GAME OVER, Lloyds of London, a United Kingdom Government Owned Company, Fraud Exposed in US

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Melvin Banford, John ONeal, Derek Harrold, Steve Harris and Matt Rothnie

Above, key players within Lloyds of London’s Commercial, sued for Racketeering (RICO) and fixing US markets in the delivery of insurance and legal services throughout the United States. Evidence suggests that John O’Neill, CEO of Lloyds of London co-directs one of the largest racketeering Enterprises in US History

Seattle, WA; MAY 12, 2021 UPDATE TO GAME OVER:  Lloyds of London, a United Kingdom Government Owned Company, Fraud Exposed in US Markets

Leslie Seffren, the openly corrupt lead counsel for a Washington State/Lloyd’s of London affiliated national Racketeering Enterprise (RICO), is illegally directing millions of dollars of state funds and 15 attorneys to provide legal representation for a court-defined private agency, the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA), in Block v WSBA, now pending before the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit.

In violation of state ethics law RCW 42.52.03, Leslie Seffren owns and operates the real estate development firm, CLP Development Inc., while receiving a paycheck from the Washington State Attorney General’s Office. An extensive investigation is in process of her alleged collusion in dozens of guardianship fraud and child trafficking cases over decades when she was employed by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services.   According to a source, the investigation also includes allegations that Ms. Seffren has also been involved in millions of dollars of money laundering and tax evasion in relation to the guardianship fraud and child trafficking.


Regardless of national and international media inquiries as the RICO members are now aware, regardless of the imminent global news coverage of our cases and Lloyd’s RICO, regardless of thousands of pages of evidence of state and federal crimes by public officials including judges that will be linked to the news stories, the openly corrupt attorneys representing the Washington Bar and the judiciary are becoming increasingly obvious and brazen in furthering the Lloyd’s/Washington State RICO co-directed by Bob Ferguson and Peter King.

The implication of the open corruption for both legal academics and the international media is: “why is the Ninth Circuit letting this happen?” Indeed, the focus of one entire aspect of the story of Lloyd’s RICO operating in Washington State is now shifting focus on to the Ninth Circuit. The questions are the same from every law professor and every journalist: “how is it possible that the Ninth Circuit is allowing openly corrupt attorneys who have been ordered by Federal District Court to cease and desist from further filings, who have no standing in a case continue to illegally file motions contrary to a federal court order?”

It is a good question, and it is a question that demands clear and rationally based answers. It looks like the Ninth Circuit is now becoming part of the story. It is a story that has been in development for the past two years. Initially the challenge for the media was the complexity of the story, as well as Trump and COVID-19 dominating the news. No more. 

We are very pleased that the story is referred to by mainstream national and international media as the single biggest ongoing news story in the nation for years to come – “The other Washington’s Watergate” as they say!


For the first time in 13 years, the public corruption discovered by the Gold Bar Reporter will be the subject of national and international news. The series exposes the tens of millions of dollars of Washington State taxpayer dollars spent by the state in increasingly desperate efforts and legal chicanery to deny our right to due process – and to conceal the RICO directed by Lloyd’s of London.

Dozens of prominent law school professors across the country continue to closely follow our cases. We gratefully acknowledge their generous support, encouragement, and introductions to major media. Without it, we would have been far less likely to gain the interest of several members of the press to help us continue to assert our right to legitimate due process and expose a massive RICO network.

Here in Washington State, Lloyds of London syndicates, insure the judges, the public defenders, the Washington State Bar Association, the Washington State agency employees, the private law firms that defend agency employees, WA Judicial Ethics Commission, the Washington State Auditor, Washington State’s Police Union, the Washington State Supreme Court and the WA Court of Appeals, and non-profit government owned and operated groups like Dawson Place and Victim Support Services.

By pooling the judicial officers together, Lloyds of London syndicates like Association of Washington Counties and Cities can assure convictions and cover up liability

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Evidence Suggests that David Sansom, Chief Risk Officer of Lloyd’s of London co-directs One of the Largest Racketeering Enterprises in US History

The series features senior management of Lloyds, both in the U.S. and the U.K., including John Neal, CEO, David Sansom, Chief Risk Officer and Peter Spires, General Counsel; U.S. Head of Claims Carey Bond; Peter King of AWC; Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson; Federal Judges including Ricardo aka ‘RICO’ Salazar Martinez, Richard A. Jones, Washington State Judges, Michael Scott and Jim Rogers, and more than a dozen other openly corrupt state judges.

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Evidence Suggests that Peter Spires, General Counsel of Lloyd’s of London is co-conspirator directing the largest RICO Enterprise in the United States

Over the past 13 years, the Gold Bar Reporter – with dozens of others targeted by the RICO jointly operated by Lloyd’s of London, AWC and the Washington State AG – have worked tirelessly to assert our right to live under the rule of law. We have filed hundreds of public records requests, most of which have been illegally redacted, denied, destroyed, or altered.

