussed in another article.

In September, I started investigating one case after hearing a horrific story about a woman from King County who was charged and convicted in violation of Brady v Maryland.  As a result, I am now actively investigating seventeen animal abuse cases resulting in wrongful convictions.

Why is simple: it’s called corruption.


The issue of using animals for sexual gratification will be discussed a later article about the movie ZOO and its intended purpose of advocating animals for sexual pleasure.

Welcome to Washington State, and the main reason why the City of Gold Bar is going bankrupt hiding John E. Pennington’s records ( and his log book at Echo Lake involving a few stellar members of the Washington State Bar ).

After reviewing evidence collected from King County, mainly involving a star witness and King County animal control officer named Jenee Westberg ( aka Lynn Jones),I feel confident stating that Jenee Westberg’s criminal conduct amounts to Racketeering, and I am calling for a federal grand jury to investigate Jenne Westberg for criminal Racketeering ( threats to human life and property, extortion, bribery, and drug trafficking using the animal abuse rescuse to accomplish those goals).

My readers should be happy to know that Jenee Westberg has since been fired from King County for “theft for county time.” Basically for falsifying county reports.


Above is a picture of Jenee Westberg inside a police car after being arrested for drug possession of veterinarian horse tranquilizers, and meth.

One can only speculate who gave Westberg the horse tranquillizers.

Before publishing Jenee Westberg’s long and extensive criminal history, as Ajournalist I felt compelled to contact King County Prosecutors and Judges, because they were involved in seventeen criminal prosecution of twenty two innocent King County residents, after knowing Jenne Westberg is a criminal with a long and extensive history, amounting to Racketeering.

Gold Bar Reporters letter to King County Prosecutors

Mr. Larson/Mr Satterberg,   I’d liked to talk with you about Jenee Westberg ( Lynn Jones) and Hannah Mueller and who and why Ms. Westberg was allowed to testify against 17 victims while she was being prosecuted for theft and drugs, and arrested for counterfeiting US money.  Obviously we’re deeply concerned about the Brady issues and what the county plans to do with the 17 victims. By victims obviously, I am referring to people who may or may not be guilty, until they get a fair trial we shall never know. Will we?

Also, I’d like to talk with you about John Pennington and Crystal Hill ‘s( Berg, fraud 2005) domestic spying and illegal tracking of us citizens traveling overseas involving my partner and I coming from London Heathrow Airport to Seattle International on May 24, 2015.   Sadly Crystal  Hill, John Pennington, and two corrupt police officers, one from King County, Cary Coblantz, and a Duvall Officer Lori Batiot, placed their crimes inside public emails and records.    How we know this: King County turned over records between the DOJ Interpol and King County, and the City of Shoreline implicated Penningtons and Sandra Meadwocraft ( text messages).

Please let me know when you can talk Mr. Larsen or Mr. Satterberg.  I plan to write a  story about Jenee Westberg soon, and I wait more records on the Penningtons and Batiot ( as the City of Duvall and Shoreline attorneys are withholding  many more records involving Batiot, Coblatnz, Hill Pennington  and a few crooked lawyers from Kenyon Disend’s law firm ( King, Turpin, Meadowcraft, Kenyon, and Soto).



King County Prosecutor Mark Larsen’s response:

Subject: RE: fraud involving Jenne Westberg and illegal tracking of us citizens abroad

Here is what I can share from our records: We received information in November of 2012 that caused us to put Westberg on our Brady list. Since that time, we have observed our obligations to share that information in pending trials.  I believe we met our legal obligation.

Mark Larson Chief Deputy,

Criminal Division King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office Seattle,

WA 206-477-1970

First, I’d like to thank King County Prosecutor Mark Larsen for taking the time to write and give the County’s position on this scandal. I realize that without conversation, there can be no solutions on what King County’s responsibilities are to the seventeen criminal convictions that resulted because judges and prosecutors concealed a violent, dysfunctional, drug addict named Jenee Westberg’s extensive criminal and drug history.

