Bank forecloses on Gold Bar Mayor Linda Loen and council member Thomas O. Palmer’s home

Gold Bar Washington has quite the extensive history of criminals running City government.

Gold Bar’s police chief caught dealing drugs from Gold Bar City Hall in 2003.

Gold Bar’s former Mayor Crystal Hill Pennington, twice convicted for fraud; she served time in jail in North Carolina 2000, and plead guilty in Snohomish County Evergreen District Court 2005 to bank fraud.  Crystal D Pennington uses several aliases aka Crystal Berg, Crystal D Pennington, Crystal Hill, Chris Hill, and Crystal Hill Pennington.


Gold Bar’s former council member Christopher Michael Wright plead guilty to assault, and had the audacity to register to run for City Council while he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest.  Wright was serving probation at the same time he was a sitting city council member. Gold Bar’s former council member Bob Strom said ” Donna hates Chris Wright after witnessing him violently assaulting his wife in the front yard of his home.”

Gold Bar’s Public Records Office Bonnie  Dierkson Scruggs Jones, a twice convicted felon, found guilty of rendering criminal assistance to a murderer in Hawaii, and plead to theft of her employer’s computer from Silicon Valley California.

Gold Bar’s former Mayor Joe Beavers, a convicted felon from Arlington Texas, plead guilty to assaulting a man during a bar room brawl and was denied an Engineering license as a result.

Gold Bar’s former water employee Karl Marjerle committed acts of Domestic Terrorism, sabotaged the city’s water system in 2008 and was fired from Gold Bar and Dept of Health revoked his water operator’s license.

Gold Bar’s council member Brian Diaz arrested for viewing and downloading child pornography and possession of meth in 2019.

Gold Bar’s current city attorney Shannon Ragonesi, resigned in lieu of disbarment ( equates to a technical disbarment) from New York State for lying and forging court documents.

Gold Bar computer service provider Michael Meyers, from Eastside Computers, is a Seattle Police Officer, who worked with Gold Bar’s City Attorneys Shannon Ragonesi and Ann Marie Soto to illegally remove Crystal Hill and Brandia Taamu’s criminal history records from the FBI National Crime Information Center’s database.

Now, Gold Bar’s former Mayor Linda Loen and Thomas O Palmer home foreclosure here in Gold Bar, illustrates just what kind of people are running the City of Gold Bar.


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The Honorable Supreme Court Justice Antonio Scalia said “… running a democracy takes a certain amount of civic courage. And the First Amendment does not protect you from criticism or even nasty phone calls when you exercise your political rights to legislate, or to take part in the legislative process.” 

Justice Scalia was a true defender of the First Amendment.

Gold Bar’s Mayor Joe Beavers issues declaration of War

Hitler Signbeavers1 (2)Hitler Sign



Gold Bar’s former Mayor Joe Beavers trying to intimidate a public official, Washington Coalition for Open Government President and council member Toby Nixon.

Gold Bar’s acting Mayor Joe Beavers issues declaration of War on founding fathers basic Constitutional principles on government transparency and calls Gold Bar Reporter Block a ” Boston Jew Bitch.”

So not only is Joe Beavers an anti-Semite, but he’s also pushing Adolf Hitler’s principles of fascism.

Those of you who know me know that I have almost zero respect for religion or religious people with a few exceptions.  One exception is Washington Coalition for Open Government President Toby Nixon.

For me religion equates to hate ( Joe Beavers), violence ( Crystal Hill Pennington, who abused a six year old child in 2008 with the assistance of Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe), and where pedophiles ( Snohomish County’s former Director of Emergency Management, John E. Pennington) hide.


Washington Coalition for Open Government President Toby Nixon

Last week, Washington Coalition for Open Government’s President posted comments about Gold Bar’s Mayor Joe Beavers Declaration of War on Washington State’s Public Records Act which stated:

I found out yesterday that the former mayor of Gold Bar, Joe Beavers, has decided to use the Public Records Act to take retribution against me because of my advocacy for government transparency. He has been making a series of large records requests to the city of Kirkland, most recently for all emails I have sent or received since January 2009, and previously for such things as all emails sent and received by city volunteers. He explicitly said that his goal was to make the volunteers so mad that they would put pressure on me and the rest of the city council to become opponents of the PRA.

It’s sad and most unfortunate that former Mayor Beavers has chosen to do exactly what he at one time complained to the legislature that people should not do — use the PRA as a weapon rather than as a tool for accountability. But regardless, I will not be intimidated into supporting the former mayor’s position that government agencies should have the discretion to reject records requests from individuals they subjectively deem to be “vexatious”, no matter how vexatious he becomes. The Kirkland city council and staff created our Public Records Ordinance specifically to deal with this kind of eventuality, and we will use the provisions of the ordinance to manage response to the former mayor’s requests just as we do with all other large requests.

Some of our readers may not know that in late 2014 Gold Bar’s current Mayor Linda Loen resigned but agreed to show up to Gold Bar city council meetings held biweekly. Since that time, Joe Beavers ( a non-elected official) has been in City Hall daily tampering with our public records. Our counsel said ” this amounts to thwarting the democratic rights of the voters and Linda Loen’s conduct amounts to Racketeering. ”

One Gold Bar resident said ” Linda Loen is a little mouse with no backbone . . . I hope you sue her.”

One open government attorney from Olympia said ” Joe Beavers is a demented old man who sits around tampering with public records to hide his crimes. Sad way to spend one’s retirement.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves with one exception,  ” Beavers is also misusing our money to hide his crimes.”

We have a suggestion for Joe Beavers: perhaps Saudi Arabia would be a better place to declare home because its clear that You have no respect for our laws and the First Amendment to the Constitution.

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