All of us have paid a high price for our efforts to oppose public corruption. We have seen friends illegally lose homes, income, Bar licenses, professionals made homeless, the denial of our most basic Constitutional rights, our reputations and futures damaged or destroyed, suicides, untimely deaths, families and relationships ruined, children taken, and false accusations and imprisonment.

All in retaliation for our individual and collective efforts to assert our right to due process. All in the name of greed by people entrusted with public office, intoxicated with power and empowered by their false conviction in their invincibility. Our only crime: to expose openly corrupt public officials who take great offense at anyone challenging their perceived fiefdoms.

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Gary Bond, U.S. Head of Claims for Lloyd’s of London

Co-Directs One of the Largest Racketeering Enterprises in U.S. History

This fraud has been operated by a relatively small number of corrupt public officials including judges, whose greed and arrogance exposed the global fraud operated by Lloyd’s of London and its associates. The considerable length of time that it took us to expose the fraud relates to its complexity. For the first several years, we had no idea of the existence and scope of the fraud, what the network consisted of, and who was hiding behind the curtain. The individual pieces didn’t make sense, and seemed like “conspiracy theories.” As a result of constant effort, this is no longer the case. 

We gradually pieced together the evidence, posting it on the GBR. People began to tell us their individual experiences as targets of the RICO. The same public officials’ names continued to appear. We filed more public records requests. Insiders came forward after witnessing their ‘public servant’ coworkers and bosses destroying innocent lives and laughing about it. They gave us inside evidence – documentation and more names. From that information, we were able to file more records requests until a clear picture emerged as to how the RICO works.

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Bob Ferguson Co-Director of Instituting Lloyds of London’s racketeering plan here in Washington State

Before deconstructing the RICO, the story was  hard to explain to others, and the pieces of it that we did understand were seen by those who had not been directly effected as – literally – unbelievable. After dozens of phone calls and hundreds of emails to local and regional press, only tiny pieces of the puzzle were reported on, regardless of the documentation we presented.  Just two years ago, several of us began to reach out to the national press. Again, after countless calls and emails, regardless of the documentation we presented, we seemed to be getting little interest.

We were wrong. As the RICO members are now aware, several members of the national and international press have been piecing their stories together. They began to collaborate and share notes. Then our story, “Seattle’s Epstein” broke, and dozens of national and international journalists have been reviewing our evidence non-stop for the past six months. One news source also outed Lloyds of London for insuring pedophiles like Jeffrey Epstein. But now, they have been interviewing us, and we have been providing them with witnesses willing to go on the record as well as new and unpublished documentation provided by insiders.

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Peter King, CEO of the Association of Washington Cities, a Lloyds of London syndicate operating in the state of Washington

Co-Directs the Largest Fraud in Washington State History

The RICO members are beginning to run. They are holding emergency meetings across the state, the nation, and the U.K. They are quitting their jobs, selling properties, moving their money, and desperately trying to destroy evidence and intimidate witnesses, all of which is now futile. In their arrogance, they have left a massive trail of evidence. The story and the facts now have a life of their own, as the avalanche of evidence is about to be published around the world. The game is over.

We want to thank all of the courageous insiders who have risked their jobs and their careers to provide us with invaluable evidence. While most people talk about peace, love and justice and engage in endless handwringing, the insiders practiced their beliefs. “All that is necessary for evil to exist is for good people to do nothing.” The insiders did something – in a big way that will change the world for the better.

We are grateful to the dozens of people in the legal academic community for ongoing advice and encouragement, and as mentioned, the many introductions to major press and wire services. Without that support, we would likely not – finally – be collaboratively exposing the RICO to a global readership.

And we are grateful for the sacrifices made by the Framers of our Constitution, who gave us the framework of solutions for what they saw as the most basic challenge to the human experience – the tendency of people to abuse power. Ironically, to address the tyranny of the British who denied us the right to live under the rule of law.

The framework of the Constitution consists of two basic parts: proactive and ‘postmortem’ solutions. As we all know, the proactive solutions – the separation of powers – attempts to create checks and balances between the branches.

But the Framers knew that corruption would still exist. That people in government would sometimes fail us. This is why they created the ‘postmortem’ solutions – essentially, the right to publicly expose corruption when all else failed.

The postmortem solutions are our most important rights: the right of free assembly as we see with the George Floyd and related cases, the right of free speech, and the right of free press. All tools that the Constitution provides us to expose public corruption.

They are tools and remedies that the public, including every person concerned with the root issues of injustice, may now use to focus on Lloyd’s of London as the root cause of public corruption.

The press coverage will redirect the public’s attention from the symptoms of the problem, including police, prosecutorial, and judicial misconduct, to the way Lloyd’s and its RICO members have rigged the legal system in the United States and allowed the abuse of power to occur. 

Specifically, the public’s attention will be focused on the individuals who have been operating the RICO, who they are, what they have done, and how they have done it. It is presumed that every remedy the Framers have provided, public assembly, free speech and free press will be focused on those individuals until they are brought to justice.

And it is about to work in this case, according to our new friends in the international media. Even our adversaries, the RICO members, should be pleased: their progeny will have the right to live under the rule of law.

All thanks to our fourth branch of government, the ‘Fourth Estate.’

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