From the evidence we have in our possession, we feel confident reporting that Jenne Westberg scouted her victims homes while being paid by King County , and was paid off to find billable hours for two animal rescue facilities, one in Snohomish and the other in Woodinville, Washington.

This story is simply defined as Racketeering, predicate acts of Jenee Westberg include extortion, threats to human life and property, all because several persons involved in animal recuse enjoy billing/bilking several Washington State counties around $60,000.00 a month, and enjoy the massive amounts of donations from the public

However, Ms. Westberg could not have accomplished her racketeering goals of making criminals out of non-criminals to make a fast buck on the backs of taxpayers and to silence anyone who opposes their corrupt and criminal conduct” alone.

But not without the assistance of the Seattle media, KOMO, and a reporter from the Seattle’s “Stranger” who strangely directed a movie titled Zoo ( sick bastards advocating sex with animals).


With no surprise, the very same people involved in this Racketeering for profit scandal of creating non-existent animal abuse scandals to fill their pockets with taxpayer monies are major supporters of having sex with animals.

Most the recuse animals are connected right back to three farms, one in Snohomish, Enumclaw, and another in Woodinville.

More on the Movie Zoo later, but let’s just say the reporter who directed Zoo is a very close and personal friend of a child abuser from Snohomish County (resident of Duvall) named John E. Pennington; and phone records from the City of Duvall confirm that the Stranger spent an enormous amount of time on the telephone with corrupt Duvall Washington police officer Lori Baitiot.

Public records from the City of Duvall document Lori Batiot is guilty of racketeering.

From public records, I feel confident reporting that the horse scandal above is just the tip of ice berg, and also involves drug trafficking. More on drug trafficking later, but for those of you inside law enforcement who are part of the drug ring up here in Snohomish County, you can assume that the evidence I collected has been placed in the hands of someone who will publish it long after I am no longer living.

Today I decided to publish the first of many more true stories to come on corrupt animal control officer Jenee Westberg, but Westberg didn’t do this alone.


 Oso mudslide area, John Pennington connection to thief Lin O’Dell.   




Republished with permission from http://www.uninformedconsent.org/

Animal Abuse Allegations at epidemic levels. Those targeted say it’s malicious prosecution… and it’s about the money… lots of money.

Jason Markley says he is falsely accused. He says every stitch of the so-called “evidence” used in his prosecution for animal abuse was manufactured. He says he can prove it but the judicial system has turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the evidence he uncovered.

Markley says the King County Prosecutor’s Office concealed a 45 incident career criminal history of one of their primary witnesses. This included 2 felony arrests – one for VUCSA (drugs) in 2008 and another earlier for shoplifting in 2006. This is a money making criminal business mode alive and will in the entire state. King and Pierce County are leading the pack.

Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist and auditor Julie Anderson have a competing amount of malicious prosecutions compared to King County as in currently being revealed by some of his staff.

One of the more spectacular is the Dr. John Diller case where the county and DEA illegally seized over a $1.5 million of Dr. Dillar’s property (and his 39 horses) and still have not produced any grounds for doing so.

There are many more just like Dillar in Pierce County. The bilking of the county is running amuck. Even when the Pierce County Council was alerted to it – Lindquist failed to prosecute the real culprits.

In King County the main witness for the prosecution has been Regional Services of King County Animal Control Officer Jenee Westberg. Westberg has worked for King County since 2002.

Where her Kent 2006 shoplifting should have caused a “Loudermill” proceeding – there was none. It also should have put Westberg on the King County Prosecutor’s “Brady Officer” list. But it didn’t.

In 2007, the Loudermill proceding began with tardiness, then ended with “dishonesty and theft of county time.” It led to a 4-day suspension in September of 2008.

On January 24, 2008, even though Westberg’s supervisor, Sgt. Steve Couvion came to pick up the inebriated and stoned Westberg (with her dog) after being arrested and booked for a rather spectacular VUCSA felony with over 9 counts of criminal law, Westberg was still not put on the King County Prosecutor’s “Brady Officer” list.

Neither felony arrests were mentioned in the Loudermill proceedings nor was the concurrent 2008 ATV gross misdemeanor (3rd prosecution going on at the same time) also being prosecuted by the King County Prosecutor’s Office.

Conversely all three criminal prosecutions were conspicuously absent from all three of Westberg’s official “Loudermill” proceedings in (2008, 2013 and 2014) even though Westberg’s supervisor, Sgt. Steve Couvion come to pick Westberg up from her VUCSA booking with the Black Diamond Police in 2008. The arresting officer noted Couvion had an extended conversation regarding “professional courtesy” at the time.

Further requests of public documents recently reveal that there was an internal investigation regarding Westberg’s 2008 VUSCA felony arrest within animal control. Couvion’s statement was in direct conflict with the Black Diamond arresting officer’s statements.

Couvion stated, I am not certain how it all came about of her being an ACO. Perhaps when they had probable cause they went through her belongings and find the badge then, I do not know.”

With the Black Diamond Police referral for probable cause to the King County Prosecutor’s Office, the Black Diamond arresting officer narrative was clear about how they were first made aware of Westberg’s King County Animal Control employment and her King County badge.

Officer Huff: “I made contact with the female driver of the vehicle, I immediately saw a King County badge sitting on her lap. I advised the driver why I stopped her and asked for her license, registration and vehicle insurance. As I was speaking with the driver, later identified as Jenee A. Westberg (DOB: 01/30/76), I could smell an overwhelming odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. Westberg advised me that she had recently purchased the vehicle and was on her way home after riding her horse. I asked Westberg who she worked for and she stated she worked for King County Animal Control. She later advised me she did not have any vehicle insurance. I returned to my vehicle and asked for Narcotics K9 handler…”

In 2008, curiously, Westberg’s defense counsel, Robert D. Rhodes IV (WSBA# 31089) brought in 5 letters “attesting to her “professional competence, passion, honest and reliability” (4:25) from Westberg’s “employers” which he took back (5:32) from Judge Mariane Spearman as he left the courtroom – so nonw were never put in the court record. (080520 Sentencing Audio: 5:43)

During the 4 months of Westberg’s 2008 VUCSA prosecution that King County Prosecutor, Maggie Nave (WSBA# 19004) expedited, Maggie Nave was the primary prosecuter. It was heard in front of then District Court Judge Mariane Spearman (wife of Chief Justice Michael Spearman who is currently Chief Justice on the Court of Appeals Division I). Mariane Spearman is now a King County Superior Court Judge.

Earlier, in October of 2007, Westberg had been a part of the prosecution of Gina and Darryl Lindsey (Case 07-1-11067-1) brought by KCDPA E. Bradford Bales (WSBA# 28791) then prosecuted by the King County Deputy Prosecutor Julie E. Kline, (WSBA #35461) for animal cruelty.

Animal Control Officers Dave Morris and Steve Couvion visited Lindseys followed by an entourage of others including Jenny Edwards of Hope for Horses, Washington State Animal Response Team (WSART) president, Gretchen McCullum (a known ARE). The entourage of which are enriched by successful prosecutions.

On the same day as Westberg’s arraignment, March 19, 2008, Darryl Lindsey was extorted into a plea bargain misdemeanor by King County Prosecutor E. Bradford Bales in order to exclude Darryl’s wife Gina Lindsey from being prosecuted. It was agreed on March 19, 2008.

On March 19, 2008, the very same day, Westberg pled not guilty to the VUCSA felony arrest in court in front of Judge Mariane Spearman though Westberg had over 9 criminal violations and over 19 counts of moral turpitude within that arrest.

No one disclosed any of this to Mr. Lindsey.

On December 3, 2007, Patrick Gleason (Case# 07-347400) was targeted by King County Animal Control Officer Sgt Steve Couvion, Dave Morris, (both Westberg’s supervisors, Steven Fuscher, Jenny Edwards (Hope for Horses), and veterinarian Heather Stewart.

On February 5, 2008, Jake Rider (Case 08-1-00331-7) was prosecuted for animal Cruelty. Jenee Westberg was dispatched to Rider’s residence on December 7, 2007 and acted as a primary witness with ACO Sgt. Dave Morris and veterinarian Heather Stewart.

No one disclosed anything to Mr. Rider about Westberg’s criminal career.

On March 16, 2009, Nicole Pappas (Case# 09-1-04160-8) was visited by Westberg and veterinarian Hannah Evergreen aka Mueller, then prosecuted for animal cruelty. Westberg and Mueller were the primary prosecution witnesses.

No one disclosed Westberg’s criminal history to Pappas.

February 26, 2011, Christy Diemond (Case# 11-1-06177-5) was targeted by Westberg and veterinarian Hannah Evergreen aka Mueller through King County Sheriff Sgt. Bonnie Soule, Jenny Edwards of Hope for Horses, Jamie Taft and Bonnie Hammond of Save a Forgotten Equine and – the now disgraced King County Sheriff Major Crimes Detective Robin Cleary. (Cleary was terminated for criminal malfeasance through her affiliations with the now incarcerated drug dealer/pimp/embezzler Darrion Holiwell).

Cleary has a conspicuous presence in many of these cases.

No one mentioned Westberg’s criminal history to her.

In Diemond’s case, her defense counsel SCRAP Dave Roberson (WSBA# 19298) and the KCDPA Maggie Nave acted in concert to conceal Westberg’s criminal history while Ms. Nave denied knowing anything about being the head prosecutor in Westberg’s 2008 VUCSA case in front of Judge Mariane Spearman.

Judge Jim Rogers allowed the trial to go forward even when it became evident they had perjured themselves as officers of the court. Rogers was a long term law school classmate of Roberson. Rogers had worked with Ms. Nave for a decade and a half before taking the bench.

Recently, public records revealed Ms. Nave had other problems that started over a decade before Diemond’s arraignment.

There was a letter of reprimand in Nave’s personnel file that was no small matter. In it, Chief Deputy, Mark
Larson states: “On August 17, 2011, I learned of a concern about cases in your office that had not been filed/handled. As you know, our response was to open an investigation to determine the truth of this suspicion. Mark Stockdale, from the Civil/Employment section, headed the investigation.

At the conclusion of that process, it was determined that cases under your care had, in fact, been mishandled. The scope of the case mismanagement is outlined in an accompanying memo from Assistant Chief Erin Ehlert. However, a summary version is that over 100 cases in your office for some types of review (all of which were file-able cases), were neglected and not filed within the statute of limitations.

Nothing more needs to be said about the significance of this mismanagement, In any other practice, this would be considered malpractice. It is also of significance that this failure stretched over a long period of time, dating back to 1999. In other words, this was not a singular failure or a problem that arose in one particular time frame. Rather, the failure was repeated, persistent and profound.

The mismanaged files taken represent 117 case files from September of 1999 – July of 2010. Westberg’s case was not among them.

Nave was defrocked of her post as the Chair of the District Court Unit. Larson goes on to state: “Failure to meet these expectations in the future will lead to further discipline, up to and including termination.

Nave is currently one of two early plea negotiators for Animal Cruelty, interestingly included in this assignment is “Tampering with a witness or Public Servant.

None of Ms. Nave’s malpractice history was ever disclosed to Diemond. Nor does it appear there was any oversight or chain of custody of the evidence.  Nave continued to conceal this exculpatory evidence.

Nave then made a textbook mistrial.  Nave passionately told the jury during her close that Diemond’s horses “had gained weight and were doing well now” when in fact both Diemond’s horses had been euthanized under the care of veterinarian Hannah Mueller aka Evergreen and SAFE due to Mueller’s improper feeding and care. This happened 10 months and 16 months post possession and in the care of Mueller and the “rescue” organizations.”

Rogers failed to call a mistrial.

April 4, 2011 Darryl Lindsey was targeted a second time by Westberg and veterinarian Heather Stewart. The prosecution never disclosed Westberg’s criminal history. Judge Mary Roberts found Westberg’s collection of evidence unlawful and the case ended up dismissed.

On April 7, 2011, Cherish Thomas and Jason Markley were targeted by Westberg. They claim Westberg kept them and their 4 children hostage for 4 hours by patting the gun Westberg later claimed she didn’t have. Westberg appeared to be “high.” Markley claimes Westberg was terrorizing him and his family.

No one told Thomas or Markley that Westberg had a criminal record until Markley’s attorney found it.April 11, 2011 Shannon Dunham was targeted by Westberg, veterinarian Heather Stewart, King County Sgt Tony McNabb and Christina Bartlett – associates of the disgraced Major Crimes detective. Robin Cleary who has a presence in many of these cases.

Dunham was never told of Westberg’s criminal history.

On March 30, 2012, Westberg targeted Dell Adams and Sue Jackson (Case# 12-1-02069-4).

No one disclosed Westberg’s history to them.

It turns out the lead prosecutor in most of these cases, King County Deputy Prosecutor Gretchen Holmgren (youngest daughter of Mike Holmgren) never disclosed any of Westberg’s criminal history as required when there is “exculpatory” evidence. This is an issue coming up in the Mark Lindquist prosecutions also.

In addition, Holmgren concealed a third concurrent 2008 ATV gross misdemeanor and the fact Westberg was having a second “Loudermill” hearing resulting in a 2nd suspension for dishonesty and “theft of county time” while Markley and Diemond were attempting to defend themselves.

Westberg was terminated earlier this year for criminal malfeasance and has been placed on the King County Prosecutor’s “Brady Officer” list.

Yet the King County Prosecutor’s Office had done nothing to address and/or correct Westberg’s testimony in Markley’s case and 21 others just like it.

King County have done everything to conceal it and are currently being sued under the Public Records Act (PRA)for withholding information surrounding these cases. A second PRA was filed May 21, 2015 for King County’s further withholding of public documents.

When a prosecutor withholds evidence that would serve to prove of benefit to a defendant (exculpatory), it is known as a “Brady violation” says Markley who claims he has become more legally savvy than he ever imagined with no criminal record of his own until he was wrongfully accused.

Markley says that the prosecutor never disclosed the qualifications of their other primary veterinarian witness, Hannah Mueller aka Evergreen, who appears to have provided counterfeit and incompleteschool transcripts in 2004 to the State Dept. of Health to become licensed as a veterinarian in the State of Washington.

Markley says Westberg and Mueller aka Evergreen switched (see photo upper right) his horse with 1 – 3 “after” horses with the help of “rescue” organizations – that they all committed perjury during his trial then proceeded to quadruple bill the county for “Alex” under several other aliases.

She (Ms. Holmgren) can’t even get the breed of the bait’ n switched animals straight. Holmgren says Alex is a Quarterhorse and “Save a Forgotten Equine” (SAFE) says he’s Morgan, says Markley. The horse,”Mr. Pibb” (another “after” horse) shown on TV news several times appears to be an Arabian (third horse).

Markley’s wife, who was a co-defendant in the same trial in the same room at the same time – only with a jury – was dismissed because the jury didn’t believe the “after” horse was the same horse either. Some of the jurors risked sanctions by speaking up they were so appalled by the prosecution’s claims during trial.

The judge in that case, Judge Cheryl Carey was quick to berate Markley even though the jury dismissed Thomas with the same evidence. She sentenced Markley, who has never been in jail in 42 years, someone who home schools his 4 children, to 30 days in jail and 240 hours of community service.

Markley says many veterinarians and rescues are profiteering through embezzlement and fraud on taxpayers dollars while King County has failed to act. When the prosecutor creates a distressed property, they profit more by acquiring a distressed property at 30% – 70% of market value.

Markley claims he has uncovered 100’s of 1000’s of dollars billed to the county (and paid) for manufactured care and double to quadruple billing for the same horse under several different names (through public records requests). He believes there are at least 21 cases since 2006 in King County and it appears to be epidemic nationally.

To complicate matters further, the King County prosecutor in his case, Gretchen Holmgren-Peterson, who has prosecuted a majority of King County’s animal abuse cases like Markley’s, is the youngest daughter of one of the most elite highest-paid football coaches in the National Football League’s history, millionaire (and 2015 Pro Football Hall of Fame nominee) Mike Holmgren.


Click on picture above to view the video of Markley’s Sept. 12, 2014 COA Oral Arguments

Markley claims he has found through court records that Ms. Holmgren is no stranger to allegations of malicious prosecution in her short, part-time career, most recently, in late 2012 at the same Court of Appeals with the Hon. Verellen writing the opinion.

Verellen also sat on Markley’s COA panel along with Chief Justice Michael Spearman (Judge Mariane Spearman’s husband) and the Honorable Michael Trickey.

In the Dunham case Holmgren attempted to collect an extra $13,000 in restitution for the care of her two mini horses and a goat, Markley’s horse “Alex” and another two horses from another (third) case.

When exposed, the prosecutors switched from Gretchen Holmgren to Kelsey Schirman.

Schirman acknowledged the $13,000 “miscalculation” then asked for another year’s worth of restitution while there was no documentation filed with that request.

The judge in that case – the honorable Mariane Spearman (wife of Chief Justice Michael Spearman) – chose to “deny the request at this time.”

Markley says there are at least 5 more cases where Ms. Holmgren has participated in questionable acts as a prosecutor, some still active.

Markley has submitted his discoveries and evidence in the form of a “Statement of Additional Grounds” (SAG) to the Court of Appeals, a “SAG addendum“, SAG addendum and a point by point “SAG response” to Ms. Holmgren’s argument, but so far – and during oral arguments September 12, 2014, none of the judges panel chose to visit the controversial topic in front of an audience which included not only Ms. Holmgren but her high-profile father sporting his Super bowl ring. (See the video above).

Prosecutor Holmgren says Markley is guilty of animal abuse because he fed the animal “local hay” 3 -4 times a day and put shoes on the horse.

While defense counsel, Casey Grannis pointed out that even if one assumed Markley was guilty, the prosecution picked the wrong law to prosecute – Ms. Holmgren claimed the local hay Markley “provided was of no nutritional value” – something local hay growers are outraged about because most of them provide forage analysis with the purchase of their hay.

Ms. Holmgren then admitted that she had no evidence of that claim such as as laboratory forage analysis.

Tipton Hudson, MRS, Kittitas County Director of WSU’s Extension program of WSU’s College of Agricultural, Human and Natural Resource Sciences (hay specialist) couldn’t disagree with Ms. Holmgren more. In an email responding to this claim he states:

” While Eastern Washington is known for producing high quality hay consistently because of the increased portion of the growing season with favorable conditions for curing hay, there is certainly plenty of high quality hay produced in Western Washington that is successfully fed to livestock, including horses.

Making generalizations about hay-growing regions of the state and applying that to a given situation without forage test data, and without any other relevant supporting information, would be an error.”

Ms. Holmgren went on to claim that, “The only reason for a horse to be “shoed,” (proper term is “shod’) as presented by testimony during trial, is so that the animal can be ridden.”

Ms. Holmgren said this while her own expert stated during trial there are therapeutic reasons to put shoes on a horse “such as the crack developing in one of Alex’s hooves.” says Markley.

More to come…Updated June 30, 2015

How to “Photoshop a horse for court. Below are the photos used in the Markley trial as the “After” horse.

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